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Monday, December 31, 2007

Navy guy BJ Part 2


The picture is what I looked like to the Navy Guy in the back of the truck.

"Oh my god" I love a well formed dick and the Navy guys cock was not too veiny but not totally smooth either there were some nice ripples that I know will feel good. His cock is about 8” long and very thick, the girth made my pussy throb as I could not wrap my hand around it. It was a well proportioned cock wide for its length with an enormous head. I love to suck on big heads and run my tongue around and over that place where the head meets the shaft; I know with his thick cock my jaw will be sore tomorrow, a lot!

I love cocks with a little curve in them. Doesn't really matter which way, straight up, left, right. There all good. I find them easier to deep throat when they have a curve to them. They just seem to slide down my throat easier. He had the perfect upward curve for my throat.

I also loved his nuts. I like 'em smooth, so I don't end up picking hairs out of my mouth and teeth from deep throating and he was saved clean. Wrinkled is fine but I like the 'sack' to be a little tight. Not too much loose skin flapping around, full of cum if you know what I mean.

His dick was rock hard. I just love the hard as steel cocks, don't you? I love pulling a guy’s cock out of his pants or shorts and it springs up slapping his belly. Then slowly stroking it all hard and solid and leaking pre-cum. OMG, that's another thing I LOVE leakers. There's NOTHING sweeter than that pre-cum IMHO... Hmmmm. I could drink gallons of that stuff and “Cum” I love cum and this Navy guy was leaking cum already.

I also like a cock that throbs. Don't we all? LOL I love that feeling in my hand and mouth. Hmmmm. Ok, I'm getting a bit TOO horny now having a hard time typing. He tasted so sweet.

I KNOW when the cock I'm sucking is right. The feel, the texture, the smell, the taste, the shape are ALL just right and I could not wait to feel his cock slide past my wet lips and down my throat. And I wanted my husband to be there to watch me suck this gorgeous cock.

I wanted to be real NASTY for my husband.

I was following his instructions to the “T”. He was listening on the phone and he had explained our sex game to the Navy Guy. I think Navy Guy was getting over being nervous he was talking and saying things so my husband could hear him.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and dove for my hot soaking wet pussy sinking his tongue deep in me then sucking my clit between his lips. I was whimpering and moaning as he devoured my horny pussy bringing me to the brink of orgasm several times as he licked and sucked my wet pussy. He picked up the phone and put it up close so hubbie could hear him eating my hot pussy. He was a great pussy licker and he would say nasty things so hubbie could hear him eating me. He was really getting into our sex game! I was almost screaming he was sucking my pussy lips into his mouth then trying to go as deep as he could with his tongue and finger fucking me as he attacked my clit. I know my tits must have been red he was squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

He moved back put one knee on the seat spreading my leg wider as I tried to wrap my hand around his thick cock. He twisted my nipple and I yelped, he put his finger up to his lips motioning me to be quite then put his finger to my lips and pointing to the phone. He reached down removing my hand from his cock moving closer holding his cock and aiming for my soaked horny pussy.

I was doing exactly what my husband had instructed me to do.

I know my husband was still listening and it had been way longer than ten minutes already. I grabbed the edge of the seat sliding my ass closer to the edge as the Navy Guy told me to spread my legs for him. Grabbing both my legs and spreading wide bringing my knees way up chest fully exposing my horny pussy for him as I looked into his eyes. He slid two fingers deep in me and finger fucked me making squishy sounds as he fucked me fast and deep with his fingers picking up the phone and holding it so my husband could hear!. His hard cock felt so hot as it touched the inside of my thigh so close to his fingers that were fucking my wet pussy.

With his left hand he held his thick cock spreading my pussy lips as I felt my ass lift off the seat wanting his hot cock to touched my hot pussy lips. He held his cock with its enormous head sliding it up my slit to press on my clit. He was pushing on the head making it all wet with my pussy juices and I moaned loudly. Again he put his finger to my lips to quieting me.

I moved both my hands slowly down over my clit slipping two fingers into my horny wet pussy getting them wet then wrapping my hand around his cock getting it wet with my juices. Looking at him directly in to his blue eyes while licking my lips. I used both hands slowly moving his thick cock head spreading my pussy lips open.

I felt so Nasty!

I had done what my husband told me to do!

We had practiced this down by the river so my husband would know exactly how I looked NAKED and spread wide for the Navy Guy.

But what had he told the Navy guy?

They have been talking a lot and making plans!

I wanted to be pushed to “The Limit”

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Navy guy BJ part 1

The holidays have been so busy I will catch you up on what happened with he Navy Guy.

I don’t even know why the hell I asked the question!
Should I let Julia suck my husbands cock?
Here I was dressed in a black dress, no bra and sheer panties that are already soaked from my husband teasing me, going to a dance lounge knowing a Navy guy is waiting for us and by the end of the night I’ll be sucking his cock!

We usually find a random guy in a bar that I find attractive and I seduce him, some guys get real scared when my husband tells them he loves watching me suck cock. This time this Navy guy posted a comment here on my blog asking about me being The Best Cocksucker in Texas. We did some explaining about what we are up to and he agreed to go back to a motel room or out to our truck. My husband explained everything to our stranger so he knows he will be playing with my pussy and knowing he can do anything the first night except sliding his cock deep in my pussy. For me it's the thrill of naughty sex with a complete stranger and the taste of a new cock and being teased to “The Limit”.

I have this insatiable desire for sucking cocks and my husband calls me his “Cock sucking Nympho” This past week I have eaten, breathed, & lived for sex. I have been dreaming about sucking the Navy guys cock, often playing it over so much in my mind that I can cum in seconds anywhere. I was insatiable & always ready to do anything for my husband I was his slut & whore all week. My husband made me do things like answer the door for the mail man naked, my husband also called our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob and had me answer the door naked. My husband had told him I was a nudist and that he didn’t like leavening me alone all the time on the ranch. Sheriff Billy Joe Bob was very nice and offered to check and watch out for me when he’s not home. I got so horny having him watching me naked, my pussy overheated looking at him in his uniform, big gun and hand cuffs. My husband had been teasing me all week now I was dressed and ready.

Everything worked out great except I wore the wrong dress it was a one piece and hard to get to my tits. We showed up early to make sure we got this table in a dark corner where we could play and my husband had a great view. I kept looking around to see if I knew anyone and was quite nervous. The waitress was the same one who caught us playing the last time we came here. She remembered us and even started flirting with my husband right away. He said she wasn’t flirting and that I was just nervous because I had to do exactly what he said! Right then my nipples got rock hard and my pussy tingled!

*The Navy Guy

My husband got up to go play pool when people started showing up and the band was starting to set up. The waitress watched him and then took his drink to him in the pool area. They talked for a few minutes as I watched them then she brought me my drink. She started talking to me and was very nice her name was Jill she is 5’9 without heels and was wearing heeled cowboy boots, long dark hair white blouse, jean skirt and was slim with what I would guess to be an A cup or small B but perkie! We talked for a bit and I think she was flirting with me, she had to get to work cause people were packing in now.

Guys started hitting on me right away and wanting to buy me drinks. Then I saw him “The Navy guy” I got a lump in my throat and my nipples throbbed. My husband greeted him and pointed towards me. OH my I could not take my eyes off the budge in his pants as they walked to the table. He is 6’ fiery red hair V shaped torso, very cute ass, muscular arms and a very nice budge! We sat and talked and he asked us all sorts of questions and wanted to make sure he knew the boundaries of our little sex games.

When the band started playing the lights went down and Navy guy asked me to dance. He was a great dancer and when the slow songs started he had my tits pressed to his body and his hard cock bumping me. He was very nervous and asked me lots of questions. This is why I thought I wore the wrong dress; he could play with my tits through the dress but could not slip inside to play with them. When we did sit down the dress did ride way up and both he and my husband could play with my legs.

When the band took its first break the Navy guy and I got up to go outside for some fresh air and it started to rain so we got in the truck. I remember hubbie was telling me to turn on my phone so I turned it on and set down. We got in the back seat and with the dark tinted windows the only way you could see in was if you were looking in the windshield. There were two pillows in the back and Navy guy started asking me all kinds of questions and telling me how hot I looked. And thus again I found out why this was the wrong dress to wear. My tits were hurting and they wanted to be sucked as he tried to unzip the dress from behind so he could get to my tits. I reached for his cock and it was stiff and thick as his mouth found my breast and sucking the nipple as we fumbled around groping each other. Right as I got his zipper down and he felt my hot pussy the band was starting up again and we had to stop and get back inside per hubbies instructions. I straitened up grabbed my phone as the Navy guy tried to walk without his boner sticking strait out as a few people outside gave us some devilish looks as we walked past them.

We hurried to get inside and when I saw my husband he was talking to Jill so we sat at the table till he joined us. My husband slid his hand under my dress and felt my soaked panties and he zipped my dress the rest of the way up. I reached for my husband’s cock that was poking out as Navy guy moved closer and I reached for his cock. I was in heaven two hard cocks and two guys with there hands playing with me. We danced some more and I was soaking wet his hands were squeezing my tits and ass. My husband was getting so horny and had a couple drinks, so when we danced he told me the next band break that he would wait 10 minutes so we had some time alone before he would show up. After the dance I was so horny and needed to pee so I left my husband and the Navy guy at the table talking.

That might not have been a good idea leaving two horny guys there to talk about me. I made is back just as the band was playing the last song in the set. When I sat down I handed my husband my soaked panties and leaned over kissed him and said 10 minutes after we get in the truck, I squeezed his hard cock and the Navy guys cock right as Jill walked up catching me. We got up as everyone headed off the dance floor and as Jill and my husband watched we headed to the door with the Navy guys hand on my naked ass. We got to the door and it started poring rain outside, I looked back to see Jill and my husband watching as my husband held up his cell phone.

Getting in the truck I was bent over setting my phone up so it was facing the back seat and felt the Navy guys hand slide between my legs. We didn’t get to wet but wet enough to fog up the window’s real fast. I sat back one leg on the floor the other propped up on the seat and in one slow move he slid he hand over my clit and his middle finger slipped all the way in my soaked hot pussy. He reached back unzipped my dress all the way and grabbed the bottom and pulled it up and off me in one slick move tossing the dress up front leaving me naked. He lifted my left leg resting it on the front seat as he leaned down sucking my right tit into his hot mouth and he buried his finger back in my steaming hot pussy. I was reaching for his cock as he shoved another finger in me curling them upwards finding my very sensitive button as his thumb massaged my clit making me thrust upwards and moaning loud and squealing. My hands went for his pants pulling them off and grabbing for his thick hard cock.

With my insatiable desire for sucking cocks, I have been MORE than fortunate in my 'quest' to have had the pleasure of many many cocks, over the past 20 something years. Big ones, small ones, cut/uncut, thick/thin. You name it I sucked it. Of course, just when I think I've seen em all, I get surprised by a super cock. Ahhh life, ain't it a hoot? LOL


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Naked Twister Support the "Cherry Pit"

Before I tell you what happened with the sex game we are playing with the Navy guy my girlfriend Julia called me and has this great idea!

Did Y’all read in the news about "The Cherry Pit." In DUNCANVILLE, Texas it’s a swingers club that being shut down by the city. My girlfriend Julia that works for my husband came up with a great idea on how we can support them.

We are going to have a "Naked Twister" night this coming Friday night here at our ranch and maybe every Friday night. So far here is who is coming! The picture is of me getting ready for "Naked Twister."

Mike and Lisa.
Mike is our ranch hand and his wife Lisa is my best friend in the whole world.
Julia and Fred.
Julia has worked for my husband for over 20 years and Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me.
Teresa and Bud
Teresa is the fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). Bud is very handsome 5’11 very well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

Julia came up with the idea for the party and she stated that there is only one rule for this party. No Penis Vagina Penetration except with your spouse. I looked it up here: . Now she said “No Penis Vagina Penetration” Right? So is anal and oral ok?

I asked her about that and all she said with a huge grin on her face was that “She still has 20 minutes left in the closet game with my husband” from winning at our last party. The closet game is a game we play where the winner of bets or dares collect minutes and gets to go into a special closet naked with the person they choose. We can all listen but can’t see what’s going on behind the closed door. There is a No Penetration rule but the door is closed. Last time she only lasted 9:34 before we heard her scream, open the door and grab her husband push him down on a chair and mount him right there and cum like crazy fucking him in front of us. When she came out of that closet with my husband she was crazed, he had teased her so much she was soaked juices running down her leg.

I think she said that so she could suck my husbands cock! They have worked together a long time and gone on a lot of trips with each other. But they both say they have never had sex! And when ever I bring it up to her she always reminds me that I had sex and sucked her husband Fred many times before we got married.

What do you think?

How far should I push the “No Penis Vagina Penetration” rule?

Should we invite other couples?

Should I let Julia suck my husbands cock?


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have no luck!

Scroll down for photo's

Well we were early and then my husband got a call from the Navy man and he said he could not show up tonight. So my husband set up our game day for next week. This is how my luck has been going lately, I think my husband has been planning this stuff just to I’ll agree to some of his sex fantasy’s. My husbands not a dancer but he got out on the dance floor with me and we had a great time. He got me so worked up playing with my tits and exposing me to guys. I was so horny my panties were soaked so my husband slipped them off as we were sitting at the table, my husband was telling me what he was going to do to me when he got me home.

I almost drug him out of the lounge and I was naked 30 seconds after we got in the truck. We drove through the city with me naked sucking my husband’s nice hard cock. The drive home seamed real short I was having so much fun just playing with my husbands cock. After pulling off the Freeway he pulled over by the river and told me to get out of the truck and to sit on the picnic table in front of the truck. Just as I was about to get out our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob decided to check and see what we were up to this late by the river. My dear husband grabbed my skirt and blouse and stuffed it under his legs so I could not get to them. He rolled down the window as Billy Joe Bob pulled up and I slouched down so he could not see me. My husband told him that I had to go pee so we pulled over here. For the next 15 minutes they talked and talked I was squirming around and then I got a great idea. I spread my legs and started playing with my soaked pussy letting my fingers work there magic on my clit then slipping in and out of my horny pussy.

It didn’t take long before my husband was wiggling around and trying to get rid of Billy Joe Bob. After arriving at home my husband ushered me into his so call sex room. I was tied in the sex swing and I watched as he opened the big roll up door and the nights cool air excited every nerve on my naked body. My husband broke out the power sex tool (sazall) and nipple clamps. Working the sazall with the large dildo attached all over my horny pussy while playing with my tits. The sazall didn’t last very long before I had a massive orgasm with my husband teasing me and then I smelled something burning.

The dam sazall quit just before I was about to orgasm again. I was so happy we have other toys and my husband must have used all of them on me. We fucked all night and talked about our next adventure in Las Vegas.

Anyone have any ideas on what we can use to replace the Sazall?


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Me the Exhibitionist.

I told you my husband was planning something, he has been emailing a young Navy man we met out dancing a while ago. He was kinda apprehensive about my husband watching us play around the first time we meet so we danced and I let him play with my tits and I rubbed his cock. Sense then my husband has been telling him all kinds of things about me and what I like and he’s eager to play my husbands sex games.

We had a very romantic dinner on our boat and then invited our dock neighbor over for a drink. He’s moored next to us and watches our boat when were not there. Tom’s a real nice guy 37 y/o 5’10 very well built broad shoulders, short hair and a nice butt. My husband likes me to tease him and has shown him naked pictures of me on the boat. After drinks I need to get ready to go so Tom and my husband were talking on the dock next to the boat and Tom was watching me.

I was so excited about meeting the Navy man and Tom looking in the window, I just started changing into my slut outfit my husband wanted me to wear. I am a Submissive Exhibitionist and having someone see me naked is such a thrill and I made sure he got a good view of everything. When I was done getting dresses I stepped on to the dock and his eyes almost popped out. I was wearing a very low cut silk blouse with no collar or sleeves and of course no bra. The skirt wrapped-around with overlapping aprons in front and pleated around the back and very easy access and light blue panties. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was ready to go dancing

I think I have someone new to tease Tom had a nice bulge in his shorts.

I was so horny I sucked my husband’s nice cock as we drove to the Equal Eyez Lounge in Corpus Christi to meet The Navy man and go dancing. It is a nice club one of my favorite live music clubs. I like the Texas-style rock-n-roll large dark dance floor a cool outdoor area where I like to play and easy access to a nice dark parking lot. My husband knows right were to park the truck for our sexy games we play. My husband told me his plans as I sucked his cock in the parking lot and it didn’t take long before he was shooting a huge load of hot cum down my throat.

I was so fucking horny he would not let me play with my pussy and I was very wet. He opened the door and said “Time to play” and we went in to meet The Navy man.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

There in Love

I read the instructions again and again and then walked out to the back yard looking for our young ranch hand. The ranch hand had finished and I was watching him. I could see him loading stuff in the truck on the south side of the barn. I reached down as I watched his young hard body bending over and I started fantasizing as I ran my finger over my wet swollen pussy lips slipping my middle finger inside my hot pussy. I was dreaming of his young naked hard body under an outdoor shower, the water slowly running down his nice chest and rippled abs with me naked on my knees sucking his hard as steel cock. I was fingering my hot soaking pussy and my left hand was inside my shear blouse squeezing my breast, pinching and pulling my hard nipple as I watched him fantasizing. I was so worked up wondering and looking at the photos. I watched him as I was fingering my wet pussy my thumb working my clit. He was moving closer picking up fence posts and I watched him while my fingers worked my pussy and I twisted my now exposed tit. I remembered what the instructions said as I buried two fingers deeper.

I was moaning wanting to cum as he moved closer, I wanted him to see me but right when he was about to look my way I heard a car coming down the road and he looked that way. “What the fuck” It was his girlfriend!

I was so fucking horny and this bitch shows up and fucks everything up. He went running full speed to open the gate for her. I ran crying into the house stripped and then put on a dirty pair of Levi’s a heavy shirt and vest, tied my hair back and strapped on my 45. I walked out to where they were with a big grin on my face looking at her thinking this bitch just fucked up our plans and there was no way I could stick to my instructions my husband had given me. We stood there talking till it was getting dark I said I had dinner cooking and asked her to stay. I found out how much in love these two were in as we talked. I realized they were so much in love and I didn’t want to screw that up. They made me so happy just watching all the little things people do when they are in love. Anthony then told me that he was quitting and tomorrow would be his last day. He got a job close to the college and they were getting married. We talked most of the night so she stayed the night.

I had 100’s of things running through my mind and I was having emotional problems and was on the verge of crying again. I went out to the shop where the spare room is to get it ready for them to sleep in. My husband calls the room his sex dungeon room so I was making sure he cleaned up everything. The swing was put away and all of the toys but he left out 3 DVD’s. All 3 were called “Screw My Wife” #’s 27, 32 and 38. I wondered if Anthony had seen them on the table, I hide them and ran back into the house. They said good night and when they were walking into the shop I saw Anthony grab her ass cheek.

I was so dam horny thinking about Lisa I got naked watched my self in the mirror and then decided to log on to the Lit. Chat room. It didn’t take long and I was attaching the strap on dildo on my computer chair while chatting and tried to get off. I was so dam worked up I still could not cum my mind was drifting between the photos and what Lisa and my husband had done and the ranch hand and his girlfriend out in the spare room fucking. I must have chatted for hours sitting on that dildo and I still have not had an orgasm. I was so frustrated someone online dared me into walking out side and standing by there door naked and I did. It was cold out but I stood there playing with myself. My mind was all scattered and so many thoughts running thru my mind I thought I was losing it.

My husband going to get the fucking of his life when he gets home.

I tried calling Lisa again but she didn’t answer. I masturbated and cried myself to sleep. I only got a few hours sleep before having to get up and take care of all the critters. When I was finished I gathered up the photos and I took a nice long hot bath and I studied the pictures as my mind spun with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. In one Lisa was holding his cock with her hand wrapped around the base of my husbands cock. Her mouth was open tongue out licking the length of his hard cock. But his cock looked all wet and shinny, had she already sucked his cock?

In the photo from #4 I noticed Lisa had shaved almost all her bush there was just a very tiny v. Her clit looked lots bigger with out her hairy bush; her pussy lips were wet and spread. The other photos drove me crazy and again I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. I trimmed and shaved my pussy for my husband then I had to get out of the tub I was wrinkling. I was still getting hot flashes every time I thought about what could have happened.

I looked out and saw Anthony already working hard to finish the fence job. I logged into the chat room to ask advice and talk but soon was so turned on I was wiggling in my chair. Mike showed up came in gave me a wicked look I minimized the screen so he couldn’t see what I was doing. I got up walked real close to him with my white rob on tied at the waist. Before I could say anything he said with a cockeyed grin “Don’t ask” talk to Lisa or your husband. I gritted my teeth I was getting pissed; I turned and reached up high on the cabinet to get him his coffee cup. I made sure I reached high so my robe slid way up exposing my ass. I poured his coffee set it down next to him and walked back to my computer as he watched me sipping his coffee with that dam grin on his face.

The guys on chat were asking me about what was happening and teasing me. I played along with there little games letting my robe open and showing cleavage as they told me to tease Mike. They said maybe he would tell me what happened with his wife and my husband if I teased him. They had me get up and walk into the kitchen let my robe open some and stood close to Mike as I got him more coffee letting him see my tits. I went back to my computer and continued on the chat line. Looking at Mike I could see his cock growing. The guys on the chat line were daring me to loosen up show more leg and tit. I was getting wet as I let my legs spread open a bit more and saw Mike looking my way. He knows right were to stand when I’m on the computer so he gets a good view. My nipples were aching and I could feel my clit pulsing as Mike stared between my legs. They dared me to untie the robe more and walk by him or spread my legs. I got up walked by him with a sexy swaying then bending over to pick up something on the floor. I could feel him watching me and I looked and saw his bulge growing. I stood up letting my hand pull on the rope to my robe undoing it so when I turned around my nakedness was exposed to him.

Mike grabbed my robe pulled it off and he stood there looking at me naked, tits swollen, and nips hard and wanting to be sucked, my pussy was soaking wet smelling of my sex! He reached up cupped my right breast as I steered into his eyes. Softly massaging and running his fingers over my aerola. He then turned walked out the door got in his truck and drove off!

I was crying standing there naked crying. I have been so frustrated nothing is going my way and Mike who usually tells me everything would not tell me anything. Lisa would not answer her phone and we always talk at least ten times a day. My husbands’ cell phone was turned off and Anthony quit. Well one good thing I didn’t make an ass out of myself in front of his g/f.

I must have used half my toys in the next hour with all this crap running through my mind. I was so crazy I walked out the front door naked, walked all the way down to the mail box and back hoping someone would see me. Just my dam luck my husband called when I went outside. I called 3 times and it kept cutting out.

Finley we got through to each other as soon as he started talking I was crying and he knew something was wrong. I love my husband so much and he knows me like a book with in ten minutes he had me happy as a clam. I spent the next hour telling him everything that happened. After spilling my guts and heart to him it only took him five minutes to talk me into having a mind blowing orgasm and I barley touched myself. I had four more orgasms as we talked the whole 5 hour drive home.

I was naked standing outside waiting as he drove up still on the phone. It was like when we first met! I was all over him I keeled and sucked his gorgeous cock as he peeled his shirt and pants off. We fucked in the hallway, dinning room, kitchen, backyard and then the bedroom where he made love to me for hours.

We have been like rabbits all week leading up to Thanksgiving. I was kinda of a bitch on Wednesday but hubbie got tired of that real quick. He tied me up in our sex swing got his power toy he made and fucked the bicthiness right out of me.

We went out dancing Saturday night and I knew something was up when hubbie picked out the outfit he wanted me to wear.

My husband has got into this thing of blindfolding me and tying me up naked. Asking all kinds of questions, wants to know my newest fantasies. Telling me things he wants to do to me and that he’s got a big surprise for me.

He’s planning something!


Friday, November 23, 2007

The instructions.

I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. The instruction said to look in the top drawer and when I opened it there were six envelopes with numbers on them. The first envelope there was a photo of Lisa and my husband standing together. Lisa had on the maid outfit she had wore during our Superbowl party, the one my husband drooled over, it was small see through and her tits were almost falling out of it. The other thing I noticed in the photo was that she was not wearing panties and all my husband had on was shorts and a boner. A note was with the photo and it read. Lisa did all the house work but the outfit got in the way so after 5 minutes she took it off. The next photo in the envelope was of Lisa naked one foot on the bed and the other on a chair reaching like she is cleaning the top of the drapes, my husband standing next to her his hand on her naked ass with his boner sticking out as they both smiled for the camera.

I hurried and opened envelope #2 and there was a photo of Lisa naked on her knees pulling my husbands shorts off, his hard cock pointing strait up hard as steel. The note was in Lisa’s hand writing and read. Remember all the times you exposed your self and masturbated while my husband watched. “Now it’s my turn” Envelope #3 had a photo of Lisa naked on her knees with her hand wrapped around the base of my husbands cock. Her mouth was open tongue out licking the length of his hard cock. The note read. Remember all the times you teased my husband. “Now it’s my turn”. Envelope #4 the photo was of Lisa laying on the bed with her legs spread wide open with my husband reaching between them, his cock hard as ever. The next envelope #5 had 3 photos in it. The first was of Lisa in the middle of the bed spread wide with my husband between her legs but off to the side and you could see her spread wet pussy and my husband’s hard cock. The next photo was of Lisa holding his hard cock and pulling it toward her wet pussy. The last was a closer photo of Lisa rubbing my husbands cock along her slit and you could see all her wetness all over his cockhead. The last envelope had one of Lisa spread out wide both her hands on my husband’s ass gripping and pulling, his hands grabbing and mashing her big tits and it looked like he was thrusting. The note was in Lisa’s hand writing and read. Is he in?

I looked at all the photos and studied them very close. My mind was spinning I felt flush and my hands were shaking. Then I thought who took the photos? I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. I called Mike and asked him if he took the photos and he said yes. I asked more question but he would not answer, he just said to ask Lisa or my husband and he hung up I went and read the other instructions.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Attack dog

I got home Saturday afternoon and I still don’t understand why my husband had to go deer hunting at our cabin. Driving home I saw 6 deer on our property. Then I see our big “Attack dog” was lying in the road with two of our cows in the field across the road and our gate was wide open. I called Mike on my cell phone and took my gun out of my purse and headed toward the house with said “Attack dog” at my heels. Mike answered and I told him about the gate and so called “Attack dog”. As I listened to Mike busting up I saw our new ranch hand walking out of the shop. He dropped the bag of cement when he saw me standing there with my gun, Oh ya I forgot the “Attack dog” must have looked scary!

I was pissed I yelled at him for leaving the gate open and scaring me, he must have thought I was nuts standing there yelling at him with my gun as our Attack dog licked his hand. He was so sorry he thought he closed it. How for the next hour we had to find and account for all are critters. I just wanted to soak in the hot tub after the long drive and find out what happen here this weekend. Poor Anthony was so so sorry; he even asked if I always carry my gun. I just said I hate snakes walked back and parked my car in the garage. Any way none of the critter got out except the cows so he hurried off the finish the fence posts.

I went in the house and got another surprise! The whole house was spotless and I don’t just mean clean! It was spotless!! When I got to the bedroom there were some clothes laid out real nice on the bed with a letter on top. In the letter were complete instructions that I was suppose to abide to. There was a white blouse, one size to small and missing a button, a short blue skirt and that’s it, no bra or panties. As I read the instruction I was getting very wet. I was to cook a real nice dinner and the invite the ranch hand in for dinner. In the letter my husband told me that Anthony was staying the night and would be sleeping in the shop so he could finish his work in the morning.

I’m sure he was having second thoughts about staying here after I yelled at him. But after changing into the outfit and looking in the mirror I knew he would be staying! As I read the rest of the instructions my tits were aching and I felt hot.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow bye for now.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Can't orgasm

I’m getting old or my eye site is failing I should have looked up because they weren’t young cowboys! They were old Mexicans and it was not a bar it was a Church and a wedding was going on. Well I turned around and went in to the hotel lounge and sat at a table close to the bar. After ordering dinner I noticed more people coming in and before to long there was a more women that men and I felt out of place. These women were all gorgeous, young and models! I was not having a good night; all I could think about was my husband and Lisa!

I felt out of place and in a weird mood so when I finished eating I paid my bill and went to my room. I tried to relax but my mind was spinning so I decided to take a shower. Standing naked in front of the mirror looking at my body I started playing with my breasts, pinching the nipples and twisting them. I got my rabbit vibe and put one foot on the counter so I could watch myself. I thought about Lisa doing a strip for my husband as I slid the vibe deep in me.

I was going nuts with the rabbit and I could not cum, I tried and tried pulling my nipples turning all the vibes little doodads on. It was vibrating, rotating, pulsing and I was shoving it deep so the rabbit ears were pressed on my clit. My leg was getting weak so I walked into the room and opened the drapes all the way. I lay on the bed and started fucking myself with the rabbit hoping someone could see me and I still could not cum. I must have been sliding the vibe in me for an hour.

I stood in the window and masturbated and still could not cum. I could not sleep and masturbated many more times dreaming of sucking cocks and still I could not cum. My mind was all messed up thinking of my husband and worrying about my Mom driving up here by her self. I wanted to cum but couldn’t, I needed to cum.

I’ll be here till Saturday with my mom and when I get home my husband will be gone deer hunting. I still can’t cum.
My husband made sure The new young ranch hand will be there this weekend.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The games we play!

The games we play! Well after Friday night excitement I got a call from one of my brothers and at 4:00am I was headed to Houston. I have a new niece and she is a doll. I decided to stay the night so I got a room in a Hotel by the hospital. After visiting all day I drove to the Hotel checked in and went to my room. I could here music coming from a place across the street and noticed some cowboys and cowgirls hanging outside the bar as a band played.

We I called my husband he told me that Tony had been there all day and had gotten tons of work done. He also teased me that Tony had asked a lot of questions about me. I told him about the place across from my room and that I could see plenty of young men so he better not tease me.

That’s when he told me that Lisa was there at the house with him. I asked if Mike and him were watching the game and he told me that Mike was not there that they were alone. I wanted to talk to Lisa but my husband would not let me because he knows what I would say to her. I know she is teasing him, I know what she is wearing.

Lisa is wearing this Mexican peasant dress and it was sure to turn my husband on. It was semi-sheer, lightweight white cotton, it has all the traditional folkloric details - sleeveless with off shoulder, elasticized neckline; a tiered, satin ribbon and crochet-trimmed bodice; elasticized waist and a full, tiered skirt with pin tuck accents and a handkerchief hem also trimmed with crochet work. No bra and no panties.

Ya see Lisa and I have been planning this for a long time. She is going to do everything she can to try and get my husband to fuck her! I fucked and sucked her husband Mike for years before I met my husband and we got married. We have been talking about this for years and Mike is ok with it as long as I give him a BJ. The only one who has been against this is my husband.

I have watch Lisa wrap her hand around my husbands cock, rub it on her tits, lick the head and even spread her pussy and rub it up and down her slit. But never sucked or fuck him. “YET”

And you ask “WHY” I want this to happen?

If my husband Fucks Lisa, then I gets to suck Mikes cock in front of them!

I told my husband I was going across to the bar to go dancing with some cowboy while he was there at home with Lisa. He told me to wear my light green top no bra and a short skirt with no panties. He started talking gibberish and I knew what Lisa was doing and said bye dear have fun.

I opened to door and stepped outside looking across the street at 5 well dressed young cowboys and a breeze blew up my skirt and my pussy was soaking wet and my nipples were hard as pencils. I took a deep breath at walked across the street never taking my eyes off there bulging crotches.

Friday, October 26, 2007


It was chilly this morning and it was my turn to feed the critters. But I talked hubbie into doing it for me, the early morning BJ helped. I had breakfast ready for him when he was all done and I served him in my little kitchen apron. When we were done eating we went into the TV room and sat down and watched CNN. Well he was all lovey dovey and decited to pop in a porno.

I think this is why my husband thinks I am the best cocksucker in Texas. He is laid back watching a 52” big screen porno of A blond getting DP’ed by the biggest cocks I have seen (well at least in the past two weeks). I was laying on my side head in his lap sucking his cock and every time he would get close I would pinch the base of his cock and just lick the head till he calmed down. The as he watched the blond getting nailed hard I deep throated him like it was the last cock I would ever get.

He came so much I gobbled it all down. Then he picked my fav vibe and worked me to two orgasms as he licked my swollen clit and pussy lips. Wow I was on fire my orgasms were so long he just would not quit! We were both drained and took a nice warm shower. My mom called and we talked about 2 hours before I noticed it was time for Tony to show up

Hubbie had to go out to the shop and take our sex swing down because Tony will be working around the barn and shop today. They got the pump house to work on and some one ran over part of the fence on the North side of the property. And yes he has to clean the horse stalls and barn. Me I am just going to work in my garden and mow the grass while watching the men. The vibration of the riding lawn mower and watching my hunky husband and this young stud pitching hay bales was too much. I ran in side and finger myself to 2 orgasms.

Now I’m on the dam computer and just getting worked up again. Then our mighty attack dog waddles to the sliding door whimpering and I hear a nock. Tony is at the sliding kitchen door and I’m all flustered and wet just looking at him. I open the door and the attack dog promptly roles over and plants his self on his feet all four legs in the air. His voice is so sexy but damit why do the young one have to wear baggy pants. He needed the keys to the truck so he could go get supplies. After he left I wondered why my husband sent his to get my keys when he has a spare set with him.

Then there he is walking in the door getting naked, throwing me no the kitchen table and sliding his hard cock deep into my soaking hot pussy. We went at it like wild animals. About 20 minuits later while were still fucking like crazy I look over and there is Lisa standing my the door watching my husbands cock plowing into me. I exploded and so did my husband. We jumped up and got dressed then by the time Lisa opened the door Mike walked ito the back yard. Oh darn you missed out I heard Lisa tell him.

I’ll tell more later. And I will tell you about the first time my husband asked me if I would do a strip show for some frat guys.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

My husband was supposed to be here when the new ranch help showed up. I was not about to wear what my sweet sex fiend husband wanted me to without him being here. Lisa has called three times asking if he had showed up. I put on a pair of Levi jeans and a western shirt and my brown boots and I waiting for both my husband and the new guy.
The phone rings and a truck pulls up to the front gate. I think my husband planned this he was on the phone and asked if he was here yet and that he would be home in 45 min and for me to show him around the place till he got here. So I got the mutt and walked out to meet the new ranch hand.

Well I got a surprise the new ranch hand had brung his girlfriend with him. Are attack dog promptly walked over laid on his back and wined, the damm dog is the biggest baby and will just lay there and lick your feet till you pet him. And it’s a no win situation, he licks you then you pet him and he will never leave you alone.

Tony (the new ranch help) introduced his G/F Marie and himself. Tony is a dam fine looking young man and my husband never fails at picking the type of guys I like. This young college man was 22 y/o 5”10 185lbs very athletic body with gorgeous muscular arms short brown hair, brown eyes and a tight butt. Marie is about 5’2 without shoes 20 y/o blonde, blue eyes, thin (bitch) small A cup tits and an ass that would fit in both of my husbands hands. Speaking of asses I was already dreaming of my hands being on his ass as his cock slid down my throat.

Hubbie was home now driving up the road with a huge grin on his face. Now I know he planned this and wondered what else he planed. I took Marie in the house and showed her around while my husband and Tony headed for the Barn. I got to know Marie over the next two hours (She's got tongue enough for 10 rows of teeth) she got a strong southern accent like mine so it was great fun. Everything was going great till she started preaching about the Catholic Church.

Between Mike and my husband they are going to show Tony everything he needs to know in the next couple day. Lisa and Mike showed up and they loved Marie and Tony. Tony and Marie had to leave because they both have classes very early in the morning but Tony will be back tomorrow. Lisa and Mike stayed for dinner and when Lisa and I were talking she told me that her husband told her all about him watching me masturbating and now Tony might get to see. I think there both jealous. I tell Lisa when Mike has seen me but she always know because he runs home and fucks her brains out for hours. I have tried to talked her into letting my husband come over to her house and watch her masturbate. She just smiles and says someday, someday!

When they left hubbie almost ripped my shirt off grabbing my tits and sucking on my hard nipples as my pussy got all warm and wet. Pulling my wet pants off he buried his face in my wet pussy and I was cumming like crazy. He flipped me over aimed his hard cock at my wet pussy slamming it deep and fucking me silly. He teased me about Tony and then started getting my ass wet with my juices. He rolled me over and started pushing his hot cock into my ass as his fingers worked my pussy to frenzy. I was begging him to cum in my ass. He came so hard shooting hot cum in my ass that he was spent and couldn’t move. After cleaning up we laid there talking about Tony and how far we want to play with him. My husband got another one of my famous BJ’s in the morning and I worn the batteries out in my rabbit.

If Y’all have any ideas post a comment here.

If you want me to post some stories about may days as a stripper let me know.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends and the hot tub

I still had the dildo in me and I was freaking out thinking he would show up with me like this. When my husband came back out I was so horny dreaming that I was rotating my hips trying to fuck the dildo. I begged him to fuck me before the young stud showed up. My husband told me he wasn’t coming and giggled. Lisa and Mike are on there way over maybe Mike will fuck you he said as he pushed the dildo in me. I hissed and said only if you fuck Lisa first! Maybe I will, maybe I will he said. He untied me and I heard Mike and Lisa coming up the road and rushed into the house to get dressed.

I was in the shower and Lisa came in to talk while I finished up. While we talked all I could think of was the young stud and hard cock. I was very excited as I stepped out of the shower and got even hotter drying off and having Lisa watching me. Lisa said instead of me getting dressed that we all could just get in the hot tub. As we walked arm and arm past the guys with the bulging eyes we said we’ll be in the hot tub bring us some drinks please.

We were having a great time talking and playing in the tub, Lisa was having a good time flirting with my husband. They were talking about the college ranch hand my husband picked for me and Lisa was getting drunk. I think she was more excited about the ranch hand that I was, and Mike seamed kinda jealous. And my husband had a hard on he could not hide.

After Lisa and Mike left I jumped my husband right there in the hallway and I was so hot and wet his hard cock slid deep inside me. I rode him to two orgasms before we headed for the bedroom where he licked me to two more orgasms. I spread my legs wide and said cum here ranch boy and give me that nice cock deep and hard.

I gave my husband a BJ this morning as he teased me about the ranch hand showing up later today. I have masturbated four times already fantasizing and he won’t be here for another couple hours. Then my husband called and told me he booked a room in Vegas so I can pay off my bet I lost to him.

Well gotta go get dress I’ll let y’all know how the ranch hand is later

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hubbie planning a new adventure.

Sense my husband started his other new business I have had to do a lot more work around the ranch and have not had much time for my self. My husband has even less time than I but I still give him a BJ in the morning. He still had time to rig up a nice comfortable sex swing in his shop.
Thursday he came home early and I had just finished my afternoon swim and I meet him in the front yard naked. He had this nasty look in his eyes grabbed my hand and lead me into his shop where the swing was. My loving husband eased me into the swing tying my hands and feet so I was spread out. Sliding two fingers into my hot pussy he teased my clit and I almost came. He got up and walked over and open the big roll up door then walked back and shoved his cock in my mouth. Well he was real excited about something because he was shooting a huge load down my throat in no time at all.

For the next hour my husband licked my pussy as he told me how I would have to pay him for losing are baseball bets. He won 76 games to my 14. So he starts telling me some of his plans as he licks my clit and finger fucks me. He opens his box of toys and pulls out a big purple dildo and some lube. As he told me some of his plans he slid the dildo in and out of my pussy and teased my clit. He is planning a trip to Las Vegas for some wild sexual fantasies he has planned for me. I came real hard as he fucked me and the wind blew in the open door and my orgasmic screams filled the shop.

He also scolded me for not keeping up on my ranch chores. Because I could not keep up with the chores when he is not here he told me that he hired a young collage kid to work part time for me. Easing the dildo slowly out of my throbbing pussy he teased me about having a young hard bodied stud here alone with me. My husband was very excited as he played with me telling me what this young stud could do to me with a young hard cock.

My husbands cock was throbbing as he slid it into my cock hungry mouth and he buried the dildo deep in my dripping pussy. He was telling me all about the young hard bodied stud as I sucked his cock like a starving insatiable cock sucker. Pulling his cock out of my mouth he fucked me deeper with the dildo as he walked around between my legs and buried the dildo all the way in me. I was dripping wet and he aimed his cock at my ass and teased me about getting fucked with two cocks. I begged him to fuck me and he did, sliding his cock into my ass and pressing the dildo deep into my hot pussy and I exploded in a multiply orgasm screaming for him to fuck me harder.

He blew a huge load in my ass fucking me like crazy with the dildo buried deep in my pussy. He kept telling me nasty things that could happen when the young stud shows up. I was still tied up and shaking from my orgasms when he told he the collage kid was on his way here to meet me and talk about his jobs. My husband laughed as he walked out of the shop with me spread wide tied up naked in the swing with cum dripping out of me and the shop door wide open.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day party

Things have not been going my way lately. First Ted the very sexy, shy young man just under 6’ with dark hair, very well built body with big arms and a tight butt he left for the Navy in SoCal before we had a chance to get together. Now we were going to have a Labor Day Naked BBQ pool party with all our sex charged friends. It has been raining, not just a little but heavy rain and thunder and lightning. Teresa and Bud are having flooding problems and can’t come. Julia and Fred’s kid all of a sudden got sick the day before school starts. I spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday cooking and decorating my house. I made sure every nook and cranny was cleaned spotless, I had American flag theme on all the table wear and decorations. My husband and Mike made a new BBQ with a rotisserie built in.

Lisa was Chief Cook and Bottle Washer again, and I think she and my husband have been planning something because they have been egging me on and teasing me about masturbating while Mike watched two weeks ago by the pool. Lisa and my husband say fair is fair she now wants to do the same in front of my husband. Yesterday while we were talking she was kidding around and brought up that I had been with Mike so many times before they meet and got married. Mike our ranch hand was one of my so called suck and fuck buddies before they met and I meet my husband.
Let me go back and explain about all our friends. We have a great group of friends we soft swing with. Soft swing means no penetration except with your own husband or wife. Our rules about penetration have become less restrictive. Meaning everything is o.k. except "vaginal/penile" penetration. We have all the fun in the world we have just saved love making for our spouses. Handjobs, blowjobs, Toys, Light Bondage, Voyeur are all o.k. We have all kinds of nasty play and then make love to our spouses while the others watch or watch them what a great time. And believe me we push the limit.

Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.
Mike is Lisa husband and works for us as our Ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ we were suck and fuck buddies for years. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel. Lisa and my husband trust us completely the same way I trust Lisa and my husband. Lisa hooked up with Mike when we were sophomores in school and they are happily married with 2 kids. I love teasing Mike and I must have given him 1000’s of BJ’s. Mike and my husband are best friends now.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 140 lbs 36 B 26 38 bubble butt with very long thick blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor. If it wasn’t for Julia I would never have passed high school, she is one smart woman.
Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ. Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me. I also have given Fred 1000’s of BJ’s before him and Julia ran off together.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.
Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right. He was the quite guy in school but Teresa has changed that lol. I also sucked him off in high school.

Every one of our friends knows about all the sex and BJ’s I have had with there husbands and it has never been a problem. That was a ways back before I married my husband and now we are all happily married but still have tons of sexy nasty fun. We all trust each other not to cross the line (even tho it’s a very very small line).

But now my party is a bust and I have been a bitch sense it started raining yesterday. But my husband fixed that this morning! He got tired of me bitching walked me out to his shop showed me this sex swing he had rigged up, told me to strip then had me get in the swing. I kept being a bitch while he tied my hands then spread my legs wide. I watched as he opened a box and pulled out this Saws all thingies with a large black dildo attached to it. My eyes bugged out and my pussy and wet in a second. He got this wicked grin on his face plugged it in and pulled the trigger as he looked at me. Oh My! That thing was going 100 mph and wiggling all over the place. He picked up some lube spread it on and set it down as he picked up a blindfold then tied it on me.

I was so horny now as I heard my husband walk over and open the big garage doors. I could hear the rain pouring down and the cold breeze from the open door and I was fully exposed. I heard him pick up the tool with the dildo on it as he started teasing me telling me how much of a bitch I have been and how he was going to work the bitch out of me. He pinched and pulled my nipples and I heard him pull his zipper down and then felt his hard cock touch my lips. I kept my mouth closed as he ran his hot cock all over my lips till he told me to suck his cock. He was really turned on and put his hand on my head and I swallowed all of his hard cock. He had the tool in his other hand and pulled the trigger as he pumped his cock in my mouth. The whole shop must have light up then wham! A loud thunderous, bang and shaking. Even with the blindfold on I saw something, Shit my husband said that was a bolt of lightning that was very close and I heard the rain poured down. Then another flash!

Shit! It was a car or truck coming up the driveway with its lights on! I though he was going to cum his cock was so hot in my mouth. It pulled right up in front of the door and shut down. Now all I could hear was the dam Saw with the dildo on it going like crazy. My husband slowly eased his hard cock from my horny mouth and moved so he was teasing me with the dildo. He rubbed the dildo up and down my wet slit parting my wet pussy lips with the large head. As he rubbed the length of the dildo along my horny wet pussy he pulled the trigger and the cockhead throbbed on my clit and made me scream out loud. Who was there I listened and shook as my husband moved to my side so he could feed his cock into my mouth and still use the fuck machine on my horny pussy.

My husband started easing the big cock shaped dildo into my leaking pussy. He started that nasty tool up slow at first then faster as he worked it deeper into me. I heard both doors on the car open as the tool fucked my wet pussy. I was tied up in a sex swing and blindfolded my husband was fucking me with his homemade dildo machine and “SOMEONE WAS WATCHING” I started Cumming like crazy, screaming and shaking as he fucked me. One orgasm leads to another and another all I could hear was that fuck machine sawing in my pussy. I sucked my husbands cock the best I could as he fucked me with the dildo machine. He came hard shooting a huge load down my throat as I tried to fuck the dildo machine back. That’s when I found out my husband was no longer holding the fuck machine!

I exploded shaking wildly as the tool fucked my pussy and my husband came and came. I remember the dildo being eased out of my throbbing pussy and my husbands cock slipping from my mouth. I was worn out and drifted off then realize the car had driven off I was still blindfolded and tied up in the swing with the garage door wide open.

Where was my husband? I was still naked and spread out and weak from Cumming so much. I wasn’t tied up I could move my arms and reached up and removed the blindfold and my eyes watered as they adjusted to the light. I looked around and looked at the shinny large black dildo sitting on the stool in front of the swing and the garage door wide open. I was weak as I climbed out of the swing my legs shaking and my pussy was sore. I wandered out looking for my husband and found him in the hot tub in the pouring rain. I slipped in next to him cuddling close kissing him.

With his head tilted back he asked me? Is the “BITCH” gone? He said great! Because I have to leave! Lisa and Mike are on there way over. He said Lisa is staying here while Mike and he go help Teresa and Budd with some flooding problems. Weren’t they already here? He just kept his eyes closed and smiled. Who was here I quizzed as I grabbed his hardening cock. He just smiled!

My husband left with Mike and I just had to tell Lisa what had happened. I took her out to the shop where the swing was and showed her our new sex toys. We stripped and got into the hot tub and I told her everything. She got real friendly with one of the jets as I watched her tits floating and she was orgasmic. Lisa told me that Mike has been such an animal in bed sense he watched me masturbating now she wants to masturbate in front of my husband and Mike was fine with that!

Lisa helped me put everything away and I could tell she was still horny as hell, her nipples were rock hard and she smelled of her sex. It started raining hard again so we got dressed and put some rain gear on to go check on the horses and other critters. We talked a lot and I have always told her everything me and Mike had done. She asked me if I had ever had a MFM with Mike and Fred and I said yes. Lisa said Mike wants her to have a MFM 3some. We talked more about it as we walked back.

Lisa had to leave her daughter called and was scared I hope Mike and my husband come back soon.
Are Labor Day party didn’t work out but I’m happy. I'm alone in the rain when it should have been a fun party.
I still have my toys! Did you see the rabbit in the photo?


Sunday, August 19, 2007

For luvya

Last night we were waiting to see if we had to evacuate because of hurricane Dean and my husband and Mike came up with a great idea! We are going to have a storm party at our cabin on the lake. What a great idea to get this storm out of my mind.

Lisa and my husband decided to go into town to get some supplies, Lisa was dressed in a white tight top no bra and a jean skirt, her tits looked great and I did notice my husband checking them out. We had been talking and Mike had told her he saw me masturbating the other day. Lisa said it wasn’t fair and kinda did this whimpering, poutie lip thing. I giggled and said she could take off her panties and flash my husband when they go into town. The little bitch reached up pulled her wet panties off and handed them to me, smiled and walked out of the bedroom. Before they left I pulled my husband into the hallway, pulled his pants down and started giving him one of my famous blowjobs, then stopped waved Lisa’s panties under his nose and told him they were Lisa’s and to have a fun trip and giggled.

After they left I logged into literotica chat line while Mike watched a baseball game on TV. I was chatting with a sweet man called luvya and was getting excited about Lisa and my husband playing around plus I could tell Mike had been looking at my hard nips (he had a hard-on). Luvya was getting me soaked and very horny talking about what we thought Lisa was doing to my husband. I told him Mike was watching me and Luvya teased me into flashing some so Mike would notice. I also called my husband to see what was happening. My husband sounded a little flustered and kinda told me what Lisa was doing. I asked if her nipples were hard and he replied yes, I asked if she showed anything else. By his voice I knew she had flashed him more. Well Mike wanted to know what I was doing and was sporting a real nice hard-on.
Luvya said I should let him read it and after a lot of nasty chat and a little more flashing Mike got up to see what the hell I was doing. Well Luvya was typing as Mike read and the next thing I know Luvya had told Mike to pull down my top exposing my tits and he was unbuttoning his pants. When they dropped to the floor his nice big cock sprung free almost hitting me in the face. Mike has a gorgeous cock and it was inches from my face.

Just then I saw Fred and Julia pull up the driveway followed by Lisa and my husband.
GREAT now I’m horny as hell and need some cock!


Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm so nasty

For some odd reason when I am left alone I get super horny and love playing with my toys. I had gone into the house and retrieved my new toys, a small egg shaped vibe, the new rabbit vibe and some oils. I was so excited I could feel my wetness as I walked, just before going out side I saw the new ear piece my husband had gotten for our cordless phone and got an idea. I put the ear piece on so Mike would not see it and called my husband who was stuck in a traffic jam near Dallas with Julia in the car.
I told him that he left to early and I was so horny that I was outside with my new toys I also told him that Mike was on the side of the house watching me. He asked me if I was going into town. I could tell he was trying to change the subject because Julia was there, I said that I had just finished my morning swim and noticed Mike watching me. That is when I told my husband I had my toys but was waiting for Mike to leave but he was taking to long so I was going to give him a show. With Julia there I could tease him and he would hear my buzzing toys and my orgasms knowing Mike might see me. I’ll drive him nuts driving with a hard cock.
I walked out by the pool set my toys on the table and sat down on the lounge chair. Mike had started to load the truck with feed and had moved out of site. “Oh Well” I was horny as hell and as I talked to my husband I started rubbing suntan lotion on my shoulders and tits. I leaned back picked up the vibe and said to hubbie! Listen to this hot vibe and imagine it sliding between my pussy lips and touching my clit. I tell him I’m spreading my legs so Mike can see the vibe start too slid into my soaking pussy. I must have made some noise because through my big dark sunglasses I noticed Mike had take up a good viewing spot.
I could hear Julia on my husbands phone talking to him while I started fucking myself with my rabbit vibe and spreading wide for Mike to see. It was too much I was going crazy fucking that rabbit vibe moaning and screaming, pulling my nipples. I used my hand to spread and expose my clit so those nice buzzing rabbit ears touched my clit as I fucked myself harder and faster. When I started my very loud orgasm I heard a dial tone from my husband’s phone looked at Mike watching me and drove the vibe deep and came like crazy.
By the time my orgasm and shaking subsided it started raining I was going to go inside but noticed Mike still watch me I looked at the table and saw the big dildo with suction cup lying on the table. I picked it up and stuck it on the corner of the table and flipped it so it was flopping back and forth. The rain helped lube it as I tried to wrap my hand around it and stroke it up and down. I played with it as Mike watched wrapping both hands around it and sucking the heads like a real cock. I stood up straddled the monster spread my pussy and tried to ease that cock into me. That thing was thick and as I slowly tried to get the head in me and I saw Mike stroking his nice hard cock. Spreading wide and turning so Mike could have a good view of me sliding down on that thick dildo. I could see his nice cock and was remembering how much I loved sucking that cock when we were younger. I started fucking that dildo grabbing both tits and fucking like a wild woman. My orgasm was so intense my legs were shaking and I could not raise up to remove that large cock from my pulsing pussy, I was whimpering and finely slid over and it sprung free as I writhed on the ground.
By the time I was able to get up and clean up Mike was gone but there was a nice big wet spot by where he was standing.
I had to get ready to go grocery shopping and set things up with Ted for tomorrow. I can’t help but think of me exposing my self to him I’m so damm horny I need to cum again.


Thursday, July 26, 2007

New toy

Here is one of my new toys that Mike got to see in action :)

Hey guys could you please leave some comments.

Interstate I-37 Flashing

My loving husband and I went to my favorite store and got some very nice new toys and oils and some gag gifts for friends. He wanted to try and return the “Large“ vibrator he got me and I laughed at him and said you can’t return sex toys and I might as well try it out a few times, then he laughed.

We had some fun driving home on the I-37 Freeway and made some truckers very happy. One guy got quite the show when I got one of our new toys out and had fun showing him how it made my nipples rock hard vibrating on them then sliding it down for a minute or so then bring it back up and licking and sucking it clean. I think he pop his cork right then. Before turning off I gave my husband one of my famous “Ball draining BJ’s”. After turning off I had almost stripped naked all I had on was my skirt and the new toys were going to get there first try-out.

Then right there on the side of the road was Fred and his truck was overheating. My husband pulled right fucking up to him and rolled down the window with me topless holding a blue rabbit vibrator in my hand. I freaked tried to grab my top the vibe flew out of my hand and landed on the dashboard, my blouse got caught in my sunglasses and my husband busted up laughing so hard, as Fred just looked at my tits. He started laughing when the vibrator on the dashboard vibrated off and fell in my lap and I now had both arms caught up trying to pull my blouse down. These two fucking grown men were laughing so hard at me I could not help but laugh at myself. Anyway we gave Fred a ride home and ended up staying for dinner and telling Julia all about me with my arms caught with my naked tits bouncing all over and the vibe dancing in my lap.

We smoked a joint that Fred and Julia had and I got way too high and ended up sleeping on the way home. We went right to bed because my husband has to leave real early in the morning. By the time he got all the critters taken care of and all the jobs he wanted Mike to do done he had to leave and I was horny as hell.
After my morning swim I was sunning naked when I noticed Mike watching me and I decided to have some fun.

But I’m out of time and better get dinner ready before my husband comes home. I’ll post what happened tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Should I do it?

We had to get everything set up fast because Ted the grocery store clerk will be leaving for San Diego soon so my husband had stopped at our favorite sex shop and bought me a new rabbit vibe. This will be #6 rabbit vibe and my husband still insists I should buy stock in Duracell and start selling sex toys at sex toy parties so I get free or discounted toys.
“I have to vent for a second”
Guys us women don’t want big dildo’s or huge vibrators, well maybe once in awhile. A nice rabbit vibe that is slim easy to handle and just vibrates a nice steady pace. I don’t need a huge rabbit vibe that pulse, vibrates, rotates, lights flash and makes all kinds of noise and is just plane hard to handle. That said my husband and I are going back today so I can pick out some new toys. Cock size I like 6” to 7” long 5.5” around but toys I like slim and sleek. My husband is much bigger than that and he still thinks I want bigger cocks.
Now don’t get me wrong here I love playing and sucking guys big cocks but for sex I would rather have just a nice HARD 6” to7” cock and a guy that knows how to use it (or two cocks 6”-7”).
I need to go I made myself horny talking about this and Mike our ranch hand/Gardner friend just showed up.
The other thing I want to ask is I just want to flash and tease Ted, let him see my tits and pussy. That really turns me on knowing a guy is looking at my pussy and moving around to get a good look.
My husband wants me to give Ted a BJ because he is going in the Navy and he has never had a BJ. And he wants to watch. I said maybe the next time I meet him but just let him see me naked the first time.

What do you think?

Is anyone reading this?

Should I post more pic?


Sunday, July 22, 2007

outdoor fun

The next day we drove Betty to her Mom’s home where she will be staying for a couple days. On the way back we stopped by a couple of secluded spots by the river and a lake. It had been raining be that just made it more exciting. I was teasing my husband and we were sitting in the truck he said he was going to check an area we might be able to use for our next adventure.
Standing by the water I surprised my husband by walking up to him naked. I was feeling daring and stripped off my blouse and skirt and left them in the truck. I love being naked outside and it’s thrilling knowing that here I was naked outside people driving by and a couple cars pulled in and stopped by the picnic tables. I had dropped to my knees and fished my husband’s nice cock out and for the next 15 to 20 minuets I played and sucked him while naked fingering myself. He shot a huge load right as some young couple parked close by and I sucked him dry.
We planned everything out or I should my husband planned everything out. He found the perfect spot to watch from. In the next couple days I’ll be meeting Ted here and we’ll see what happens. I have talked to him on the phone and it’s funny because he is kind of shy. He had asked me what I would be wearing and I told him I would be wearing a white blouse and jean skirt or skorts. I asked if that was alright and he said he would love that.
The past couple days all I could think of was me showing Ted my naked body and watching my husband and Betty have sex. I want Ted to get excited when he sees my nakedness.
Its hell every man I see I wonder how his cock would feel in my mouth.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things calmed down after my husband picked up Betty. They drove for about 3 hours and stopped at a hotel so my husband could get some sleep. Lisa and Mike stayed the night and we all slept in our room and yes Mike was “still naked”. Betty and my husband showed up here at 4:30pm. Betty looked great as always natural tits that I would die for 34C 19 34 natural bleach long blonde hair and her face is perfect in fact she has a perfect body.
We had a great dinner and hot tub and then got Betty set up in our guest house and then we all hit the sack. We were both were so horny we ripped our swim suits off as we ran down the hallway. I wanted to taste my husbands cock and see if maybe Betty and him had some fun. He tasted so good and took my time sucking his gorgeous cock while I stroked him. As I looked into his eyes as I deep throated him then slowly swirling my tounge around his head pulling him slowly out and I asked him if he had sex with Betty?
He looked down smiled and pushed my head down onto his cock.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well after we calmed down and talked about it we decided in was not a good idea to have Ted come to the house. Laster came up with a plan. I would call Ted and ask him to meet me halfway at this nice spot by the river. I’ll ask him to bring me some items I forgot and to meet me there after he gets off work. When I called he was more than happy to bring me anything I wish and meet me anytime. We talked for a bit and he said he was joining the Navy and was leaving in two weeks for San Diego he also liked the outfit I had worn the last time. I gave him my cell phone number so he could call me once he exited the freeway. This way Laster could hide in the truck with its dark tinted windows or find another good viewing spot.
I was modeling some outfits for my husband dancing around, bending over so I would know how far I could push it with Ted. I got so dam horny I had my husband licking me to orgasm when Lisa and Mike Showed up. Well Lisa is my best friend and Mike is our ranch hand so we have an open door policy with them. Where we live its hard for anyone to show up without us knowing. “That's a fur piece”. (It'll take you awhile to get here). They walked in I was laid back on the love seat blouse pulled up over my head skirt up around my waist. My husband head between my spread legs both hands mauling my tits as I was screaming in and barn shaking orgasm. I don’t know how long they had been there but as soon as I saw them I tried to roll off the love seat as Laster sucked my clit between his lips. I squealed pushed and stepped over Laster as he fell to the floor. It sure did look funny him laying on his back with his 9” cock sticking strait up at full mast and a shocked look on his face.
Lisa sure did have a smile on her face as she looked at my husband’s hard cock. She grabbed Mikes arm and pulled him as she stammered something about getting the hot tub ready pulling Mike outside. Well that set the mood for the rest of the night. We striated up and went to the kitchen to get dinner going. I handed my husband two drinks for them and said take them out and start the BBQ. He was still stuttering as I pushed him out the door. I was busy getting all the food ready and by the time I took all the food out they were all in the hot tub just sitting there watching me. I said thanks for the help! Mike stood up stepped out of the hot tub and said he would help me. Mike was naked and his thick cock was as hard as an armadillos shell. I looked at his cock then looked at Lisa sitting naked in the hot tub next to my husband. We had a blast laughing as Mike cooked some ribs, chicken and some salmon my son sent us. He stayed simi hard all through dinner.
The phone rang and it was my other best friend (girls are allowed to have more that one or two best friends) Betty and she was all upset balling her head off so I took the phone and went to my room to try and help her. 3 hours later Lisa comes in to see if she can help sort things out. Betty is going to be staying with us to get away from her ASSHOLE Preacher husband. She will be safe here my husband already told him he’ll shove a shotgun up his ass and pull the trigger.
My husband took off and was on his way to pick her up as I talked with her. Lisa and Mike “who was still naked” cleaned everything up and were going to stay till my husband calls to let us know when he gets there. It’s a 6 hour drive there and about 7 hours coming back.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flashing at the grocery store

I am a 46 y/o blonde cowgirl, Texas born and raised. I am an ex stripper into exhibitionism, voyeurism and having same-room sex. So when my husband started teasing me about this young man at the grocery store in town that has been flirting with me and it turned me on thinking I was flashing him. The next time I went to buy some food my husband talked me into teasing the guy. I wore a short jean skirt, thin white button up blouse and tan cowboy boots. No bra or panties. My husband drove his truck and parked where he had a good view of my car when I parked.
Ted is a very sex, shy young man and always flirts with me. He is just under 6’ dark hair, very well built body with big arms and a tight butt. Judging by the hard-on in his pants he looks well built there also. When he saw me his eyes almost popped out, my nipples were hard as rock. He flirted with me and I teased him by walking by the frozen food isle. I bent over and got brave and reached up and undid two buttons and loosened the top so he could peek inside and see my breast. I asked him if he could help me out with my food and he took off his apron and pushed the cart out for me.
I made sure I showed plenty of breasts as we loaded the bags in the trunk. I opened the front door and sat down with my feet still on the pavement and he stood by the door watching. I leaned over reaching for my purse to give him a tip, my skirt riding up. I could see him looking between my legs and I eased them apart. I turned and made eye contact with him keeping my legs spread. I hope I didn’t forget anything I said to him. He stammered and said he would be glad to drive out and deliver anything I needed. Leaning forward I could feel a light breeze on my tits. I looked right at his hard cock licking my lips. He turned to close the trunk and I stood up to hand him some money, he refuse the tip and I reached over pressing my tit on his arm and kissed his cheek and said thank you.
My leg was up close to him and I rubbed it on his hard cock but just then a car pulled up close by us. I got his number and I could see my husband watching from his truck. As I got in my car I spread wide so he could get a real got look at my treasure. As I drove out of the parking lot my husband called and told me to hurry out of town and meet him by the beach road.
We were both so hot when I pulled up and he got out of him truck I was on my knees in a flash sucking his nice cock. He opened the door to the truck I turned around and bent over as he flipped my skirt up aimed his hard cock at entered me grabbing my hips and slamming deep inside me. He asked me if Ted had made me so hot from flashing him. I just hissed and begged him to fuck me harder.
Right as my orgasm hit me a car with 2 guys in it drove by and stopped a few 100 yards down the beach. I turned dropped to my knees and sucked off my husband. We got back in our vehicles and drove home where we fucked for hours.
My husband wants me to call Ted and have him deliver some goods as he watches. Sounds like fun to me! I’ll do better and keep posting updates.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Superbowl party 2007

This took longer to write because the day after the Superbowl party I was bitten by my horse and I have five stitches in my left hand and two broken bones.

What a Superbowl party we had! Things didn’t turn out quite how I would have liked it to but we still had a blast. It sucks being the only sober one there but Teresa only drank a couple of drinks so she could drive everyone home after the game. We did have some of the green stuff to smoke so I was not totally left out.

My husband and I jumped in the shower before anyone arrived I was dripping and we were both so dam horny. I couldn’t help but give my husband a nice BJ and it didn’t take him very long to blow a huge load down my throat. He had a tremendous orgasm he was really excited as he slid down my body sucking my nipples and fingering my pussy. That’s when we heard the door bell ringing and Laster jump out of the shower leaving me dripping wet and frustrated. I had spent all day Saturday cleaning and decorating my house everything had to be perfect for the game. I hung up football banners, football napkins, football drink coaster and anything football I could find at the store in town I bought to decorate my house. My husband had the TV and lounge chairs arranged so we had a space to play games in and still could see the TV from the hot tub. I also had him clean out the closet were some of our games will be played and I placed a single chair in there.

Lisa and Mike showed up early and Lisa came back to my room as Mike and my husband unloaded all the food and beer from there truck. I had a towel wrapped around me as she came in and when I saw her tiny sexy maid outfit I felt a tingling in my pussy and nipples. Lisa spun around to show me her outfit then gave me a big hug and I must tell you she was sexy as hell. She sat me down on the bed real quick and said she had something to tell me! Mike and my husband have been known to do some pretty wild things and sometimes they go a little overboard. She told me that last weekend that Mike and my husband had played a trick on me. It was the weekend when no football games were on TV. I was talking in a chat room and my husband came in took over the computer and started chattin. He was very devilish and he had gotten me really excited. He was in a teasing mood and he soon had me naked and was trying to tie me up in the chair and telling everyone in the cat room what he was doing. He then blindfolded me and turned the radio on real loud. He sucked my nipples and played with me as he typed to people in the chat room. I heard him go to our bedroom and get into the toy dresser. He teased me for hours with a couple of vibe’s and I had so many orgasms I was drained by the time my husband finished playing and shoved his long cock deep in me filling me with his hot cum. He has done this to me a few times and it can be very exciting.

She told me that when Mike got home that day he was so dam horny he grabbed her and wanted to fuck her right there in the hallway. She knew something had happened at our place because he was so rallied up. Lisa said she could smell my juices on his hands and he was so hot he banged her real good. Lisa wouldn’t let Mike cum, every time he got close she said she would pull him out and asks him what happened at my place. In two minutes flat she had Mike explaining everything that had happened at our house that day. My husband had let Mike in and he was there watching and then using the vibe on me. I was looking down when I told Lisa that I knew it wasn’t my husband using the vibe on me. I started crying and I explained to her that I didn’t know it was Mike. Lisa told me Mike had told her that my husband had planned it. She also suspected that they had also done the same thing to her a few weeks ago. We decided right there we needed to come up with a plan to get back at the guys for fooling around. The guys had gotten in to this blindfold and restraint kick lately and I think it’s from watching too many prono movies. So we talked and made plans as she helped me get into my little outfit.

Before we left the bedroom I opened my nightstand drawer and took out a poker card and handed it to her. It was a Joker and she knew exactly what it was and why I gave it to her. We are best friends and have talked many times about this. I had just handed Lisa a free sex pass to play with my husband. She looked into my eyes kissed me and slid the card into her outfit.

We strutted out of the bedroom to where the guys were and when Mike saw me in my maid outfit his gorgeous cock popped right up to attention and when I hugged him I made sure I pressed his cock against me and mashed my tits on him. Wow that thing was a dangerous weapon but he wasn’t the only one, Laster’s shorts were pushed strait out as he watched us with his arm around Lisa’s tiny hips. Just then Julia, Fred, Teresa and Bud showed up so we all went outside to greet them.

“Oh my” when Julia got out of the car I could see she had made some modifications to her outfit! She trimmed the top so more cleavage showed and the skirt was much shorter. She did flip out and started bitching about the cameras; she said they would leave if any pictures were taken. Julia works for my husband so she didn’t want any evidence. Fred and Bud had t-shirts baggy shorts with erections. Teresa had a coat on and we went back in to my room to find her some nice panties to put on instead of the crotchless ones that came with her maid outfit. She has got a perfect body and the outfit looked great on her. I got a little turned on when she was putting the panties on I saw she had shaved completely. She asked me if I liked it and I just said you’re a “Bitch” then laughed “that’s why you needed the panties”. We heard the guys whistling and cheering so we went out to the den to see Julia bending over and wiggling her ass in Mikes face.

It was time to get the party going. Julia placed two hats on the table and told the guys to listen up and sit down as we handed them all a beer. (And no we don’t drink that Lone Star crap)

The women are in control of this game, we draw the cards and we choose the challenges. We women playing the game have the power to change the rules and spice-up or cool down the party at any time during game play. Each person gets a card that we put there name on and that’s there card for the whole day. The guys got Kings and we got Queens. We then put all the Kings in one hat and the Queens in the other hat with the other cards face down in the middle of the table. When a team scores a touch down or a field goal, one of us will draw a card out of the guy’s hat and one out the girls hat. Then a card is picked from the pile, say it’s a 9 of hearts, they get to spend 9 minutes in the closet alone. This is done a halftime and when the game is over. If there is a turnover we will draw a card out of the guy’s hat and one out the girl’s hat again but this time we will come up with a challenge for points or time in the closet.

The most important rule is “NO PENATRATION”

We are still debating how much oral is crossing the line? We are all life time friends and we all don’t want to fuck that up. But we’ll see as the game progresses. We will get the guy’s beer, food and do everything for them. The game was ready to start so we had the guys draw a card to pick the maid that will be serving them during the first half. Fred drew first and got Lisa, Bud got Julia, My husband got Teresa and Mike drew my card. This only worked during the first half the second half things were all screwed up. The guys sat down while we went to the kitchen to get food and beer for them. I know why the guys wore the baggy shorts! When I went to give Mike his beer I could see he liked my outfit. His cock was poking out the side of the shorts.

Mike has a gorgeous thick beautiful cock; he’s not as long as my husband but thicker with a flared mushroom head. The ridge of flesh where the head of his penis and shaft meet is very distinctive. The shaft is thick with ridges and a pronounced muscle running the full length, there is a thin triangle separating the rim from his shaft and if you tease this area his cockhead turns a bright purple. Mikes cock has a special quality, style, attractiveness. Before I married my husband I would worship Mikes cock for hours, I loved sucking him and Fred off they were my drive in movie buddies.

The game was starting Mike pulled me down so I sat on his lap and his hard cock was poking out the side of the baggy shorts pressing on the outside of my bare thigh. The other guys had done the same and I saw Teresa wiggling in my husband’s lap as her big tits danced in his face. That’s when the Bears ran the opening kick off for a TD, the guys went nuts and I didn’t mind because I got to feel Mike’s hard cock. During the excitement Mike had shifted his cock so when I sat down his bare hard thick cock was touching my panty covered soaking hot pussy he just looked at me and smiled. So according to the game a guy’s card was pulled from the hat and it was my husband’s card the King of hearts, then Julia’s card was pulled from the other hat and then she picked a card from the pile and got a 10. Well the next two times a team scored my husband’s card was picked every time and so was Julia’s they added up almost 24 minutes of time from the cards.

Then the first challenge came when The Bears intercepted a pass. We blindfolded the guy’s then one by one we rubbed lemons on our nipples and let them suck each woman’s nipple, then they had to guess who’s nipple was 1st, 2nd was and so on. Again my husband won buy picking whose nipples he had sucked so he got to pick a free card from the pile. Bud won when the bears kicked a F/G and Lisa’s card was drawn then Fred and Lisa on the bears score, Mike and Teresa cards got picked on the Colts F/G before the end of the quarter. Julia and my husband won the quarter time score so the points were:

Guys Girls

Laster 5 Julia 5

Bud 1 Lisa 2

Mike 1 Teresa 1

Fred 1 Lassy 0

There were a few more challenges and before the end of the first half, Fred had removed Teresa outfit without using his hands in record time. I think the other guys were taking there time on purpose. We got to spray whip cream on there cocks and lick it off, Mike and Julia got to play naked twister and Lisa got to sit on my husbands lap in the hot tub with my husband naked without there hands being visible. Every one was drinking and having a blast (except me I didn’t drink but had some green stuff) the guys were getting drunk and were having a blast with us half naked women teasing them.

Half time was fun, we lined the guys up pulled there shorts down and watched there cock spring up and down. Teresa wasn’t the only one who shaved Bud had shaven also. We made them stand outside in the cold naked while us girls danced and rubbed our bodies together and acted like we were kissing. I think Fred oozed some precum when Teresa put her hand between Julia legs then licked her fingers. Everyone was playing grab ass and having fun. I think the guys took Viagra or something because they had hard on’s all day. We all had a great time watching the game and playing.

We didn’t use the hot tub much because it was hard getting in and out of our outfits. The guys got the shot glasses out and my husband started pouring shots of tequila. Julia had picked a dare card and dared me to do a table and picked Fred’s card. They all know I worked at the strip club and are always asking me to show them how to do a good table dance. My husband picked a song to dance to and Fred grabbed a chair and put it in the middle of the room. I was giving Fred a sexy dance when Julia reached forward and put a $20 bill in my outfit. I eased the straps off my shoulder exposing my breast and pulled Fred’s head between my tits. Julia slipped another $20 in my outfit. Well my maid outfit was a one piece and didn’t have panties so when the outfit came off I was naked dancing on Fred’s lap. I looked in Julia’s eyes as I sat and wiggled on her husbands lap and he played with my tits and everyone watched.

The rest of the game went by quick after half time.

My husband won! For the guys and Julia won for the girls!

Here are the totals and as you’ll see I didn’t win JACK S***

My husband won our side bet also!

We tallied up all the points and everything and here are the results;

Guys Ladies

Laster 8 - 2 bonus cards Julia 9 – 1 bonus cards

Fred 4 - 0 bonus cards Lisa 5 – 0 bonus cards

Mike 3 - 1 bonus cards Teresa 5 – 0 bonus cards

Bud 2 - 0 bonus cards Lassy 0 – 0 bonus cards

The final game was who ever picks closest to the final score can use the toy of his choice and picks a card for a lady and a bonus card for the next closet session. And again my husband won the final and drew Julia’s card.

Well now Mike and Teresa where the first ones in the closet and they got 9 minutes plus one bonus card. Mike picked the bonus card and it was a 5 minute bonus card. Sense Bud and I lost so we had to monitor the door and relay what we think is going on inside the closet. When the time was up we opened the door real quick and there they were, hair all messed up Mike’s shorts were pulled part way down his huge cockhead poking out the top. Teresa’s maid’s outfit was wide open her tits exposed and her panties looked damp. They both had big smiles and looked strait ahead when they walked out!

Fred and Lisa were next they got 12 minutes; they were pretty wild making lots of noise in the closet. The door opened Fred had his back to us and Teresa was on her knees in front of him. Her maid outfit was around her waist and her nipples looked red and swollen and you could smell her sexy sent.

Julia and my husband were next they had 39 minutes plus 3 bonus cards.

My husband’s first bonus card was a naked card and that means Julia had to be naked in the closet, the second bonus card was his toy of choice card and he picked the pink rabbit. Julia picked her bonus card and it was a wild card. Anything she wanted!

Well they didn’t waste any time they were in the closet in a flash, the door closed and in 5 seconds the door opened and out flew Julia’s maid outfit then my husband’s shorts and shirt. We listened and could hear Julia screaming out faking an orgasm, then it got quite and we could hear moaning and the buzzing of the rabbit vibe. They were banging making sounds and I think the next two orgasms we heard were real.

I got a little nervous so I went into the kitchen and started cleaning. Lisa was still half naked and she came in behind me, I thought she was drunk but she reached in her outfit and pulled out the sex card I had given her earlier and handed it to me and said she wanted to save it for a different night. She then grabbed my tits and said lets get back to the party. When we got back in the living room Mike, Fred, Bud and Teresa were all close to the closet listening to what was going on. Fred pulled me aside and reached up cupping my tits said don’t worry I know they don’t mess around at work then he pinched my nipples turned and I yelled time is up. When the door opened my husband was on the floor and Julia was sitting on top of him facing the door. Julia’s legs were weak when she tried to stand up she stumbled out and almost fell down. The vibe was on the floor by my husband’s hand still turning and twisting! My husband was sweating and limp!

Things got a little weird after that and I started cleaning up as everyone got ready to go. Teresa was sober and was driving Fred and Julia home and I would drive Mike and Lisa home. Lisa and I talked while we waited in the truck for Mike. Mike sat in the middle and I could see his hard cock twitching as we drove. Lisa walked to the house I turned to give Mike a hug and I reached down his shorts grabbed his hard thick cock and said I know it was you last weekend when my husband blindfolded and tied me up. He was looking over my shoulder at Lisa and I had a firm hard grip on his cock and he yelped when I squeezed real hard! I stroked his hard cock and told him not to tell my husband that I knew what had happened then squeezed hard stroking that beautiful cock. I let go got in the truck and was driving off and turned to watched Lisa with her maid outfit around her ankles stroking Mikes cock and kissing him.

Driving home I was so horny I was playing with my self still in my maid outfit. I was going to go home and suck my husbands cock to see if I could taste Julia on him. That’s when things started going to s***. The blue lights were flashing! Our local Sheriff Billy Bob was pulling me over. When he came up to the window and saw it was me in my maid outfit he started laughing told me to slow down and let me go! As I pulled away I looked down and saw my maid outfit was open at the top. When I got home things got really "Fucked up" I pulled up and my brother was there and he was unloading suitcases from his truck! My brother is finely getting a divorce and he showed up asking if he could stay with us for a few days while his ex moved out. Well the rest of the night he and my husband drank beer and talked. My husband was so drunk by bed time he passed right out and he didn’t even go to work the next day.

Things just got worse the next day when my husband didn’t get up I had to go feed all the critters. My brother helped me but when we were in the barn I was petting my horse and my brother must have spooked her, she chomped down on my hand. I got five stitches and two broken bones in my hand. It sucked! Lisa and I had planned to go to Austin for a protest march on Sunday. I had to spend most of the day Wednesday talking to Julia, Fred and Teresa, they don’t remember too much about what happen on Sunday. Lisa and I left for Austin and stayed at my brother’s house. The next night we got a room in the city because my darling nephews and nieces had the flu. We still went to the protest where several hundred people showed up at the Capitol to protest the proposed construction of at least 15 coal-fired power plants. We meet a lot of very nice people and made lots of plans for the summer. We plan on attending a lot more rallies and protests for the environment plus I must keep my commitments for supporting the troops.

Now I owe my husband for losing our bet.

There is this young man in town who has been flirting with me taking my bags to my car trying to look down my top, he is going in the Army in a few weeks and has really been friendly and said he would come out and help me because of my hand. The other day he was real friendly I had worn a white button up blouse jean skirt but didn't wear a bra or panties. The young man kept looking and when I reached across the seat for my purse my skirt rode up I turned and he was standing right there looking right up my skirt. I kind of froze for a few seconds then turned and reached to give him a tip. I was eye level with his crotch and he had a HUGE boner my nipples were so hard they hurt and I know he was looking. I had to leave in a hurry I was just a little to excite. When I got home I was so horny I dragged my husband in the bedroom and we had sex for hours. I told my husband all about the young man and he said I should keep flirting and flashing him. I know it excited me so today I plan on going to pick up some more stuff I forgot.

My husband thinks I should flash him and have some fun to pay the bet off?