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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Me the Exhibitionist.

I told you my husband was planning something, he has been emailing a young Navy man we met out dancing a while ago. He was kinda apprehensive about my husband watching us play around the first time we meet so we danced and I let him play with my tits and I rubbed his cock. Sense then my husband has been telling him all kinds of things about me and what I like and he’s eager to play my husbands sex games.

We had a very romantic dinner on our boat and then invited our dock neighbor over for a drink. He’s moored next to us and watches our boat when were not there. Tom’s a real nice guy 37 y/o 5’10 very well built broad shoulders, short hair and a nice butt. My husband likes me to tease him and has shown him naked pictures of me on the boat. After drinks I need to get ready to go so Tom and my husband were talking on the dock next to the boat and Tom was watching me.

I was so excited about meeting the Navy man and Tom looking in the window, I just started changing into my slut outfit my husband wanted me to wear. I am a Submissive Exhibitionist and having someone see me naked is such a thrill and I made sure he got a good view of everything. When I was done getting dresses I stepped on to the dock and his eyes almost popped out. I was wearing a very low cut silk blouse with no collar or sleeves and of course no bra. The skirt wrapped-around with overlapping aprons in front and pleated around the back and very easy access and light blue panties. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was ready to go dancing

I think I have someone new to tease Tom had a nice bulge in his shorts.

I was so horny I sucked my husband’s nice cock as we drove to the Equal Eyez Lounge in Corpus Christi to meet The Navy man and go dancing. It is a nice club one of my favorite live music clubs. I like the Texas-style rock-n-roll large dark dance floor a cool outdoor area where I like to play and easy access to a nice dark parking lot. My husband knows right were to park the truck for our sexy games we play. My husband told me his plans as I sucked his cock in the parking lot and it didn’t take long before he was shooting a huge load of hot cum down my throat.

I was so fucking horny he would not let me play with my pussy and I was very wet. He opened the door and said “Time to play” and we went in to meet The Navy man.


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tullymars said...

I'd like to watch you also, just like Tom.