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Monday, December 31, 2007

Navy guy BJ Part 2


The picture is what I looked like to the Navy Guy in the back of the truck.

"Oh my god" I love a well formed dick and the Navy guys cock was not too veiny but not totally smooth either there were some nice ripples that I know will feel good. His cock is about 8” long and very thick, the girth made my pussy throb as I could not wrap my hand around it. It was a well proportioned cock wide for its length with an enormous head. I love to suck on big heads and run my tongue around and over that place where the head meets the shaft; I know with his thick cock my jaw will be sore tomorrow, a lot!

I love cocks with a little curve in them. Doesn't really matter which way, straight up, left, right. There all good. I find them easier to deep throat when they have a curve to them. They just seem to slide down my throat easier. He had the perfect upward curve for my throat.

I also loved his nuts. I like 'em smooth, so I don't end up picking hairs out of my mouth and teeth from deep throating and he was saved clean. Wrinkled is fine but I like the 'sack' to be a little tight. Not too much loose skin flapping around, full of cum if you know what I mean.

His dick was rock hard. I just love the hard as steel cocks, don't you? I love pulling a guy’s cock out of his pants or shorts and it springs up slapping his belly. Then slowly stroking it all hard and solid and leaking pre-cum. OMG, that's another thing I LOVE leakers. There's NOTHING sweeter than that pre-cum IMHO... Hmmmm. I could drink gallons of that stuff and “Cum” I love cum and this Navy guy was leaking cum already.

I also like a cock that throbs. Don't we all? LOL I love that feeling in my hand and mouth. Hmmmm. Ok, I'm getting a bit TOO horny now having a hard time typing. He tasted so sweet.

I KNOW when the cock I'm sucking is right. The feel, the texture, the smell, the taste, the shape are ALL just right and I could not wait to feel his cock slide past my wet lips and down my throat. And I wanted my husband to be there to watch me suck this gorgeous cock.

I wanted to be real NASTY for my husband.

I was following his instructions to the “T”. He was listening on the phone and he had explained our sex game to the Navy Guy. I think Navy Guy was getting over being nervous he was talking and saying things so my husband could hear him.

He grabbed my ass cheeks and dove for my hot soaking wet pussy sinking his tongue deep in me then sucking my clit between his lips. I was whimpering and moaning as he devoured my horny pussy bringing me to the brink of orgasm several times as he licked and sucked my wet pussy. He picked up the phone and put it up close so hubbie could hear him eating my hot pussy. He was a great pussy licker and he would say nasty things so hubbie could hear him eating me. He was really getting into our sex game! I was almost screaming he was sucking my pussy lips into his mouth then trying to go as deep as he could with his tongue and finger fucking me as he attacked my clit. I know my tits must have been red he was squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

He moved back put one knee on the seat spreading my leg wider as I tried to wrap my hand around his thick cock. He twisted my nipple and I yelped, he put his finger up to his lips motioning me to be quite then put his finger to my lips and pointing to the phone. He reached down removing my hand from his cock moving closer holding his cock and aiming for my soaked horny pussy.

I was doing exactly what my husband had instructed me to do.

I know my husband was still listening and it had been way longer than ten minutes already. I grabbed the edge of the seat sliding my ass closer to the edge as the Navy Guy told me to spread my legs for him. Grabbing both my legs and spreading wide bringing my knees way up chest fully exposing my horny pussy for him as I looked into his eyes. He slid two fingers deep in me and finger fucked me making squishy sounds as he fucked me fast and deep with his fingers picking up the phone and holding it so my husband could hear!. His hard cock felt so hot as it touched the inside of my thigh so close to his fingers that were fucking my wet pussy.

With his left hand he held his thick cock spreading my pussy lips as I felt my ass lift off the seat wanting his hot cock to touched my hot pussy lips. He held his cock with its enormous head sliding it up my slit to press on my clit. He was pushing on the head making it all wet with my pussy juices and I moaned loudly. Again he put his finger to my lips to quieting me.

I moved both my hands slowly down over my clit slipping two fingers into my horny wet pussy getting them wet then wrapping my hand around his cock getting it wet with my juices. Looking at him directly in to his blue eyes while licking my lips. I used both hands slowly moving his thick cock head spreading my pussy lips open.

I felt so Nasty!

I had done what my husband told me to do!

We had practiced this down by the river so my husband would know exactly how I looked NAKED and spread wide for the Navy Guy.

But what had he told the Navy guy?

They have been talking a lot and making plans!

I wanted to be pushed to “The Limit”

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Navy guy BJ part 1

The holidays have been so busy I will catch you up on what happened with he Navy Guy.

I don’t even know why the hell I asked the question!
Should I let Julia suck my husbands cock?
Here I was dressed in a black dress, no bra and sheer panties that are already soaked from my husband teasing me, going to a dance lounge knowing a Navy guy is waiting for us and by the end of the night I’ll be sucking his cock!

We usually find a random guy in a bar that I find attractive and I seduce him, some guys get real scared when my husband tells them he loves watching me suck cock. This time this Navy guy posted a comment here on my blog asking about me being The Best Cocksucker in Texas. We did some explaining about what we are up to and he agreed to go back to a motel room or out to our truck. My husband explained everything to our stranger so he knows he will be playing with my pussy and knowing he can do anything the first night except sliding his cock deep in my pussy. For me it's the thrill of naughty sex with a complete stranger and the taste of a new cock and being teased to “The Limit”.

I have this insatiable desire for sucking cocks and my husband calls me his “Cock sucking Nympho” This past week I have eaten, breathed, & lived for sex. I have been dreaming about sucking the Navy guys cock, often playing it over so much in my mind that I can cum in seconds anywhere. I was insatiable & always ready to do anything for my husband I was his slut & whore all week. My husband made me do things like answer the door for the mail man naked, my husband also called our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob and had me answer the door naked. My husband had told him I was a nudist and that he didn’t like leavening me alone all the time on the ranch. Sheriff Billy Joe Bob was very nice and offered to check and watch out for me when he’s not home. I got so horny having him watching me naked, my pussy overheated looking at him in his uniform, big gun and hand cuffs. My husband had been teasing me all week now I was dressed and ready.

Everything worked out great except I wore the wrong dress it was a one piece and hard to get to my tits. We showed up early to make sure we got this table in a dark corner where we could play and my husband had a great view. I kept looking around to see if I knew anyone and was quite nervous. The waitress was the same one who caught us playing the last time we came here. She remembered us and even started flirting with my husband right away. He said she wasn’t flirting and that I was just nervous because I had to do exactly what he said! Right then my nipples got rock hard and my pussy tingled!

*The Navy Guy

My husband got up to go play pool when people started showing up and the band was starting to set up. The waitress watched him and then took his drink to him in the pool area. They talked for a few minutes as I watched them then she brought me my drink. She started talking to me and was very nice her name was Jill she is 5’9 without heels and was wearing heeled cowboy boots, long dark hair white blouse, jean skirt and was slim with what I would guess to be an A cup or small B but perkie! We talked for a bit and I think she was flirting with me, she had to get to work cause people were packing in now.

Guys started hitting on me right away and wanting to buy me drinks. Then I saw him “The Navy guy” I got a lump in my throat and my nipples throbbed. My husband greeted him and pointed towards me. OH my I could not take my eyes off the budge in his pants as they walked to the table. He is 6’ fiery red hair V shaped torso, very cute ass, muscular arms and a very nice budge! We sat and talked and he asked us all sorts of questions and wanted to make sure he knew the boundaries of our little sex games.

When the band started playing the lights went down and Navy guy asked me to dance. He was a great dancer and when the slow songs started he had my tits pressed to his body and his hard cock bumping me. He was very nervous and asked me lots of questions. This is why I thought I wore the wrong dress; he could play with my tits through the dress but could not slip inside to play with them. When we did sit down the dress did ride way up and both he and my husband could play with my legs.

When the band took its first break the Navy guy and I got up to go outside for some fresh air and it started to rain so we got in the truck. I remember hubbie was telling me to turn on my phone so I turned it on and set down. We got in the back seat and with the dark tinted windows the only way you could see in was if you were looking in the windshield. There were two pillows in the back and Navy guy started asking me all kinds of questions and telling me how hot I looked. And thus again I found out why this was the wrong dress to wear. My tits were hurting and they wanted to be sucked as he tried to unzip the dress from behind so he could get to my tits. I reached for his cock and it was stiff and thick as his mouth found my breast and sucking the nipple as we fumbled around groping each other. Right as I got his zipper down and he felt my hot pussy the band was starting up again and we had to stop and get back inside per hubbies instructions. I straitened up grabbed my phone as the Navy guy tried to walk without his boner sticking strait out as a few people outside gave us some devilish looks as we walked past them.

We hurried to get inside and when I saw my husband he was talking to Jill so we sat at the table till he joined us. My husband slid his hand under my dress and felt my soaked panties and he zipped my dress the rest of the way up. I reached for my husband’s cock that was poking out as Navy guy moved closer and I reached for his cock. I was in heaven two hard cocks and two guys with there hands playing with me. We danced some more and I was soaking wet his hands were squeezing my tits and ass. My husband was getting so horny and had a couple drinks, so when we danced he told me the next band break that he would wait 10 minutes so we had some time alone before he would show up. After the dance I was so horny and needed to pee so I left my husband and the Navy guy at the table talking.

That might not have been a good idea leaving two horny guys there to talk about me. I made is back just as the band was playing the last song in the set. When I sat down I handed my husband my soaked panties and leaned over kissed him and said 10 minutes after we get in the truck, I squeezed his hard cock and the Navy guys cock right as Jill walked up catching me. We got up as everyone headed off the dance floor and as Jill and my husband watched we headed to the door with the Navy guys hand on my naked ass. We got to the door and it started poring rain outside, I looked back to see Jill and my husband watching as my husband held up his cell phone.

Getting in the truck I was bent over setting my phone up so it was facing the back seat and felt the Navy guys hand slide between my legs. We didn’t get to wet but wet enough to fog up the window’s real fast. I sat back one leg on the floor the other propped up on the seat and in one slow move he slid he hand over my clit and his middle finger slipped all the way in my soaked hot pussy. He reached back unzipped my dress all the way and grabbed the bottom and pulled it up and off me in one slick move tossing the dress up front leaving me naked. He lifted my left leg resting it on the front seat as he leaned down sucking my right tit into his hot mouth and he buried his finger back in my steaming hot pussy. I was reaching for his cock as he shoved another finger in me curling them upwards finding my very sensitive button as his thumb massaged my clit making me thrust upwards and moaning loud and squealing. My hands went for his pants pulling them off and grabbing for his thick hard cock.

With my insatiable desire for sucking cocks, I have been MORE than fortunate in my 'quest' to have had the pleasure of many many cocks, over the past 20 something years. Big ones, small ones, cut/uncut, thick/thin. You name it I sucked it. Of course, just when I think I've seen em all, I get surprised by a super cock. Ahhh life, ain't it a hoot? LOL


Sunday, December 09, 2007

Naked Twister Support the "Cherry Pit"

Before I tell you what happened with the sex game we are playing with the Navy guy my girlfriend Julia called me and has this great idea!

Did Y’all read in the news about "The Cherry Pit." In DUNCANVILLE, Texas it’s a swingers club that being shut down by the city. My girlfriend Julia that works for my husband came up with a great idea on how we can support them.

We are going to have a "Naked Twister" night this coming Friday night here at our ranch and maybe every Friday night. So far here is who is coming! The picture is of me getting ready for "Naked Twister."

Mike and Lisa.
Mike is our ranch hand and his wife Lisa is my best friend in the whole world.
Julia and Fred.
Julia has worked for my husband for over 20 years and Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! Fred would jump in front of a speeding truck to save me.
Teresa and Bud
Teresa is the fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). Bud is very handsome 5’11 very well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

Julia came up with the idea for the party and she stated that there is only one rule for this party. No Penis Vagina Penetration except with your spouse. I looked it up here: . Now she said “No Penis Vagina Penetration” Right? So is anal and oral ok?

I asked her about that and all she said with a huge grin on her face was that “She still has 20 minutes left in the closet game with my husband” from winning at our last party. The closet game is a game we play where the winner of bets or dares collect minutes and gets to go into a special closet naked with the person they choose. We can all listen but can’t see what’s going on behind the closed door. There is a No Penetration rule but the door is closed. Last time she only lasted 9:34 before we heard her scream, open the door and grab her husband push him down on a chair and mount him right there and cum like crazy fucking him in front of us. When she came out of that closet with my husband she was crazed, he had teased her so much she was soaked juices running down her leg.

I think she said that so she could suck my husbands cock! They have worked together a long time and gone on a lot of trips with each other. But they both say they have never had sex! And when ever I bring it up to her she always reminds me that I had sex and sucked her husband Fred many times before we got married.

What do you think?

How far should I push the “No Penis Vagina Penetration” rule?

Should we invite other couples?

Should I let Julia suck my husbands cock?


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I have no luck!

Scroll down for photo's

Well we were early and then my husband got a call from the Navy man and he said he could not show up tonight. So my husband set up our game day for next week. This is how my luck has been going lately, I think my husband has been planning this stuff just to I’ll agree to some of his sex fantasy’s. My husbands not a dancer but he got out on the dance floor with me and we had a great time. He got me so worked up playing with my tits and exposing me to guys. I was so horny my panties were soaked so my husband slipped them off as we were sitting at the table, my husband was telling me what he was going to do to me when he got me home.

I almost drug him out of the lounge and I was naked 30 seconds after we got in the truck. We drove through the city with me naked sucking my husband’s nice hard cock. The drive home seamed real short I was having so much fun just playing with my husbands cock. After pulling off the Freeway he pulled over by the river and told me to get out of the truck and to sit on the picnic table in front of the truck. Just as I was about to get out our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob decided to check and see what we were up to this late by the river. My dear husband grabbed my skirt and blouse and stuffed it under his legs so I could not get to them. He rolled down the window as Billy Joe Bob pulled up and I slouched down so he could not see me. My husband told him that I had to go pee so we pulled over here. For the next 15 minutes they talked and talked I was squirming around and then I got a great idea. I spread my legs and started playing with my soaked pussy letting my fingers work there magic on my clit then slipping in and out of my horny pussy.

It didn’t take long before my husband was wiggling around and trying to get rid of Billy Joe Bob. After arriving at home my husband ushered me into his so call sex room. I was tied in the sex swing and I watched as he opened the big roll up door and the nights cool air excited every nerve on my naked body. My husband broke out the power sex tool (sazall) and nipple clamps. Working the sazall with the large dildo attached all over my horny pussy while playing with my tits. The sazall didn’t last very long before I had a massive orgasm with my husband teasing me and then I smelled something burning.

The dam sazall quit just before I was about to orgasm again. I was so happy we have other toys and my husband must have used all of them on me. We fucked all night and talked about our next adventure in Las Vegas.

Anyone have any ideas on what we can use to replace the Sazall?


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Me the Exhibitionist.

I told you my husband was planning something, he has been emailing a young Navy man we met out dancing a while ago. He was kinda apprehensive about my husband watching us play around the first time we meet so we danced and I let him play with my tits and I rubbed his cock. Sense then my husband has been telling him all kinds of things about me and what I like and he’s eager to play my husbands sex games.

We had a very romantic dinner on our boat and then invited our dock neighbor over for a drink. He’s moored next to us and watches our boat when were not there. Tom’s a real nice guy 37 y/o 5’10 very well built broad shoulders, short hair and a nice butt. My husband likes me to tease him and has shown him naked pictures of me on the boat. After drinks I need to get ready to go so Tom and my husband were talking on the dock next to the boat and Tom was watching me.

I was so excited about meeting the Navy man and Tom looking in the window, I just started changing into my slut outfit my husband wanted me to wear. I am a Submissive Exhibitionist and having someone see me naked is such a thrill and I made sure he got a good view of everything. When I was done getting dresses I stepped on to the dock and his eyes almost popped out. I was wearing a very low cut silk blouse with no collar or sleeves and of course no bra. The skirt wrapped-around with overlapping aprons in front and pleated around the back and very easy access and light blue panties. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was ready to go dancing

I think I have someone new to tease Tom had a nice bulge in his shorts.

I was so horny I sucked my husband’s nice cock as we drove to the Equal Eyez Lounge in Corpus Christi to meet The Navy man and go dancing. It is a nice club one of my favorite live music clubs. I like the Texas-style rock-n-roll large dark dance floor a cool outdoor area where I like to play and easy access to a nice dark parking lot. My husband knows right were to park the truck for our sexy games we play. My husband told me his plans as I sucked his cock in the parking lot and it didn’t take long before he was shooting a huge load of hot cum down my throat.

I was so fucking horny he would not let me play with my pussy and I was very wet. He opened the door and said “Time to play” and we went in to meet The Navy man.