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Friday, February 24, 2006

Make up sex

Make up sex is great. We had an argument Wed and my husband was pissed at me but when he came home and I meet him out side naked and sucked his cock he forgave me. The next day I went down to hubbies work left my coat in the waiting room and walked in his office naked. He dropped the phone I got on my knees and unzipped him and sucked his nice big cock right there in front of the big office window. We had sex on the desk, sex in his chair, sex on the floor and sex in front of the window. My husband took the rest of the day off and we went down to our boat for more sex.
When we got to the boat there was a guy moored next to us cleaning and workin on his boat. I left the curtains open and we soon were fucking wildly. My husband teased me that the guy was watching us so I rolled hubbie over and got on top to ride his cock. I could see him watching and I got so excited I turned around so I was reverse cowgirl and slide down on hubbies cock. The guy was trying to move to get a better look and not get caught watching us. When I knew he had a good view I took hubbies cock and slipped it out of my wet pussy and gilded it in to my ass. I spread wide and with my hand spread my pussy open and fucked my husband good and hard as the guy watched us. My god I came like crazy as he watched me get ass fucked real good I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard and my husband pulled out and came all over me. We talked for a long time and then fell asleep.
My husband is going fishing with my sons this weekend so we cleaned the boat up. As we were leaving we waved to the guy as he watched us walk off and headed home with big smiles on our faces.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Naked Tuesday

To day is naked Tuesday so I can not put anything on all day I have to stay Naked. Last week my husband had some guys work on the driveway when it was naked Tuesday. It was so exciting being naked with 4 guys just outside and me Naked and horny watching them.
I hope my husband planned something for today I feel super horny today!
I will be Naked all day no matter what!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

highway fuckin

We had a great weekend Saturday we went for a ride with six friends and ended up staying the night in Houston. There was Lisa, Mike, Julia, Fred, Bob and Tina. Of course Lisa was the first to flash a boob to a bunch of teen boys as we motored past them. You would think they never see a bare tit there mouths almost hit the floor. We kinda took over the pool at the hotel and they all were drinking lots of beer and Jack. Me I felt left out not being able to drink. What the fuck it sucked! They were all having a great time and it didn’t take long and off came the tops and out came the manager. I had to take control and get everyone out of the pool area and back to our rooms. My husband was feeling no pain so he was no help. But after the long ride on the motorcycles they were all tired and drunk so we ended up all falling asleep in our rooms.
We had breakfast and saddled up for the ride home. On the ride home my husband asked if I want to stop by our son’s apartment. We turned off and let our friend go home while we went to our sons. My son was not home so we just headed home so I left him a note. On the ride home I teased hubbie playing with his cock till he pulled over at a empty rest stop and had me take my pants off so I was just wearing my leather chaps and jacket. We played with each other as we rode along passing cars and trucks with me flashing a few truckers my tits. We ended up pulling over and in no time I had his nice cock sliding down my throat along side the highway. The bike was to hot to lean on so I spread my legs and bent over letting hubbie plow me for behind while leaning on the seat. I told him to fuck me good but don’t cumm until he sees a car coming. I couldn’t hold back as he fucked me good and hard and I came real fast with my husband blowing a huge load in me. We hurried home and fucked two more times before falling asleep.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Big orgasm

Well the crew came to finish the driveway and my husband knows how excited I get being naked when there is a chance someone will see me. Lisa called and said she was on her way over and I didn’t know what to do so I called my husband and he said he would call me back. I was so horny I was watching the guys pour the concrete from the living room window and I was playing with my rabbit vibe. The phone rang and my husband said he called Lisa and she was on here way here so he told me I could get dressed. He also told me I would have to make it up to him tomorrow and he laughed. My husband also said he told Lisa that I had been a bad girl and he was punishing me by making me be naked. I tell Lisa about most of our sexual games, so she knows I am submissive to my husband and that I like showing off. She has told me she wants to come over when my husband ties me up so she can watch. What I haven’t told her is about our adventures in Vegas and of Earl and the Cowboy and the swing clubs we have been to. We have also been naked together in our hot tub and she knows I love being naked but I have never been naked alone with her when I was so horny.
After hanging up with Lisa I was watching the guys in the driveway and my nipples were acing and hard as I pinched them I started feeling dangerous and very horny. I walked to the kitchen and out the sliding door to the backyard the cool morning air felt real good on my naked body. I moved the lounge chair closer to the backyard fence where I could hear the guys working and talking. I lay down in the lounge chair and was squeezing my tits as I tried to listen to the guys on the other side of the fence. I was so horny I started playing with myself pinching my hard nipples and running my hand down between my legs and fantasizing about the guys hard cocks.
I was so horny I couldn’t hear them to good so I got up walked up by the fence where the gate was so I could look through the fence. There they were just a few feet away working. I moved the lounge chair closer and this time when I sat down I spread myself wide open putting my legs over the arms of the chair so I was completely exposed. Both my hands went right to my soaking hot pussy as I spread my pussy lips and looked and listened to the guys working. I started masturbating and fantasying that they were watching me as I laid there spread wide open naked masturbating for them. I fantasized they all striped naked and stood around me as I masturbated stroking there hard cocks. I was sliding two fingers deep in my pussy and rubbing my clit faster and faster finger fucking myself trying to keep quite. They were so close I could hear them talking as I used both hands to spread my nasty pussy dreaming they were watching. I could feel my orgasm building as I thought of the guys standing watching me and then I dreamed my husband walked up as they were watching. My husband told them that I needed a good fuckin and they all started feeding me there hard cocks.
I fantasized one got under me shoved his hard cock in my ass as another slammed his cock in my horny pussy. The other two took turns shoving there cocks down my throat as my husband watched. “OH MY GOD” I started Cumming like crazy having to cover my mouth so they couldn’t hear me scream as my orgasm made me shake and buck as I finger fucked myself harder dreaming they were fucking me. It took me a few minutes to calm down as I laid there spread wide open naked with my juices all over my hand and nasty pussy. I could still hear the guys working as I got up walked next to the gate slide a finger in my pussy then looking through the gate at the guys I licked and cleaned my fingers before going back inside.
Lisa called again and asked if I was naked! I said yes and after she finished laughing she said Laster had called her and told her. It was then she asked about the guys doing the driveway. She told me my husband told her that I had to answer the door naked because Lisa didn’t belive him that I was naked. Then I could go get dressed. I told her I had to get in the shower (I was sticky and smelled of pussy) but that I would answer the door naked.
Lisa is an instigator and she loves teasing both of our husbands. Lisa is the friend that first got me to ride on our motorcycles with just leather chaps and a leather vest nothing else. Well they were watching because Lisa is a very sexy women so they never took there eyes off her as she got out of the car and walked up to the door. When I opened the door naked I didn’t think they had seen me. I stepped out to let Lisa in the house, after she was inside we looked out the window and the guys were all talking and looking towards the house. I was so excited I had forgotten that I had my rabbit vibe setting on the sofa and Lisa picked it up and asked what I had been doing with this. I must have turn 10 shades of red and then just busted up giggling as I looked out the window at the guys.
We talked for a long time and I was still so horny I want to cum. She stayed and I think I told her a little too much.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My ass hurts good.

My ass was a little sore from my husband but it was a good feeling and it just made me horny for more. So when I walked him out to his truck this morning I was naked and very horny. I started sucking his cock and telling him that when he got home from work I wanted another ass fuckin. This made his cock harder and he started pumping his cock deeper down my throat telling me how he wanted to watch me deep throat Earl’s big thick cock. I didn’t take long after that for my husband to blow a huge load of cum down my throat. I came like crazy as I played with my tit and pussy licking and cleaning his nice hard cock. God I was so fuckin horny and hubbie knew it as he got in his truck and told me that I had to stay naked all day till he got home so he could fuck my ass again.
Well my husband knew there was a crew coming over to finish pouring the concrete for the driveway. And he just smiled as he pulled away telling me I have to stay naked.
Well here I am naked, horny and I have all my toys here with me. I will try to post more later.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Horny week

Hi Ya’ll

This has been a great week I won the Superbowl bet between my husband and myself. It’s the first time I’ve won so how I get to come up with the pay off. We have had some wild sex this week while fantasying on what I can come up with for the bet. Plus hubbie kept mentioning Earl from Home Depot and how he wants to play with us some more. My husband bought me a new toy dildo so he could make what he calls a “Saws All Fucking Machine”! Don’t ask I have no idea what he’s up to.

We were outside soaking in the hot tub and I was horny as all get out. I was kissing my husband and feeling him stiffen under the water. Pulling me up so I was leaning over he moved behind me sliding his nice cock in me. I wanted to cum right then as he pumped his cock deep in me grabbing both my tits and ramming harder into my soaking pussy. He asked me how I liked sucking Earl’s cock and telling me that he has been talking to Earl from Home Depot. I turned around and made him sit on the edge and I kissed him and told him how good Earls cock felt in my mouth and how great it tasted when he shoot his huge load in my mouth. He asked about when the big cockhead was touching my pussy and if I had let him slip it in my hot pussy. I didn’t answer him as I slipped down and took the head of his cock into my mouth and then letting it pop back out licking all around the head. I sucked his cock taking all of it down my throat then coming back up rubbing it all over my face. Stroking the full length of his cock I begged my husband to shoot a big load down my throat and then engulfed all of his cock bobbing like a wild woman. I think my husband had two orgasms when he shoot 3 huge squirts down my throat and I kept sucking draining his cock he came and came.

We had a good dinner and my husband told me he wanted desert so he spread me out and dove right in eating like crazy. We were like teenagers again I was so horny. He teased me fingering and licking my clit and pussy lips. He brought me to the verge of orgasm and would back off. Then he would tell me how hot it would be watching me suck Earl’s big cock. Three of his fingers were pumping into me as he flicked his tongue over and over my clit driving me crazy. Right as I was about to explode he asked me if I wanted to fuck Earl! I begged him to let me cum I was shaking and bucking trying to fuck his fingers. He moved up rubbing his cock on my soaking pussy while he keep finger fucking me and asking me how good Earls big cock would feel deep in my pussy. I was so horny and wet I felt his cock pushing at my backdoor and I just spread wider for him and begged him to fuck me in the ass and finger fuck me. I came as I felt his cock fucking me with his hand driving in my pussy bucking wildly.

I’ll have to tell you about the Saws All Fucking Machine later. He got the Idea from Arco in the Wifelovers chat room. Thanks Arco “I think”