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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My ass hurts good.

My ass was a little sore from my husband but it was a good feeling and it just made me horny for more. So when I walked him out to his truck this morning I was naked and very horny. I started sucking his cock and telling him that when he got home from work I wanted another ass fuckin. This made his cock harder and he started pumping his cock deeper down my throat telling me how he wanted to watch me deep throat Earl’s big thick cock. I didn’t take long after that for my husband to blow a huge load of cum down my throat. I came like crazy as I played with my tit and pussy licking and cleaning his nice hard cock. God I was so fuckin horny and hubbie knew it as he got in his truck and told me that I had to stay naked all day till he got home so he could fuck my ass again.
Well my husband knew there was a crew coming over to finish pouring the concrete for the driveway. And he just smiled as he pulled away telling me I have to stay naked.
Well here I am naked, horny and I have all my toys here with me. I will try to post more later.


acro said...

can't wait for the next post... I am eager to know what happened.. did u get my e-mail?


fantastic stories and incredible photos!!! you are a fantastic woman and your husband is super lucky!!!!!