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Thursday, November 08, 2012

I was a slut while he was away.

My husband was going to be out of town for a week and is staying in Dallas with a friend of mine and she has my permission to fuck him. I had a bicycle race and could not go with him. I was been invited out to go dancing with a gorgeous young college guy that has been riding and training with us. When I told my friend in Dallas about the young gorgeous college guy she said I should fuck him and let her fuck my husband. She told me not to tell my husband before he leaves for Dallas. I called Mandy before my husband got to Dallas and we worked up a plan for her to call me when they were out to dinner and about ready to eat their dessert. They were in a very upscale restaurant in Dallas about ready to eat their dessert and she texted me and I sent a reply back with a photo of me naked at the River Park were we go Dogging and I was sucking a gorgeous young college guys large cock and Mandy showed my husband. My husband gets home tomorrow night and he knows I am going out dancing with my gorgeous young college friend and will not be home till late. Mandy and my husband did not stay for dessert and went back to her house for a long night of sex. I was so horny sucking that young man's cock and sending a picture to my husband that I had two orgasms while sucking his cock. My second orgasm made him explode deep down my throat. He kept looking around afraid someone would see us I didn't care I continued sucking his cock until I drained his gorgeous cock. We left the River Park and drove to one of our hunting cabins that we lease out during the hunting season. By the time we got to the cabin I was so horny that I left my clothes in his car. By the time he walked into the cabin I was spread out on the bed masturbating waiting for him. He left the door wide open and I watched and masturbated as he undressed light shining behind from the doorway his gorgeous muscular body and large cock made me orgasm. His large cock was like a steel rod he knelt down kissing and caressing the inside of my legs slowly moving down towards my pussy. I love how eager he was devouring my pussy and I easily brought my legs back giving him full access. Four orgasms later he kneeled on the edge of the bed and started rubbing his large cock on my soaking wet pussy. He took my breath away when he drove his large cock deep into my horny wet pussy and proceeded to fuck me. For the next three hours he tried every position he had always wanted to try and made me orgasm so many times I lost count. Being a young athlete he sure did have a lot of stamina his rock hard cock driving and exploding deep inside me. I sucked his cock one more time when he drove me back to my Van. My husband was due home Friday night and he knew I was going out dancing with my college friend. When I got home my husband looked at me and ordered me to strip. He could see my tits and ass still had red marks from my young college friends hands, mouth and cock. He kissed me and started sucking on my tender nipples pinching and twisting them then reaching down sliding his fingers deep into my cum filled pussy. Pulling his fingers out my husband asked me if I was a slut? I didn’t answer him and he took me by the hand and walked me into our playroom laid me down on the bed tied my hands to the bed posts bent my legs backwards. Looking at my cum filled pussy he rubbed his cock on my pussy then move down and started sliding his cock into my ass. My husband gave me one of the most intense anal fucking that I was orgasmic the whole time he was driving his cock in my ass. The next day we had sex all over the house outside the house and even went to the cabin where the college guy had fucked me and my husband proceeded to give me another intense anal fucking. I'm hoping he will go out of town again soon. TXLassy