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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Naked Tuesday

Morning Ya”ll
The other day was Naked Tuesday

It’s a very simple concept all you have to do is get naked and stay naked all day no matter what. If everyone is naked there would be no war and everyone would have a smile on there face.
On Tuesday my husband was staying home from work and Lisa my best friend and Mike her husband were coming over and we all were going to be naked all day and do are part to bring peace to the world.
So please everyone “GET NAKED” and bring peace to the world on Tuesdays.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sex toys

Hi Ya’ll
I haven’t been on much in the past 2 weeks because I was not feeling to good, real bad migraine headaches and cramps. I had a hysterectomy many years ago and I have had no problems till now. I went to the doctor and they took some tests and adjusted my meds (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone).

I have been on the new meds for 2 weeks now and "OH MY GOD" I am so dam horny I think I wore out my husband and I have been masturbating so much I broke my rabbit vibe. I have been so orgasmic and having Multiple orgasms that I have had to change the sheets 3 times sense last night.

My husband and I are going shopping for some new toys this weekend are there any good sex shops in the Dallas area? Are there any new sex toys I should look for?

Some times I think I'm crazy or nutty (could be because I'm a Blonde) or could be the meds! I have been having some weird fantasies and dreams and have been real daring. My husband loves it and Baseball season is just starting and I already lost a bet to him. He wants to tie me up and have some fun. I trust him and I just want orgasm after orgasm. The past 2 days I have been going outside naked and masturbating and not even caring if someone sees me. My husband has been here and he loves teasing me but I think I’m just to dam horny.

Well back to the toys any good ones I should look for. Hubbie wants to get some Faux Fur Tether Restraints and a new blindfold. Any Ideas?

Friday, March 03, 2006

What should I do?

My husband has been talking with Earl and we will not be playing games at Home Depot anymore. It seams part of our little adventure was captured on surveillance cameras. Earl got in some trouble with his boss and got some time off. My husband emailed him the stories I wrote about our adventures and told him about the games we play our fantasies and how much I love sucking cock.