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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New toy

Here is one of my new toys that Mike got to see in action :)

Hey guys could you please leave some comments.

Interstate I-37 Flashing

My loving husband and I went to my favorite store and got some very nice new toys and oils and some gag gifts for friends. He wanted to try and return the “Large“ vibrator he got me and I laughed at him and said you can’t return sex toys and I might as well try it out a few times, then he laughed.

We had some fun driving home on the I-37 Freeway and made some truckers very happy. One guy got quite the show when I got one of our new toys out and had fun showing him how it made my nipples rock hard vibrating on them then sliding it down for a minute or so then bring it back up and licking and sucking it clean. I think he pop his cork right then. Before turning off I gave my husband one of my famous “Ball draining BJ’s”. After turning off I had almost stripped naked all I had on was my skirt and the new toys were going to get there first try-out.

Then right there on the side of the road was Fred and his truck was overheating. My husband pulled right fucking up to him and rolled down the window with me topless holding a blue rabbit vibrator in my hand. I freaked tried to grab my top the vibe flew out of my hand and landed on the dashboard, my blouse got caught in my sunglasses and my husband busted up laughing so hard, as Fred just looked at my tits. He started laughing when the vibrator on the dashboard vibrated off and fell in my lap and I now had both arms caught up trying to pull my blouse down. These two fucking grown men were laughing so hard at me I could not help but laugh at myself. Anyway we gave Fred a ride home and ended up staying for dinner and telling Julia all about me with my arms caught with my naked tits bouncing all over and the vibe dancing in my lap.

We smoked a joint that Fred and Julia had and I got way too high and ended up sleeping on the way home. We went right to bed because my husband has to leave real early in the morning. By the time he got all the critters taken care of and all the jobs he wanted Mike to do done he had to leave and I was horny as hell.
After my morning swim I was sunning naked when I noticed Mike watching me and I decided to have some fun.

But I’m out of time and better get dinner ready before my husband comes home. I’ll post what happened tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Should I do it?

We had to get everything set up fast because Ted the grocery store clerk will be leaving for San Diego soon so my husband had stopped at our favorite sex shop and bought me a new rabbit vibe. This will be #6 rabbit vibe and my husband still insists I should buy stock in Duracell and start selling sex toys at sex toy parties so I get free or discounted toys.
“I have to vent for a second”
Guys us women don’t want big dildo’s or huge vibrators, well maybe once in awhile. A nice rabbit vibe that is slim easy to handle and just vibrates a nice steady pace. I don’t need a huge rabbit vibe that pulse, vibrates, rotates, lights flash and makes all kinds of noise and is just plane hard to handle. That said my husband and I are going back today so I can pick out some new toys. Cock size I like 6” to 7” long 5.5” around but toys I like slim and sleek. My husband is much bigger than that and he still thinks I want bigger cocks.
Now don’t get me wrong here I love playing and sucking guys big cocks but for sex I would rather have just a nice HARD 6” to7” cock and a guy that knows how to use it (or two cocks 6”-7”).
I need to go I made myself horny talking about this and Mike our ranch hand/Gardner friend just showed up.
The other thing I want to ask is I just want to flash and tease Ted, let him see my tits and pussy. That really turns me on knowing a guy is looking at my pussy and moving around to get a good look.
My husband wants me to give Ted a BJ because he is going in the Navy and he has never had a BJ. And he wants to watch. I said maybe the next time I meet him but just let him see me naked the first time.

What do you think?

Is anyone reading this?

Should I post more pic?


Sunday, July 22, 2007

outdoor fun

The next day we drove Betty to her Mom’s home where she will be staying for a couple days. On the way back we stopped by a couple of secluded spots by the river and a lake. It had been raining be that just made it more exciting. I was teasing my husband and we were sitting in the truck he said he was going to check an area we might be able to use for our next adventure.
Standing by the water I surprised my husband by walking up to him naked. I was feeling daring and stripped off my blouse and skirt and left them in the truck. I love being naked outside and it’s thrilling knowing that here I was naked outside people driving by and a couple cars pulled in and stopped by the picnic tables. I had dropped to my knees and fished my husband’s nice cock out and for the next 15 to 20 minuets I played and sucked him while naked fingering myself. He shot a huge load right as some young couple parked close by and I sucked him dry.
We planned everything out or I should my husband planned everything out. He found the perfect spot to watch from. In the next couple days I’ll be meeting Ted here and we’ll see what happens. I have talked to him on the phone and it’s funny because he is kind of shy. He had asked me what I would be wearing and I told him I would be wearing a white blouse and jean skirt or skorts. I asked if that was alright and he said he would love that.
The past couple days all I could think of was me showing Ted my naked body and watching my husband and Betty have sex. I want Ted to get excited when he sees my nakedness.
Its hell every man I see I wonder how his cock would feel in my mouth.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things calmed down after my husband picked up Betty. They drove for about 3 hours and stopped at a hotel so my husband could get some sleep. Lisa and Mike stayed the night and we all slept in our room and yes Mike was “still naked”. Betty and my husband showed up here at 4:30pm. Betty looked great as always natural tits that I would die for 34C 19 34 natural bleach long blonde hair and her face is perfect in fact she has a perfect body.
We had a great dinner and hot tub and then got Betty set up in our guest house and then we all hit the sack. We were both were so horny we ripped our swim suits off as we ran down the hallway. I wanted to taste my husbands cock and see if maybe Betty and him had some fun. He tasted so good and took my time sucking his gorgeous cock while I stroked him. As I looked into his eyes as I deep throated him then slowly swirling my tounge around his head pulling him slowly out and I asked him if he had sex with Betty?
He looked down smiled and pushed my head down onto his cock.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well after we calmed down and talked about it we decided in was not a good idea to have Ted come to the house. Laster came up with a plan. I would call Ted and ask him to meet me halfway at this nice spot by the river. I’ll ask him to bring me some items I forgot and to meet me there after he gets off work. When I called he was more than happy to bring me anything I wish and meet me anytime. We talked for a bit and he said he was joining the Navy and was leaving in two weeks for San Diego he also liked the outfit I had worn the last time. I gave him my cell phone number so he could call me once he exited the freeway. This way Laster could hide in the truck with its dark tinted windows or find another good viewing spot.
I was modeling some outfits for my husband dancing around, bending over so I would know how far I could push it with Ted. I got so dam horny I had my husband licking me to orgasm when Lisa and Mike Showed up. Well Lisa is my best friend and Mike is our ranch hand so we have an open door policy with them. Where we live its hard for anyone to show up without us knowing. “That's a fur piece”. (It'll take you awhile to get here). They walked in I was laid back on the love seat blouse pulled up over my head skirt up around my waist. My husband head between my spread legs both hands mauling my tits as I was screaming in and barn shaking orgasm. I don’t know how long they had been there but as soon as I saw them I tried to roll off the love seat as Laster sucked my clit between his lips. I squealed pushed and stepped over Laster as he fell to the floor. It sure did look funny him laying on his back with his 9” cock sticking strait up at full mast and a shocked look on his face.
Lisa sure did have a smile on her face as she looked at my husband’s hard cock. She grabbed Mikes arm and pulled him as she stammered something about getting the hot tub ready pulling Mike outside. Well that set the mood for the rest of the night. We striated up and went to the kitchen to get dinner going. I handed my husband two drinks for them and said take them out and start the BBQ. He was still stuttering as I pushed him out the door. I was busy getting all the food ready and by the time I took all the food out they were all in the hot tub just sitting there watching me. I said thanks for the help! Mike stood up stepped out of the hot tub and said he would help me. Mike was naked and his thick cock was as hard as an armadillos shell. I looked at his cock then looked at Lisa sitting naked in the hot tub next to my husband. We had a blast laughing as Mike cooked some ribs, chicken and some salmon my son sent us. He stayed simi hard all through dinner.
The phone rang and it was my other best friend (girls are allowed to have more that one or two best friends) Betty and she was all upset balling her head off so I took the phone and went to my room to try and help her. 3 hours later Lisa comes in to see if she can help sort things out. Betty is going to be staying with us to get away from her ASSHOLE Preacher husband. She will be safe here my husband already told him he’ll shove a shotgun up his ass and pull the trigger.
My husband took off and was on his way to pick her up as I talked with her. Lisa and Mike “who was still naked” cleaned everything up and were going to stay till my husband calls to let us know when he gets there. It’s a 6 hour drive there and about 7 hours coming back.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flashing at the grocery store

I am a 46 y/o blonde cowgirl, Texas born and raised. I am an ex stripper into exhibitionism, voyeurism and having same-room sex. So when my husband started teasing me about this young man at the grocery store in town that has been flirting with me and it turned me on thinking I was flashing him. The next time I went to buy some food my husband talked me into teasing the guy. I wore a short jean skirt, thin white button up blouse and tan cowboy boots. No bra or panties. My husband drove his truck and parked where he had a good view of my car when I parked.
Ted is a very sex, shy young man and always flirts with me. He is just under 6’ dark hair, very well built body with big arms and a tight butt. Judging by the hard-on in his pants he looks well built there also. When he saw me his eyes almost popped out, my nipples were hard as rock. He flirted with me and I teased him by walking by the frozen food isle. I bent over and got brave and reached up and undid two buttons and loosened the top so he could peek inside and see my breast. I asked him if he could help me out with my food and he took off his apron and pushed the cart out for me.
I made sure I showed plenty of breasts as we loaded the bags in the trunk. I opened the front door and sat down with my feet still on the pavement and he stood by the door watching. I leaned over reaching for my purse to give him a tip, my skirt riding up. I could see him looking between my legs and I eased them apart. I turned and made eye contact with him keeping my legs spread. I hope I didn’t forget anything I said to him. He stammered and said he would be glad to drive out and deliver anything I needed. Leaning forward I could feel a light breeze on my tits. I looked right at his hard cock licking my lips. He turned to close the trunk and I stood up to hand him some money, he refuse the tip and I reached over pressing my tit on his arm and kissed his cheek and said thank you.
My leg was up close to him and I rubbed it on his hard cock but just then a car pulled up close by us. I got his number and I could see my husband watching from his truck. As I got in my car I spread wide so he could get a real got look at my treasure. As I drove out of the parking lot my husband called and told me to hurry out of town and meet him by the beach road.
We were both so hot when I pulled up and he got out of him truck I was on my knees in a flash sucking his nice cock. He opened the door to the truck I turned around and bent over as he flipped my skirt up aimed his hard cock at entered me grabbing my hips and slamming deep inside me. He asked me if Ted had made me so hot from flashing him. I just hissed and begged him to fuck me harder.
Right as my orgasm hit me a car with 2 guys in it drove by and stopped a few 100 yards down the beach. I turned dropped to my knees and sucked off my husband. We got back in our vehicles and drove home where we fucked for hours.
My husband wants me to call Ted and have him deliver some goods as he watches. Sounds like fun to me! I’ll do better and keep posting updates.