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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Things calmed down after my husband picked up Betty. They drove for about 3 hours and stopped at a hotel so my husband could get some sleep. Lisa and Mike stayed the night and we all slept in our room and yes Mike was “still naked”. Betty and my husband showed up here at 4:30pm. Betty looked great as always natural tits that I would die for 34C 19 34 natural bleach long blonde hair and her face is perfect in fact she has a perfect body.
We had a great dinner and hot tub and then got Betty set up in our guest house and then we all hit the sack. We were both were so horny we ripped our swim suits off as we ran down the hallway. I wanted to taste my husbands cock and see if maybe Betty and him had some fun. He tasted so good and took my time sucking his gorgeous cock while I stroked him. As I looked into his eyes as I deep throated him then slowly swirling my tounge around his head pulling him slowly out and I asked him if he had sex with Betty?
He looked down smiled and pushed my head down onto his cock.

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