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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Should I do it?

We had to get everything set up fast because Ted the grocery store clerk will be leaving for San Diego soon so my husband had stopped at our favorite sex shop and bought me a new rabbit vibe. This will be #6 rabbit vibe and my husband still insists I should buy stock in Duracell and start selling sex toys at sex toy parties so I get free or discounted toys.
“I have to vent for a second”
Guys us women don’t want big dildo’s or huge vibrators, well maybe once in awhile. A nice rabbit vibe that is slim easy to handle and just vibrates a nice steady pace. I don’t need a huge rabbit vibe that pulse, vibrates, rotates, lights flash and makes all kinds of noise and is just plane hard to handle. That said my husband and I are going back today so I can pick out some new toys. Cock size I like 6” to 7” long 5.5” around but toys I like slim and sleek. My husband is much bigger than that and he still thinks I want bigger cocks.
Now don’t get me wrong here I love playing and sucking guys big cocks but for sex I would rather have just a nice HARD 6” to7” cock and a guy that knows how to use it (or two cocks 6”-7”).
I need to go I made myself horny talking about this and Mike our ranch hand/Gardner friend just showed up.
The other thing I want to ask is I just want to flash and tease Ted, let him see my tits and pussy. That really turns me on knowing a guy is looking at my pussy and moving around to get a good look.
My husband wants me to give Ted a BJ because he is going in the Navy and he has never had a BJ. And he wants to watch. I said maybe the next time I meet him but just let him see me naked the first time.

What do you think?

Is anyone reading this?

Should I post more pic?


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