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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Flashing at the grocery store

I am a 46 y/o blonde cowgirl, Texas born and raised. I am an ex stripper into exhibitionism, voyeurism and having same-room sex. So when my husband started teasing me about this young man at the grocery store in town that has been flirting with me and it turned me on thinking I was flashing him. The next time I went to buy some food my husband talked me into teasing the guy. I wore a short jean skirt, thin white button up blouse and tan cowboy boots. No bra or panties. My husband drove his truck and parked where he had a good view of my car when I parked.
Ted is a very sex, shy young man and always flirts with me. He is just under 6’ dark hair, very well built body with big arms and a tight butt. Judging by the hard-on in his pants he looks well built there also. When he saw me his eyes almost popped out, my nipples were hard as rock. He flirted with me and I teased him by walking by the frozen food isle. I bent over and got brave and reached up and undid two buttons and loosened the top so he could peek inside and see my breast. I asked him if he could help me out with my food and he took off his apron and pushed the cart out for me.
I made sure I showed plenty of breasts as we loaded the bags in the trunk. I opened the front door and sat down with my feet still on the pavement and he stood by the door watching. I leaned over reaching for my purse to give him a tip, my skirt riding up. I could see him looking between my legs and I eased them apart. I turned and made eye contact with him keeping my legs spread. I hope I didn’t forget anything I said to him. He stammered and said he would be glad to drive out and deliver anything I needed. Leaning forward I could feel a light breeze on my tits. I looked right at his hard cock licking my lips. He turned to close the trunk and I stood up to hand him some money, he refuse the tip and I reached over pressing my tit on his arm and kissed his cheek and said thank you.
My leg was up close to him and I rubbed it on his hard cock but just then a car pulled up close by us. I got his number and I could see my husband watching from his truck. As I got in my car I spread wide so he could get a real got look at my treasure. As I drove out of the parking lot my husband called and told me to hurry out of town and meet him by the beach road.
We were both so hot when I pulled up and he got out of him truck I was on my knees in a flash sucking his nice cock. He opened the door to the truck I turned around and bent over as he flipped my skirt up aimed his hard cock at entered me grabbing my hips and slamming deep inside me. He asked me if Ted had made me so hot from flashing him. I just hissed and begged him to fuck me harder.
Right as my orgasm hit me a car with 2 guys in it drove by and stopped a few 100 yards down the beach. I turned dropped to my knees and sucked off my husband. We got back in our vehicles and drove home where we fucked for hours.
My husband wants me to call Ted and have him deliver some goods as he watches. Sounds like fun to me! I’ll do better and keep posting updates.

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