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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Well after we calmed down and talked about it we decided in was not a good idea to have Ted come to the house. Laster came up with a plan. I would call Ted and ask him to meet me halfway at this nice spot by the river. I’ll ask him to bring me some items I forgot and to meet me there after he gets off work. When I called he was more than happy to bring me anything I wish and meet me anytime. We talked for a bit and he said he was joining the Navy and was leaving in two weeks for San Diego he also liked the outfit I had worn the last time. I gave him my cell phone number so he could call me once he exited the freeway. This way Laster could hide in the truck with its dark tinted windows or find another good viewing spot.
I was modeling some outfits for my husband dancing around, bending over so I would know how far I could push it with Ted. I got so dam horny I had my husband licking me to orgasm when Lisa and Mike Showed up. Well Lisa is my best friend and Mike is our ranch hand so we have an open door policy with them. Where we live its hard for anyone to show up without us knowing. “That's a fur piece”. (It'll take you awhile to get here). They walked in I was laid back on the love seat blouse pulled up over my head skirt up around my waist. My husband head between my spread legs both hands mauling my tits as I was screaming in and barn shaking orgasm. I don’t know how long they had been there but as soon as I saw them I tried to roll off the love seat as Laster sucked my clit between his lips. I squealed pushed and stepped over Laster as he fell to the floor. It sure did look funny him laying on his back with his 9” cock sticking strait up at full mast and a shocked look on his face.
Lisa sure did have a smile on her face as she looked at my husband’s hard cock. She grabbed Mikes arm and pulled him as she stammered something about getting the hot tub ready pulling Mike outside. Well that set the mood for the rest of the night. We striated up and went to the kitchen to get dinner going. I handed my husband two drinks for them and said take them out and start the BBQ. He was still stuttering as I pushed him out the door. I was busy getting all the food ready and by the time I took all the food out they were all in the hot tub just sitting there watching me. I said thanks for the help! Mike stood up stepped out of the hot tub and said he would help me. Mike was naked and his thick cock was as hard as an armadillos shell. I looked at his cock then looked at Lisa sitting naked in the hot tub next to my husband. We had a blast laughing as Mike cooked some ribs, chicken and some salmon my son sent us. He stayed simi hard all through dinner.
The phone rang and it was my other best friend (girls are allowed to have more that one or two best friends) Betty and she was all upset balling her head off so I took the phone and went to my room to try and help her. 3 hours later Lisa comes in to see if she can help sort things out. Betty is going to be staying with us to get away from her ASSHOLE Preacher husband. She will be safe here my husband already told him he’ll shove a shotgun up his ass and pull the trigger.
My husband took off and was on his way to pick her up as I talked with her. Lisa and Mike “who was still naked” cleaned everything up and were going to stay till my husband calls to let us know when he gets there. It’s a 6 hour drive there and about 7 hours coming back.

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