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Sunday, December 02, 2012

Nueces River Park off of interstate 37, HWY 77 Railroad Ave. Hi Y’all This is a new Dogging Texas adventure with the young couple we have played with in our first couple Dogging adventures, she is a stunning redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute, her husband is in his late 30’s 5’11 very fit blond fantastic 6 pac abs, short mustache, his cock is THICK the head is smaller than the main shaft and looks like a Titian Missile and is 9 inches with thick veins. My husband has been planning this Dogging adventure with them for awhile. They had planned everything, contacted the Surfer Dude, 2 couples who just want to watch, 2 newbies that came to the last Dogging encounter so this is there 2nd time watching and like always they invited a guy that has watched a couple of times and now gets to join this time. Debbie and Kyle were on there way to our ranch when my husband got a emergency call from work and had to drive to Dallas for 2 days. My husband called Debbie to cancel but after talking they decided to make this a erotic adventure. My husband told me Debbie would be in charge and I was to do as she says, I was to call her Miss Debbie. My nipples were hard and my pussy was getting wet just listening to my husband and Debbie making the plans. They had planned to meet everyone at the Nueces River Park just off of interstate 37 and HWY 77 on Railroad Ave. I was wearing a light blue sundress and sandals, I had my hair all fixed up and looking good. My husband gave the keys to our Van to Debbie for us to drive and play in. My husband left for Dallas and we were on our way to our Dogging adventure in the Van. Once we got to the HWY Kyle started playing with my tits exposing them to truckers and pulling my dress up for others to see. Debbie said I must be ready because she could smell my wet pussy as her husband Kyle finger fucked me. As soon as he pulled his cock out my dress was off and Debbie was keeping pace with a truck as Kyle’s magic fingers fucked me while I sucked on his great cock. We arrived at the River Park and Surfer Dude and a very hot looking young man were parked and waiting. Debbie pulled up and told them where to go. We drove down a road near the river and stopped in a area with some trees but could hear cars and trucks driving by. Kyle opened the door and Debbie went to talk to the guys and she called my husband while waiting for the others. The 2 other couples drove up and parked so they had a good view and Debbie dialed my husband’s cell phone and walked over to talk to them. Kyle walked to the van took me by the hand and told me my husband wanted a picture of me naked with the guys. I was naked out in the open and Kyle walked me over to the Surfer Dudes car dropping his shorts his Titan Missile cock sprung free, Surfer Dude dropped his shorts so his gorgeous cock was ready. I reached for each cock stroking them as I watched the new guy drop his pants. Well Debbie picked a good one his cock was sticking strait up like a flag pole his cock was about 8” but the rest of his body was a 10. He was 5’11” 180 lbs very fit and a great cock. Debbie took 2 photos, one of me naked holding her husbands and the Surfer Dudes cocks, the second photo was me on my knees deep throating the new guys cock while stroking the other 2 cocks. She showed the guys the pictures so they knew there faces were hidden and then sent them to my husband’s cell phone. She then showed the guys she deleted them from her phone. The only problem with new guys is that they get really excited and cum fast. As soon as I deep throated his nice cock he roared and blew a huge load down my throat. Debbie’s husband had hold of my hair as I stroked there cocks and swallowed as much cum as I could. Surfer Dude wasted no time feeding me his cock after I drained the new guys cock. It was getting dark and the 2 couples in the cars got out and moved closer for a better view. I could see the women had there guys cocks out and were stroking them as I sucked the Surfer Dudes Large cock while stroking The Titian Missile cock. Debbie was trying to bring the new guys cock back to life but I think he was to nervous with everyone watching. The guys helped me up and we move towards the van as they played with my ass and tits. Titan Missile Cock sat me down in the doorway and I reached for his cock taking it into my mouth as the Surfer Dude reached down to play with my soaked pussy. He spread my legs and using his fingers he spreads my pussy lips as his thumb massaged my clitoris I was deep throating the Missile as my first orgasm made my legs clamp shut on the Surfer Dudes fingers as he drove them as deep and fast as he could into my spamming pussy making sure the other people around could see my pussy as I orgasm. Even watching all the fun the new guy was still having trouble getting a hard on. I was switching back and forth sucking both cocks as they pulled my nipples twisting them making my pussy quiver. Debbie’s husband was making sure the others had a good view of me sucking cock and seeing my spread wet pussy. Both guys were reaching down spreading my pussy open showing them how wet I was. The Surfer Dude moved around kneeling down and inserting 2 fingers deep into my pussy while massaging my clit. I really started sucking that Missile cock as the Surfer Dude leaned in and started to devour my pussy. Instant Multiple orgasms racked my body as the Surfer Dude was fucking me with his fingers and lapping at my horny fucking pussy. Titian Missile cock was pumping down my throat and I could tell he was about to explode. He pushed me backwards twisting my nipple and pumping his cock down my throat spreading my legs wide open so the Surfer Dude had full access to my throbbing pussy as he finger fucked and eat my pussy. I could see the others watching me and I got so excited I was flooding his hand with my juices. My orgasm was so intense it got everybody's attention and everyone was watching ME! I was amazed at the difference between the 2 cocks, Titan missiles cock being long thick with a small head like a missile. The Surfer Dudes cock was different he was thick with a huge head. They both loved me deep throating there cocks while they took turns playing with my pussy and showing the others. I spread my legs as wide as I could the Surfer Dude started fingering my pussy harder so the other people watching had a great view. I took the Titan missile cock all the way down my throat he grabbed my head and push me down on his cock. They both spread my legs open so the other 2 couples could see how wet and how swollen my pussy lips were. I switched cocks and started swallowing Surfer Dudes nice big thick cock, the Titan missile was exposing and fingering my pussy for the others to enjoy. I did my best deep throating that big cock my orgasms were strong and I knew his fingers were soaked. How many women do you know that can have an orgasm just from sucking a cock? I could see the others watching to me orgasm and it just made my whole body shake my pussy juices were flowing. I was completely exposed while sucking cock with other people watching me. One of the couples watching came up closer and his wife started jacking him off so he shot on my tits. I orgasmed hard taking the cock in my mouth all the way down my throat and grabbed his ass so he could not pull out as he exploded down my throat. I was so hungry I drained his cum and switched over sucking and deep throating the Titian missile cock as everyone watched me. Kyle watched his wife Debbie sucking on the new guys cock while the new guy watched me orgasm. That must have excited the new guy because he started groaning and moaning telling Debbie he was going to cum as she sucked his cock. Kyle shoved his Titan missile down my throat holding a fistful of hair and pinching and twisting my nipple I could tell he was about to explode. The new guy came first pulling his cock out of Debbie's mouth and Cumming on her tits. Kyle growled loudly his Titan missile cock exploding an enormous amount of come as he held onto my hair and pulled on my nipple. This surfer dude slid 2 fingers deep into my pussy twisting his fingers inside me until he curled his fingers and found my G. spot. I felt the first huge squirt of semen shoot right into my belly as my hips raised up his fingers droving into my pussy. He had a death grip on my hair and I thought he would pull my nipple off as I swallowed just before the second squirt blasted out of his delicious cock. This surfer dude went wild sucking on my pussy with his fingers buried deep and his other hand was going hundred miles an hour rubbing my clit back and forth. I don't know how many orgasms I had but I truly loved sucking cocks and having them cum in my mouth. I was still naked I could feel my pussy lips swollen tingling and throbbing. Through the haze of sex I looked around while still in the Van and saw there were two other guys that were watching and stroking their cocks. I just can't be more excited knowing they watched me suck cock. We started gathering everything up and the new guy had already had his pants pulled up and was heading for his car. I was just about to put my dress on when the Surfer Dude walked up behind me reached around pinching my nipples between his finger and thumb and pressing his cock against my ass. He whispered in my ear “I am going to FUCK you”. He let go and walked off getting into his car. I started to put my dress on and Debbie stopped me telling me, you will not need that just get in the back of the Van. As I started to get into the Van I saw Kyle with his Titan missile cock half hard and he had rigged up four soft ties and motioned for me to lie down on my back. Debbie stood in the doorway and watched as Kyle tied me up with soft ties spreading me naked on the floor of the Van. With the door still open Debbie stepped inside and attached nipple clamp's on my hard nipples connected to a chain that ran down to a clit clamp. It felt like all my sexual sensations were running through the chains from my clit to my nipples I looked over and Debbie had a blindfold in her hand and was leaning towards me to put it on. Blindfolded I could tell the door was still open and I felt Debbie stretching her legs across me lowering her pussy to my mouth. Debbie moved back a little bit and I felt her rub a cock shaped dildo across my lips ordering me to lick it and get it wet. She turned around lowering her pussy back onto my mouth and slowly started rubbing the dildo on my soaking wet horny pussy. I'd loved eating Debbie's pussy as she started fucking me with the dildo the door open a warm breeze blowing across my naked body and people watching me. As Debbie neared orgasm she really started banging the dildo in me I know they could hear me screaming as I had a big orgasm while eating Debbie's pussy. After we both orgasm Debbie let the dildo slide out of my pussy and slowly she licked me. My heart was beating so fast I heard everybody heading back to their cars and driving away as my pussy throbbed. I felt Kyle move between my spread legs his large cock teasing my pussy. Debbie closed the sliding door of the Van and before we drove away she said “ Now we are going to our playroom and have a surprise for you” She got in and started driving away with me spread naked still tied up and blindfolded with Kyle’s cock teasing my soaked pussy.