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Friday, December 16, 2005

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

TXLassy Vegas adventure

There are some photos in the post.

Hi Ya’ll
Hurricane Rita was coming so my husband said I should go and visit my son in Washington for a few days and then fly to Vegas on the weekend and meet him there. So I packed some stuff and got outta there “I hate storms”. I arrived in Washington on Wednesday morning with my son and his girlfriend picking me up at the airport.
I had a blast with my son and his girlfriend. I did spend too much money on them when we went shopping. He’s my oldest son and he needed some things for his apartment. I bought him a bedroom set and a new TV and entertainment center and a set of pots and pans. He was working hard and going to school so he needs these things. And when we girls go shopping with our husband’s credit cards we tend to over spend. I did buy her some new things also so I called my husband that night and told him how much I spent. The phone was silent I didn’t know what to say. My husband said that when we got to Vegas I would have to make it up to him for spending so much money. He then said he had to go and would talk to me on Friday. He sounded like he was busy and hung up. The three of us went to a fair on Thursday and I was worried that my husband was planning something and by Friday I was very nervous.
My husband called Friday night and he told me that I would have to make it up to him for the money I spent so be ready. My plane was too arrived three hours before his so he told me when I got to the room to call him. He sounded excited when he answered the phone and he told me I had to do what he want and not ask any many questions! He told me there was a car waiting down stairs for me and it was going to take me to a body and health spa. He said he would meet me at the hotel after I got back from the spa. When I got down to the lobby I ask if there was a car for me and up pulled a limo. OH my god for the next 4 hours I got treated to the most enjoyable spa treatments and I was treated like a queen. I have never felt so good I was being spoiled!
I was driven back to our hotel and when I got to our room there was a phone message waiting for me from my husband. I looked around the room and saw a Massage table by the window with lubricants and oils, by the phone there was a dozen red roses and a note with a simple statement “I LOVE YOU”. The message on the phone was from my husband and he said his plane was delayed and he would be late. He told me to go get undressed and put a towel around me, unlocked the door then go lay down on the massage table. I listened carefully to the rest of his instructions then undressed and did as my husband said. I must have laid there for twenty minutes almost falling asleep when I heard the door open.
I looked up to see a 25 y/o God he was about 6’ tall long dark curly hair "Huge" arms (I Love men with big arms) and a very muscular body. He was wearing a tank top and some very thin tight white shorts. When he spoke I almost had an orgasm his voice was so sexy. He said his name was Fred and he asked if my husband had called and if he had given me instructions. I said yes he had my voice trembling as I spoke. He said to just relax and enjoy. I don’t think he had an oz of fat on his body and he had bulges in all the right places. When he got close to me I could smell him and I felt a tingling and a warming between my legs.
He walked around the table and opened the curtains letting the sunshine in so it was warming me as he moved back around the table. He had the softest hands as he slowly rolled the towel down so it just covered my butt. Starting at my neck he gave me the best massage I have ever had. He would talk to me with his sexy voice and I was totally relaxed as he worked my arms, shoulders and back. Teasing the sides of my breasts turning me on so much, I could feel the wetness between my legs as he moved towards my head. My eyes we now level with his crotch and his cock was hard as a steel pole as it stretched the white shorts. I know he felt my hot breath on his cock he was that close as he massaged my upper body.
As he moved down to my feet I knew he could see my naked pussy and my wetness. Working on my feet and ankles he had me on the brink of orgasm and he had not even come close to my steaming pussy as he moved up my legs and I felt myself letting my legs part wider. I could smell my own sex as his hands spread my legs working the inside of my leg muscles. I was ready to cum he had me so hot just from touching me and looking at his body.
In the sexiest voice he told me to roll over and as I did he removed the towel in one swift move so now I was laying there naked. My eyes were full of lust as I stared into his dark eyes. Again he started on my neck slowly moving to my shoulders as I felt my nipples becoming rock hard. His hands moved towards my breasts as I turned my head and his cock was within an inch of my mouth. I saw it twitch as my hot breath blew on it and he moved closer my lips brushing against it. I started to reach up and he pushed my hand back down and said remember your instructions! As he said that both his hands moved down cupping both my breasts massaging them, pinching the nipples between his fingers and rolling them.
If this is what I get when I spend too much money than I have been missing out! Just massaging my breast with his nice cock so close by my lips, had put me in such a high state of arousal that I was on the brink of orgasm. Fred knew that he was doing and he was keeping me there right on the brink. This gorgeous hunk was driving me nuts teasing me, making my mouth and pussy water. My mind was spinning I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me, just watching his muscles as me massaged me and having his cock so close.
Fred leaned down and with his sexy voice he said your husband is here! Now I’m going to make you cum! I turned my head to look towards the door to see Laster my husband standing there with a smile and a hard on. It happened so fast he pinched and twisted both of my nipples and I exploded as my first orgasm rocked me. I grabbed the sides of the table and felt my whole body shake as he pressed his cock on my lips. His cock was throbbing as my lips were touching it through his shorts, his hands working my breasts and nipples. It felt like there was a wire sending electric currents to my clit, it felt like it was connected from my nipples to my clit my body was shaking as I soaked the table. He massaged my tits and milked my orgasm till I was ready to faint from pure pleasure. I squeezed my legs together and my pussy throbbed. He was surprised by my intense orgasm and he whispered this is going to be fun. He told my husband to grab a chair and enjoy the show. My husband could see the lust in my eyes as I flicked my tongue along the nice cock in front of me.
Fred moved down to my feet taking his time being very sensitive. He then proceeds to give me a deep massage using long gliding strokes and then deeper strokes. Finely he moved between my legs and brushed my pussy teasing me as he was brushing my inner thighs near my hot pussy. He moved back to my side never taking his hands off me as my arousal and erotic energy built in my body. I could feel the heat from his cock as he reached for my breast again with one hand and the other hand trailed down to my tummy. Pinching and twisting my nipple with one hand he made my legs spread open as his other teased my inner thighs. My mouth was watering as he used his finger to touch my lips and feel my wetness. I tried to reach for his cock again “I wanted it out of his shorts” but he said remember your husband’s instructions and he slid his finger over my clit to my hot lips. He got me so close to orgasms so many times I was a shaking, trembling mass of flesh holding the sides of the table so I wouldn’t rip his cock out of his shorts.
He was a Master at getting me so close he was teasing me to the limit! He would slowly caress the side of my breasts and move towards my tummy pressing on an area above my pubic mound as my legs spread wider giving him excess to my hot throbbing pussy. Trailing his hand back up to my hard nipple he then wrapped his hand in my long hair turned my head so his hot cock was just touching my lips. I felt the heat from his massive cock as he pushed my head into his cock and moved my mouth back and forth on it. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and looked in my husbands eyes. I wanted his cock but he moved down my body using his hands to excite me and tease me. I was shaking as he neared my wetness getting so close. Both hands were moving between my legs not touching my pussy but getting so close he was being so gentle asking me in his sexy voice if I like what he was doing. All I could do was moan and spread my legs as far as I could.
Fred then asked my husband if he could play with my pussy now. My husband just grinned and nodded. He said to me your husband wants to see you cum are you ready. First one finger he slowly inserted in me, and then two then he arch his thumb back ‘hitch-hiker’ style and thrust into me till his thumb was resting on my clit. He then started thrusting and twisting his fingers into me deeper and faster vibrating his whole hand in my pussy. I needed and wanted good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration and he gave it to me real good, pinching and pulling on my clitoris with his other hand. He had teased me so much it was going to take me longer to orgasm but I knew it would be a good one. His voice almost made me cum as he said to me, your husband told me what you like. Then he thrust his hand deeper into my pussy my hips coming off the table to meet his hard thrusts. Using 3 fingers he twisted and pushed deeper, then he carefully stimulate the area surrounding my cervix and massaging my pussy lip by holding a lip between his thumb and forefinger. Fred moved one hand over the lower part of my tummy. He was applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while the fingers from his other hand were deep inside my vagina massaging in and out while twisting at the wrist.
My orgasm started deep inside me, my hips bucking upwards meeting his thrusting hand as I screamed out trashing around on the table. He never slowed down finger fucking me with his hard thrusting hand as his thumb massaged my clit. I was having a multiply orgasm my tits were shaking and it felt like all the blood was rushing through my body. I soaked his hand I’m glad he had a towel close by. I had a death grip on the table as I lifted my hips to meet his probing hand and his thumb. He slowed his movements as my orgasm faded making circles around my engorged clit milking my orgasm. I laid there shaking as he slowly removed his hand from my steaming pussy and I squeezed my legs together my pussy throbbing. I was panting and breathing hard as I felt wave after wave flowed through me. Fred moved away from me letting his hands trail up my body.
Fred walked over to where my husband was and they talked and he kept looking over at me as I laid there still shaking. With a big smile on his face Fred walked back over to me grinning from ear to ear and I could see the big bulge in his shorts. Moving my hair away from my face and holding it in his hand he moved his cock closer to my face letting my lips brushing his hard cock. His hands started playing with my hard nipples and squeezing my breasts. He asked me if I wanted to feel his cock on my lips teasing me as he said it, and I heard myself say! Yes please I want to suck you. I reached up for his cock and he pushed my hand away again saying remember the instructions! So I let my hands move back to my sides but I had this burning between my legs. As I was reaching between them Fred stopped me and reminded me what the instructions were.
As punishment for spending so much money in Seattle and for the bet I lost on the baseball game I could not use my hands, I could not touch him with my hands or touch myself. But I could use my mouth and tongue! I was looking at his hard body with his big arms, six pack abs and his big bulge in his shorts that had my mouth watering and my pussy tingling. My back was arcing upwards as he massaged my very sensitive tits. Fred stepped back and lifted his shirt off his hard body then moved close to my mouth as he slowly pushed his shorts down exposing his hard cock. "My Oh My" his cock was so beautiful and hard as steel making my pussy tingle and instantly get wet. I strained to get my mouth closer to his hot cock and I heard my husband moving his chair up close so he could have a good view.
Fred’s cock was so hard it was sticking strait up along his hard abs. The head was so nice and thick with a purple color and a big crowned knob. I had a death grip on the table so I would not grab his cock. With one hand Fred pinched and twisted my nipple and the other hand he held his cock and pointed it towards my hot mouth teasing me. Fred’s hot hard cock was wetting my lips as my tongue circled his big cockhead tasting him and wanting to feel his hard cock in my wet mouth. Look at your husband Fred said as he pulled on my nipple stretching and twisting it and get my cock nice and wet so you can show me how good of a cocksucker you are. Your husband said you were the Best Cocksucker in Texas! I licked his shaft from top to bottom getting the whole cock nice and wet and wrapping my lips around it and biting softly and I wanted to reach up and stroke his nice hard wet cock.
My husband had taken his hard cock out and was stroking it as he watched me playing with Fred’s hard cock. His purple head was playing with my lips as my tongue licked the shaft and he slowly pushed the head into my hot wet mouth. God Dam he said! Your mouth is so fucking hot “Look” he said to my husband as he slide his cock in and out of my mouth. Oh Yes take more Lassy show your husband how much you love sucking my big cock, suck my cock good! He started a fucking motion as his cock went deeper in my mouth and I sucked the knob to the back of my mouth. Fred pulled and twisted my nipple hard as his cock pumped in my hot mouth his other hand moving my hair out of the way so my husband could see his hard cock fucking my mouth. Look how much of my cock she is taking as he released my nipple and slid his hand down my body and my legs automatically spread wide allowing him to slide his two fingers into my hot pussy and bury them deep in me.
I exploded in orgasm and Fred banged my hot pussy with his two fingers his thumb massaged my throbbing clit his cock pumping down my throat till his balls were banging on my chin. Wave after wave of my orgasm raced through my body as he banged his fingers and cock in me. Look at her cum Fred said to my husband as me pumped his cock in my horny mouth “she’s taking all of it” She’s a great cocksucker.
He slid his cock out as I licked and mouthed the head and then he told my husband to watch as he slid it all the way back down my throat “BALLS DEEP”. He slowly pumped his cock in my throat then pulling it out and teasing my lips with the hot cockhead. I was so hot I was shaking and throbbing, the juices flowing out of my hot wet pussy as I gripped the table. He said to my husband “Look no hands” as he pumped his nice hot cock down my throat and fucking my mouth.
Fred pulled his cock out and moved to the head of the table and then slid me up so my head leaned back off the table. He gilded his cock back into my mouth and reached down grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs wide apart. I felt an orgasm building again as I bucked taking all of his cock and feeling him reach down and spread my pussy wide open exposing my hard clit. He was playing with my wet pussy as he pumped his hot cock and throat fucked me. Fred started banging three fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy making me trash around and making nasty wet gushing sounds. I felt him getting ready to cum his cock was throbbing as he was pumped faster. Fred said to my husband watch I’m going to shoot a huge load of my cum down your wife’s throat.
I heard my husband tell Fred she loves swallowing cum give her big load. Fred’s cock twitched as he pumped his cock and he yell out exploding down my throat his hot cum shooting into my belly squirt after squirt and I exploded in orgasm trashing around wildly. His cum was so hot I felt his cock throbbing as he screamed out shoving his cock deep and grabbing my hair and head. Squirt after squirt of his hot cum shooting down my throat as I shook from head to toe my orgasm was so strong. I was bucking and trashing around holding onto the table as he just keep pumping his cock milking his cum.
“Hell yes” Fred said Lassy has my vote as the best cocksucker in Texas! “God dam” she can suck. I was spent my orgasms had drained me I was weak as I laid there with Fred sliding his hot cock out as my lips closed around the head and I licked the last drops of cum from the tip of his cock. I heard Fred and my husband talking as I settled down looking over at them as Fred got dressed and picked up his massage oils and towels. I saw my husband getting undressed as Fred left and I knew is was going to get a great fucking from my very horny husband.
God I love sucking Cock.


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Monday, October 31, 2005

Paying the bet off.

Well we got into Seattle at noon and I am glad we left Texas I am just sick and tired of Hurricanes and dealing with them so we decided to take a two week vacation and we visited Seattle where my oldest son is going to collage. The NHRA Nationals Drag races were here in Seattle and the AMA Motocross Nationals were in Washougal down by Portland OR one each weekend both had great races. It was turning out to be a very nice vacation and everything is green up here the people are nice they and love my Texas accent.

The Seattle Mariners were at home for a long home stand and we got to go see three good Baseball games between The Seattle Mariners and Detroit Tigers. We had great seats along the 3rd baseline and for the first time out of all the baseball games that I have been to I caught a foul ball and then got it autographed. Seattle won two out of three games. I love teasing my husband about them winning my husband is a diehard Texas Rangers fan and I was rubbing it in good! Well I had too many beers at the game and that’s when husband made another bet with me on the next day’s game against The Cleveland Indians’. The bet was if The Mariners lost I have to give one of my fantastic blowjobs to a stranger while I’m naked. And I have to pay up here in Seattle not like what happened on the Vegas bet that I did not get to payoff. We left Vegas early because my youngest son had gotten hurt in a Motocross race on that Friday night. I owed my husband because he had that one all planned out and he showed me pictures of the guy (200 lbs of solid muscles and a fat 10” cock) and told me some of the details that he set up. But we had to fly back home before I got to meet him.

As you all know from my other true stories when the last of our three boys moved out I got a bad case of Empty Nest syndrome and it’s like a sexual switch was turned on in me. I never wear a bra or panties and love flashing guys and my husband loves to watch me. Flash Fridays are great fun for both of us and anyone on the freeways who can see me. I have become quite the showoff and I love it when someone sees me naked my husband says I’m an exhibitionist. When I’m at home I never wear anything and love being nude at our ranch. Miguel is our ranch hand (Gardner/handyman) has seen me naked so many times I don’t even try covering up when he is around. He has worked for us for over twenty years and has seen me naked almost every day now that all the boys moved out. He cleans the pool when I’m sunbathing and talks with me about his wife and kids. He says I’m a crazy lady because I walk all the way down our driveway naked to get the mail. He helps me with my horses and takes care of everything around the ranch.

My sex drive is out of this world now and I have fantasies all the time that drive me wild as I masturbate. I have worn out 3 rabbit vibes and have used a case of batteries when my husband is not at home. I absolutely love sucking cock and I learned from watching my brother’s girlfriends give them BJ’s. I meet my husband when I was giving eight of our High school baseball team players blowjobs at a party when I was 17. I was drunk and I bet one of the guys I could suck all of them off and deep throat them Well we have been together ever sense and I love my husband. My husband loved watching me back then and he still loves to watch me suck a nice cock. So now all the kids are moved out and we are having lots of fun making bets and playing sexual games. We have some rules that we made before we started with our sexual fantasy games. I love teasing guys and I can have multiple orgasms just from sucking cock and rubbing there cocks on my pussy. To keep our marriage safe we made a rule No SEX! No penetration but like our President Clinton said oral sex is not sex. I can have orgasms from just sucking a nice cock or just from a cock head touching my pussy lips.

But with our sex games my husband really pushes the rule to the limit. And one time we did go too far with a MFM three-way but you should have seen the cock on My Cowboy it was the most amazing cock I have ever had or seen. Well after My Cowboy and my husband fucked me all night long my husband made me a promise after that night NO SEX. I would never ever cheat on my husband and I think sex is cheating even if my husband is there. I know that sounds weird but I want it that way no SEX but blowjobs are fine. I have wanted my husband to have sex with Betty and have told both of them I wanted them to fuck each other with or without me there. I encourage them and tease them but my husband says she is like a sister to him. She has no problem with fucking him she has been trying to get in his pants from the age of 13. So this is how our bets goes, if I lose I have to give a stranger a BJ while I’m naked, and if my husband loses he has to have sex with Betty “well he has to let her suck him” But I want them to Fuck!

Well the Mariners lost 6 to 5 and my husband was so excited about wining the bet as soon as we got to the car in the parking lot he was begging me to suck his cock. There were still a lot of cars in the lot after the game and not many people around and you know me I love sucking my husband’s nice cock and the taste of his cum. He leaned his seat back and I opened his pants and his nice big cock sprang up and I wrapped my hand around the shaft engulfing it all in a flash. I was so horny from thinking about sucking another stranger off that as soon as I deep throated my husband’s cock I exploded in orgasm. I was wearing a yellow sun dress with no bra or panties as always, and as I licked and sucked his cock wave after wave of my orgasm rushed thru my body. My husband pulled the top down on the dress exposing my tits so he could play with them as I really got into sucking his cock. I had one hand wrapped around his cock and my other hand went for my hot soaking wet pussy. My husband pulled my hair back wrapping my long hair in his fist and encouraging me to deep throat him as he was pumping his cock down my throat. I knew he would not last too much longer I could taste his precum as I worked his nice cock letting it slide out of my mouth and licking it all around the head slipping it back and forth between my lips.

So here we are at Safeco Field parking lot in a rental car and my husband is leaned back in the seat with his pants pulled down and I have the top of my dress pulled down playing with my tits the bottom was pulled up so my pussy was exposed and I spread my legs wide to finger my hot pussy. I spread my pussy lips and slid two fingers into my wet pussy as my juices oozed out wetting my fingers so I could play with my clit. I was so hot I would deep throat his cock all the way down and then come back up to the tip then all the way down again going faster and faster as I worked my clit and pussy. My orgasm was building as I felt my husbands cock throbbing in my throat and just as my husband and I were about to both explode in orgasms we heard a beep of a car alarm. I looked up just as an older couple in there late 40’s or early fifty’s were standing next to our car opening there car door and staring at us as I deep throated my husband and we both exploded in huge orgasm. My husbands cock spewed three big squirts one after another down my throat as I had a thundering orgasm that shook me as I buried my fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy. The couple was watching me trashing around in orgasm and I looked right at them. They watched as my orgasm pulsed through my body and my husbands cock throbbed in my throat I let his cock slide out as my lips suckled the cock head. When I was doing that I was looking at the couple and her eyes got as big as silver dollars when she saw my husbands hard throbbing cock and she reached down and squeezed her husbands cock then she got into the passenger seat of there car as he kept watching me milk my husbands cock as I looked at him. He then walked around got in his car and they drove off.

I begged my husband to take me back to our hotel room and fuck me good I was so dam horny my fingers were still playing with my pussy and every time I touched my clit I would shake. My husband reached down to feel my hot pussy but I grabbed his hand and told him that my clit was too sensitive and was still pulsing and quivering from my orgasm. Again I begged him to take me back and fuck me. “But he said no” I have to pay the bet off first before he will fuck me. “What” I said! I told him I needed his cock right now but he said! “PAY THE BET FIRST” I was so horny my pussy was still throbbing and leaking. How I asked are we going to do that? He leaned my seat back and reached over to suck my nipple into his hot mouth as I reached for my other nipple to pinch and twist. He sat up started the car and told me to keep playing with myself as he started to drive out of the parking lot. We passed a few people walking to there cars as we drove out but I don’t think they could see me with my dress bunched up around my middle with my tits and pussy exposed. As we pulled up by the attendant’s station my husband slowed down and one guy got a real good look of me playing with my tits and my exposed wet pussy. I almost had another orgasm as we pulled out with the attendant staring at us as we drove down the streets of Seattle with me half naked masturbating.

My husband started telling me what his plan was and I just told him we need to hurry because I needed his cock inside me. I was so horny my mind was spinning and the four beers I had at the game helped also. I got close to another orgasm as we pulled into a Tavern parking lot. I begged my husband again to take me to our room and fuck my brains out. He said after you pay the bet off and kissed me as he finished telling me his plan. My husbands kiss made me melt in the seat with another orgasm building as I started having a mini orgasm I was so damm hot and horny and my husband knew it and he also knew I would do anything that he asked. We then fixed ourselves up and headed for the Tavern as the cool night air teased my hot pussy. There were a bunch of people in the Tavern dancing, playing pool and drinking as my husband looked around and then we headed towards the pool tables. We got a table over by the pool tables and as I took a seat on the stool I felt a cool breeze on my hot pussy as my dress slid up my legs My husband leaned over and whispered there all looking at you babe. As we talked and checked things out my husband asked if I liked one of the guys that was playing pool.

He was about 25 y/o 5’9 blonde hair with a hard body and big arms. (I love men with big arms and tight butts) My husband got up walked over to the pool table and asked if the table was open. My husband is a great pool player and knew he could win. They talked awhile as the bartender brought us our drinks never taking his eyes off my hard nipples. I leaned over to get the money for the drinks and I let my dress ride up my legs as I parted them just a little. Dam I am such a tease! I could tell I gave the bartender a hard-on as he said the drinks on the house and he turned and walked away. They played three games and as they talked the guy was staring at me. My husband and the guy playing pool walked up to our table and my husband introduced me to Dan who was sexier that I first thought and OH MY GOD he was cute.

They played pool as we talked and Dan kept buying us drinks and he flirted with me and I would watch him bend over to make a shot checking out his nice butt. Well after a few drinks and three games of pool I saw Dan and my husband talking and Dan was looking at me as I sat on the stool with my hard nipples begging to be sucked as I licked my lips and I was looking at the bulge in his tight pants. Dan walked up to me and asked me to dance I looked over his shoulder to see my husband with a huge grin and a huge bulge. My pussy was throbbing again as he took my hand and led me to the dark dance floor pulling me close I could feel his hard cock press against my hot body. We danced for a few songs and he got braver when I did not resist him pressing his hot hard cock on me or when he ran his hands over my butt caressing each cheek He reached up brushed my left breast with his hand and when I did not resist he got brave slipping his had inside my blouse and played with my nipple. As he played he said your husband wants to make a bet with me on a pool game! I asked so what’s the bet. Dan was pinching my nipple as he ground his cock into me letting me feel his hardness. Dan said if my husband loses I have to suck his cock!

I think he was just a little shocked when I said Ok! My breast was now exposed as he played with my tit he pulled me closer with his hand on my ass grinding his cock on me like he was fucking me. I moved my hips so I could feel his cock grind on my pussy and as I did I started a humping motion and whispered to him no sex just a BJ. He slid his hand down leaving my tit exposed and moved his hand up under my dress as he looked around to see if anyone was watching us. His hand went between my legs and found my hot soaking pussy. I let him play with me pinching my clit and lips with his thumb and finger. I made him promise me that it’s just a BJ no penetration no sex or the bets off! He said my husband said the same thing no penetration but he did say that he can play with my pussy as I suck him. Is that true what your husband said! Dan asked as he started to push two of his fingers deep into my hot wet box making me cum right there on the dance floor as my pussy clamped down on his fingers. I could see my husband was watching Dan play with me. I said to Dan lets go we do not have to play pool I want to suck your cock now! I told him our hotel and room number and to meet us there in 15 minutes. I’ve had too many drinks and been teased I was hot and horny and ready right now. The bartender must have been watching because he had a grin as big as a longhorn I could tell he saw my exposed tit. We walked back to where my husband was and I said to him we don’t need to play a game of pool I want to suck him now! My husband could tell how hot and horny I was as we picked up our stuff to leave as we walked out the door my husband knew the bartender was watching so he flipped my dress up flashing my ass to everyone who was watching.

As soon as we got to the car I was trying to get to my husbands cock out of his pants I was soaked my pussy was throbbing I had juices running down my legs and all I had on my mind was sucking cock. It was not a long drive to the hotel with me playing with my husbands hard as spurs cock. He asked me if I wanted to fuck Dan. I told him No! I wanted his cock fucking me not Dan's cock! The bet was for a BJ and I was going to give him one hella BJ. My husband told me that he would like to watch Dan fuck me and if I want to fuck him I could as long as he can watch and join in.

I thought back to our MFM threesome with my Cowboy as I started sucking my husband’s cock but in my mind I was remembering how good it felt having a stranger’s cock entering and fucking my pussy. My husband had watched the Cowboy fuck my brains out with his huge mushroom headed cock, plowing into me making me cum again and again and he loved it. When I masturbate I think of when they both fucked me at the same time My Cowboys big mushroom headed cock fucking my pussy as my husband fucked me in the butt. My husband has always wanted to feel a big cock fuck me and he really got off when they both were fucking me. Its hard trying to describe the amazing feeling and the huge orgasms that racked my body one after the other when they had both there cocks inside of me fucking me and squirting there hot cum in me. I think that night was one big orgasm it was a long time fantasy of both of ours and my husband had planned everything perfectly.

So after that night we made rules so things would not get out of hand. Our marriage comes first I told my husband we have to stick to our rules! But don’t worry babe I said you can watch him play with my pussy as I deep throat his nice cock. As president Clinton said oral sex is not sex and I love sucking cock. I firmly told my husband NO SEX or we call it off right now! I then squeezed his cock hard and he yelped OK! OK!

Dan was pulling in right behind us when we got to the hotel and so we headed for our room. Our hotel was right on the bay and we could see the boats thru the open window as we entered our room. My husband said again that if I want to fuck Dan I could. I reach for his cock and squeezed it again I said No just a BJ that’s the bet “Period” No sex!

Dan knocked and my husband let him in. Dan and my husband talked as I got everyone a drink and turned on some music. Dan walked over and we started dancing like we did in the bar. As he was pulling me up close he undid the front buttons on my sundress playing with my breast pinching the nipple he asked if this was a dream and my husband said take her dress off and find out! He reached down and slowly lifted my nice yellow sun dress up and over my head exposing my naked body to him. Oh I love your ass Dan said as he looked me up and down. He reached for my breasts and I almost passed out when he cupped them pulling me to him sending shock waves from my pussy to my tits making me quiver.

My husband was right there watching Dan play with my tits and run his hands all over my ass spreading my cheeks then reaching for my right tit as he lowered his mouth to suck on my nipple. I was so hot all I could think of was having his cock in my mouth and him Cumming. I pulled at his shirt as he sucked on my nipple and ran his hand between my legs. When I got his shirt off I was transfixed on his body as he started playing with my pussy parting the lips and spreading my wetness. My OH what a body he had! Six pack abs with no fat at all a chiseled chest and back and his arms were hard as iron. I had to get his pants off and see his nice cock! I unbuckled his belt unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and I pushed them down as his fingers were working on my pussy and his cock sprang free.

Oh his cock felt so hot I pulled him to me mashing my body to his hard body and kissing him. I trapped his cock between us as he grabbed my ass and pulled me up lifting me sucking my tit into his mouth and then he let me slid down as I opened my legs and grabbed hold of his hard cock so I could tease him and not let him enter me. I let his cock slide between my legs and rub my now steaming hot pussy as I kept my body tight to his. His cock was as hot as fire his cockhead rubbed my wet pussy lips and I knew I had to keep moving down and get his cock in my mouth. I squeezed his cock between my legs and then made it slide up as I went down letting it rub on my tummy and then my tits. I wrapped my hand around his cock and held it as I played with it making it poke at my nipple. Then squeeze it between my tits.

His cock was like his body hard as steel and sticking out like a bulls horns. You could see his big vain bulging as I played and stroked his cock, he was smaller that my husband but the same size around. I love sucking a nice cock and I don’t understand why other women don’t do it more to make there husbands happy, husbands will do anything for a BJ. I could suck my husband’s cock 4 times a day if he’s up to it. And I am the only woman I have ever known who has an orgasm when a nice hard cock slides down her throat and has another orgasm when the cock explodes its hot cum down my throat. I have had an orgasm every time a guy cums in my mouth every single time!
I started to lower my head to suck his cock but he pulled me up and he said let me sit down I want to make sure your husband and I get to watch you suck my cock. He moved over to sit down and I never let go of his cock stroking it the whole time. I leaned in and kissed him feeling his cock throb in my hand as I looked into his eyes I licked my lips and I kneeled down to enjoy his cock. I held his balls in my left hand with my right gripping the base of his shaft I licked the head of his cock running my tongue around the crown as I stroked his shaft letting the head pass my lips as I sucked the head into my mouth then let it slip back out.

I wanted to tease and excite him and my husband who was now stroking his nice cock watching me. My husband watched closely as I turned my head and pretended to bite his hard shaft then using my hot mouth and tongue I got his cock nice and wet so it would slide easily down my throat. Looking at my husband I said guess I lost the bet and will have to suck this nice hard cock. I continued to massage his balls and he groaned and I took half his cock in my mouth and used my finger to reach behind and underneath his balls to get to that ever-so-sensitive area just before his anus. He moaned and his cock twitched in my mouth letting me know I had better stop teasing and get busy. I started licking his shaft from the base to the knob lingering at the hole in the center. I licked around the rim of this cockhead and teased the underside where the tender skin is and that drove him nuts. I squeezed the shaft making precum ooze out and I dipped my tongue into it and pulled away licking my lips with it showing Dan and my husband how much I loved it.

I then wrapped my lips around his cockhead and held it there and listened to him moan. Watch me baby I am going to deep throat this nice cock so you can see how much I love sucking nice young hard cock. He reached up to pull my hair out of the way and I quickly took him all the way down my throat moving my hand to get that hard throbbing cock all the way down my throat and stayed there looking in Dan’s eyes. Feeling his cock down my throat was like having it in my hot pussy as my next orgasm started. I reached for my pussy as I held his throbbing cock in my throat my orgasm was rocking me and he was pumping my mouth as I tried to get some air. I slide back up to the tip of his cock and flicked my tongue against it. I could tell he wanted his cock back down my throat as I felt him pushing my head and trying to work his cock past my lips. But I was in control so moving as fast as he could handle I took it all the way to the base again sliding up and down on his cock as if I was fucking him. When he would start to get close to cumming I would slowly go all the way down to the bottom of his cock and hold it again squeezing the shaft at the base to keep him from Cumming.

I could feel my own orgasm building again so I started sucking the head of his cock like my husband sucks on my nipples and that made my pussy twitch. Looking at my husband I rubbed his cock all over my lips using my tongue to lick up any juices that oozed out. He was not ready when I took the whole thing back down my throat burying my nose in his pubic hair as his cock throbbed in my throat and he lurched upwards. He was on the brink of Cumming when I came back up letting his cock slide out and my lips close around the bright purple shinning head. My hand was wrapped around his balls and my other hand was playing with my pussy as his cock got thicker. I heard my husband tell Dan she’s getting close to Cumming, she really loves sucking your cock. That’s when I engulfed his cock and started fucking his cock with my mouth. His hips started pumping his cock faster down my throat as I exploded in orgasm soaking my fingers as his cock was fucking my mouth and throat getting ready to shoot his load.
“HOLY SHIT” I heard Dan say as wave after wave of my orgasm rushed thru me making my body quiver and my pussy throb. He was looking at my husband who had stripped down and was jacking off. “Your husband has a big dick” Can she deep throat all of you Dan asked my husband? Hell yes she can! She has sucked bigger cocks than mine and fatter. She loved sucking a guy who had a 12” cock and she deep throated him all the way. Dan said no wonder your husband says you’re the best cocksucker in Texas. I had a hard time hearing what they were talking about as my orgasm made me weak but Dan had gotten very excited and was pushing my head down as he was pumping his cock down my throat and I felt his ball tense as he kept telling me how great of a cocksucker I was.

I grabbed his ass as he fucked my mouth and throat faster grabbing my head with both hands as I took him all the way to the root. He exploded and thrust his cock as I sucked and deep throated his cock never stopping as shot after shot of his hot cum jetted into my belly. My next orgasm hit me hard as his cock exploded again and he tried to pull away but I just sucked faster not letting him get away as my orgasm rocked me from head to toe. My God he was trashing around as I sucked harder and I swear he exploded another huge hot load of cum flooding my throat with hot jism. I was having a multiple orgasm as I could feel every shot of cum shoot thru his cock from the base where my lips were till it went in to my belly. I was having trouble breathing as my orgasm made my body convulse and his cock was spewing shot after shot of cum. His cock throbbed in my throat as I melted to the floor letting his cock slide out of my throat. I sat there glowing in the aftermath of my orgasm watching his cock twitch and a drop of cum leak out and my tongue lick it up as my husband watched me lick my lips with the cum.

After about 10 minutes of rest Dan said to me your husband said I could play with your pussy! Your pussy looks so sweet I want to play with your pussy. You sucked my cock; you’ve teased me now it’s my turn to tease you. I started to protest but my husband said it will be alright he promised no sexual penetration and I’ll be right here. My husband knows what I like and he must have told Dan because he was doing a great job of teasing me! He got up from the chair and picked me up moving me backward then turning around he sat me down on the lounge chair scooting my ass forward so it was on the edge. He started rubbing the insides of my thighs telling me how hot I looked and how sweet and wet my pussy looked. He started working his way up to my hot pussy but not touching my pussy. When he did touch it I shivered and trusted up. Then he started parting my lips with his index finger and thumb and started rubbing my clit with his other hand. He lifted my left leg up on to the arm of the chair then he lifted the right one up spreading me wide open as he continued to stroke my pussy lips and clit.

My husband was getting extremely excited as he watched Dan moved me around and opened me so I was fully exposed to his touch. One hand moved to pinch my nipple as he started to slide his sticky fingers between my wet lips. His index finger went up me to the knuckle as he twisted my nipple then he inserted his other finger and shoved them both deep curling them up as he worked my clit. Pulling his fingers out of me he licked my juices off his fingers then reinserted them and finger fucked me with lightning speed as I thrust my hips upwards as I felt my climax building and I fucked his fingers and my head shook from side to side and my eyes rolled back in my head. Dan was working my pussy like a wizard milking my climax making my whole body tremble and shake. I was bucking like crazy screaming. I felt his hot breath on my nipple as his head moved to my breast then engulfing the nipple while his fingers keep moving faster and faster in me. He sucked making my nipple grow as he pressed against me so I could feel his cock getting hard on my leg as he teased me more.
I begged him to stop and let me suck his hard cock again as he squeezed my breast and pinched the nipple I wanted his cock in my mouth shooting cum. Not yet I’m having fun playing with your hot pussy lips and your husband is enjoying watching you cum. Dan moved up trailing his hard cock along my leg. I jumped trying to close my legs as he moved his cock so it was right by my hot pussy, then grabbing his cock he made circles around my pussy teasing me not letting me close my legs. I protested but he said to trust him as he looked at my husband and I felt his cock brush my lips. I looked at my husband and he was stroking his 9” cock like crazy watching me with a look of pure lust on his face. I looked at Dan then at my husband and I slowly relaxed spreading my legs wide open as he leaned forward pressing his shaft on my hot wet pussy and rubbing my clit with his cock head.

His left hand played with my tit as his right held his cock and gilded it up and down my wet slit moving up touching my clit with his cock head. OH MY GOD did I cum and cum and cum as he wiggled his hot cock on my steaming pussy lips with my juices flowing as my orgasm made me weak. I felt my husbands cock touch the side of my face and I turned and took his hot cock in my mouth. Dan said deep throat him I want to see if you can take all of your husband’s big cock. My husband very gently moved my hair aside as he slowly slid his hard cock all the way down my throat and said to Dan she’s had a lot of practice sucking my cock and like I said she is the best cocksucker in Texas. Dan’s hand moved down from my tit to my pussy and he peeled open my pussy lips and moved his cock down to my now open pussy as electric shocks raced thru my body making my clit throb. I looked up at my husbands face as he worked his cock in my mouth. I felt Dan’s cock head parting my pussy but not entering me as he moved that nice cock head upwards stroking my engorged clit. Dan said my pussy was so hot and wet he wanted to shove his cock deep in me fucking me and he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. Don’t you want to feel my cock inside you he asked?

I could not say anything with my husbands cock shoved down my throat as Dan continued to tease me with his cock. My husband’s hard cock slid out of my mouth and I begged Dan not to fuck me. “You promised” I said as he pushed a little more with his cock and my hot juices covered his cock head. My husband guided his cock back into my mouth. He then said OK! “But” I want to do something I have always wanted to do. I want your husband to fuck your brains out as you deep throat me so you have a cock in each end. I want you to lay on your back spread yourself wide so I can see him shove his big cock in your hot pussy and when he fucks you he will also shove my cock down your throat. He was still rubbing his hot cock head up and down my slit making me moan as I felt his cock brush my clit as he did one hell of a job teasing me. My husband reached down with both hands and spread my pussy wide open. Dan guided his cock towards my open pussy as the head of his cock was now up to the crown and I could feel it pulse. I had both my hands on his hips holding him back. I know my husband wanted to see his cock enter me and there was nothing I could do to stop him if he shoved his hot cock in me.

You know what your husband told me! He said he wants to see me fuck you! I gagged as my husband shoved his cock down my throat. I kept pushing on Dan as I was trying to close my legs. I got my husbands cock out of my mouth and said “You promised” Please “You promised” I could feel my husbands fingers opening my pussy as Dan wiggled his cockhead all over my hot pussy making short fucking motions. I did promise you and your husband but I still want to throat fuck you as he fucks you with that big cock. My husband said hell yes she’ll suck your cock again and I’ll be glad to fuck her for you. I looked at my husband took both my hands off Dan’s hips as my husband watched and held my pussy open with Dan’s cock ready to dive deep it felt so hot. All he had to do was move and he would be inside me. I was completely open for him.

Dan and my husband then picked me up and moved me over to the bed and positioned me so I was on my back laying with my head hanging over the edge. As Dan moved up by my head he teased me by slapping his cock on my lips and face. My husband was spreading me wide holding my legs by my knees and started rubbing his cock on my pussy getting his cock nice and wet. My head was tilted back and I started licking Dan’s cock then taking the head into my hot mouth and sucking while using my tongue on his pee hole and twirling around the crown. What Dan didn’t know was this was one of my fantasies also (I wonder if my husband told him). I had watched my brother in our barn when I was thirteen fuck his girlfriend (now his wife) as his best friend shoved his cock down her throat. I masturbated watching them that day along time ago and I have always fantasized about doing it. I have talked to my sister in-law about what I saw and she told me she knew I was there watching. Now another fantasy will cum true for me and my husband.

I reached around and caressed Dan’s nice hard ass cheeks as my husband said get ready baby I’m going to fuck you real good. As soon as I felt my husband shove his cock into my dripping pussy I grabbed Dan’s ass and deep throated his cock all the way till his balls were smacking my nose. Dan grabbed both my breast pinching the nipples and squeezed them as his cock throbbed in my throat. Orgasm after orgasm pulsed thru me as my husband fucked me fast and hard with deep strokes penetrating me to the core. I did not stop Cumming or sucking as both of the hard cocks fucked me. My husband was fucking me like crazy as he watched Dan’s cock being shoved down my throat his balls slapped my face and I kept my hands on his ass pulling him. I started trashing around as my orgasm started to peak it must have lasted a good three minutes I felt Dan getting ready to shoot his hot cum down my throat as my husband fucked me with long hard strokes. Dan pinched and pulled my nipples as he exploded shoving his cock down my throat and face fucked me. Shooting hot spurting cum into my belly as my husband fucked me as fast as he could never stopping as he also exploded huge globs of cum deep in me.

The insides of my thighs and my pussy were beet red from the pounding my husband and his beautiful cock had done. I was so weak from Cumming again and again that I went limp as both cocks slowly slid out of me leaving trails of cum on my face and pussy. I was so worn out as my husband leaned down kissing me telling me how much he loved me. My body was quivering as I turned on my side and curled up still shaking from my orgasm. For fifteen minutes I shock and trembled as I felt my husbands cum leak out of me. Dan and my husband talked as Dan got dressed to leave but I could not hear what they were saying.

I was laying with my legs squeezed tight my pussy throbbing dreaming as I felt someone’s hand rub my leg and Dan leaned down whispered to me TXLassy you are the best cocksucker I have ever had suck my cock. He then kissed me and walked out the door. I was drifting in and out of sleep opening my eyes to see my husband sitting in the chair watching me and stroking his hard cock. He said to me I love you babe and I always will! He then shot a huge load on his belly as I then fell asleep. I slept till noon and woke up to my husband sitting on the bed with a breakfast tray. My loving husband had let me sleep as he packed everything up for our return trip home. The plane trip was very nice as I just leaned against my husband dreaming of the night before and it felt like my pussy was still throbbing. We landed in Texas and walked to our truck and after my husband had put the luggage in the back he got in to see me with my top open playing with my breast as I reached for him and proceeded to pull his cock out to give him a fanatic BJ I was excited as I felt the soreness of my jaw and throat. MY GOD I LOVE MY HUSBAND!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


This is a true story. My husband and I have had this fantasy for over 20 years and now the kids are all moved out and I have this insatiable sex drive now that we have an empty nest and its time for us to play.
My husband set this whole thing up and it was a one time fantasy come true. And we do love your comments so please post them and let us know what you think.
TX Lassy & Laster

Hi All
It’s me again and I lost another bet! Dam Mariners!
Hubby thinks I am losing just so I can have some fun. Ha.
Well I will set this up for those who have not read my other stories.
Here is a photo so you know how hot I am!

Hubby and I have been having fun now that all the kids are out of the house and my sex drive has come on at full speed. I just can’t get enough from hubby. He comes home from work and I am on my knees at the door waiting to blow him I am so hungry for his cock. Then at bed time he does me real good licking me to orgasm after orgasm. My hubby can eat pussy for hours and stays hard pounding me till I cum. And in the morning I wake him up with another BJ. I have been masturbating 3 times a day in bed or outside naked by the pool my toys are getting a real good workout. And my husband is a big tease calling me from work and talking dirty to me. He dares me to do things like walk naked down our long driveway to the mailbox. I love playing with my rabbit sex toy while lying naked by the pool dreaming that someone is watching me. The Rabbit is my favorite sex toy and I have worn three of them out. I have gone through 102 AA batteries this month alone. I dream at night about giving BJs and always wake up wet and horny. I’m afraid I am going to wear out hubby but he just says bring it on baby. What a trooper he is always taking care of my needs and that’s why I love him soooo much (that and he has a big cock that lasts for hours).
My love for sucking cock started when I was ten years old and I saw my first BJ. I have 9 brothers and when I was ten years old I went to the barn to feed my new pony and my oldest brother was there with his girlfriend. I hid and watched them kiss and then I watched as she gave him a BJ. I could not believe how much of that huge cock she deep throated and my brother was telling her how to suck it, showing her how he liked it. I saw how much my brother enjoyed what she did to him and every day I would go watch my brother teach his girl how to deep throat him without gagging. That was the first, and I have been hooked on cock sucking ever sense, so over the years I have watched a ton of girls give my brothers BJ’s and I have learned how to suck big cocks from watching them and I would masturbate when watching. I had never had an orgasm till I was twelve and that is when I gave a boy my first blow job, when the boy came in my mouth I had my first orgasm without even touching myself.
We have this on going bet right now and I have lost 2 times and he has not lost yet. The bet is if I lose I have to give a stranger a BJ and hubby has to give my girlfriend Betty head. I love sucking cock and hubby loves to watch me. He is the best pussy eater I have ever had and he just loves eating for hours. I have told Betty how good he is at eat pussy, now Betty has never had her pussy eaten by her hubby in 15 years, so I told her I would let hubby eat her. But as hubby puts it she is a little chunky and he would never touch her. I think he is lying and he wants her she has huge 36 DD tits. I love it when she flirts with him pushing his face in her tits. He gets hard as a rock when she does it and she tries to get a feel of his big cock and I get horny watching hubby turn all red in the face as she chases him around the house giggling trying to cop a feel.
We love playing fantasy games and flashing people and we have a lot of fun. But we have rules like no fucking and I have to pick strangers to suck and never anyone we know or work with except with him giving Betty head. And hubby has to be able to watch or listen and never the same guy. Hubby has to eat Betty to Orgasm and she cannot touch his cock.
The thing with Betty is that was the only way I would agree to even do anything like this. When hubby started talking to me about giving head to strangers I was against it. As he talked more about it when we were having sex I was getting turned on more when he talked about him watching me sucking cock. So I thought if I made demands like he had to give Betty head he would give up the fantasy. Well that didn’t fucking work! So I came up with the betting on baseball games.
So far I gave a 25 y/o cowboy who had a nice 9” cock a BJ in our van at a bar and in Florida I sucked off a Guy I meet on this board that hubby picked out for me and set it all up. So I have lost 2 times “Well I think I lost but I won in the end”

Well this is the latest bet I had to pay up on after the Mariners lost to the Rangers again. We went to the Firwood Roadhouse hubby in his truck and I drove our van and I parked the van in the far back corner so hubby could sneak up and watch. He parked the truck next to the van. I was wearing a black dress no bra and black panties. I went in and the bouncer at the door looked at my hard nipples an let me in for free. I moved forward and turn around to see hubby paying 10 bucks and showing his ID to get in and I just smiled and went to the bar to get a drink and then went to sit at a table by the dance floor. I picked a table in an area so hubby would have a view of me and I could tease him. I was not alone for long and this nice guy started trying to get me to dance with him but he was not my type to skinny but I danced with him. After dancing for awhile with him staring at my tits the whole time we went back to the table and sat down. I told him my hubby was on his way to meet me and the guy said his goodbyes. Then this 6’2 cowboy with a bodybuilder body and HUGE arms with tight Levis that showed off a nice big bulge asked me to dance and as I got up my knees were shaking. This hard body hunk was so gentle and had the softest touch. I almost came right there as we headed for the dance floor. This mans body was hard as a rock and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I held his arm. We danced to a few songs and then a slow one started and he pressed up to me and I could feel his cock growing up against my tummy. After the dance ends I had to go to the restroom so I excused myself I was wet and my pussy was tingling. When I got to the restroom I called hubby on his cell and he said he had been watching us dance and the guy putting his hands all over me was making his cock hard. I told hubby the guy was huge and my pussy was soaked so hubby told me when I got back to the table to flash the guy so he would know I was not wearing panties. When I was walking back to the table I could feel my hot wetness. When I got back to the table he stood up looking at my hard nipples and I sat down letting my dress slide up as I spread my legs to move to the back of the bench seat. I know he saw my pussy because his eyes and cock got big. He sat down and was looking down my blouse as we talked watching my nipples get hard as a rock. He rested his hand on my leg just below the hem of my dress. I did not move my except to open my legs to let him know I want him to touch me and my pussy was dripping. I saw hubby watching so I opened my legs a little and his hand went up my dress. When I did not resist he went up higher and he touched my pussy and I spread a little more. Then in a flash he had a finger in me and my ass was coming off the seat to meet his finger. I almost exploded right there and had to move back as I saw the bar maid coming and pulled his hand down. After she left he asked me to go home with him.
I had to move things along or they would get out of hand. He put his hand on my leg again and as I looked at hubby I spread my legs and let him finger fuck my soaking wet pussy that’s when I told him I was married and that my hubby was at work and was going to meet me here when he got off. He did not stop he just leaned in an shoved another finger in me and I thrust my hips forward as his thumb found my clit and I exploded and soaked his hand as he kissed me to muffle my orgasm. I looked at hubby and I was shaking in bliss. This cowboy new what he was doing and I could tell hubby saw what was going on.
That’s when I told my big cowboy that I wanted to take him out to my van and suck his cock till he exploded in my mouth. I looked him strait in the eyes and said that I loved sucking big cocks and his felt big. But he had to promise that he would not try and have sex with me and I would give him the best BJ that he will ever have. Oral sex that’s it no fucking. But we would have to hurry before hubby showed up. He said he would love a BJ but he was large and most women have trouble sucking him. I said I would swallow the whole thing and let him cumm down my throat.
We got and up to leave I was still shaking and you could see the wetness on my thighs as my legs spread when I stood up. I looked at hubby leaving through the back door heading for the van and his hiding spot. We walked out the front door and the two bouncers at the door had the biggest shit eating grins on there faces. And I realized from where they were they had a great view of what was going on under the table. I felt my wetness as we walked to the back of the parking lot to the van.

Part 2 next

As we walked I got a real good look at this nice hard body cowboy. He was just over 6’2 with boots on, dark hair, clean shaven with arms as big as a cactus his chest was hard with a nice wide back that tapered down to a slim waist with a nice hard butt that made my knees weak and thighs as big as tree trunks. I keep telling my self to be careful or this could get out of hand. We walked towards the parking lot and he put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and I let my hand rub across the bulge in his pants and he was rock hard. I told him we would have to hurry and all I could do was give him a BJ because hubby would be coming soon. I said hubby would know if had sex and I have never cheated on hubby but that I would give him the best BJ he has ever had because as we all know oral sex is not sex according to President Clinton. He snickered and said that I had better swallow or I might get some on my dress. And I said no problem I love to swallow.
I saw the van and knew hubby was ready because he put the sun visors down as a signal. I opened the side door and started to climb in the back and his hand move up my leg and he felt my bare ass. I pulled him in and sat him down in the back seat and shut the door. I kneeled down in front of him and untied the blouse I had on over my black low cut dress and took it off. I said we had to hurry and he started undoing his pants and sliding them down. I grabbed his underwear and pulled out his very nice cock with a big mushroom shaped head and slim shaft with hairless balls. It was about 8” but the mushroom head was very thick. I have never seen a cock head that big the crown was as big as a beer can but the shaft was slim. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and stroked his hard as steel cock.
I bent down and let my lips touch the head and it was warm then ran my tong around the head. I then started to wrap my lips around the head when he reached down and took the shoulder straps and slid them down and reached for my hard nipples. With both my tits in his hands pinching my nipples my pussy started to throb. That’s when I started sliding his cock down my throat. I gagged a little and came back up letting my lips grip the mushroom head. He pulled me up and kissed me as his hand went between my legs and was rubbing my wet pussy. His finger slid in my very wet pussy and his thumb was rubbing my clit. I was pressing my breasts against him as my hands wandered over his hard muscles. I had to take charge because I was about to have an orgasm from the finger job I was receiving. I saw that hubby was looking and listening so I looked in my cowboys eyes and said I want to suck your cock and have you shoot down my throat so get ready for the best Blow job you have ever had. And I said it so hubby would be able to hear what I said.
I took hold of his cock and slid down as his finger slid out of my pussy and my breasts rubbed him sliding down till my lips were touching his large mushroom head. My lips wrapped around it and my tongue circled around and played with his pee hole while my hand stroked harder on his shaft. On the down stroke I would take more of his throbbing cock into my mouth till the head was at the back of my throat and the shaft was nice and wet. I came back up so my lips were at the base of the head and stroked upward I looked in his eyes took his cock out and squeezed till a nice drop of precum oozed out and I licked it and spread it around my lips and took him back into my mouth and swallowed his cock sliding my hand down till ¾ of his cock was down my throat my hand found his hand and I gilded it to the top of my head and that’s when I took ALL OF THAT NICE COCK till my lips were touching his pelvis and balls. He moaned and grabbed my hair and was pulling my head up as his hips came off the seat. I started sucking and taking his cock all the way back down grabbing his ass cheek pulling his cock deeper and bobbing faster up and down taking as much as I could. I love sucking cock and this is when I know that I have this big cowboy in my control. I wanted to make him cum when I was ready so I squeeze the base of his shaft and deep throat him again and again. I would slow down nibble on the head and then go like crazy taking as much as I can and bobbing faster. Feeling him throbbing in my throat I reached down and touched my clitty and as soon as I did I exploded in orgasm and gagged as my big cowboy held my head down and pumped his cock in my throat. His cumm shot down my throat and as he squirted 3 big shots I had another orgasm that was shaking my whole body. I tried my best to keep sucking as my orgasm clamed down I took him deep and squeezed his balls and he shot a 4th load that I caught in my mouth and it tasted soo good. I looked in his eyes and swallowed as I stroked up on his cock to get all of his cumm. I could still feel his cock throbbing as I held and licked it. It tasted so sweet I rubbed the head on my lips and he twitched and a couple more drops of cum eased out and I lapped it up. Then moving up his body I let his cock rub on my breast rubbing his cock head on my hard nipples. I could look over his shoulder to see hubby in the window. I eased back down as he told me how that was the best blow job he has ever had and I caressed and licked his still hard as steel cock.
Now this is when Hubby is to call my cell phone so nothing else would happen. We have this all planed out so thing can’t get out of my control. But it was not ringing so I keep stroking and licking his cock wait for my cell phone to ring. This cowboy’s cock never got soft it felt like it got bigger the big mushroom head was a deep red. Waiting for hubby I was getting nervous because this cowboy was still hard as steel and looking very horny. Why was hubby not calling I was starting to move to get dressed when
“All of a sudden in a flash”!!!!!!!!

Part 3 next

Now here I am in the back of the van on my knees my head in my strong cowboys lap with the top of my dress pulled down so my breasts are exposed and the bottom pulled up so my dress is all bunched up around my waist my pussy was exposed and still throbbing form my orgasm. I am licking his hard cock as drops of cum leak out.
And now I am getting a little nervous because hubby has not called and this mans cock was still one hot rod and I do think it did get just a little thicker as I licked it.
Please call!
That’s when this big cowboy pulled me up like he was going to kiss me and in a flash his arms went under my knees and picked me up and set me on my back on the floor of the van. His cock was right between my legs he had me pinned and he moved his cock up so the head was rubbing my pussy lips. My lips parted a little as his cockhead moved up and pressed on my clit and his shaft was pressed against my pussy lips. My clit was sending shock waves through my body it was on fire throbbing and wet. His huge arms were wrapped under my knees and both of his hands are griping my breasts and pinching my hard nipples. I said please “NO” my husband is coming please no! I tensed up his cock head was at the opening of my pussy lips as he slowly moved it across my lips and touched my clit again. “Please don’t”
Why has hubby not called! I am freaking out now I did not want this big cowboy to fuck me! “The Rules” but my mind was spinning and my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing and his cock felt like a red hot poker as it was pressed against my pussy.
Now hubby and I have some rules and the number one rule is NO FUCKING. But what we did agreed on is like President Clinton said “oral and blow jobs are not sex”.
Quote “I did not have sex with that woman” end Quote.
But like I said NO fucking!!!! I love my husband and I love sucking cock and I have just been so horny lately I just can’t suck enough cock. Like I said the kids are gone and my sex drive went in full gear I just can’t do without swallowing cum and having hubby give me a nice long pussy pounding till I have multiple orgasms. I love the feel of a hard cock throbbing in my throat and hot cum shooting down my throat.

Why has my husband not called! This bodybuilder cowboy had me in his control. As he is pressing and wiggling on top of me he looked me in the eyes and he could see I was a little tense and worried. He said in a whisper I said I would not try and fuck you tonight and I will keep my word. But I want you to promise me you will come back next Friday night and I will have some rubbers so I can fuck you like I know you want me to and you do want me to fuck you don’t you! Don’t you! His cock was rubbing my lips and the big mushroom head pressed on my clit. I said please not tonight my husband is on his way here and I don’t have a rubber. He said not tonight but that I had better be here next Friday. I said please let me suck your cock now! I want your cock in my mouth again please let me suck your cock! He asked again will you be here next Friday!
I looked in his eyes and at that moment I knew he would not try and enter me. I relaxed and let my legs spread wide, opening my pussy wide to him and it was soaking wet as I was completely open to his big cockhead. In my mind I was begging him to shove his big cock all the way in me and fuck my brains out. I was completely open with his cock at the opening of my soaking pussy all he had to do was move back and push and his cock would be in me. I knew I was gaining control because he was making sure he did not enter me pulling back as my lips were touching his cock head and my hips were moving upwards wanting his cock in me. His mushroom headed cock was at the opening of my soaking wet pussy ready. And I knew at that moment I was back in control and he would do anything I wanted if I let him know he would get a good fucking from me next Friday. I said bring plenty of rubbers! Now please let me suck your hot cock again I want your cock in my mouth. He let go of one of my legs and held on to his cock and guided it up rubbing my clit and then back so his cock head was at my open pussy. The head parted my lips my clit was throbbing my mind said fuck me, fuck me, fuck me as he wet his cockhead on my pussy.
I thought about my husband and got a little pissed that he had not called and let this go too far. But I was still remembering our rules, no fucking other people. I kept thinking of the rule as my ass was coming off the floor of the van trying to get that cock in me but he pulled back again. Then my cowboy sat backup in the seat pulling me up as he did and that’s when I looked over his shoulder and saw hubby walking up to the back of the van from I don’t know where! Where had he gone? Why was he not there? I was a little pissed at hubby he blew our plan. He promised! I was mad so I said to the cowboy in a real horny voice so hubby could hear me wow you have the best cock I have ever had please let me suck it and cumm in my mouth please I want your cock now.
And down I went and took that nice cock all the way to the root in one gulp and contuied to suck and deep throat his cock as loud and as fast as I could making all kinds of noise. I was going to town on him and he was pumping upward as he held me by my hair pumping my face. His cock felt bigger in my throat this time but I deep throated his cock like there was not tomorrow. This cowboy had stayed rock hard even after blowing his first load. I worked that nice cock deep and fast pumping with my hand. My other hand went back to playing with my pussy and clit. He put both hands on my head and slowed my pace down making me take him all the way down. And then he blew huge squirts holding my head as he shot! As soon as the huge load shot down my throat I had a multiple orgasm bucking and shaking as he shot another squirt and he held my head pumping it in me. He was moaning and I was trashing around in bliss soaked!
That’s when a big Ford truck pulled up with its bright lights on and lit up the inside of the van and then backed up into a parking stall in front of the van. We both freaked I slid to the floor to hide and he pulled on his jeans looked out the window and saw a guy and girl get out of the truck and headed into the roadhouse. He leaned over kissed me and said be here next Friday and he opened the door and left. Just like that he was gone and I was laded out on the floor dress bunched up and some cum on my face God I was still shaking. I knew that if he tried to fuck me I would have let him right then and there I was pissed at hubby for not calling. He was right there and he knew the plan we had gone over it many times. I told hubby he had to make sure nothing bad would happen. My husband had promised me he would not let anything happen.
“I know I wanted it”
Now I was lying on the floor with the door open almost naked still panting from my orgasm wishing he had fucked me because hubby had broke his promise. But my love for my husband kept me from letting that nice cock enter me.

But I am pissed at hubby and was glad that we had driven the van and the truck because I wanted to leave and did not want to talk to hubby till I got home. I pulled my dress down covered my tits back up shut the door started the van and drove off I saw hubby getting in his truck waving his phone at me.
All kinds of things were going through my mind I reached into my purse for my cell phone and flipped it open and “OH SHIT” it was turned off the damm phone battery died. The fucking phone was off!! He was trying to call. I speed up to get home in a hurry to explain to hubby. I HOPE he is not pissed I did not answer when he tried to call. I felt sick to my stomach driving home.

What happen when we got home part 4?
Part 4

I parked the van and went in the house I was still shaking and had a huge knot in my tummy. All kinds on things were racing through my mind. What if hubby thought that I did not answer the phone so things would get out of hand? And was hubby thinking I wanted the cowboy to fuck me with his big mushroom headed cock. And I did want that cock it was so nice with the big head and nice shaft. Hubby knows I love guys with hard bodies and big cocks. And this cowboy was my fantasy come true, hard body nice butt and a very wide cockhead and long shaft and HUGE arms. This was my fantasy and hubby has been pushing me to act on it. And lately that’s all he talks about in bed.

So what was hubby thinking I tried to call him on the house phone but as I was dialing he pulled up and shut the truck off?
I stood in the doorway in my black dress as he walked towards me. I could see a big bulge in his pants and a grin from ear to ear. He came up to me and pulled me to him and shoved his tongue down my throat kissing me like there was no tomorrow his hand going to my ass and tit. He was on fire licking my lips as he kissed me. I know he could taste the cowboys cum in my mouth. I could feel his cock throbbing and it was hot as he pressed against me. I tried to talk and he just keep kissing and shoving his tongue in my mouth and licking my lips. He was absolutely wild with desire. He pulled my dress up and off right there in the doorway exposing my nude body. He pushed me into the house and bent me over the couch spread my ass cheeks and dove in licking and eating my pussy like he was crazy. I was soaked to begin with but now my juices were flowing nonstop and I was shaking. Hubby was going wild eating my pussy and sucking up my juices. I was screaming as wave after wave of pleasure shook through my body.

Hubby was eating me and shoving his tongue as deep as he could then shoving his fingers deep in me pumping faster with his hand.
As soon as he touched my clit I exploded in the most mind blowing multiple orgasms shaking and screaming exploding juice all over his face. I was screaming and trashing around in bliss as he licked it all up my orgasm lasted for minutes. It shook me and made my pussy seem like a water hose, my pussy was throbbing and was starting to hurt from all the pleasure it was receiving. He keeps licking trying to shove his tong deep in my wet pussy. I was breathing hard and fast sweating and Cumming. Man he was devouring my pussy like never before. Then hubby got behind me and shoved his nice long cock all the way in to my soaking pussy. He slammed it to me with such force that he moved the couch a foot. He slammed me hard three times and exploded in my pussy and he kept pumping hard as the couch was sliding. He was shooting hot cum in me and it amazed me how much he came squirt after squirt pounding me harder with forceful thrusts. His cum felt so hot inside me and I swear hubby had two orgasms one after the other. He has never had such an intense orgasm. He was drained and was worn out. He had never fucked me that hard before and came so fast!
Now my husbands nick name is Laster and that is because he can fuck and eat pussy for hours on end and he never turns me down. The mans cock can stay hard for hours and he is good for two orgasms as long as he can rest a little. But this time he slammed me three times and blew huge loads and then started getting soft. I was worn out and was still shaking from my orgasm. Hubby moved back picked me up in his arms kissed me deeply and carried me to the bed room. As he carried me I looked over his shoulder and saw the guy who lives next door looking in our front door that was wide open. He had seen us fucking through the door and was just smiling from ear to ear.
Hubby was so sweet he laid me in the bed kissing me. I tried to talk but was still on a high from my orgasm and hubby just said relax and went in to the bathroom.
He came out with a warm washrag and cleaned me up and was caressing me the whole time. He is so sweet he covered me up cuddled up next to me and we fell asleep and we still had not talked about what had happened. I tried to tell him what happen but he just kissed me and said he loved me soooo much.
I was having a nice hot dream of my hard body cowboy and his big mushroom headed cock pumping in and out of my pussy fucking me nice and deep. That’s when I awoke to find hubby eating and fingering my pussy. I was so hot from the dream I grabbed his hair shoved his face in my pussy and exploded in orgasm bucking and screaming. Hubby spread my legs wide climbed between them and shoved his cock deep in me. Slammed me hard three times and exploded pumping hard and I could see in his face that he was Cumming hard shooting in me. I have never seen my husband cum like this before so hard and so long just squirt after squirt. I held him tight as we both clamed down.
After we calmed down I asked him if he was mad at me for my phone dying. And what had made him so hot was it me giving the cowboy 2 blowjobs. Had it made him so hot that he came after just 3 pumps and have such an intense orgasm?

And then he floored me!
Telling me that what got him so fucking hot was when the cowboy had laid me down on the floor of the van and fucked me. He told me how he could taste the cowboys cum on my pussy when he licked me last night. He was telling me that he had seen the cowboy as he laid me on the floor and started to fuck me. But someone had walked back where hubby was so he had to move and didn’t get to watch. As he said this he was climbing between my legs shoving his now hard cock into my sopping wet pussy. He was hard again and it had only been 10 minutes he was so hot and wild. My hubby thinks that the cowboy had fucked me!
And the same thing happened again as he told me about the cowboy fucking me on the floor of the van. He pumped me three hard slamming pumps with such force and depth I think he bruised my pelvic bone. And then he blows a huge load of cum in me cumming hard again squirt after squirt of hot cum. He was so hot his cock was throbbing in side me. And again he had an orgasm like he had the night before just a ball draining cum. His cock felt like it was bigger as it throbbed. He was so excited. Hubby has never cum this fast he always makes me cum first no matter but not this time. He always makes sure I am satisfied first.
I was still in shock hubby thought that I had let the cowboy fuck me. Even after all the times I had told him that I would not fuck other guys. And the rules we set up all the promises I had made. He kissed me lovingly and told me how much he loved me and that he will love me forever.
I got up and went to the bathroom and shut the door and started crying and shaking.
Hubby thinks I fucked the cowboy. After all the times I have told him that I would not fuck anyone else he thinks I did. And why did my husband not try to stop it. Did he let it happen so that I would get fucked by the cowboy and have my fantasy come true? My husband was so hot and forceful when he fucked me only lasting for 3 pumps was he thinking about the Cowboy fucking me? I started a bath so hubby would not hear me crying.
When I got out of the bath hubby had made the bed and cooked me my favorite breakfast French toast. He was so loving, kissing me and making me feel like a Queen.
But he still thinks I fucked the cowboy.


After hubby finished getting my breakfast he said he was going to take my car in to get it serviced. This would give me some time to talk to Betty about my problem.
Remember Betty! Well Betty is my best friend and as we all know we women tell our girlfriends everything. I don’t tell her the truth. I tone it down to something “like I was flirting and flashing the cowboy and ended up kissing him and hubby was watching”. I told her hubby got all excited and really gave me some good loving after watching the cowboy and me. Betty knows my husband and she knows about his fantasy of watching me with other men. And she knows mine about hard body young men with huge arms and tight butts. We have all known each other for over 20 years and have had a lot of drunken nights together with lots of sex talk, flirting and playing grab ass. Now I know Betty wants my husband in the worst way begging me all the time to just let her have him for 1 night. And I tease her all the time telling her how good he eats and how nice his cock is. I have shown her pictures of him and I know she has masturbated to them. I know she would go to bed with him in a heart beat. But he thinks she is chunky but has huge tits and says he is not interested in her. Even though Betty is my best friend my husband has told me how she is always trying to get to his nice cock but he would never have sex with her.

So as I am telling Betty about my problem I start getting this idea and remember why we started all this betting stuff in the first place. I have an insatiable sex drive. My pussy started tingling and getting wet. We love each other very very much and we trust each other and we always tell each other everything. We raised our kids sent them to collage and I don’t know if it is empty nest syndrome but our sex like is incredible. We have been having lots of fun flashing guys and of him watching me give BJ's. He loves watching me and it gets he so excited that all I have to do is talk about one of the BJ’s I gave and we have incredible sex for days.

If hubby wants me to fuck this cowboy so bad then I am going to make it more fun.
I start hatching this plan in my mind, I told Betty I would call her back because I was getting horny from telling her about the cowboy kissing me and the plan I was forming in my head. If she only knew what really happened with the cowboy she would freak out.
I was very horny now and got my rabbit out and started playing with myself and fantasizing about what I wanted to do. The plan was forming in my mind as the rabbit ears were working on my clit and the shaft was sliding in and out twisting and gyrating. In my mind I could see my cowboy and his huge mushroom headed cock spreading my pussy lips ready to slide all the way in me. I worked the rabbit deep pinching my nipple with my free hand while pumping the rabbit in my soaking wet pussy. I pulled the rabbit out till it is rubbing the outside of my pussy lips like the cowboys cock was doing to me in the back of the van. Then thinking of the cowboy’s hard body and huge mushroom headed cock I shoved the rabbit deep and exploded in a throbbing orgasm shaking and pumping the rabbit.

My Husband walks in to the bedroom and sees me going nuts with my rabbit sliding in and out and me trashing around in orgasm. I jump up grab him pull his pants down and devoured his cock trying to take it all down my throat. Now this is why my husband is called Laster I sucked his cock deep and he grabbed my hair and pumped his hot cock in my mouth and throat for ten minuets. All this time the rabbit is still in my soaking pussy working its magic. I took my mouth off his cock climbed on the bed spread my legs wide open took the rabbit out of my hot pussy and begged him to fuck me hard. He entered me and started pumping me good, spreading me wide so he could go real deep. I exploded in another huge orgasm grabbing hubby’s ass and trying to get him deeper. He turned me sideways and wrapped my leg over his shoulder and was pumping me deep as fast. Then moving my leg again he put me into the doggie position with his cock never coming out of my wet pussy. He started pumping me deep and reaching under me to pinch and twist one nipple while his other hand went for my clit and as soon as he touched my clit I exploded in orgasm. And this orgasm lasted much longer as hubby was pounding me hard as he was grabbing my ass and hips. He exploded shooting one hot squirt deep in me then pulled his cock out and squirting on my ass as he grabbed his cock and pumped squirt after squirt on my ass. He milked his cock and rubbed his cum with his cock head all over my pussy and up to my ass trying to push in my ass. I rolled over and took his cock into my mouth and sucked him clean.

I started telling him about that had happen with the cowboy and how the cell phone had died. And that I had gotten pissed that he did not call and let thing go to far. But that I remembered the rules we setup. He tried to say something and I said shut up and listen to me. I told him everything!
I told him the cowboy had not fucked me but explained it detail how his big cockhead was parting my pussy lips and that all he had to do was push and he would have been in me.
Then I told my husband that I had wished the cowboy would have fucked my brains out and how I had spread wide inviting him and hopping he would fuck my soaping wet pussy. I told him how big the Cowboys cockhead was and how he parted my pussy lips with the big cockhead and was ready to drive his hot cock deep in me. As I told him I saw his cock had gotten rock hard again and it was twitching. He told me to show him what the cowboy did so I spread wide had him put my legs up on his shoulder and rub his cock on my pussy lips and put the head between my lips and then I begged him to fuck me calling him my cowboy stub. He started fucking me like crazy fast and deep pounding my pussy. We fucked and talked about the cowboy for 45 minutes with hubby bringing me to the brink of orgasm 5 times. All this time I was telling him about the hot cowboy and his cock and how it tasted and felt. Then he started begging me to let the cowboy fuck me so he could watch and he wanted the cowboy to fuck me real good.

Just as hubby was about to come I told him that I would let the cowboy fuck me but he had to do Betty! Hubby said! Call the cowboy now and set it up. I told hubby to fuck me hard and I said fuck me with that cowboy cock I want that cowboy cock! Fuck me good fuck me with that cowboy cock.
We both explode in huge orgasms trashing and soaking each other. As we settled down I said we need to change some of our rules! He reaches over and hands me the phone and says call him NOW!

I got his number from my purse and dialed as my heart was pounding. He answered and I said hi this is JP and he said that he knew I would call him and said that you want me to fuck you don’t you that’s why you called!
Then I told him that my husband had seen me suck his cock. The phone was silent I said that my husband loved watching me suck his cock and now he wanted to watch me get fucked by your nice cock. He asked if I was for real and about my husband. I said that my husband right now was eating my pussy as we talked and he says that he want him to fuck me as he watches. I told him about my husband’s fantasies and how I love to please my husband. And that I had a plan or fantasy I want to happen.

He said ok but he wanted to talk to me alone and then talk to my husband. He said if this is a game you two play then let’s make some nasty fun out of it and to call him back later.
I hung up the phone and looked at my husband eating my pussy I screamed out as another orgasm racked my body and hubby licked me clean.

After licking me clean my husband said he has a surprise for me pulls me by the hand still naked out to the living room and points to the driveway and says “I love you with all my heart” And there in our driveway is a brand new 2005 Black Mustang GT.
He didn’t get my car serviced he bought me a new car!

Now here is when my husband told me to start posting these true stories here.

Next part 6 is of our phone calls and our first meeting with the cowboy.

My husband and I have both been super horny all week after what happened in the bar parking lot with the Cowboy and we have had incredible sex everyday! I have given my hubbie a BJ before work and after he gets home from work everyday. I masturbate everyday and dream of my nice Cowboy and his huge mushroom headed cock. I just love the shape of it and how wide the head is and I dream of how I want it in me and how much I want to suck it. When we have sex my husband asks me to tell him about what happen in the van with My Cowboy in detail! We talk about My Cowboy and our fantasy of a MFM threesome and my husband gets so hot we make love for hours. We have been dreaming and fantasying about this for over 20 years and we finely found my dream guy. Plus he has the most amazing cock.
Thursday when we got home from our drive in my new 2005 Mustang there was a message from My Cowboy asking me to call him! My husband said to call him and tell him how horny I have been dreaming about his nice cock. And how horny my husband got when he watched when I gave him the blowjob in the van and he wanted me to tell him all about our fantasy. My husband started playing with my tits and in no time at all he had me naked licking me telling me to call My Cowboy. He had me on the brink of orgasm 3 times before I scream out that I would call My Cowboy. I called him and I was almost ready to have an orgasm from my husband eating and licking me when he answered the phone. My Cowboy knew I was happily married and I told him that my husband had watched us and he wants us to meet again. We talked and I told him all about our fantasy. I thought I scared him off but he said your husband likes watching you suck my cock? Yes I said and he wants us to get together again so he can watch up close. As I was talking my husband had gotten naked and was sporting a nice hardon. I was ready to cum right then just from hearing My Cowboy’s voice I was so horny I was shaking. My Cowboy and I talked and I told him more about our fantasy as I was stroking my husband’s nice hard cock. My Cowboy asked me if we were for real and if I was just teasing him! I told him it was my husbands and my fantasy and that he was the perfect guy and I just love his big cockhead. I told him about our bets and how I had given other guys blowjobs and how much my husband loves watching me suck cock. I told him that my husband thought that you My Cowboy had fucked me in the van and I told him how much I loved sucking that big mushroom headed cock. So your husband wants me to fuck you with my huge mushroom headed cock he said? I said yes my husband wants to watch and join in. My Husband wants to see your nice cock entering my hot pussy and fucking me silly. He did not say anything and my husband was trying to get me to suck his hard cock, he was horny as hell with all the excitement of me talking to My Cowboy about our fantasy of a MFM threesome. My Cowboy said is your husband there? Yes I told him he was right here with a hard cock! Let me talk to your husband! I didn’t know what to do so I just handed the phone to my husband and slipped down to suck on my husbands 9”cock. I was trying to hear what they were talking about but hubbie was just saying “yes and how I was the best cocksucker in Texas”. I started to suck on hubby’s nice hard cock but he stopped me and said wait and he said to My Cowboy! Yes she was sucking my cock and he held the phone by my head and said suck it so he can hear you! I sucked louder so My Cowboy could hear. They talked for 10 minutes as I played with my husbands cock and when they finished talking my husband had a huge grin on his face and I think his cock was growing harder and then he handed me the phone. My Cowboy told me that he wanted to see if we were for real and he was going to test us, so he told me to go get undressed so that I am naked and then put on a long coat so I am covered up and then to do everything my husband instructs me to do. He said “OK! Did you hear me” his tone was demanding. Yes I said! By then my pussy was soaking wet again and all kinds of things were going through my mind. I was wandering what they had talked about and it was bugging the hell out of me. I told him I would do what he asked and handed the phone to my husband and then went in the bedroom to undress and find a coat. My mind was spinning what had they talked about and what are they talking about now. It scares me that my husband is talking to My Cowboy and I don’t know what they were planning.

When I came out of the bed room with the coat on hubbie was still talking on the phone and he had this grin from ear to ear and his cock was like a steel shaft just sticking strait out. My husband said open the coat so I can see if you’re naked! He told My Cowboy yes she is naked! Then he said ok and hung up the phone grabbed me kissed me then said I LOVE YOU BABE! Kissed me again and told me to go get in his truck and he headed for the bedroom. I didn’t know what to think as I walked out to the truck I was shaking with excitement. I love my husband and as I walked past the new car he bought me I thought to myself “Well I’ll do what hubbie asks for now” I got in the truck and was shaking trying to think if I should stop this right now. My husband came out to the truck got in and kissed me again telling me how much he loves me and to trust him! As we drove off I asked where we were going and he said that I had to do what he said and that My Cowboy wanted us to prove that we were not just fucking with him. This was a test to see if everything was cool. I asked are you sure you want to do this and he said “trust me I love you”.

We pulled into the HOME DEPOT and drove to the far end of the parking lot and pulled into the second to last parking spot by the sheds that are for sale and the garden tractors. It was dark out and there were some lights about 5 spaces over so you could still see inside our truck and there was a light in the middle of the sheds. The front entrance was well lighted with people walking in and out and cars and trucks coming and going.
I see My Cowboy pulling his car into the space next to us and parks right were I can see clearly into his car and I could see his big arms and his pretty face and my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. My husband said take off the coat I said
Take off the coat and go get in his car my husband told me. He leaned over kissed me said trust me I love you now please go get in his car! I looked at my husband then I turned and looked at My Cowboy as he reached over and opened the passenger door then turned and looked at me with a big smile.
I think my heart stopped as I looked into My Cowboys face.

I looked around and there were cars driving by on the main road at the front of the store and people walking in and out of the HOME DEPOT main doors at the other end of the parking lot. My husband said trust me and he opens my coat and pulls it off my shoulders exposing my tits. Now I’m half naked so I said to myself this is what my husbands wants. And I trust him and I want very much to please him. I undo the belt and off came the coat I kissed my husband and I open the door to get out and walk around and got in My Cowboys car like nothing was missing. I was shaking as I sat down in the passenger seat. My husband moved over so he could get a good view in My Cowboy’s car. My Cowboy leaned over and kissed me as he handed me his cell phone and said for me to call my husband. As I sat there naked he leaned the seat back and was looking at my naked body his eyes roaming up and down my very excited body. I called hubbies cell and then gave the phone back to My Cowboy and he put it on speakerphone and set it in a cradle. Then he said wow your wife has a smoking hot body and a nice bush. And he asks my husband if he could suck my tits. My husband said yes suck them make her nipples hard. As soon as my cowboy started playing with my tits bolts of lightning shoot from my tits to my pussy. Now he reaches down and starts sucking my left nipple as he plays with the right breast. I am melting in the seat as he was sucking my nipple and I was getting very wet as he twirls his tongue around my nipple. I reach over feeling his huge arms then running my fingers through his hair. This is a dream he is so damm good looking and he has a bodybuilder’s hard body. I can see his big bulge and remember how nice his cock was. My mind is spinning as I was thinking of my lips wrapped around the mushroom head as he was sucking my hard nipple sending shock waves to my pussy. His chest was bare and chiseled with hard abs.

He asks my husband if he can play with my pussy and my husband said yes please play with her pussy she wants you too she has been dreaming of you all week, and suck her nipples she loves that. But can you move your seat back so I can see better. My husband then had a great view as My Cowboys hand slid toward my wet pussy with my legs opening for him as he tells my husband so she has told you how much she wants to fuck me. Man my cock is going to feel real good in that pussy I’m going to fuck the nice pussy long and hard he tells my husband. I feel his finger touch my clit and my legs spread open to let him have a better angle to my wet pussy. I’m lying back in the seat naked and I was trying to reach for his cock and running my hand over his huge arms. I was moaning and my head was spinning I was almost ready to cum even before he opened my pussy lips with his fingers and started running them up and down. He then pushed two fingers in me slowly going deeper. He said man this pussy is so hot and wet my cock is going to feel great fucking this hot pussy. He asks my husband if he could see him finger fucking me and hubbie said yes I can and she does look wet. I like her hot pussy My Cowboy said and I can feel it throbbing on my fingers its soaking wet. I bet you can hear me finger fucking her as he buried his fingers deeper in my soaking hot pussy and his thumb rubbed my clit stroking his fingers in and out. As he said that I spread wider and he started banging me faster with his fingers and making my pussy even wetter making sloppy noises as I grabbed the armrest and his huge bicep. I bucked and thrust my ass up to get more of his fingers in my sweet pussy. My Cowboy slowed down just as I was about to cum and I was trying to hump his fingers. My pussy was throbbing as I spread my legs wide. I was humping my hips trying to fuck his fingers my heart was pounding and the car was shaking. I could see my husband bending down to get a better view of My Cowboy playing with my pussy. Just then a truck pulled in by where all the sheds are and a man and his wife got out and started looking at some of the sheds. I froze with my pussy throbbing and my heart pounding as they checked out the sheds and then got back in there truck and pull out of the parking lot.

My Cowboy started asking my husband questions! Do you want me to fuck your wife with my nice big cock? You told me that this was your wife’s fantasy and you want to please her right? And you want to watch up close as I fuck her don’t you? Do you want to see my big cock open her pussy wide? My husband said yes I want you to fuck her and she wants your cock. My Cowboy said did she tell you everything that happened in the back of the van? Did she tell you that my cockhead was opening her pussy and I was running it up and down her pussy lips asking her if she want my cock to fuck her? She must love you because she said not tonight because she did not have any rubbers and that she was married! My husband said yes she told me everything. My husband told My Cowboy that when I had opened my legs wide in the van for him that night that I was inviting him to fuck me and that I wanted his huge mushroom headed cock in my pussy fucking me hard! But I had told my husband that I had told My Cowboy before we went out to the van that I would suck his cock but that we could not have sex. My Cowboy had promised me he would not fuck me but I would have to give him one hell of a blowjob. And he made me tell him to meet him the next Friday night so he could fuck me! (Remember he had no rubbers). That night in the van I wanted that cock so bad My Cowboy’s cockhead was opening my pussy and rubbing my clit! I was begging in my mind for him to fuck me and I would have let him if it was ok with my husband. I wish he had fucked me I wanted that cock in me. And my husband knows I wanted to give my self to this huge bodybuilding Cowboy I wanted him to fuck me hard!
I still had his fingers working in and out of my wet pussy with his thumb rubbing my clit. My Cowboy was still talking to my husband, I am going to fuck her and I am going to fuck her real good she is hot and I can’t wait to shove my cock in that hot pussy. He asked my husband if he could fuck me without a rubber so he can fill my pussy with hot cum. I hear my husband say! Yes you can fuck her brains out with your big cock and shoot your hot cum deep in her, fuck her good and fill her up. My husband told The Cowboy that he wanted to feel every cum squirt as he fills my pussy with his cum. His fingers and thumb started in on my pussy again going faster and deeper and he was telling my husband how I am going to love his cock in my pussy. He leans down and sucks my nipple and I EXPLOAD in a huge trashing orgasm bucking trying to get his fingers deeper as my body shook. He asked me if I wanted his cum in my pussy and I said I would do anything that my husband wants. I hear my husband telling My Cowboy to finger fuck me faster as My Cowboys thumb was rubbing my clit and I again explode in orgasm screaming out as wave after wave of my orgasm racked my body. My Cowboy was covering my mouth as I started screaming and trashing around. My husband says wow! That was great she came like crazy your hand is soaking wet. I just melted into the seat shaking and trembling as I held onto his muscular arm.

My Cowboy started talking again to my husband. Let’s get this set up so I can fuck your wife and I want you to set up a room at nice private hotel for next weekend OK! Then he told my husband that when we meet the both of us have to agree to do anything that he wants or the deals off! My Cowboy tells us that he is going to help us both with our fantasies. My husband yells hell yes, yes I want you to fuck her and she will do anything you want! I want you to fuck her and I know she wants your cock. I was shocked to hear my husband say that with so much excitement! My husband was begging My Cowboy to shove his cock in me and fill my pussy, Dam my husband sounded so excited. My Cowboy said to me! Do you know what your husband told me he wants and what his fantasy is? He wants to fuck you in the ass and have me fuck your hot pussy with my big cock at the same time. He wants to fill you up so he can feel my cock fuck your hot pussy. Do you think you can take both of our cocks? Tell your husband you want both of us inside you. I knew this was my husband’s long time fantasy, his favorite porno movies are of women taking on two guys at the same time. I just wanted to make my husband happy he loves me so much and I love him. But right now My Cowboy said, now your wife is going to suck my cock like she did in the back of the van as he unzipped and started pulling his shorts down. I saw his nice cock spring free and I dove for it wrapping my hand around the shaft and leaning over trying to suck it into my mouth and licking the big mushroom head. I had been dreaming and fantasizing about that mushroom headed cock being in my mouth. I heard my husband “Holy Shit the fucking head is huge. My Cowboy said let your husband see you take my cock all the way in your mouth as he moved my hair out of the way.
I looked up to see my husband watching me I looked him in the eyes as I took that nice cock in my hands and stroked it so my husband could see the big mushroom head. I told you baby I told you his cock was amazing. I squeezed a drop of precum to the tip looked at my hubbie and licked it up trailing my tongue around the big head. I then heard My Cowboy say to my husband “Shit man that feels good” now baby suck my cock and deep throat the whole thing. “Take it all TXLassy so your husband can see how much you love sucking my cock suck it all. My husband said that he could see my cheeks bulging and to take all of that big cock suck him good baby! Please suck that cock. And hearing that I took it all! All the way till my nose was buried in his short pubic hair. I hear my husband telling me to suck him good as I tried to come up for air. I turned sideways in the seat, held the base of his cock and squealed as an orgasm started to build deep inside me. I worked up and down on the big cock taking it down my throat. I came up my lips wrapped around the head looking at my husband. I stroked his cock pumping it into my mouth and then running my lips the length of his shaft.

My husband said you better hurry HOME DEPOT is closing and the guys are coming to get the tractors and put them away. I start stroking and sucking faster taking about half his cock down my throat as I gripped the base and milked his nice cock. My husband told My Cowboy to grab my hair she likes that. He grabs my hair holds my head and pumps his cock into my mouth over and over. I took my hand off his cock and moved it down to my pussy and started fingering myself. “Fuck man look at her take all of my cock” My Cowboy said to my husband as he held my head and pushed it down and he thrust up fucking my throat thrust after thrust. Holding my hair and grabbing the base of his cock he pulled his cock out of my mouth and said smile at your husband. He rubs his huge mushroom headed cock all over my lips and face. I wrap my lips over the head then run my tongue under the head then up to his pee hole while I looked at my husband. Watch her suck my cock and remember that my cock will be fucking her sweet pussy My Cowboy said. I held his cock and looking at my husband I would put the big mushroom head back in my mouth then let it slip back out as it glistened from my wet mouth. I pulled it out again and rubbed it all over my lips and face as my husband watched and I gripped tighter to make more precum dribble out and ran my tongue up to lick it up. He took both his hands held my hair and my head and pushed my head all the way down and held it there as I just swallowed and felt his cock throbbing down my throat. I felt his orgasm building and that’s when I really started deep throating him faster taking longer strokes as his balls tightened. He was going nuts bucking up and down as I felt him start to come. I going to blow a huge load in your mouth TXLassy take it all and suck me dry. My husband said take it all swallow all of his cum suck that cock in your mouth. I went faster sucking his cock deep and not slowing down as he explodes in my mouth holding my head as squirt after squirt of super hot cum shot down my throat. I exploded in orgasm and I grabbed his nice ass making sure his cock stayed down my throat as he exploded again. My orgasm was shaking me and my pussy was throbbing as he came down my throat. His cock was throbbing and pulsing as I felt a huge squirt start from balls pass my lips that were tightly wraped around the base of My Cowboy’s cock. His cum was so hot and huge it shot strait down to my belly. I had to back off! There was so much cum shooting from his cock as he trashed around. I just held still as his cock throbbed in my throat as the rest of his cum drained down inside me. I squeezed his cock and drank it down. I exploded again in orgasm as he held my head so I could not move because he was shaking and his bright purple headed cock was throbbing. Two more huge cum loads shot into my mouth and throat. My mouth filled up with so much cum I gagged and choked and just then he pushed his cock all the way down my throat! His sticky cum blew out my nose and around my lips there was just so much cum I could not drink it all down as I tried to engulf his cock as he fucked my mouth. I stroked him and licked up as much cum as I could. My Cowboy said “MAN YOUR WIFE SUCKS GREAT COCK”!

I jumped as we hear the HOME DEPOT guys closing the sheds up and moving the tractors.
My Cowboy said you better go I think they have seen us. The Cowboy said he would call us the next day and for us to set up a meeting and then he reached over and put a finger in my wet pussy then moved it up to his lips and sucked his finger into his mouth. He said again that he was going to make both our fantasies come true. He then reached up opened the door and the doom light came on he said I’ll call you Hun! I got out and quickly walked around the front of the car and as I did he started the car and started backing up and turned his lights on catching me naked like a deer in headlights. I was trying to get in the truck as fast as I could. I grabbed my coat wrapped it around me and slid next to my husband and as I looked down I saw a big wet cum spot on his pants. He had cum in his pants! From watching me suck off The Cowboy As he drove out of the parking lot I stroked him. And the two guys moving the tractors waved at us as we left.

I told my husband your going to pay for this and kissed him with my cum covered mouth.
“Remember Betty”
I can’t wait for Friday our Fantasy is going to come true with the Cowboy. I will have two cocks inside me at the same time and I will make them both drain there cum in me. I have masturbated five times today just dreaming of the Cowboys cock inside me.

part 7
Well this weekend me and my husband stayed in bed all weekend and had a great time!
We did a lot of talking, watched a couple porn movies, played with our toys we even had anal sex for the first time in a year and you know what! It did not hurt that much and it got very erotic! I was just relaxed and very horny from my hubbie rubbing his cock on my pussy lips. My husband was asking “is this how the cowboys rubbed his cock on your pussy” He kept asking me if I wanted the mushroom headed cowboys cock to fuck my pussy. I told my husband that the big mushroom cock was going to fuck my pussy real good this Friday. He started spreading my pussy lips with his cock head and he said show me how you spread wide for the cowboy as he pressed his cock head on your pussy. Show me how you invited the cowboy to fuck your wet pussy my husband said. Tell me how far he got his cock head in you. He was so horny as we talked about that had happened. I said to my husband that the crown of the big mushroom head was spreading my pussy lips opening me up in the van that night.

I wanted to have my pussy filled by the Cowboy and the big mushroom head cock felt so hot on my lips. I told my husband that I did try grabbing the cowboy’s nice ass and I tried pulling him into me I was so hot I was leaking my wetness. I grabbed my husband’s ass and screamed fuck me cowboy ride me good fuck me fuck me. That’s when hubbie shoved his nice cock deep in me and fucked me like crazy. He was asking me if I liked the big mushroom cock head as he fucked me good. I started Cumming and Cumming shaking all over the bed calling him MY COWBOY as he fucked me like a rabbit. Then hubbie slide his cock out and starts rubbing my ass using my juices to lube me. Now this is were I usually stop him but today I was so horny and I was still having mini orgasms and my climax was like I was like climbing a latter. I just said go slow baby I know how you want to fuck my ass. But again I was having orgasm after orgasm so when his cock entered my ass it just slipped in. That’s how wet I was and horny. We were both so hot I grabbed my rabbit toy and started playing with my clit as my husbands cock fucked me in the ass. The rabbit helped a lot as my husband fucked me deeper. I bet I had 8 orgasms before my husband blew a huge load in me. Sunday I think I had 20 orgasms we were like newly weds.

That was just one of our romps in the bed this weekend. I even talked to Betty on the phone for 45 minutes as I rode hubbys cock. She asked what I was doing so I told her I'm riding hubbie. She said don’t tease me as she begged for me to let her ride him. I teased the hell out of her and I think she was masturbating. I told her that my husband wanted to tit fuck her and she pleaded for me to let him. We watched some porno that was MFM three ways. And we ate a lot of food in bed. We just plain had a good time and I have been grinning from ear to ear. We talked about our fantasies and our married life and how much we love each other. We talked about our kids and the empty nest syndrome that has awakened our sex lives again. I love my husband very much and will do anything to make him happy. Plus my husband has a lot of money and packs a 9 incher ha ha. And he paid cash for the new Mustang. I’m joking here I could care less about the money. We started betting BJ’s because when we bet money and he won it was just not exciting for him. Still I lost $2,000 to him because the stupid Texas Rangers kicked the Mariners asses all year.
One thing we did talk a lot about is Betty and the deal my husband made with me the night I said that I would fuck My Cowboy. She has been my best friend for 40 years and my husband’s friend for 25 years. We have lots of fun together and he has seen her naked, touched her tits even sucked a nipple. And she has stroked his cock through his pants and she has seen him naked and erect and she has kissed him and we do lots of teasing but no sex. Now I have given guys BJ’s as my husband watches but they have all been strangers except for MY COWBOY. And he is My Cowboy that has not changed I will get fucked by MY COWBOY. But we both think that the thing with Betty is not a good idea we do not want to lose a friend.
My Cowboy called my husband Tuesday and they talked for two hours as my husband worked on his hotrod in the garage. Well after talking to my cowboy my husband was very horny and he did not live up to his nick name! I started sucking his cock in the garage after he hung up with my cowboy and asked what they talked about. I just pulled his pants down and engulfed him. So much for the”Laster” he blew his load in a minute.

Well anyway the Betty thing (sorry I get off track sometimes I’m Blonde)!
My husband made a deal with me about Betty but should I let them. I do want to watch Betty get a good fucking and I know she turns my husband on.
I have to make this a challenge for my husband so he will want to fuck her.

What should I do so far my husband has won everything? The only thing I won was the deal with Betty.


My Husband was in a wreak two days after this happen so please forgive me for not keeping up to dated as to what happen with My Cowboy. And thank you for all well wishes and support we received.

Part 8

Friday is here and I am so nervous. My husband has been away on business and my sex drive has been insatiable I tried not to masturbate while he was gone so I would be super horny and ready to jump his bones when he got home Friday morning. “Well so much for that idea!” I wore my toy rabbit out and I gave my new toy my husband got me a real good work out. I had to change the sheets 3 times because they were so wet.
When my husband was gone he would call me at night from the boat he was on and he would start teasing about My Cowboy and my wild and forbidden desires. He would ask me if I was getting excited thinking about My Cowboy and his nice fat cock teasing my pussy lips and how it would feel sliding in my tight pussy this Friday night. He had me tell him in detail how much I loved sucking the big mushroom headed cock and how much he came down my throat. He asked me again about the night in back of the van and if the Cowboy had fucked me. He wanted me to tell him every detail and how much I love his cock touching my pussy lips. I told him that I had stuck to the rules and that I loved him and that the Cowboy did not fuck me in back of the van. But his cockhead did spread my pussy lips and he played with my clit. Then he would tell me how hot My Cowboy is and how good it will feel to get that cock in me and have it pumping me hard. My husband had bought me a new toy to keep me company a nice fat headed dildo with a cup on the bottom so you can stick on something He told me to get the toy and play with my pussy lips but don’t let it slip in me. That did it! I almost ripped the drawer off trying to get to the big dildo. My husband talked me into three very nice orgasms as I teased my pussy with the dildo. We did this every night my husband was away. During one of our phone playing we made another bet this time it was on a football game.
Well Dammit I lost another bet but this time it was football. Now I am an exhibitionist and I was home alone for the next two days so my husbands bet was I had to be naked until he got home on Friday? I could not put anything on at all no matter what. What he did not tell me was he had contracted a company to come and pour a concrete driveway from our old driveway to my husband’s new garage. So here I am out watering my flowers at 7:00am when two trucks come driving up our road to the house. I ran for the front door but I think the first truck full of workers saw me running. My heart was pounding as I hide in the house and grabbed the phone to call my husband. When he answered the phone he was not surprise that I was calling and started laughing when I told him I was watering when they pulled up. You planned this I squealed at him. Here I am naked with 10 guys out side my house working. So for the next few hours I sat in the house and watched as all those men worked outside. I watched the big trucks poured the concrete and all the guys work it and in not time at all they were packing up and leaving. As I watched them one guy turned looked right in my direction like he knew I was watching or he could see me. He bowed and tipped his hat then got in the truck and they left. I am glad my husband had bought me the new toy to keep me company the nice fat headed dildo was going to get a good workout as soon as I could run and get it. I love being naked and my husband loves making bets with me but did I lose again. “I Think I Won” Then again I just love being naked. I did have to go to the store once but I called my husband and he encouraged me to just put my long coat on over my naked body but I had to take the new toy with me to play with. I don’t know how my husband always talks me into doing things like this but he just has this way of getting me to do weird things. I drove my car with the coat opened and the fat dildo resting between my open legs with the fat head touching my pussy lips. I am glad my husband got dark tinted windows on my Mustang because as I drove to the store I kept thinking people could see right thru the windows. I love being naked and the thought of someone seeing my tits or pussy really gets me hot and horny. That fat toy felt great rubbing my pussy lips and I would think of My Cowboys big mushroom head rubbing my pussy lips. I drove to the store and I got so horny thinking of the big mushroom headed cock that when I pulled into the parking lot I called hubbie on the cell phone. I moved my ass forward in the seat and spread my legs and inserted the nice fat head of the dildo in me just as far as the Cowboy did in the van while hubbie and I talked. I had a very nice orgasm right there in the parking lot thinking of My Cowboy. I went in the store got what I needed and drove back home. I was so horny the next two days I wore the batteries out on my rabbit and two other toys I have. And I must have gone through 1000 gallons of water in my bath tub masturbating under the faucet. My husband teased me the whole time he was gone calling and teasing me to orgasms.
But now it is Friday and my husband is on his way home and I am getting ready for him so we can go meet My Cowboy. When he got home I opened the door naked pulled his pants down and gave him a BJ right there in the doorway and as I deep throated his throbbing 9” cock he asked how the concrete job went. I had him Cumming down my throat in no time and man did he blow a big load. He then picked me up carried me to the bedroom and licked and ate my pussy to three mind blowing orgasms. My god I was shaking he is so good at eating my pussy I did not want him to stop. I reached for his nice hard cock but he stopped me and said!
It’s now time to go meet My Cowboy.

We drove the new Mustang and as we got on the freeway I started playing with hubbie and had worked his nice cock free. I played with his cock for a good half hour and he was hard as a rock. I then undid my seat belt and leaned over to suck his cock. He pulled my dress up over my hips as I started sucking like crazy. And then I heard him roll down the window. He loves showing me off and he had rolled down the window so the trucker next to us could see what I was doing and see my pussy that I was fingering. I love being a show off for my husband it’s the exhibitionist in me. I could hear the truck keeping pace with us and that’s when I started to cum while playing with my clit and sucking on my husbands nice 9” cock. As I came hubbie sped up and I went down on him till his cock was all the way down my throat. He exploded right as the trucker blew his horn as we speed off into the sunset with hubbie blowing his load in my mouth. He has had a lot of practice getting BJ’s from me and driving we do this all the time.

My Cowboy and my husband had set things up before he left on his trip.
We had talked and decided to meet in a nice hotel downtown that had a lounge and music. We got to our room and got ready. I wore a black dress and shoes and that’s it just the dress no bra no panties. I had made sure my makeup and hair were perfect and I had to put a tampon in I was so wet. We then went to the lounge to meet My Cowboy. I was so nervous my tummy was in knots my legs were trembling and I was soaking wet. My clit was on fire and my nipples were hard as rocks. And my husband was teasing me while we walked lifting my dress touching my bare ass. We got a table in the back and I ordered a drink for me and water for my husband and waited for My Cowboy to show up. I could see my husband had a huge hard-on and was he was squirming telling me how hot I looked as I spread my legs to flash him.

Just as the band stated playing there he was My Cowboy, My dream, My fantasy. My husband had gotten everything right that I had told him the last eighteen to twenty years about my dream fantasy Cowboy.
Here was My Cowboy 6’2 with boots on, dark hair, clean shaven with arms as big as a cactus his chest was hard with a nice wide back that tapered down to a slim waist with a nice hard butt that made my knees weak and thighs as big as tree trunks and that tight butt is to die for. He was wearing black tight Levis that showed off a nice big bulge, black boots, light blue short sleeve dress shirt that had been tailored to fit his slim waist and the sleeves were slit so his huge arms would not rip the shirt and he topped it off with a black Cowboy hat. I know every woman in the bar must have gotten wet when they saw him. I know I was wet and my pussy was shivering. He walked up to our table and my husband stood up and shook his hand. My husband turned to me and said to My Cowboy she is beautiful and I love her very much but tonight you are her fantasy come true and offered my hand to the cowboy. I tried to stand up but my knees were trembling and my heart was pounding. He helped me up and pulled me into his massive chest pressing his body to mine and he kissed me deeply and I felt his cock press against my tummy as it grew rock hard and my hard nipples pressed into him. And that’s when I had my first orgasm. My knees buckled and I almost fell to the floor but My Cowboy held me in his massive arms. I am so glad I had the tampon in because I would have left a big puddle I could feel my juices. He held me and kissed me as my orgasm settled down. He told me how hot I looked in the dress and he reached up to play with my right breast and nipple.

We sat down with me in the middle of these two gorgeous men and we talked and had a few drinks to settle down. As we talked My Cowboys hand started playing with my leg moving up between my thighs. I could tell my husband was getting excited watching so I spread my legs and let my dress ride up to give him a better view of My Cowboys hand moving up to touch my pussy. My Cowboy leaned over and kissed me and said he wanted one of my fantastic BJ’s and then his fingers touched my pussy lips and clit. I exploded in another orgasm that shoot through my body as he kissed me to muffle my screams. My mind was spinning I was trembling I was lost in the feeling of my orgasm. As I settled down I opened my eyes and there was the waitress looking at me with my legs spread and My Cowboys hand between my spread legs fingering my wet pussy and she had a big grin on her face. I tried to cover up but she just said looks like ya all need another round and turned and walked away. I said can we please leave and both my husband and My Cowboy joked and said we have drinks coming and My Cowboy kept playing with my wet pussy. I reached over and rubbed his big bulge and saw the waitress coming with our drinks. I tried to cover up but My Cowboy knew my husband likes showing me off so he held my dress as the waitress got up close to the table and she was looking right between my legs as she set the drinks down and I could see her nipples getting hard. She said drinks are on her for giving her the show. My Cowboy said to the waitress we’ll give ya a better show and he unzipped his pants and fished out his nice hard cock with its mushroom head and stroked it slowly making the head turn dark purple and a drop of pre cum leak out the tip. She moved so no one could see what was going on and I leaned down and licked the cum off the tip and wrapped my lips over the mushroom head and stroked him. I licked around the head as he played with my nipple. The bands set ended and the lights started getting brighter so we had to stop and My Cowboy zipped up and I pulled my dress down. And then I saw the waitress looking at my husband and his 9”cock was out and twitching. She said sorry she had to go and turned and left. We drank our drinks and I said lets go now I want to get that nice cock in me! I was so horny I need to go now.

Here is the photo everyone asked for and thanks for all the e mails and comments. My husband loves reading all the comments and they just make me horny.
Part #9 will post shortly.

And I must say I love my Husband.

My Cowboy stood up taking my hand and said yes baby its time! I was trembling as we all got up and left the bar and headed for our room. My husband stopped to pay the bar tab and talked to the waitress and picked up a bottle of Merlot. As my husband walked away I saw the waitress checking his butt out and I could see her nipples were hard. My Cowboy and I were standing by the back door while we waited for hubby and he was playing with my butt running his hands over the curve, squeezing and caressing. He reached up to play with my breast pinching my nipple. We saw my husband approaching and My Cowboy beckoned me to follow, leading the way down a narrow path through some palm trees to the pool area. My Cowboy said before we go to the room I need you to suck my cock I have been holding back for days dreaming of your great BJ’s I have never had a woman suck my cock like you do. He took me to the back of the pool area by the hot tub and my husband followed us and then he sat down in a chair in the dark to watch me up close and see how much I love sucking My Cowboys cock. We fell into each other’s arms and My Cowboys mouth opened, our lips meet and the rest of the world faded away. He pushed me down and I dropped to my knees right there and unzipped his pants and out sprang that nice mushroom headed cock. I held it in my hand and stroked it and ran my tongue around the crown. His cock is not as long as my husbands 9” but My Cowboys mushroom head is 6" around and the shaft is about 5” around and 8” long with a dark purple head. My lips went over the crown and were stretched as I licked the tip and stroked the shaft. I looked at my husband and he had a look of pure lust on his face and I said this is for you babe watch me suck this big fat cock. I put the big head back in my mouth and stroked and sucked his cock going deeper with each stroke. I was dreaming of the big head entering my pussy and then pulling it out over and over. I was bobbing up and down stroking sucking and I could hear him moaning and I had to reach for my pussy as he started thrusting in to my mouth. I loved sucking his cock the crown is so soft and the shaft so hard. I could feel his cock throbbing like a heart beat in my throat as it slid past my lips and down my throat. I started playing with my swollen clit and pussy lips. He started encouraging me to suck his cock telling me my husband could see his cock getting ready to shoot his load in my mouth. His cock felt so good sliding down my throat I came up to taste his precum and looked at hubbie. I licked a drop of cum off the tip and then trailed my tongue down to his balls licking all the way. I stroked him and rubbed the mushroom head on my lips and opened my mouth and licked the crown. My Cowboy put one of his hands on my head and pulled my hair back with the other and held it in his fist. Then My Cowboy said to my husband now you can watch me as I cum down her throat like I did in the van she is the greatest cock sucker ever!. I deep throated his cock as he pushed my head down till my nose was touching his hard abs and the mushroom head was down my throat. I started having another orgasm and it shook my body with wave after wave of pleasure and it lasted such a long time. I played with my pussy and he pumped his cock down my throat and my tongue caressed and wrapped around the shaft as my head bobbed up and down. It was a blow job like no other, electric; every nerve from my nipples to my twitching pussy was throbbing in pure pleasure. I felt so good, so fucking good I just had to start sucking faster and stroking that nice cock I wanted to taste his cum again. He was groaning and pumping his cock in my mouth then he exploded with a huge load groaning and making all kinds of noise. I don’t have a gag reflex and that is why I can deep throat big cocks but he cam so much and with such force I gagged and he just pushed my head all the way down on his cock. I could feel each cum squirt as it shoot into my tummy and as it did I exploded in orgasm again. He was shooting so much hot cum down my throat and in my mouth and he was shoving his cock down my throat. There was just too much cum that I could not take it all and it started coming out my nose as I was still Cumming. I just keep milking every drop of cum from his hard cock as my orgasm peaked. I could not believe how much he came and with such force. I brought my mouth and lips up slowly and let the crown of his cock head pop out and I licked the rest of the cum up. He rubbed his mushroom cockhead on my lips and pushed it back in my mouth and I took the last drops of his cum in my mouth. I stroked his cock till he calmed down and my orgasm subsided. His cock throbbed and I‘d never wanted to fuck so bad as right now. I could feel my hot pussy throbbing and my clit was on fire and my pussy lips were swollen and there was cowboy cum all over my face. We were surrounded in our own passion.

As I turned to look at my husband I hear clapping and cheering with wolf whistles and turned to see four guys and four women standing by the pool watching me suck MY Cowboys cock. And you know how much of an exhibitionist I am. I still had his cock in my hands so I rubbed it on my lips and deep throated it one last time so they all could see. I am an exhibitionist but I have never had people watch me give a BJ except for my husband. I was out of my mind with excitement I was so dam horny those people were watching me and I was on the brink of another orgasm. I then said we need to go now I need this cock in me! “NOW” We left in a hurry heading for the room The trip to the room felt like it took an hour my heart was pounding I had both these men helping me walk because my orgasms had made my legs all rubbery. The whole time I was being stroked and felt up. We opened the door and as we entered My Cowboy sweep me up in his huge arms and kissed me. He touched me faintly, kissing me using his full lips to cover my mouth. The feeling was so wonderful that I tingled all over. My heart was beating quickly and so was My Cowboys. I could hear the pounding noise against my chest we looked at each other again and smiled. I could smell my sex I was so wet I said I need to clean up and went to the bathroom to take the tampon out and freshen up. When I came out of the bathroom both my hunks were sitting on the couch talking. I walked over to the big windows and I started to close the drapes but my husband stopped me and took my hand and said that he loved me and now it was time for my fantasy. Right there in the window so anyone who was looking could see us my husband pulled my dress off over my head and pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. I was standing in front of the window naked my heart pounding my pussy twitching sending shock waves through me. My husband took my hand and offered it to My Cowboy. He then said! You are my wife’s fantasy she has dreamed about you for over twenty years and now she is all yours to do with as you please and she will do anything you want.

Then my husband sat down and My Cowboy looked me over real good telling me how hot I was how nice my tits were and he loved my trimmed pussy hair. He stood up reached for my tits and was squeezing them and pinching my nipples. He pushed them together and sucked both nipples in to his mouth and nibbled on them. OH MY GOD that felt so good my husband must have told him that I love having both nipples pushed together and sucked. His mouth felt as hot as he sucked and his hand found my throbbing pussy. He told me to undress him and as I did he was telling my husband how hot I was and how much he is going to enjoy sliding his big cockhead into my wet hairy pussy.
Oh! My GOD this was the first time I have see My Cowboy naked this man was a Greek god. What a body my heart was pounding I was melting my pussy was throbbing and my nipples were so hard they hurt but it was a good hurt. He pulled me close and pressed our naked bodies together and his hands were cupping my ass. I ran my hands all over him feeling every muscles and bulge. His cock was as hard as steel and I was amazed how much bigger it looked when he was naked. The Mushroom head was dark purple and shiny it felt so warm in my hand. This was my Fantasy
He looked at my husband and said now I will show you what I did to your wife in back of the van so you will know if she told you the truth about that night. I had told My Cowboy that my husband had thought that he fucked me in back of the van and how turned on my husband got every time we talked about that night in back of the van. Every time I told my husband about that night and the big mushroom headed cock touching my pussy lips and parting them he would fuck me like crazy and have a huge orgasm. He then told me to do everything the same as the night at The Roadhouse. He sat on the couch so my husband had a close up view and I got between his legs and started stroking his cock then I went down and started licking the tip and putting the head of that big mushroom cock in my mouth. GOD I love sucking cock and tasting cum. I could still taste his cum from my first BJ on his cock as I licked and sucked. The big mushroom head was stretching my lips and I looked at hubbie and slowly engulfed My Cowboys cock till I had the whole thing in my throat. He then grabbed my head and hair and started pumping his big cock in and out of my mouth fucking my face. I was about ready to cum again, When!

Part 11

That’s when this big cowboy pulled me up like he was going to kiss me just like before and his arms went under my knees and he picked me up and set me on my back on the floor in front of my husband. There I was on my back my legs were spread wide as he grabbed both my breast and pinched my nipples twisting and pulling them, they were so sensitive from my earlier orgasms it was like electric pulses running from my nipples to my clit. His cock was right between my legs he had me pinned as he moved his cock up so the head was rubbing my pussy lips. My lips parted a little as his mushroom headed cock moved up and pressed on my clit and his shaft was pressed against my pussy lips I was flush with passion. My Cowboy asked my husband can you see what I am doing to your wife with my cock it’s all wet from her juices. His cock felt so big and so hot on my pussy my clit was sending shock waves through my body it was on fire throbbing and wet. His huge arms were wrapped under my knees and both of his hands were griping my breasts and pinching my hard nipples. He started again telling my husband what happen that night! He said that I said please “NO” my husband is coming please “NO”! I tensed up, his cock head was at the opening of my pussy lips as he slowly moved it across my lips and touched my clit again. “Please don’t” It was just like the night in the van and my mind was going nuts.

My mind was spinning and my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing and his cock felt like a red hot poker as it was pressed against my pussy. “Look at my big cockhead open her pussy lips like a flower” My Cowboy said to my husband as he slid his cockhead between my pussy lips. My husband asked My Cowboy how hot my pussy was and that I had been dreaming of fucking his big mushroom headed cock. I have multiple orgasms and I could feel one of my orgasm building as his cockhead rubbed my pussy lips and pressed on my clit. I love the feel of a hard cock throbbing in my throat and hot cum shooting down my throat. But this was heaven. I shivered every time his cock touched my clit and slid along my pussy lips.
As he is pressing and wiggling on top of me he looked me in the eyes again and he said in a whisper I said I am going to fuck you good and I too have been dreaming of fucking your brains out and now your pussy is so hot just waiting for my cock. He told my husband he pushed his cockhead opening my pussy up. He said that when he made me promise that I would come back Friday night and he would have some rubbers so he could fuck me he told my husband that he knew you wanted me to fuck you “and you do want me to fuck you don’t you! Don’t you” Looking me in the eyes. He told my husband his cock was rubbing my lips and the big mushroom head pressed on my clit. He said I told him please not tonight my husband is on his way here and I don’t have a rubber as we still acted out what we said in the van for my husband’s pleasure. He said not tonight but that I had better be here next Friday. I said please let me suck your cock now! I want your cock in my mouth again please let me suck your cock! He asked again will you be here next Friday!
My husband asked again did you FUCK HER did your cock go in her.
He told my husband that I relaxed and let my legs spread wide, opening my pussy wide to him and it was soaking wet waiting as I was completely open to his big cockhead. He told my husband at that point he knew that I was inviting him to fuck me as I was spread wide and was lifting my ass off the floor. He told my husband he could have fucked me anytime with or without a rubber and that I would be begging him to shove his big cock all the way in me and fuck my brains out. And you know what he was right! He said to my husband man this pussy is hot and wet just waiting for my big cock to be shoved in. I was completely open with his cock at the opening of my soaking pussy all he had to do was move back and push and his cock would be in me. This Cowboy was playing a game with the both of us and he was teaseing the hell out of us. He was making sure he did not enter me pulling back as my pussy lips were touching his cock head. He was teasing me and I was opening up for him and my hips were moving upwards wanting his cock in me, my body begging him to fuck me. His mushroom headed cock was at the opening of my soaking wet pussy ready and I just wanted him to fuck me I wanted that cock in me and pounding me. I said did you bring the rubbers. He let go of one of my legs and held on to his cock and guided it up rubbing my clit and then back so his cock head was at my open pussy again. The head parted my lips my clit was throbbing my mind said fuck me, fuck me, fuck me as he wet his cockhead on my soaking wet pussy. My ass was coming off the floor I was grabbing his ass and pulling trying to get that cock in me I was having mini orgasms but he pulled back again teasing me.

I was so hot my pussy was throbbing and twitching as his cock rubbed my wet pussy lips his cock opening them up. He pushed with his huge mushroom cockhead and my pussy opened for him the crown almost going in past my lips. I begged him to put a rubber on and fuck me hard now! I was almost screaming I wanted that cock. He told my husband to watch closely as I spread my legs inviting him again to fuck me. My Cowboy said to me if you want me to fuck you it will have to be without a rubber because your husband wants me to shoot a big load of cum deep in your pussy and fill you up. He told me your husband said I could do what I want! And my husband had told the Cowboy he wanted him to fuck me without a rubber so he could see My Cowboy fill my pussy with lots of cum and he also told him I wanted to feel his hot cum shoot into me. He told my husband look at my cock opening her pussy she wanted me to fuck that night but I didn’t but I’ll tell you she is one hella cocksucker. But now I am going to fuck her and fill her up with my big cock. And I am not going to use a dam rubber so I can shoot a load in this nice pussy. HE looked at my husband and said she’s begging for my big mushroom headed cock can you see her hot pussy ready for my cock.
NOW tell me to fuck your wife!
Yes fuck her, fuck her, and fuck her pussy good my husband begged. Fuck my wife; fuck my wife cum in her pussy!
I heard my husband begging the Cowboy to fuck me. My Cowboy shoved that big mushroom head cock all the way in me as my ass came off the floor to meet his thrust and I grabbed his butt and he buried his cock deep in me and I exploded in multiple orgasms yelling fuck me, fuck me. He was pounding that big cock in me and as fast as he could slamming into me as my orgasms rocked my body and my mind every nerve in my body was electrified, tingling. I could not stop Cumming he slowed and pulled out till the head of his cock popped out of my gushing pussy. Then back in and out the big mushroom head drove me crazy popping in and out he then put his big hands on the inside of my knees spread me so wide my knees were almost touching the floor by my head, my ass was off the floor and he fucked me with long deep strokes. He pile drove his cock in me like a jackhammer. He stopped when he was half way in and said “Catch your breath baby this is going to be worth the wait” I knew he was right but it was easier said than done. I could feel MY Cowboys big mushroom head in my pussy. My next orgasm hit me so hard that my husband said my eyes rolled back in my head and all he could see was the whites. I have heard of this happening but it has never happened to me.
I thought I was going to burst bells and whistles were going off inside me telling me to keep going no matter what I shook uncontrollable trashing all over as My Cowboy held me and fucked my brains out. He filled me up like no other guy had done before. My husband said that the Cowboy was fucking me so hard that my tits were bouncing all over as he squeezed them, and my face was contorting and twisting and I was screaming so loud my husband said he had to turn the TV on and he said my orgasm lasted a good five full minutes. My eyes were still rolled back as my orgasms rocked my body. I started to come around this was pure ecstasy his cock was pumping me and I could feel the mushroom head deep in me. I cried out when he spread me wide and slammed into me hitting bottom it hurt but a good hurt because I wanted it more.
The Cowboy told my husband man she fucks as good as she sucks cock just look at her cumm. He then told my husband shove your cock in her mouth and I’ll fuck her and make her deep throat your cock as I cumm in that sweet pussy. My husband had undressed and was stroking his cock. I was so excited my orgasms were coming one after the other as my floodgates opened. I felt my husband beautiful cock touched my lips. My Cowboy said yes suck his cock and he started pounding me faster and harder as my husband pumped his cock down my throat. I could taste my orgasm building and My Cowboy kept fucking me fast and deep it was like a jet plane taking off. The Cowboy started yelling that he’s was going to cumm. I felt his cock swell in my pussy and explode as he buried his big cock deep my soaking pussy. I explode along with my husband as the Cowboy pumped his hot cum in me squirt after squirt filling my pussy with sticky cum. I could feel every hot cum squirt shoot deep in me and my husband started blowing his load down my throat. I was flaying all over the floor Cumming in waves one after the other and my mind faded in and out as my body shook. I was gushing like never before and so much fluid was streaming out of me I soaked the floor in a big puddle. I have never had a man cum so hard and so much and never slow down during his huge orgasm. My husband said the Cowboy was amazing and had fucked the whole time we were Cumming
I came back to my senses as I felt My Cowboys cock sliding out of my pussy and a gush of fluid started streaming out of my pussy. I was still having mini orgasms and I felt my husband rubbing his cumm covered cock on my lips.

My Cowboy told my husband “THAT WAS FUCKING GREAT”

I looked at his cock and it was still rock hard.


That was the best Orgasm I have ever had. I don’t know how to describe it I was fading in and out. I had cum all over me, I could not believe how much he had cum and it was sticky, gooie and oh so hot. I could feel it running down to my butt and I licked my husbands cum from my lips as the cowboy rubbed his mushroom cockhead all over my engorged pussy. My body was numb and little jolts were running through my body from my head to my toes. There are parts that all I remember is my body shaking and twitching and I had no control of it. And I could feel my self screaming but no sound was coming out. The inside of my thighs were beat red along with my ass and pussy, I had big red hand prints from him squeezing my swollen tits as he hammered me with that nice cock. I remember feeling the mushroom head of his cock sliding past my pussy lips for the first time and exploding in orgasm as I felt the crown sliding all the way up my pussy stretching me.
I looked at My Cowboy with glazed eyes and he said dam that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had. My husband had told My Cowboy all about my insatiable sex drive, now that all our kids have moved out. And how much I love sucking cocks and how much of an exhibitionist I am. My husband also told him of my wild and forbidden desires. I looked at My Cowboys rock hard cock and he said come here and suck my cock clean, his cock was covered with his cum and my juices. He stood up picking me up like I was a feather and he walked right in front of the window and said clean my cock up and pushed me down to my knees and rubbed his cock and cum all over my face and said. Look there are people watching you suck my cock as he pushed my head down on his cock. As his cock entered my mouth I looked out the window across the courtyard and I could see people in there windows looking our way but I could not tell if they had seen us. My Cowboy said Lassy you are one great cocksucker as he held my hair back and slid his cock down my throat. As he pumped his cock down my throat he told me “Now Lassy it’s time for your husband’s fantasy”
I looked at my husband sitting on the love seat and he had this big shit eating grin on his face and his hard cock in his hand. My Cowboy pulled me up as my hands caressed every hard muscle on his body and his cock slid along my body. He picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his tight butt and he carried me over to where my husband was and set me down in my husbands lap. I leaned back and spread wide as my husband worked his cock into my wet pussy from behind and he buried it deep in me. I then leaned forward and took My Cowboys cock back in my mouth as my husband pumped his cock in my hot pussy. He held my hair with both hands in a ponytail and slid his cock down my throat as my husband fucked me faster. My Cowboy took his cock out of my mouth pushed me back against my husband grabbed my legs and held them wide open as my husband slid his cock out of my pussy and with his free hand gilded his hot cock into my ass. I was so wet he slid in my ass half way before I knew what was going on. My Cowboy got between my wide open legs and said! Your husband’s fantasy is to have his cock buried in your ass as I fuck your pussy so he can feel you getting fucked hard with my big cock. As soon as his cock touched my pussy lips I exploded in orgasm begging My Cowboys to fuck me. The Cowboy entered me and then pulled his nice mushroom head back out. He did that about seven times and asked my husband can you feel my cock entering her. My husband said yes it feels like you are stretching her wide as his cock slid deeper into my ass. “NOW FUCK MY WIFE” FUCK MY WIFE, FUCK HER WITH THAT BIG COCK!!
With both hands holding tight, he began pounding away furiously, making his whole cock penetrate me. He began drilling away at my pussy, making his cock slam in and out, and driving deep with each thrust. I was moaning so much with my mouth open it only made him more eager to move faster. My Cowboy began to groan loudly, making my sounds seem passive in comparison. He released one of my legs and ran his fingers all over my skin, eventually grabbing my nipple and pulling. Seeing his face cringe and his forehead sweat, an intense heat coursed through my body, even seeping through my bones. Then I began to cum a marvelous kind of tingling and comfort overtaking me. My eyes were closed focusing on nothing but the pleasure that was shaking my body.

Part 14

My Cowboy slowed down pulling his big mushroom headed cock out of my sopping wet pussy, reaching down he grabbed his cock and slid it up and down my slit, rubbing my clit as my body shook. I could not believe it I was getting double penetrated one nice cock in my ass and My Cowboys nice big mushroom headed cock was in my pussy. My ass was on fire as my husbands cock slowly pumped in my ass, My Cowboy pushed the big crowned head back into me and I could feel him bumping my husbands cock when he pumped deep. This was my husband’s fantasy he has always wanted for me to be double penetrated with him in my ass so he can feel My Cowboys nice big prick fucking my wet pussy. My Cowboy asked my husband can you feel my cock fucking your wife’s hot pussy as he pushed that nice cock back in just far enough and stopped. He slowly pushed deeper spreading me open and he tells me; Lets show your husband how nasty you can fuck, he told my husband to hold my legs open so he could fuck me deep. He grabbed my shoulders held me tight and started driving his hard cock deep in to me and picking up the pace till he was driving into me with lightning speed. My husband was trying to keep his cock in my ass as My Cowboy pounded me; all I could hear was flesh slapping flesh what a stud MY Cowboy is. The whole time my husband is telling My Cowboy to fuck me, fuck her good, FUCK MY WIFES PUSSY, FUCK HER. I was still having little orgasms as the two cocks drove into me.
My husband said look babe there are a bunch of guys and girls watching you from the room across ours. The drapes were wide open and the lights were on in the room, the courtyard was only the width of a large sidewalk so the room across from ours was only a few feet away, we had the love seat right in front of the window, with my husband sitting on the edge me on top of him with his nice cock in my ass and I was trying to see over My Cowboys shoulder who was fucking my sore pussy. I wanted to see the people watching us I NEED THEM TO SEE ME! I have always had a fantasy of being watched; to have someone watch a cock enter my wet pussy just turns me on so much. But now they were watching me as I was double penetrated. When I was 18 I worked at a strip club to make some money while my husband was going to college. It paid great and put my husband through college, in a year of dancing I was able to payoff my husband’s tuition. I would have orgasms on stage as guys watched dance and show my tits and pussy. That is where my husband first saw me give a stranger a blow job and the guy paid me $250.
So here I was my husbands cock buried in my ass and my legs are spread as wide as they could go, My Cowboys nice muscular body with his tight ass was pumping his big mushroom headed cock into my pussy with long deep strokes as nine to twelve people were watching me get double fucked. My Cowboy said yea baby “they are watching you” They can see you getting your brains fuck out! His long deep thrusts got more powerful and his speed picked up again as he was fucking me with that nice cock.
I looked out the window and there they were all of them! They were watching ME! They could see me getting fucked by these two nice cocks. “Now” all these people were watching “ME” as I was spread wide with a cock pounding my ass and My Cowboys big mushroom headed cock fucking my wet pussy. My Cowboy moved to the side reached down and slowly pulled his cock out of my wet pussy. He said look at them, show them your pussy “look right at them”. My Cowboy pushed his cock head in till the big head passed my swollen pussy lips and he pulled it out and rubbed it on my clit and pussy lips. I looked at them as he was pushing the big mushroom head in and out, there watching you get fucked he said, they can see everything, your open pussy and my nice cock going in. He was getting into them watching and his cock felt hotter. As I looked out the window I grabbed my right ankle and pulled it up and out so they all had a view of his cock fucking me, I looked at them and I saw a couple raise there drinks up in the air cheering me. I looked right at them and grabbed My Cowboys nice ass pulling him back into me as he fucked me harder. My husband grabbed my breast and pinched and twisted my nipple, his other hand went for my clit and as soon as he touched it I had to grab his hand because my clit was so sensitive it hurt. He grabbed my other nipple and twisted it in circles between his thumb and finger. My Cowboy put both his hands on each leg just above my knees spread me wide and started pulling his cock out just till the big head would almost come out then he would drive it deep into me again and again. I was screaming for them both to fuck me and to cum in me. I wanted and needed those people to see me getting fucked; I wanted to show off, I wanted for them to see me, I needed them to see My Cowboys big mushroom headed cock fucking my pussy.

OH MY GOD I started Cumming like crazy shaking, bucking yelling at both of them to FUCK ME FUCK ME! I knew that I was being watched by all those people and they were seeing me have an orgasm. They got a good pace going and I felt my husbands cock hitting this spot deep in me, and every time My Cowboys cock pushed deep into my pussy his cock would make my husbands cock press harder on the “spot” I was still Cumming and my orgasms were racking my whole body. That’s when My Cowboy screamed I’m Cumming and I felt his cock throb and explode, shooting a huge hot load deep in my pussy as he slammed into me. When his second squirt unloaded in me I heard my husband yell and blow a huge hot load in my ass. My Cowboy kept pumping into me as my husband had the biggest and longest orgasms I have ever seen a man have. I felt both cocks squirting in me and I was Cuming so fucking hard, I exploded in a full body orgasm and I was having multiple orgasms that would not stop. It started with this strange tingling heat in my clit and spreads into my vagina then the tingle and warmth spread down my legs and up into my stomach. My heart was racing and the deeper my breath got the more I shook. My heart was beating faster while my breathing quickened. My muscles tighten all over my body my breasts were enlarged as my husband pinched my nipples, and my nipples stood out while the areolas become noticeably enlarged. I was flush red on my face, neck, and chest. My clitoris also swelled. I could not control any of my actions or responses it was as near to heaven as a living person could ever possibly get. I came so hard that my orgasm made me passed out. I was flailing all over as they pushed there cocks deep. Everything went white with a flash and then just dimmed to dark then bright stars and flashing colors. I could hear them but could not understand and my body was just quivering and shaking. By the time I finally came to I was in tears because it felt so good. They said my orgasm lasted for almost 10 minuets making me shudder and twitch, my pussy was throbbing and I could feel my heart pounding. When I started coming back to, my head was throbbing, my legs felt like they had been split apart and fluids were running out of me like a gas pump. My Cowboy had gotten off me and my husband had gone to the bathroom and brought back a cold wet towel. I must have been out for a little while but my body was still shaking and twitching and my ass hurt.
My husband cooled me off with the wet towel and kissed me then he said that I needed to finish up by cleaning My Cowboy up so everyone could see. I was still spread open with cum all over me and the group of people were still watching. My Cowboy moved his nice cock next to my face and said, Yes Julia clean my cock up real nice so everyone can see. I was still numb from the orgasm that had racked my body, I looked out the window and all the people were watching, I took his cock and started licking his shaft and circling his big mushroom head. I squeezed his cock and some cum oozed to the tip. I looked at the people and licked the cum off his cock and then while still looking I deep throated him all the way down my throat and then suck it all the way back up. All the people watched me suck his cock clean, I saw all the people start clapping and it looked like they were cheering. That’s when I noticed that we had been fucking for three and a half hours non stop. My husband knew I was worn out; I could not move I was still shaking and numb. My body was red and covered in cum. My Cowboy then picked me up in his huge arms and carried me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed and climbed in next to me as my husband did the same on the other side and in no time at all I was asleep.
Now my husband had planned this whole thing. He and I had told My Cowboy that this was a one time thing and that this was it! No more after tonight. My husband later told me that he had set the whole thing up even getting the room across from ours and having the people watch us. And My Cowboy was in on it from the beginning. There was a couple from wifelovers there that my husband and I have been chatting with in the wifelovers chat room. He set up everything from the beginning with the Cowboy and our wifelover friends. I had told My Cowboy that we loved each other very much and my husband is the only guy I have ever had sex with. We just want to live out our fantasy.
MY loving husband had made my longtime fantasy come true.

After I had sleep for four or five hours I awoke and thought it was all a dream but My Cowboy was playing with my pussy and sucking my tit as my husband watched with a big smile and his hard cock in his hand. For the next two hours My Cowboy fucked me real good, from behind, me on top, him on top, side ways and any way you could think two people could fuck. I had so many orgasms I did not even try and count them. And to see how much pleasure it gave my husband, you should have seen the smile on his face as My Cowboy pumped his big mushroom headed cock into me.
He had me on my knees and was sliding into me from behind and told me to suck my husbands cock. I had my husband’s cock half way down when I felt My Cowboy pull his cock out and slide it up to my ass. I tried to pull away but my husbands cock was down my throat. I felt that mushroom head enter my ass he slowly push in and my husband came down my throat exploding when he saw My Cowboys cock enter my sore ass. He spread my ass cheeks and slid his nice cock in then pumped about five times and My Cowboy came filling my ass up with his hot cum till it just flowed out of me. He had filled every hole with his cum just like my husband had wanted him to do. After My Cowboy finished using me he took a shower and I fell back asleep. He woke me up kissing me and he said Julia you are the best I have ever had and I know how much your husband loves you, You are one great cock sucker and he kissed me and then he just walked out the door never to be seen again.
My husband spoiled me for the next two days taking me to the best Day Spa in the state. We had great sex even thought I was sore as hell inside and out.
And I want to thank My Cowboy (I know he is reading this) and to the couple from wifelovers who have been so nice to us, and my loving husband who I love to death and would do anything for. I LOVE YOU BABE.

The only bad thing that happen was when my husband was on his way to work he was hit from behind at 55 mph by a lady who was talking on her cell phone and did not see that everyone had stopped. No breaking she just slammed into him. My husband was pretty lucky he was in great shape from working out all the time and did not get hurt to bad he was in bed for three days drugged up and very loopy. His brand new truck was totaled. So our sex life came to a stop so I could nurse my loving husband back to health. He is doing well now and back to his normal horny self.
We already made another bet and guess what “I lost again” This time it was the Superbowl and I bet for New England and they won. But something about them not making the point spread.

What do all you wifelovers think the bet should be?

“Don’t forget Betty” but that is another story!

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Love TX Lassy and Laster