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Monday, October 05, 2009

Best cocksucker in Texas.

My husband has been planning it all out, I know for a fact he has been talking to Roger and planning this training for awhile. My husband has been acting like he is a 20 y/o again, we have had so much sex in the past 2 days talking about my training with Roger I think I wore my husband out. He’s a stallion his 9” cock has been so hard and he is so excited we have had sex on the boat, by the river, on the beach (got caught), by the pool, in the barn, in the front yard and at the truck stop/cafĂ© while letting a trucker watch.

Roger is a 27 y/o young man 6' tall, short dark hair 190lbs of pure muscle, big arms (Dam I love a man with BIG ARMS makes me so wet) pause while I fantasize and masturbate...
And a thick 9" cock...Did I say thick!

Anyway I'm wet now because my husband has been talking to him about me. My husband told him that I am the best cocksucker in Texas!

Now what am I suppose to do when I meet him for the first time tomorrow.

My husband tied me up in our swing, naked and blindfolded. He then proceeded to tease me about Roger and the things he has been telling him about me. I heard him turn on my favorite vibrator and my body got all warm inside.

Over the next hour or so my husband used that rabbit vibe that he name Roger on me make me cum over and over. He would make me suck on it and tell me it was Rogers cock I was deep throating. He fucked my soaking wet pussy with Roger the rabbit vibe while telling me it was Rogers cock fucking me.

After 2 earth shaking orgasms my husband spread me wide open and fucked me with his nice long cock till we both came shaking and screaming. We have been playing all day and teasing each other.

My husband has selected the outfit he wants me to wear tomorrow. He sat in his lounge chair had me on my knees sucking his cock as he told me what I could do with Roger and "What I had to do with him"

My husband explained to me the rules once again and also told me that he had explained them in detail to Roger. My husband then picked up the phone while I was still sucking on his meaty cock and called Roger so I could workout the details.

My husband switched places with me and was eating my wet pussy as I told Roger my goals. My goal was to increase my overall strength, flexibility and endurance.

First I have to do a Initial Fitness Evaluation.
* Body Composition Analysis & Measurements
* Nutritional Assessment
* Health History Review
* Strength & Flexibility Testing
* Goal Review & Assessment
* Cardiovascular Condition Assessment

Tomorrow I meet Roger in the morning at the gym when my husband goes to work out. I'm looking forward to the Stretch & Massage Session.