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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blindfolded cabin adventure.

Blindfolded cabin adventure.

My husband and I have been going at it like we were college students just moved away from home after our last hot 3some with my husband hiding and watching me with Bret and Fred.
Besides the cabin at the lake we have two cabins on our ranch that we use during the hunting seasons. When the hunting season is over we offer our cabins to friends and other city folk for sexy adventures. Plus we do have some special dates for nature outings and group adventures. It is very relaxed rolling hills oak trees and a river near by, very nudist friendly.

The wild turkey season just ended and my husband has been smoking turkeys for the clients for two days. He started cleaning up the cabins and asked me to restock them. I loaded up some cleaning supplies and other items into our quad, my husband had already left with the first load.

When I got to the first cabin my husband had already been there and I thought he must be on his way to the other cabin. I walked in with a load of supplies and knew right away my husband had something planned. The single bed had been moved to the middle of the room and had four soft ties on each corner and a black blindfold in the middle of the bed, the bunk beds also had four soft ties one on each top post and one on each bottom post. Next to the blindfold was a piece of paper folded in half. The cabin had already been cleaned up. I sat down on the bed and opened that piece of paper.

You are to follow these instructions.
 Remove all of your clothes and place them outside the door. Return to the bed and put the blindfold on. You may not speak. You will then wait until you are told what to do. You will follow all verbal instructions from then on.

My pussy was instantly wet my nipples were getting harder by the second, we have been discussing new fantasies. When I was taking my shirt off my nipples were so sensitive the fabric rubbing up against them sent tingles all the way to my pussy. I was so excited I carefully folded my clothes placing them outside the door. I looked around sensing that I was being watched, my nipples were so hard my pussy was tingling and I felt warm inside. I returned to the bed sitting down and putting my blindfold on. As soon as everything went black my heart started beating faster, time passed slowly I thought I could hear someone walking around outside I could smell the mustiness inside the cabin and the smell of the stove. Five minutes went by in the darkness I could feel my heart thumping, 10 minutes went by and every scenario I could think of was racing through my mind.

A slight breeze crossed my naked body, my breasts were swollen my nipples were rock hard I was squeezing my legs together my pussy was throbbing so much with anticipation. I heard someone as they walked up to the door my heart was racing my mouth was dry I was biting my lips. The floor creaked under the weight of his body as he slowly walked towards me. I could feel him looking at me and then I felt him move his foot inching its way between my feet making me spread my legs apart. I could smell him I sensed him and then I heard him unzip his pants. My pussy juices were flowing as I heard his pants hit the floor and could tell he was taking off the rest of his clothes.

I felt his rugged hands on the inside to my knees pushing my legs apart then reaching out to run his hand through my hair. I could feel his strength I could tell he was young and fit as his tight muscular body rubbed against me. He pushed my head forward rubbing his cock on my lips my tongue darted out to lick the head. I started to reach out for his cock and he slapped my hand away. He made sure my blindfold was tight and again pushed my head towards his cock. I had to sit on my hands to keep from reaching up and grabbing the cock that was teasing my mouth. My lips stretched to wrap around his thick cock as I realized just how fat this cock really was. I smelled the aroma of his manhood as more of his cock disappeared in my mouth. Inch by inch I took more of that massive cock into my mouth coating it with my saliva so that it would slide down.

This was a new cock to me. I remember a cock when I have sucked it and this one was new. I knew my jaws were going to get a workout wrapping my lips onto his penis which stood surprisingly hard sticking up towards the sky. I sucked hard getting off on the precum leaking under his cock head, going down on his shaft and flicking my tongue around his balls. I could feel his cock pulse inside my mouth, his cum tasted good must've been from his diet. I sucked on his hard cock sliding up and down my pussy juices flowing. He started getting louder groaning loudly grabbing my head making me take his cock all the way down.

I licked with my tongue I wanted this to be the best blow job he ever had. His thick cock pulsed and I knew his hot cock would be shooting hot cum down my throat. He growled and pushed my head farther down. I moved my hand to play with my pussy and he reached down and slapped my hand again. I was not in the right position to take all of his cock so he pulled me to my knees pushing more of his cock down my throat as I continued to suck. Once I got most of it down my throat he started pumping and pulling farther back out then making me take more. He pulled out and rubbed his cock on my lips then slapping my lips and cheeks with his massive cock.

He reached for my tit grabbing my nipple and massaging it between his fingers while I continue to suck on his balls. I tried to screamed when he rammed his cock down my throat and pinched and twisted my nipple so hard I thought he was going to rip it off. He was pulling my nipple and pumping his cock into my mouth. He was getting ready to cum and I did my best to deep throat his cock as he exploded draining every drop of his hot cum down my eager mouth. He let go of my nipple and both hands were holding my head as spewed a massive amount of cum down my throat, after the third spurt he slowly eased his cock out rubbing it all over my lips his knees shaking and he was out of breath.

 I had my lips wrapped around his cock head and he pushed me backwards down on the bed, he grabbed hold of one of my wrist with his big brawny hands and tied a soft tie to it. He reached down grabbing hold of my nipple and pulling it towards him leaning down taking my other nipple between his lips sucking it in as my pussy juices started flowing heavily. He must've sucked on my tits for five minutes before he got up and tied my other hand to the bed. I felt him kneel down reaching for my head making me take his cock into my mouth again.

He was pulling and twisting my nipples as I struggled against the soft ties with his cock in my mouth. His hands started sliding down my tummy till he reached the patch of hair above my swollen pussy lips. Slowly he started rubbing my clitoris between his thumb and finger as I started moaning loudly trying to squeeze my legs together. With both hands he reached down and spread my legs rubbing his finger over my clit and sliding them into my soaking wet pussy using my juices to coat my clitoris. My legs naturally opened for his probing fingers as he slipped two fingers deep into my pussy with his thumb working its magic on my clit.

I was straining at the soft ties with his cock in my mouth as my orgasm ripped through my body my legs clamping down on his hand as I shook and thrashed around while he fucked my horny pussy with his manly hands. He wouldn't stop thrusting his fingers deep into my pussy as my orgasm wracked through my body. I was soaked and he was spreading my pussy juices over my body onto my tits.

 I was still trembling when I felt him moving to tie my leg with the other soft tie than walking around the bed to tie my other one up. I couldn’t wait to feel his mouth or big cock in my pussy I was so fucking hot and ready.  I felt him crawl across me dragging is huge cock across my belly until he was between my spread legs. With one hand he spreads my pussy exposing my swollen clitoris and slid 2 fingers deep into my pussy fucking me with his big fingers. I was bucking my ass off to bed meeting his wild thrusting fingers he was hammering into my horny pussy. When he inserted another finger in me I knew he was getting my pussy nice and wet and stretched out for his huge cock.

I was naked tied up spread open completely exposed he eased his three fingers out of my soaking pussy rubbing my juices on my breasts. I could feel him leaning down his tongue starting at the bottom of my pussy and licked up to the clit sliding his big muscular body up until I could feel his huge cock mashing my pussy lips. His lips touched mine his tongue snaking into my mouth as he passionately kissed me.

Then he got up got dressed and fucking walked out.


What just happened? Is he coming back? I was tied up and I couldn't move I wanted to try to squeeze my legs together to at least give myself some kind of pleasure my whole body was screaming inside.

As my heart slowed down I tried to listen to my surroundings tried to listen to what was going on I breathed deeply trying to calm myself down but I swear it must have been 30 minutes before I heard anything. As I lay there savoring the taste of his cum, I was remembering his manly odor and the feeling of his huge cock exploding in my throat. I don't know how long I had been lying there tied up thinking of what was going to happen next while trying to listen to all the exotic sounds.

Again I heard sounds outside and then the creaking of the floor inside the cabin, my heart started racing again. This was not a man I could tell by the weight on the floor as she walked and the Smell of a woman. I felt her walking around the bed like she was inspecting me checking me out looking over my body.

I jumped when she slowly traced her fingers around my face and lips gliding down and lightly touching my breasts. I felt her sit on the edge of the bed and could tell that she was already naked from the heat of her body. Leaning down her lips touched mine and she was breathing hard and I realize this was her first time with another woman.

I could tell she was watching my reaction to her touches. She moved her lips down my neck tasting me and caressing my breast, her lips touching my nipple she moaned her tongue sliding across her lips suckling my nipple. Her soft touch moving down my tummy I trembled as she sucked my nipple her fingers touching my wet pussy lips. I squealed as she slowly parted my wet lips sliding her finger deeper inside me.

When she removed her finger she tasted my juices. I heard her suck and moan and then she quickly got up moved between my legs and started kissing and sucking my pussy lips. Oh my god she was so hungry for her first pussy and I started shaking and straining at the soft ties holding me down. She knew what she wanted to do and was devouring my soaking wet pussy. She was determined to make me orgasm and I was shaking and cumming all over her face.

For the next 15 to 20 min she played with my pussy using her tongue and fingers rubbing her nipple on my clit. Exploring and learning to make me cumm, she really enjoyed licking me clean spreading my pussy lips exposing my clitty. I must have flooded her face she had me shaking and my clit throbbing. I lost count of how many orgasm I had.

She moved around me her breast and soft skin brushing across my face until I sucked her nipple between my lips hearing her moan. She tasted delicious her hand caressing my body massaging my breasts her hands gliding across my tummy tickling my pussy hairs. I could feel her hot body against mine and I was trembling. Her breasts were firm and larger than mine and a nice tight body with a nice ass, long hair that tickled my body. She pulled back moving so that her right breast was now between my lips sucking and lightly nibbling on her nipple. Her hand was tracing around the inside of my thighs coming close to my pussy lips and clitoris teasing me. She knew exactly where to touch and how much pressure to apply.

She moved her body with me kissing and licking underneath her breasts teasing her nipple. I could smell her pussy juices when she rotated her body so my face was between her legs kissing the inside of her trembling thighs. My tongue touched her pussy lips sending shivers up my body as I tasted her.

Just as we were getting started we both heard someone pull up outside. She got up made sure I was still tied up as the door opened. As soon as he walked in I knew that it was my husband and I could tell he was looking us both over real good. I could hear every sound and I heard her kneeled down in front of my husband and unzip his pants and I heard the sounds of her sucking his big cock. My pussy was throbbing my nipples were aching I was so horny I could not believe it. I listened then she stopped I heard her get up and felt her untying the soft ties that were holding me down to the bed. Grabbing the restraints that were still wrapped around my wrists she led me over to where the bunk beds were and turned me around. I listened as my husband got undressed and she was tying my hands to the bed frame spread apart and then bending down and tying my ankles to the bed.

I heard the bed squeak as my husband sat down and she walked over and I listened as he played with her tits and pussy making her moans as she stroked his cock. I could tell what he was doing as he laid her down on the bed and kissed his way down to her pussy. She was moaning very loudly and I could tell she was about to orgasm I knew my husband was working his wonders with his tongue driving her crazy. After her first orgasm I heard her start sucking my husbands cock again and then he turned her around and I knew the exact moment his cock slid into her pussy. I could tell how wet she was by the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as he fucked her. I am sure it was for my benefit that she was screaming for my husband to fuck her harder and he did!

I could tell by the sounds exactly what my husband was doing to her and I know she was taking the full length of his cock as deep as she could. I was so horny my nipples were hard as rocks my pussy was dripping as I listen to them fucking. He turned her over onto her back and I could tell he was spreading her legs way back and completely exposed. That's when he really started pounding into her as she screamed to her second orgasm. As soon as she started calming down from her orgasm she was begging my husband to fuck her ass. She squealed as he entered her ass he started slowly building up the pace then I could tell when he grabbed both her tits had her legs pinned back and was hammering and hammering her ass. Her third orgasm was so loud and so long right in the middle of her orgasm my husband shot a huge load deep in her ass slamming into her repeatedly.

They both had wild orgasms and I could tell that she was wrapping her lips around his cock. The room smelled like sex I was so horny my pussy was throbbing.

I couldn't believe it when I heard them getting dressed and walking out of the cabin leaving the front door wide open and leaving me tied up…… WTF?

I heard the quad startup and drive off.  I was still naked standing tied up to the bed. When you are alone and tied up with a blindfold on there are all kinds of things going through your mind and all kinds of sounds in your head. Time takes on new meaning because you don't realize how much time has past. I was making mental notes of the new cock I sucked, the taste, the smell and the feeling of his pulsing throbbing cock. It felt like an hour before I heard a vehicle pull up.

I listened to the hard shoes walking on the wood floor of the cabin the creaking floorboards the smell of a man. I could feel him standing in front of me and then very slowly reaching out and untying the blindfold. I was still blind when he removed the blindfold and started untying my feet and hands. I could feel his warm breath near my throbbing pussy. My legs were trembling my arms were shaking as I tried to get my eyes to focus on the man who had just untied me.

I was naked and there standing in front of me as my eyes cleared up was Pedro a ranch hand with my clothes folded up in his outstretched arms. I could see the smile on Pedro's face he gazed and my horny naked body. Pedro smiled turned around and walked out the door. I got dressed and walked out to Pedro’s truck he opened the door and helped me get in drove me home not saying a word he just had that big smile on his face.

I never got to see who the first man was that showed up at the cabin and I never got to see who the woman was. My husband was not at home but had left me a note with more instructions on top of a sexy thin dress that was on the bed.

The instructions stated … Do not shower, change into the clothes provide and you must drive to Whiskey Rivers Bar and dance club and be there by 9:30 pm.

I will post what happed in my next blog J


Friday, September 13, 2013

Husband hiding "The cabin" pt.5 final.

Husband hiding "The cabin" pt.5 the final.

My husband had to leave for a trip to the UK so he called Bret and Fred and changed our cabin adventure for the day after the Labor Day weekend. Bret is leaving the next weekend to go home; his training at the Navy base is completed. Fred will be here 2 more weeks before going home to Australia.

My husband had it all planned out the guys were supposed to show up at the cabin at 10:00 AM. 15 minutes before they were supposed to show up my husband texted to both of their cell phones that he was called in to work and had to leave and we would have to plan it for the next weekend. He also texted that I was still at the cabin and my mother was going to pick me up at the cabin at 12:00 noon.

My husband was hoping that driving for an hour and a half they would not turn around and that they would continue onto the cabin. My husband had a spot all set up under the stairway where he would have a good view of the couch there were louvers on the door he could open to see better and they could not see him. My husband had driven his truck out of sight so they would not see. I was so nervous not knowing if they would even show up. My husband was fingering my pussy getting his fingers covered with my juices and then spreading them on my breasts and neck So that Bret and Fred would smell the aroma of my pussy.

My heart was racing when I saw a truck pulling up to the cabin. My husband turned me around slipped his hand under my dress to feel my soaked pussy. My husband looked me in the eyes and plainly told me “NO RULES TODAY”.

Before I had the chance to say anything my husband quickly climbed into his hiding spot and before he closed the door he again told me “NO RULES”.
My husband has never done this before so lots of thought were running through my mind.

My heart was racing when I went to answer the door I was wearing a thin blue sundress my nipples were hard as rocks my pussy was soaking wet and I had so many thoughts running through my head. I opened the door my pussy throbbing gave both guys a hug and kiss invited both young men in out of the heat. I moved so that my husband could both see and hear what was happening.  I explained to them that my husband had to go to work and that he tried to call them but that there is no service up here and he was supposed to text them when he got cell phone reception.

They both said that they never received his text message as I glanced down at their hardening cocks. They said it was a shame for them to come all this way, I told them my Mom was on her way to pick me up and would be here at 12:00. My husband had told them how horny I get when I smoke pot Bret told me that my husband had instructed them to bring a joint and offered me the joint for me to smoke before they leave. We moved over to the couch I knew my husband would have a good view while we sat on the couch to smoke the joint but then they told me they don't do any drugs because of the military. I was smoking alone and the guys were talking about the last time we went Dogging and the back road blow job with my husband hiding in the Van and it was making me super horny. It didn't take long for the guy’s hands to start wondering teasing my hard nipples as my legs started spreading open. They slipped the straps of my dress off my shoulders exposing my breasts both leaning down to suck a nipple into there hungry mouths. I absolutely love having both nipples sucked on at the same time and it makes my pussy throb. I reached for there cocks as they removed my dress.

I love a man who takes control and Fred guided his Aussi knobby headed cock into my hungry mouth while grabbing my hair. I took turns sucking on both of their cocks I absolutely love wrapping my hand around Bret’s thick cock while taking Fred's cock all the way down. I would get them close to coming and then switch to the other cock as both guys played with my tits. I love sucking cocks and I wanted to make sure the guys had an amazing experience that is so incredibly intense. All the time making sure my husband had a good view. Bret was sitting on the couch as I kneeled down to suck his cock Fred kneeled behind me licking my pussy as I exploded in my first of many multiple orgasms.

I was so turned on having both guys playing with my tits and rubbing their hands all over my horny pussy as my husband was hiding and watching. They moved me onto the coach I stroked both cocks as my legs spread open for their fingers to slip into my wet pussy. I wanted my husband to see them playing with my pussy. Bret started talking nasty ordering me to suck his cock as Fred grabbed my hips scooting me to the edge of the couch and started finger banging my hot pussy. I spread my legs bringing them back completely exposing my pussy for Fred as he drove his fingers into me and rubbed his thumb on my clit while I sucked Bret’s cock.

Fred was really giving my pussy a workout as I devoured Bret’s large cock taking as much of his big cock down my throat as I could. Bret was pinching and twisting my nipples as I took his cock down my throat as Fred started kissing his way up between my thighs until his tongue drove into my pussy making me spasm as he lapped at my clit. I had two very intense orgasms as Fred did his magic on my soaked pussy.  I felt Fred moving his body between my legs and could feel his large cock teasing my pussy. I could tell that they knew what they were doing and they must have done a few 3somes.

I slipped Bret’s cock out of my mouth looked back at Fred and said “REMEMBER MY HUSBANDS RULES”

I spread my legs completely wide open as Bret grabbed my hair shoving his cock down my throat my hand reaching down spreading my pussy open. I wanted to make sure my husband had a good view as Fred teased my pussy with his hard cock sliding it back and forth coating his cock with my juices then slapping my clit with his cock before teasing me slipping the knobby head of his cock into my waiting horny wet spread pussy. I had a huge orgasm shaking violently knowing my husband was hiding and watching as Fred slipped out teasing my clitoris then slipping the head back in my hot pussy. I concentrated on deep throating Bret’s cock as Fred buried his cock deeper into my horny pussy.

I heard Bret tell Fred she is having an orgasm fuck her harder as he made me suck his cock. I spread wide as Fred started fucking my horny pussy slamming his Aussi cock deep. I was making sure that my husband could see Fred’s cock pounding my pussy the sounds of sex filling the cabin. He was like a rabbit fucking me deep and fast hearing our flesh slapping together as I spread to take all of his cock. I could tell he was about to come when he pulled out and changed spots with Bret

Again as I spread my legs and pussy completely open I looked Bret in his eyes and said….”REMEMBER MY HUSBANDS RULES”

Bret’s cock is really thick he coated his cock with my juices telling Fred to hold my legs and he slowly worked his large cock deep into my waiting pussy burying his cock balls deep in my spamming pussy taking my breath away. I looked right where my husband was hiding as I screamed for Bret to fuck me harder then took Fred’s cock in my mouth sucking his cock. Bret really fucked me while grabbing my tits as he slammed his cock into me I could hear our bodies slapping together as I had another orgasm screaming with Fred’s cock in my mouth.

Bret was ramming his cock deep then pulling out slowly and ramming me again. Fred moved around sat down on the couch literally picked me up mounting me on his cock as Bret grabbed my hair making me clean my juices off his hard cock. I was bouncing up and down on Fred’s cock positioning my body so that my husband could see Fred’s knobby headed cock Fucking my horny pussy and seeing me sucking Bret’s large cock.

This is what my husband wanted, he wanted to see me getting fucked and these two young well hung men were sure giving me a great fucking.

I was bouncing on Fred's cock as he man handled my tits sucking a nipple as I was sucking Bret’s cock as he reached back spreading my pussy juices onto my ass hole and slipping his finger in. I started having a wild orgasm as Fred slammed his cock deep into my pussy and Bret fingered my ass.

Bret and Fred switched places with Bret sitting on the couch his large cock pointing up towards the ceiling Fred spreading my legs lifting me impaling me on Bret’s cock. Fred stood on the couch feeding me his cock, his Aussi accent was a turn on as I sucked on his knobby head. Bret planted both feet on the ground pumping his cock into my pussy Fred making me suck his cock.

Fred slipped his cock from my mouth then moved behind me pushing me down on top of Bret and started rubbing his cock on my ass teasing my ass like he had teased my pussy with his cock as Bret fucked me sliding his cock almost out then slamming deep. Fred was using my juices coating his cock and fingering my ass, the anticipation was so incredible when he was using his cock teasing and pressing on my ass with Bret’s cock fucking me.

I reached back with both my hands spreading my ass and looked at where my husband was hiding and said to Fred….

”Only my husband is allowed to fuck my ass”

I absolutely love Double Penetration.

As soon as Fred’s knobby headed cock entered my ass I had a huge orgasm slamming down on Bret’s cock as Fred slid his cock deeper into my ass and started fucking me. Fred had hold of my hips and was driving his cock as deep as he could with Bret pumping his cock in my pussy making me orgasm I was begging him not to stop as I screamed for him to fuck me looking back where my husband was hiding.

I know my husband had a great view of both cocks fucking me and I did my best to make sure he could see me taking both their cocks one cock deep in my pussy and one cock deep in my ass. I was having multiple orgasms trashing around wildly and started coming my juices flooding Bret’s cock. With both cocks fucking me I grabbed the back of the couch to brace myself as they continued slamming their hot cocks in my pussy and ass.

 Fred was about ready to explode and slipped his cock out of my ass turned me over and sat me down on Bret’s cock his cock sinking deep in my pussy as Fred went to the sink to clean his cock off. With both hands Bret raised me up and guided his large cock into my ass . I looked back at Bret, looking in his eyes again and said!

 “Only my husband is allowed to fuck my ass”.

Slowly I eased down my legs quivering as Bret buried his cock in my ass grabbing my legs and spreading me wide so that Fred could get between my legs and slide his knobby headed cock deep into my pussy. I had both cocks fucking me again to multiple orgasms and I made sure that my husband could see and hear everything that was happening. They knew what they were doing both cocks in a wild Double Penetration rhythm I was in a orgasmic high howling and grunting.

Bret had both feet on the floor and was holding my legs spread wide apart with his cock slamming into my ass. I absolutely loved DP and I wanted my husband to see me taking both cocks. I was spread wide Fred had hold of both my tits and was fucking me deeply. We changed positions a few times both guys taking turns giving my ass a hard fucking and me always making sure my husband had a good view of me getting fucked.

Bret moved me over on the couch turned me over grab my ankles told me to spread. I was bent in half and lowered my soaking wet pussy onto Bret’s super hard cock. Bret slid his cock deep into my pussy grabbing my hips spread my legs and bringing my knees up on to the coach completely exposing my ass for Fred’s cock.

They were like machines fucking me both cock pounding in me I was having so many orgasms from having both cocks fucking me. I heard Bret getting close to coming and he really started slamming his cock deep into my pussy as he yelled out and blew a huge load of hot come deep into my pussy pumping until he was drained. Fred was not far behind slamming his cock into my ass and blowing his semen deep in my ass.

As soon as he shot off deep in my ass I had the most extreme orgasm It felt like all my body fluids rush out of my body I started trashing around as they filled me. They fucked me hard and then my head reared back my body arched back howling and screaming “FUCK ME FUCK ME DON’T STOP FUCKING ME” I could hear myself screaming and both cocks were ramming me full of semen. It was such an intense set of multiple orgasms so primal and nasty all of a sudden my body locked up there was a burst of bright white light then tunnel vision and the most intense body shaking trashing orgasm as I passed out.

I fucking passed out

I was drenched with sweat my pussy and ass were throbbing as I slowly came back around, both cocks slipping out of me leaving my pussy and ass full of semen. I lay on the couch with my legs spread so my husband could see their semen leaking out of my pussy and out of my ass. I don’t think I moved for 5 minutes but I kept looking where my husband was hidden watching me get fucked.

Fred got up walked over and got some water for us sitting back down on the couch as they both tried to explain what just happened to me. I fired up the joint smoking trying to calm down. It took me a while to settle down my nipples were still aching I had hand prints on my ass and tits. I was completely relaxing enjoying the buzz and started getting horny again. Taking a hit off the joint and then exhaling. Bret asked me what time my mom was coming to pick me up and I told him 12 o'clock.

I saw Fred's cock started to get hard again Bret reached up spreading my legs apart as I reach for Fred’s hardening cock leaning over to suck it in my mouth. I love playing with both cocks sucking one then the other stroking them as the played with my tits and pussy.

Bret said it was 12:30 and they both started getting dressed I was full of semen and was trying to keep it from flowing down my legs as the guys hurried. I walked naked as they held me my legs still quivering. When we got by there car I knew my husband would be straining to see but he was way to far away to hear us talking. We talked and then I got on my knees and deep throated them both then got up walking back to the cabin as they drove off.

Do you think my husband will want to hide and watch again?


Friday, July 12, 2013

Husband hiding part 4 “Back Road BJ”

Husband hiding part 4 “Back Road BJ”  

The next time we met Bret and Fred my husband told them to meet us for a back road blow job. I was already naked when we pulled off the interstate and drove down a country road until we were 10 minutes from the road we turned at. We pulled over off the road a bit and parked so the Van was at a angle. After a few minutes I seen a truck coming down the road my heart was beating fast but the truck drove right by. Then I saw a truck and it pulled over in front of the Van. Bret and Fred got out and walked to the back of the truck, I got out of the side door of the Van naked.

My husband was hiding in the Van and watched me naked walk up kneel down grabbing both of there cocks stroking then sucking their big cocks. Bret sat down on the bumper of his truck I bent over sucking his big cock as Fred ran his hands over my ass slipping his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. They both asked me is my husband was in the Van …I did not answer them I just spread my legs wider so Fred had complete access to my soaking wet pussy while I devoured Bret’s cock while he grabbed my tits pinching my nipples.

My husband was supposed to warn me if any cars or trucks were coming down the road. I was naked bent over deep throating Bret’s cock with my legs spread and pussy exposed with Fred fingering my soaking wet pussy when a truck drove by honking after he passed and never even slowed down. Bret looked at me asking again if my husband was in the Van.

Bret’s cock is gorgeous 9 inches and I could not wrap my hands around it as I stroked and sucked on his cock. I started to orgasm from sucking cock and getting fingered. Bret exploded a huge load down my throat holding onto my hair as he pumped his cock into my mouth telling me to swallow it all. Again Bert asked me if my husband was in the Van. Fred was frantically banging his fingers into my soaking wet pussy and after I drained Bret he turned me around and made me swallow Fred’s cock.

Now I was deep throating Fred’s knobby headed cock as Bret spread my ass cheeks apart fingering my wet pussy with two fingers his thumb fiddling my clit, but now my butt was facing the road. They were really getting into exposing me as I sucked cock and Bret played with my pussy. Fred was getting close to coming he grabbed a handful of my hair held his cock and balls making me take him all the way down my throat. My nose was firmly planted against him as he exploded shooting down my throat holding onto my nipples and pulling. I drained Fred's cock as Bret fingered me to a massive orgasm.

Bret pulled me up cupping my breasts and pressing his large cock against my ass exposing me to my husband. Both of the guys were more aggressive more exciting and nastier with my husband sitting in the Van watching instead of being right there watching. I think they felt safer and were certainly more excited making me suck there cocks. Fred wipe his cock on my lips they pulled there shorts up got in there truck flipped a u-turn driving off.

I was still shaking from my intense orgasm when I climbed back into the Van and looked to see that my husband did not wait and had ejaculated from watching me. For the next week my husband was really sexually aggressive always talking to me about how the guys treated me nasty and were more aggressive with him not being there and sitting in the Van watching.

During our Thursday night bondage night my husband had me tied up and worked me up to an orgasmic frenzy. My husband explained to me and made me agree on a new adventure with Bret and Fred.

My husband wants to hide in our cabin by the lake without Bret and Fred knowing that he is watching. I agreed but made my husband promise that he could not interrupt. 

My husband e-mailed them and invite them to our cabin by the lake on Saturday and promised them I would suck there cocks as long as they wanted and my husband just wanted to watch. My husband again explained our rules to both guys and they jumped at the chance for me to suck there cocks again.

My husband’s three rules.

1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock.
2) No fucking unless my husband is there to watch. Or he has met the guy and approves giving his permission. Anything else goes if my husband is not there. Sucking, licking, fingers and toys.

3) I absolutely love ANAL,  But only my husband gets to fuck my ass…..His rule.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Husband hiding part 3

The third dogging experience with Bret and Fred is the Initiation ceremony into our Dogging and Back road blowjob group. My husband invited Debbie and Kyle plus Bret and Fred and the two other couples that that we started with in are original dogging group for the past two years. Bret’s and Fred’s initiation into our Dogging group also allows them to join in for “Back Road Blow Jobs”.

Back Road Blow Jobs”
They are spontaneous fun adventures, I will call, text, post on Twitter or e-mail where I will be parked on a back road. You pull up in front of my Van and park you don’t know if my husband is hiding in the Van, I get out naked you drop your pants. I suck your cock until you blow your load down my throat. You pull your pants up zip up get in your car and you leave wondering was my husband hiding and watching. That is a “Back Road Blow Job”

This time we met everybody in a more private area off to the side from the boat ramp at Choke Canyon Lake. We got there early and when Bret and Fred pulled up my husband went to talk to them for at least 15 minutes until when Debbie and Kyle showed up they all wandered over close to the Van. Kyle said you will not need this for their initiation and removed my blue dress ( I spent a hour getting all prettied up and nobody even said anything) Kyle started playing with my tits then sucking them, showing off for the guys spreading my legs apart and slipping his fingers into my wet pussy. Kyle pushed me down and fed me his nice large Titan Missile cock. My husband told Bret and Fred they could get ready for the “Best Cock Sucker in Texas” telling them they could play with my tits and pussy while I was sucking cock and they wasted no time dropping there pants.

The two other cars pulled up headlights shinning on us as I sucked Kyle’s cock. With some light shinning on us I felt like I was on a stage with a crowd watching (flashback to when I was a Stripper). I reached for Kyle’s Titan Missile cock wrapping my hand around as he started pumping his cock down my throat holding onto my hair as I deep throated him. Debbie was kneeling and sucking my husbands cock, my husband told me that it was time for me to initiate Bret and Fred's cocks and welcome them to the Dogging group. Now it is time for the Initiation ceremony.

Kyle turned me around so I was naked facing both of the guys as I looked at there cocks. Kyle announced to everyone…..Bret and Fred for your initiation ceremony prepare your cocks for “The Best Cock sucker in Texas”.  Kyle sat down in the van to watch the initiation.

Bret’s cock is gorgeous 9 inches and I could not wrap my hands around it and have my fingers touch. Very symmetrical a bit darker than the rest of his body the head is shiny with a nice crown, the shaft has big veins and is super hard and stiff points up to the sky, his balls are up tight with wrinkles the pubic hair trimmed real short.

Fred’s cock is 8+ inches and has a huge cockhead “the knob” that is much lighter than the shaft, the shaft is wider than it is thick and super stiff leans a bit to the left, his balls are clean and hairless and hang a bit.

I took turns sucking Bret and Fred’s cocks at first showing them both I could deep throat them. I was stroking them as I wrapped my lips around the head of there cocks and licked the shafts. I wanted this to be the best cock sucking they have ever had. I worked both cocks as they played with my tits twisting and pull as I moaned.

 Bret was about to cum so I focused on Fred’s cock sucking and stroking his cock as my first orgasm started slow. Everyone was watching me and Bret was encouraging his friend to fuck my mouth. I took his cock all the way down my throat and his knees started shaking grabbing my head making me devour his knobby headed cock, that made me started shaking in orgasm. Fred was surprised I was having an orgasm from sucking his cock and could not hold back moaning as I deep throated his Aussie cock and exploded his cock’s juices shooting down the back of my throat. His cock throbbed as I kept his knobby headed cock down my throat draining his cum from his balls.

Bret had been stroking his big cock and quickly made me start sucking on his large cock grabbing my tits. Bret was a little more aggressive and I love a man who takes control he had both his hands entwined in my hair pumping his cock down my throat and then he would grab my nipple twisting and pulling. As soon as Bret started to ejaculate I had a huge orgasm. I worked my magic and drained Bret’s cock using my hand to milk his cum as I swallowed every drop from his large cock. He was in total surprise I swallowed all of his 9 inch cock.

I was still shaking and feeling my pussy get all warm and wet from my orgasms. Kyle stood up teasing my pussy with his cock slipping the head of his cock in my pussy then deeper into my hot pussy inch by inch my hot pussy juices covering his cock before grabbing my hips and thrusting that Titan Missile deeply into me. Debbie was sitting on my husbands lap bouncing up and down on his hard cock. Kyle had hold of my hips and was fucking me deeply thrusting his big cock fucking my soaking wet pussy.   My husband was telling Kyle to fuck me with his Titan Missile cock. Kyle was pacing himself ramming deep pulling back slowly.

My husband explained to both Bret and Fred that I am Multi-Orgasmic and Kyle and my husband were going to show them how extreme my orgasm are (this was all in my husband plan). I absolutely love Double penetration having 2 cocks fucking me is the absolute ultimate in orgasms.  I love having my husbands cock buried deep in my ass as another man is fucking me. I love my husband holding my legs spread apart telling the guy to fuck me, I orgasm when I hear my husband say “FUCK MY WIFE”.


Kyle and my husband had me lie down and then they both kneeled beside me they applied a little bit of my pussy juices to coat my clit and pussy then they started stroking and teasing me. I was so close to orgasm they got the pressure and rhythm just right as they continued to stimulate my pussy my hips thrusting up off the floor of the Van squeezing my ass breathing deeply from my stomach it was all going to plan, they played with me for five minutes playing with my pussy stimulating my clitoris and the inside of my pussy and got me so wet I was flowing.

Bret and Fred were up close watching and the others were watching in their cars they had daytime running lights shinning on us and it made me so horny because it made it like I was performing on a stage but with a thrill of cars driving by seeing me get Double Fucked.

Kyle sat down and laid back with his feet on the ground in the open doorway of the Van my husband instructed me to straddle Kyle’s large Titan Missile cock sinking it deep in my pussy. My husband pushed me down mashing my tits on Kyle’s chest telling me to spread my ass cheeks. Kyle's cock was buried deep in my pussy when my husband started rubbing his cock on my asshole. He knows the more he teases me and the more foreplay the more intense my orgasms are. After playing with my ass for what seamed like 15 minutes I screamed in pleasure as my husband slowly slid his cock deep into my ass. My orgasms started right away as they both started pumping their cocks deep into me picking up the pace until they both were slamming there hard cocks into my pussy and my ass and I was having Multiple orgasms.

I absolutely love Double Penetration I love my husband taking control, his cock buried deep in my ass holding my hips with me screaming my pussy started having contractions my breathing was rapid contractions were every about two seconds apart my pussy started pulsating Kyle was rubbing his pelvic bone on my clitoris as he fucked me, wave after wave of pleasure was racing through my whole body as both cocks fucked me.

My orgasms were so intense my pussy juice flowing with both cocks throbbing inside me pumping there cocks into my ass and Kyle slamming his Titan Missile cock into my horny pussy. I was screaming and begging to be fucked my husband grabbing my hips slamming his cock deep into my ass. My husband grabbed my tits rolling to the side and pulling me along with him so I was sitting on my husbands cock now and it was buried deep in my ass. He spread my legs saying to Kyle “FUCK MY WIFE”. I could now see both Bret and Fred watching as both cocks fucked me.

Part of my husbands plan was he wanted Brett and Fred to witness me getting fucked with 2 cocks and to witness how extreme my orgasms are when I am getting Fucked with 2 cocks.

My husband was holding my legs stretched wide apart his feet firmly planted with his cock buried deep in my ass as Kyle started fucking me with wild abandon. Kyle was pinching pulling on my nipples. I started shaking my husband wrapped his arms around me holding me as he fucked my ass telling Kyle FUCK MY WIFE hard and don’t stop. He was soon pumping his load deep into my pussy and my husband exploding deep in my ass right afterwards. My orgasms were so explosive and so intense that my pussy started to have contractions, my breathing was rapid my pussy started to convulse pulsating and throbbing and my pussy flooded Kyle’s cock. I was drained shaking and my pussy was throbbing all I could do was lie there.

Bret and Fred walked over stroking their cocks and ejaculated on my face tits and pussy.

Both Bret and Fred are now initiated into our Dogging and Back Road Blow job group.

My husband let me go dancing with my best friend Lisa in Corpus Christi right after the Initiation ceremony and the guys were hitting on me as soon as we walked in. All night I danced with guys that were all over me and I did not know why until Lisa told me I have that “Just Fucked“look and I smell like hot pussy!

Next week is Bret and Fred’s first Back Road Blow job with my husband hiding.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Husband hiding part 2

Memorial weekend we did not go dogging but before meeting Bret and Fred for the second dogging adventure I learned more about them chatting with them online. Bret is in the Navy reserves and is from Annapolis Maryland training here in Corpus Christi and Fred is with the Australian Navy as an instructor in Corpus Christi. Bret is leaving for Annapolis at the end of June and Fred will be going back to Australia end of July. My husband had planned with them the second dogging adventure this time with a different couple and the Surfer Dude from other dogging adventures and our friends Debbie and Kyle.

This time we met up by the lake parking our cars and trucks down a road away from the boat ramp. My husband made sure that Bret and Fred would have a close up view of me stripping and my expert cock sucking skills while the guys were playing with my pussy. I wanted to make sure Brad and Fred watched me deep throat the big cocks while my husband was getting a blow job from one of the other women. I was doing my best using my tongue then stroking their shafts licking their balls and swallowing both their cocks and keeping my legs spread so they could see my wet pussy. When the first guy announced that he was about ready to cum I grabbed hold of both his butt cheeks pulled him into me and swallowed his cock as deep as I could as he exploded down my throat and rewarding me with a nice hot load of semen. After draining his cock I started my expert deep throat cock sucking skills on the next big cock the Surfer Dude!  He is always a little more aggressive than the other guys grabbing my hair pumping his cock into my mouth. When he came it was two big squirts and both times I had his cock deep down my throat as he erupted. Bypassing my taste buds and tonsils he shot his tasty load right into my belly.

Kyle was getting his Titan missile cock sucked by one of the other women and his wife Debbie, My husband was still getting his cock sucked when he instructed Bret and Fred to move closer let me stroke their cocks. My husband told them how I loved my tits manhandled allowing them to play with my tits and explore my pussy making me orgasm. Stroking their cocks I started rubbing the heads on my erect nipples my husband asked them if they would like to come on my tits.

I sat down in the doorway of the Van spread my legs started masturbating and begged both of them to come on my tits. I could hear my husband moaning about ready to cum as he was encouraging Bret and Fred to shoot their semen all over my tits. Bret aimed for my tits but while stroking his large cock the first blast came out hitting above my tits blasting my face. Fred was a better shot and covered my tits with his Australian jizz while I continued to stroke his cock rubbing it on my nipple.

The spot we picked by the lake is a popular spot with the younger crowd, School is almost out now and the sun was starting to set when we heard some cars driving up the road and everyone had to get dressed real quick. The teenagers like to come up to the spot to party at night and it's getting close to graduation. We all had to leave but at least I got to suck two really nice cocks and got to wrap my hands around the gorgeous cocks of Bret and Fred and make them cum.

The first meeting they got to watch the second time I got to play with their cocks as they got to play with me. My husband is already planning a third dogging experience with Bret and Fred.


Monday, May 20, 2013

TXLassy: Husband hiding.

TXLassy: Husband hiding.

Husband hiding.

Husband hiding..... Some of the Dogging adventures that we have participated in we did not tell anyone who my husband was, he was anonymous just one of the guys that showed up. Those are some of the most exciting dogging adventures we have because the guys do not know my husband is watching and participating. My husband say’s the guys treat me different, nastier and sexually erotic when they don’t know he is my husband. Now my husband wants to take it to the next step. He wants to hide and watch me with 2 guys with large cocks without them ever knowing my husband is right there hiding and watching. My husband had it all planned out and it started last night with our latest dogging adventure. My husband invited two new young men Bret and Fred to meet us and watch us dogging. I have been chatting with them online at swinger’s websites and IM. Bret and Fred are roommates both in their late 20s both are very physically active and very well built. Fred is Aussie with a great accent he is 6 foot tall 190 pounds and a very impressive 8 inch cock with a nice thick head. Bret is extremely fit 6 foot 2 about 200 pounds and has a gorgeous nine and half inch really THICK cock. He has one of those cocks that are super stiff points strait up to the sky and when you let it out of your mouth its springs back and slap his stomach…. Oh and he is really hot. The first dogging adventure they were only allowed to watch. They could masturbate while watching us just no joining in the first time. My husband does have 3 rules. 1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock. 2) No fucking unless my husband is there to watch. Or he has met the guy and approves giving his permission. Anything else goes if my husband is not there. Sucking, licking, fingers and toys. 3) Only my husband gets to fuck my ass…..His rule Dogging adventures are always in a kind of public spot this time we met by the river at dusk with one other couple Debbie, Kyle and our friend Jeff. Debbie is a stunning redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute her husband Kyle is late 30’s 5’11 very fit blond fantastic 6 pac abs, short mustache, his cock is THICK the head is smaller than the main shaft and looks like a Titian Missile and is 9 inches with thick veins. Jeff has a gorgeous cock 8 half inches with a huge cockhead and thick shaft. We parked the van and cars to block the view if traffic drives by. My husband made sure Bret and Fred got a great view of me stripping naked while the guys dropped there pants. I reached for Kyle's and Jeff’s big cocks while my husband played with Debbie as she sucked his cock. They each played and squeezed my tits sucking on my hard nipples I did my best to keep from screaming out as both my nipples were being sucked. Holding on to those cocks I squatted down spreading my legs open to expose my pussy to Bret and Fred. I started stroking their cocks and taking turns just sucking the head into my mouth and getting them wet while stroking their cocks. More and more of their cocks disappeared into my waiting mouth and throat. Kyle and Jeff were still playing with my tits as I started more of a deep throat action going down till my nose was touching their bellies. I love being watched while sucking cock and I was doing my best to make sure Bret and Fred knew how good of a cock sucker I am. I heard my husband scream out as he blew his load on Debbie's tits. That's when I really started devouring their cocks stroking and sucking. Kyle grabbed my head and started pumping telling me to swallow his load. I timed it so that he was balls deep when he ejaculated grabbing his ass cheeks so he could not pull away until I drained his cock. He was weak at the knees as he slowly slid his cock out of my mouth and rubbing the head of his cock on my lips. Kyle was telling Bret and Fred how good of a fucking cock sucker I am as Jeff turned me and made me swallow his cock. Jeff was more of a showman he would draw his cock all the way out so just my lips were wrapped around the head, then he would slowly make me swallow all of his cock. Jeff told them to watch as he grabbed hold of my nipple pulling on my tit as he made me swallow him completely. He started pumping faster and I started to have an orgasm with Jeff telling me to swallow his cock and blowing a huge load down my throat as I screamed in orgasm. I was naked lying in the back of the Van savoring the flavor of both cocks I just suck and heard my husband planning with Bret and Fred are next dogging adventure. Debbie kneeled next to me ran her hand down over my tits across my tummy slipping her finger into my soaked pussy. She pulled her finger out of my pussy licking and sucking and then leaning down to kiss me as all five guys watched. I am sure Debbie and Kyle had a pleasant ride home and Jeff followed us to our ranch for some hot threesome fucking. My husband has already started planning the next adventure with Bret and Fred. Lassy