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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Blindfolded cabin adventure.

Blindfolded cabin adventure.

My husband and I have been going at it like we were college students just moved away from home after our last hot 3some with my husband hiding and watching me with Bret and Fred.
Besides the cabin at the lake we have two cabins on our ranch that we use during the hunting seasons. When the hunting season is over we offer our cabins to friends and other city folk for sexy adventures. Plus we do have some special dates for nature outings and group adventures. It is very relaxed rolling hills oak trees and a river near by, very nudist friendly.

The wild turkey season just ended and my husband has been smoking turkeys for the clients for two days. He started cleaning up the cabins and asked me to restock them. I loaded up some cleaning supplies and other items into our quad, my husband had already left with the first load.

When I got to the first cabin my husband had already been there and I thought he must be on his way to the other cabin. I walked in with a load of supplies and knew right away my husband had something planned. The single bed had been moved to the middle of the room and had four soft ties on each corner and a black blindfold in the middle of the bed, the bunk beds also had four soft ties one on each top post and one on each bottom post. Next to the blindfold was a piece of paper folded in half. The cabin had already been cleaned up. I sat down on the bed and opened that piece of paper.

You are to follow these instructions.
 Remove all of your clothes and place them outside the door. Return to the bed and put the blindfold on. You may not speak. You will then wait until you are told what to do. You will follow all verbal instructions from then on.

My pussy was instantly wet my nipples were getting harder by the second, we have been discussing new fantasies. When I was taking my shirt off my nipples were so sensitive the fabric rubbing up against them sent tingles all the way to my pussy. I was so excited I carefully folded my clothes placing them outside the door. I looked around sensing that I was being watched, my nipples were so hard my pussy was tingling and I felt warm inside. I returned to the bed sitting down and putting my blindfold on. As soon as everything went black my heart started beating faster, time passed slowly I thought I could hear someone walking around outside I could smell the mustiness inside the cabin and the smell of the stove. Five minutes went by in the darkness I could feel my heart thumping, 10 minutes went by and every scenario I could think of was racing through my mind.

A slight breeze crossed my naked body, my breasts were swollen my nipples were rock hard I was squeezing my legs together my pussy was throbbing so much with anticipation. I heard someone as they walked up to the door my heart was racing my mouth was dry I was biting my lips. The floor creaked under the weight of his body as he slowly walked towards me. I could feel him looking at me and then I felt him move his foot inching its way between my feet making me spread my legs apart. I could smell him I sensed him and then I heard him unzip his pants. My pussy juices were flowing as I heard his pants hit the floor and could tell he was taking off the rest of his clothes.

I felt his rugged hands on the inside to my knees pushing my legs apart then reaching out to run his hand through my hair. I could feel his strength I could tell he was young and fit as his tight muscular body rubbed against me. He pushed my head forward rubbing his cock on my lips my tongue darted out to lick the head. I started to reach out for his cock and he slapped my hand away. He made sure my blindfold was tight and again pushed my head towards his cock. I had to sit on my hands to keep from reaching up and grabbing the cock that was teasing my mouth. My lips stretched to wrap around his thick cock as I realized just how fat this cock really was. I smelled the aroma of his manhood as more of his cock disappeared in my mouth. Inch by inch I took more of that massive cock into my mouth coating it with my saliva so that it would slide down.

This was a new cock to me. I remember a cock when I have sucked it and this one was new. I knew my jaws were going to get a workout wrapping my lips onto his penis which stood surprisingly hard sticking up towards the sky. I sucked hard getting off on the precum leaking under his cock head, going down on his shaft and flicking my tongue around his balls. I could feel his cock pulse inside my mouth, his cum tasted good must've been from his diet. I sucked on his hard cock sliding up and down my pussy juices flowing. He started getting louder groaning loudly grabbing my head making me take his cock all the way down.

I licked with my tongue I wanted this to be the best blow job he ever had. His thick cock pulsed and I knew his hot cock would be shooting hot cum down my throat. He growled and pushed my head farther down. I moved my hand to play with my pussy and he reached down and slapped my hand again. I was not in the right position to take all of his cock so he pulled me to my knees pushing more of his cock down my throat as I continued to suck. Once I got most of it down my throat he started pumping and pulling farther back out then making me take more. He pulled out and rubbed his cock on my lips then slapping my lips and cheeks with his massive cock.

He reached for my tit grabbing my nipple and massaging it between his fingers while I continue to suck on his balls. I tried to screamed when he rammed his cock down my throat and pinched and twisted my nipple so hard I thought he was going to rip it off. He was pulling my nipple and pumping his cock into my mouth. He was getting ready to cum and I did my best to deep throat his cock as he exploded draining every drop of his hot cum down my eager mouth. He let go of my nipple and both hands were holding my head as spewed a massive amount of cum down my throat, after the third spurt he slowly eased his cock out rubbing it all over my lips his knees shaking and he was out of breath.

 I had my lips wrapped around his cock head and he pushed me backwards down on the bed, he grabbed hold of one of my wrist with his big brawny hands and tied a soft tie to it. He reached down grabbing hold of my nipple and pulling it towards him leaning down taking my other nipple between his lips sucking it in as my pussy juices started flowing heavily. He must've sucked on my tits for five minutes before he got up and tied my other hand to the bed. I felt him kneel down reaching for my head making me take his cock into my mouth again.

He was pulling and twisting my nipples as I struggled against the soft ties with his cock in my mouth. His hands started sliding down my tummy till he reached the patch of hair above my swollen pussy lips. Slowly he started rubbing my clitoris between his thumb and finger as I started moaning loudly trying to squeeze my legs together. With both hands he reached down and spread my legs rubbing his finger over my clit and sliding them into my soaking wet pussy using my juices to coat my clitoris. My legs naturally opened for his probing fingers as he slipped two fingers deep into my pussy with his thumb working its magic on my clit.

I was straining at the soft ties with his cock in my mouth as my orgasm ripped through my body my legs clamping down on his hand as I shook and thrashed around while he fucked my horny pussy with his manly hands. He wouldn't stop thrusting his fingers deep into my pussy as my orgasm wracked through my body. I was soaked and he was spreading my pussy juices over my body onto my tits.

 I was still trembling when I felt him moving to tie my leg with the other soft tie than walking around the bed to tie my other one up. I couldn’t wait to feel his mouth or big cock in my pussy I was so fucking hot and ready.  I felt him crawl across me dragging is huge cock across my belly until he was between my spread legs. With one hand he spreads my pussy exposing my swollen clitoris and slid 2 fingers deep into my pussy fucking me with his big fingers. I was bucking my ass off to bed meeting his wild thrusting fingers he was hammering into my horny pussy. When he inserted another finger in me I knew he was getting my pussy nice and wet and stretched out for his huge cock.

I was naked tied up spread open completely exposed he eased his three fingers out of my soaking pussy rubbing my juices on my breasts. I could feel him leaning down his tongue starting at the bottom of my pussy and licked up to the clit sliding his big muscular body up until I could feel his huge cock mashing my pussy lips. His lips touched mine his tongue snaking into my mouth as he passionately kissed me.

Then he got up got dressed and fucking walked out.


What just happened? Is he coming back? I was tied up and I couldn't move I wanted to try to squeeze my legs together to at least give myself some kind of pleasure my whole body was screaming inside.

As my heart slowed down I tried to listen to my surroundings tried to listen to what was going on I breathed deeply trying to calm myself down but I swear it must have been 30 minutes before I heard anything. As I lay there savoring the taste of his cum, I was remembering his manly odor and the feeling of his huge cock exploding in my throat. I don't know how long I had been lying there tied up thinking of what was going to happen next while trying to listen to all the exotic sounds.

Again I heard sounds outside and then the creaking of the floor inside the cabin, my heart started racing again. This was not a man I could tell by the weight on the floor as she walked and the Smell of a woman. I felt her walking around the bed like she was inspecting me checking me out looking over my body.

I jumped when she slowly traced her fingers around my face and lips gliding down and lightly touching my breasts. I felt her sit on the edge of the bed and could tell that she was already naked from the heat of her body. Leaning down her lips touched mine and she was breathing hard and I realize this was her first time with another woman.

I could tell she was watching my reaction to her touches. She moved her lips down my neck tasting me and caressing my breast, her lips touching my nipple she moaned her tongue sliding across her lips suckling my nipple. Her soft touch moving down my tummy I trembled as she sucked my nipple her fingers touching my wet pussy lips. I squealed as she slowly parted my wet lips sliding her finger deeper inside me.

When she removed her finger she tasted my juices. I heard her suck and moan and then she quickly got up moved between my legs and started kissing and sucking my pussy lips. Oh my god she was so hungry for her first pussy and I started shaking and straining at the soft ties holding me down. She knew what she wanted to do and was devouring my soaking wet pussy. She was determined to make me orgasm and I was shaking and cumming all over her face.

For the next 15 to 20 min she played with my pussy using her tongue and fingers rubbing her nipple on my clit. Exploring and learning to make me cumm, she really enjoyed licking me clean spreading my pussy lips exposing my clitty. I must have flooded her face she had me shaking and my clit throbbing. I lost count of how many orgasm I had.

She moved around me her breast and soft skin brushing across my face until I sucked her nipple between my lips hearing her moan. She tasted delicious her hand caressing my body massaging my breasts her hands gliding across my tummy tickling my pussy hairs. I could feel her hot body against mine and I was trembling. Her breasts were firm and larger than mine and a nice tight body with a nice ass, long hair that tickled my body. She pulled back moving so that her right breast was now between my lips sucking and lightly nibbling on her nipple. Her hand was tracing around the inside of my thighs coming close to my pussy lips and clitoris teasing me. She knew exactly where to touch and how much pressure to apply.

She moved her body with me kissing and licking underneath her breasts teasing her nipple. I could smell her pussy juices when she rotated her body so my face was between her legs kissing the inside of her trembling thighs. My tongue touched her pussy lips sending shivers up my body as I tasted her.

Just as we were getting started we both heard someone pull up outside. She got up made sure I was still tied up as the door opened. As soon as he walked in I knew that it was my husband and I could tell he was looking us both over real good. I could hear every sound and I heard her kneeled down in front of my husband and unzip his pants and I heard the sounds of her sucking his big cock. My pussy was throbbing my nipples were aching I was so horny I could not believe it. I listened then she stopped I heard her get up and felt her untying the soft ties that were holding me down to the bed. Grabbing the restraints that were still wrapped around my wrists she led me over to where the bunk beds were and turned me around. I listened as my husband got undressed and she was tying my hands to the bed frame spread apart and then bending down and tying my ankles to the bed.

I heard the bed squeak as my husband sat down and she walked over and I listened as he played with her tits and pussy making her moans as she stroked his cock. I could tell what he was doing as he laid her down on the bed and kissed his way down to her pussy. She was moaning very loudly and I could tell she was about to orgasm I knew my husband was working his wonders with his tongue driving her crazy. After her first orgasm I heard her start sucking my husbands cock again and then he turned her around and I knew the exact moment his cock slid into her pussy. I could tell how wet she was by the sounds of flesh slapping against flesh as he fucked her. I am sure it was for my benefit that she was screaming for my husband to fuck her harder and he did!

I could tell by the sounds exactly what my husband was doing to her and I know she was taking the full length of his cock as deep as she could. I was so horny my nipples were hard as rocks my pussy was dripping as I listen to them fucking. He turned her over onto her back and I could tell he was spreading her legs way back and completely exposed. That's when he really started pounding into her as she screamed to her second orgasm. As soon as she started calming down from her orgasm she was begging my husband to fuck her ass. She squealed as he entered her ass he started slowly building up the pace then I could tell when he grabbed both her tits had her legs pinned back and was hammering and hammering her ass. Her third orgasm was so loud and so long right in the middle of her orgasm my husband shot a huge load deep in her ass slamming into her repeatedly.

They both had wild orgasms and I could tell that she was wrapping her lips around his cock. The room smelled like sex I was so horny my pussy was throbbing.

I couldn't believe it when I heard them getting dressed and walking out of the cabin leaving the front door wide open and leaving me tied up…… WTF?

I heard the quad startup and drive off.  I was still naked standing tied up to the bed. When you are alone and tied up with a blindfold on there are all kinds of things going through your mind and all kinds of sounds in your head. Time takes on new meaning because you don't realize how much time has past. I was making mental notes of the new cock I sucked, the taste, the smell and the feeling of his pulsing throbbing cock. It felt like an hour before I heard a vehicle pull up.

I listened to the hard shoes walking on the wood floor of the cabin the creaking floorboards the smell of a man. I could feel him standing in front of me and then very slowly reaching out and untying the blindfold. I was still blind when he removed the blindfold and started untying my feet and hands. I could feel his warm breath near my throbbing pussy. My legs were trembling my arms were shaking as I tried to get my eyes to focus on the man who had just untied me.

I was naked and there standing in front of me as my eyes cleared up was Pedro a ranch hand with my clothes folded up in his outstretched arms. I could see the smile on Pedro's face he gazed and my horny naked body. Pedro smiled turned around and walked out the door. I got dressed and walked out to Pedro’s truck he opened the door and helped me get in drove me home not saying a word he just had that big smile on his face.

I never got to see who the first man was that showed up at the cabin and I never got to see who the woman was. My husband was not at home but had left me a note with more instructions on top of a sexy thin dress that was on the bed.

The instructions stated … Do not shower, change into the clothes provide and you must drive to Whiskey Rivers Bar and dance club and be there by 9:30 pm.

I will post what happed in my next blog J



Anonymous said...

what can I say love your sexi blogs hope when you come to the uk I can give you some material for a new one

Anonymous said...

You always get me hard. Another great adventure. danny.mytime

Dentist Dave said...

Lassy, wish I had be en there. Do you have videos of any of these adventures?


Anonymous said...

I loved reading your posts. I didn't have time to read them all, but I'll be back. You got me good and hard. Wish you were here to help with it. You are one exciting woman. I look forward to more of your adventures.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is always so fucking hot me and my wife enjoy it...neptunecpl

RJ said...

my wife and I would love to visit your cabin :-)

mk said...

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