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Friday, July 12, 2013

Husband hiding part 4 “Back Road BJ”

Husband hiding part 4 “Back Road BJ”  

The next time we met Bret and Fred my husband told them to meet us for a back road blow job. I was already naked when we pulled off the interstate and drove down a country road until we were 10 minutes from the road we turned at. We pulled over off the road a bit and parked so the Van was at a angle. After a few minutes I seen a truck coming down the road my heart was beating fast but the truck drove right by. Then I saw a truck and it pulled over in front of the Van. Bret and Fred got out and walked to the back of the truck, I got out of the side door of the Van naked.

My husband was hiding in the Van and watched me naked walk up kneel down grabbing both of there cocks stroking then sucking their big cocks. Bret sat down on the bumper of his truck I bent over sucking his big cock as Fred ran his hands over my ass slipping his fingers into my soaking wet pussy. They both asked me is my husband was in the Van …I did not answer them I just spread my legs wider so Fred had complete access to my soaking wet pussy while I devoured Bret’s cock while he grabbed my tits pinching my nipples.

My husband was supposed to warn me if any cars or trucks were coming down the road. I was naked bent over deep throating Bret’s cock with my legs spread and pussy exposed with Fred fingering my soaking wet pussy when a truck drove by honking after he passed and never even slowed down. Bret looked at me asking again if my husband was in the Van.

Bret’s cock is gorgeous 9 inches and I could not wrap my hands around it as I stroked and sucked on his cock. I started to orgasm from sucking cock and getting fingered. Bret exploded a huge load down my throat holding onto my hair as he pumped his cock into my mouth telling me to swallow it all. Again Bert asked me if my husband was in the Van. Fred was frantically banging his fingers into my soaking wet pussy and after I drained Bret he turned me around and made me swallow Fred’s cock.

Now I was deep throating Fred’s knobby headed cock as Bret spread my ass cheeks apart fingering my wet pussy with two fingers his thumb fiddling my clit, but now my butt was facing the road. They were really getting into exposing me as I sucked cock and Bret played with my pussy. Fred was getting close to coming he grabbed a handful of my hair held his cock and balls making me take him all the way down my throat. My nose was firmly planted against him as he exploded shooting down my throat holding onto my nipples and pulling. I drained Fred's cock as Bret fingered me to a massive orgasm.

Bret pulled me up cupping my breasts and pressing his large cock against my ass exposing me to my husband. Both of the guys were more aggressive more exciting and nastier with my husband sitting in the Van watching instead of being right there watching. I think they felt safer and were certainly more excited making me suck there cocks. Fred wipe his cock on my lips they pulled there shorts up got in there truck flipped a u-turn driving off.

I was still shaking from my intense orgasm when I climbed back into the Van and looked to see that my husband did not wait and had ejaculated from watching me. For the next week my husband was really sexually aggressive always talking to me about how the guys treated me nasty and were more aggressive with him not being there and sitting in the Van watching.

During our Thursday night bondage night my husband had me tied up and worked me up to an orgasmic frenzy. My husband explained to me and made me agree on a new adventure with Bret and Fred.

My husband wants to hide in our cabin by the lake without Bret and Fred knowing that he is watching. I agreed but made my husband promise that he could not interrupt. 

My husband e-mailed them and invite them to our cabin by the lake on Saturday and promised them I would suck there cocks as long as they wanted and my husband just wanted to watch. My husband again explained our rules to both guys and they jumped at the chance for me to suck there cocks again.

My husband’s three rules.

1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock.
2) No fucking unless my husband is there to watch. Or he has met the guy and approves giving his permission. Anything else goes if my husband is not there. Sucking, licking, fingers and toys.

3) I absolutely love ANAL,  But only my husband gets to fuck my ass…..His rule.


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