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Monday, November 24, 2008

TXLassy BJ Cumshot

My husband had his hard cock out and was stroking it as he watched me playing with Jessie’s hard cock. His huge head was playing with my lips as my tongue licked the shaft and he slowly pushed the head into my hot wet mouth. God Dam he said! Your mouth is so fucking hot “Look” he said to my husband as he was sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Oh Yes take more Lassy show your husband how much you love sucking my big black cock, suck my cock good! He started a fucking motion as his cock went deeper in my mouth and I sucked the knob to the back of my mouth. Jessie pulled and twisted my nipple hard as his cock pumped in my hot mouth his other hand moving my hair out of the way so my husband could see his hard cock fucking my mouth. Look how much of my cock she is taking as he released my nipple and slid his hand down my body and my legs automatically spread wide allowing him to slide his two fingers into my hot pussy and bury them deep in me.

I exploded in orgasm and Jessie banged my hot pussy with his two fingers his thumb massaged my throbbing clit his cock pumping down my throat till his balls were banging on my chin. Wave after wave of my orgasm raced through my body as he banged his fingers and cock in me. Look at her cum Jessie said to my husband as me pumped his cock in my horny mouth “she’s taking all of it” She’s a great cocksucker.
He slid his cock out as I licked and mouthed the head and then he told my husband to watch as he slid it all the way back down my throat “BALLS DEEP”. He slowly pumped his cock in my throat then pulling it out and teasing my lips with the hot cockhead. I was so hot I was shaking and throbbing, the juices flowing out of my hot wet pussy as I gripped the table. He said to my husband “Look no hands” as he pumped his nice hot cock down my throat and fucking my mouth.

Jessie pulled his cock out and moved to the head of the table and then slid me up so my head leaned back off the table. He gilded his cock back into my mouth and reached down grabbing my ankles and pulling my legs wide apart. I felt an orgasm building again as I bucked taking all of his cock and feeling him reach down and spread my pussy wide open exposing my hard clit. He was playing with my wet pussy as he pumped his hot cock and throat fucked me. Jessie started banging three fingers deep in my soaking wet pussy making me trash around and making nasty wet gushing sounds. I felt him getting ready to cum his cock was throbbing as he was pumped faster. Jessie said to my husband watch I’m going to shoot a fucking huge load of my black cum down your wife’s throat.

I heard my husband tell Jessie she loves swallowing cum give her a big load. Jessie’s cock twitched as he pumped his cock and he yell out exploding down my throat his hot cum shooting into my belly squirt after squirt and I exploded in orgasm trashing around wildly. His cum was so hot I felt his cock throbbing as he screamed out shoving his cock deep and grabbing my hair and head. Squirt after squirt of his hot cum shooting down my throat as I shook from head to toe my orgasm was so strong. I was bucking and trashing around holding onto the table as he just keep pumping his cock milking his cum.

“Fuck yes” Jessie said Lassy has my vote as the best cocksucker in Texas! “God dam” she can suck. I was spent my orgasms had drained me I was weak as I laid there with Jessie sliding his hot cock out as my lips closed around the head and I licked the last drops of cum from the tip of his cock. I heard Jessie and my husband talking as I settled down looking over at them as Jessie got dressed and picked up his massage oils and towels. I saw my husband hard cock as Jessie left and I knew I was going to get a great fucking from my very horny husband.
God I love sucking Cock.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My orgasm started deep inside me, my hips bucking upwards meeting his thrusting hand as I screamed out trashing around on the table. He never slowed down finger fucking me with his hard thrusting hand as his thumb massaged my clit. I was having a multiply orgasms my tits were shaking and it felt like all the blood was rushing through my body. I soaked his hand I’m glad he had a towel close by. I had a death grip on the table as I lifted my hips to meet his probing hand and his thumb. He slowed his movements as my orgasm faded making circles around my engorged clit milking my orgasm. I laid there shaking as he slowly removed his hand from my steaming pussy and I squeezed my legs together my pussy throbbing. I was panting and breathing hard as I felt wave after wave flow through me. Jessie moved away from me letting his hands trail up my body.

Jessie walked over to where my husband was and they talked and he kept looking over at me as I laid there still shaking. With a big smile on his face Jessie walked back over to me grinning from ear to ear and I could see his big black cock throbbing. Moving my hair away from my face and holding it in his hand he moved his cock closer to my face letting my lips brushing his hard cock. His hands started playing with my hard nipples and squeezing my breasts. He asked me if I wanted to feel his cock on my lips teasing me as he said it, and I heard myself say! Yes please I want to suck you. I reached up for his cock and he pushed my hand away again saying remember the instructions! So I let my hands move back to my sides but I had this burning between my legs I needs filled. As I was reaching between my legs Jessie stopped me and reminded me what the instructions were.

As punishment for spending so much money in Seattle and for the bet I lost on the baseball game I could not use my hands, I could not touch him with my hands or touch myself. But I could use my mouth and tongue! I was looking at his hard body with his big arms, six pack abs and his big black cock my mouth was watering and my pussy tingling. My back was arcing upwards as he massaged my very sensitive tits. Jessie stepped back and I closed to my mouth as he slowly pushed my head down onto his hard cock. "My Oh My" his cock was so beautiful and hard as steel making my pussy tingle and instantly get wet. I strained to get my mouth around his hot cock and I heard my husband moving his chair up close so he could have a good view.

Jessie’s cock was so hard it was sticking strait up along his hard abs. The head was so nice and thick with a big crowned knob. I had a death grip on the table so I would not grab his cock. With one hand Jessie pinched and twisted my nipple and the other hand he held his cock and pointed it towards my hot mouth teasing me. Jessie’s hot hard cock was wetting my lips as my tongue circled his big cockhead tasting him and wanting to feel his hard cock in my wet mouth. Look at your husband Jessie said as he pulled on my nipple stretching and twisting it. Get my cock nice and wet so you can show me how good of a cocksucker you are. Your husband said you were the Best Cocksucker in Texas! I licked his shaft from top to bottom getting the whole cock nice and wet and wrapping my lips around it and biting softly and I wanted to reach up and stroke his nice hard wet cock.

Friday, November 21, 2008

TXLassy BJ

Jessie moved down to my feet taking his time being very sensitive. He then proceeded to give me a deep massage using long gliding strokes and then almost painful deeper strokes. Finely he moved between my legs and brushed my pussy teasing me as he was brushing my inner thighs near my hot pussy. He moved back to my side never taking his hands off me as my arousal and erotic energy built in my body. I could feel the heat from his cock as he reached for my breast again with one hand and the other hand trailed down to my tummy. Pinching and twisting my nipple with one hand he made my legs spread open as his other teaseing my inner thighs. My mouth was watering as he used his finger to touch my lips and feel my wetness. I tried to reach for his cock again “I wanted it” but he said remember your husband’s instructions and he slid his finger over my clit to my hot lips. He got me so close to orgasms so many times I was a shaking, trembling mass of flesh holding the sides of the table so I wouldn’t suck his cock right now.

He was a Master at getting me so close he was teasing me to the limit! He would slowly caress the side of my breasts and move towards my tummy pressing on an area above my pubic mound as my legs spread wider giving him access to my hot throbbing pussy. Trailing his hand back up to my hard nipple he then wrapped his hand in my long hair turned my head so his hot cock was just touching my lips. I felt the heat from his massive cock as he pushed my head into his cock and moved my mouth back and forth on it. I wrapped my lips around the shaft and looked in my husbands eyes. I wanted his cock but he moved down my body using his hands to excite me and tease me. I was shaking as he neared my wetness getting so close. Both hands were moving between my legs not touching my pussy but getting so close he was being so gentle asking me in his sexy voice if I like what he was doing. All I could do was moan and spread my legs as far as I could.

Jessie then asked my husband if he could play with my pussy now. My husband just grinned and nodded. He said to me your husband wants to see you cum are you ready. First one finger he slowly inserted in me, and then two then he arch his thumb back ‘hitch-hiker’ style and thrust into me till his thumb was resting on my clit. He then started thrusting and twisting his fingers into me deeper and faster vibrating his whole hand in my pussy. I needed and wanted good, hard, deep, vigorous thrusting penetration and he gave it to me real good, pinching and pulling on my clitoris with his other hand. He had teased me so much it was not going to take me very long to orgasm and I knew it would be a good one. His voice almost made me cum as he said to me, your husband told me what you like. Then he thrust his hand deeper into my pussy my hips coming off the table to meet his hard thrusts. Using 3 fingers he twisted and pushed deeper, then he carefully stimulate the area surrounding my cervix and massaging my pussy lip by holding a lip between his thumb and forefinger. Jessie moved one hand over the lower part of my tummy. He was applying different kinds of pressure with the top hand while the fingers from his other hand were deep inside my vagina massaging in and out while twisting at the wrist.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TXLassy and new first!

Hi Y'all

We have been having some fun! First I got to play with my First BLACK COCK and we had two Ike storm party's, a Ike storm party and a after Ike storm party. My husband got special attention from all the women at the party because of his surgery with Lisa finishing him off with a great blow job! And of course with them playing with my husband I had to keep Mike and Fred happy!

Before my husband went in for his hip surgery we talked about two of his fantasy's and my sex needs when he is recovering. He was already making plans way before his operation and kinda surprised me one night when he tied me up naked and told me all the details. He teased me for hours using all of our toys on me and bringing me to the brink of orgasm so many times before I agreed to his fantasy's.

I have to tell you about the Black cock my husband brought home.
Jessie is a Pro Bodybuilder 5' 8 very dark black man with the best body I have ever seen or felt. He is friends with my husband and they work out at the gym together. Jessie is a personal trainer and every time he helps me I get so fucking horny I can't wait to get home and I end up sucking my husbands cock in the parking lot or we run down to our boat at the marina and fuck like crazy.

Well my husband planned it well! He had Jessie come over and give me a massage after we sat in our hot tub. It was the first time I was naked with a black man and my pussy was soaking wet. We talked for about an hour my husband telling me what Jessie would be doing to me and what I could do.

When Jessie stood up in the hot tub his cock sliced up through the water and was pointing strait up hard as steel. His cock was amazing and looked gorgeous he was about 9" long and a very very thick cock head, his shaft was like steel, veins throbbing and he was completely shaved. I wanted his cock in my mouth so badly.

As Jessie was getting out of the hot tub he moved real slow letting me see his hot naked body. I could see his muscles flexing as he stepped slowly up and his amazing cock was so close to my face my mouth watered, nipples got hard and my pussy quivered. My husband came up behind me reaching around me one hand going for my right tit with the other my throbbing pussy and he repeated to me that I could not touch Jessie unless I am told to.

My husband teased me playing with my pussy and talking to me as I watched Jessie’s hard cock and perfect body setting up the table for my massage.

In the sexiest voice Jessie said the table awaits me! Staring at his magnificent cock, slowly I wobbled as I tried to stand up and exit the hot tub crawling onto the table laying there naked. My eyes were full of lust as I stared into his dark eyes. Slowly he started on my neck moving to my shoulders as I felt my nipples becoming rock hard. His hands moved towards my breasts as I turned my head and his cock was within an inch of my mouth. I saw it twitch as my hot breath blew on it and he moved closer, my lips brushing against it. I started to reach up and he pushed my hand back down and said in his sexy voice remember your instructions! As he said that both his hands moved down cupping both my breasts massaging them, pinching the nipples between his fingers and rolling them.

Just massaging my breast with his nice cock so close by my lips, had put me in such a high state of arousal that I was on the brink of orgasm. Jessie knew what he was doing and he was keeping me there right on the brink touching my body in all the right spots. This gorgeous hunk was driving me nuts teasing me, making my mouth and pussy water. My mind was spinning I was lost in the pleasure he was giving me, just watching his muscles as me massaged me and having his cock so close.

Jessie leaned down and with his sexy voice he said your husband is watching you! Now I’m going to make you cum! I turned my head to look towards the door to see Laster my husband standing there with a smile and a hard on. It happened so fast he pinched and twisted both of my nipples and I exploded as my first orgasm rocked me. I grabbed the sides of the table and felt my whole body shake as he pressed his cock on my lips. His cock was throbbing my lips were touching his hot cock, his hands working my breasts and nipples. It felt like there was a wire sending electric currents to my clit, it felt like it was connected from my nipples to my clit my body was shaking as I soaked the table. He massaged my tits and milked my orgasm till I was ready to faint from pure pleasure. I squeezed my legs together and my pussy throbbed. He was surprised by my intense orgasm and he whispered this is going to be fun. He told my husband to grab a chair and enjoy the show. My husband could see the lust in my eyes as I flicked my tongue along the nice cock in front of me.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hi Y'all

Thank you for posting messages and comments. I have been Volunteering a lot after the storm cleaning up the beaches, loading emergency supplies.
So have not been able to post and my mind is tired.

Please post comments and let me know what you would like me to talk about.

Ask me questions and I will answer everyone.
Tell me how to improve my writing (High school drop out and "Blond").

My husband tells me I'm the best cocksucker in Texas! Tell me how you like your cock sucked!

My husband started me in swinging but I thought he would get it out of his system but now I’m addicted so he better enjoy my addiction because I love him and don’t want to end in divorce and I don’t think I’m not able to stop.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike party still on for tonight.

Hurricane Ike party still on for tonight.

Hi Y’all
The Hurricane Ike party is still on for tonight we were not in the danger zone.
Thanks to all are dear friends who emailed and messaged us. We are safe and the Hurricane missed us and all are friends and family.

We received some great party ideas for oral sex games and Lisa and I are tweaking them a bit. Mike and Lisa spent the night last night and we had to try some of the game ideas out!

My husband Laster won the first game and Lisa lost so I got to watch Lisa give my husband a great BJ. My pussy was throbbing as she sucked his 9” cock. Lisa was masturbating her freshly shaves pussy as she sucked my husbands cock. She spread her legs wide and fingered her pussy while playing with her clit.

I couldn’t take it and longer I grabbed the spinner we were using for the game and spun it then yelled “I lose” and grabbed Mikes cock and engulfed it.

Mikes cock is 'beautiful' there are cocks but Mikes cock is perfect. "Perfect mushroom shape". His beautiful cock is 9.5 inches and as thick as a beer bottle. Mikes balls are not too big and not too small. The mushrooms head is purple and huge the ridge of the crown is firm and feels so good passing my lips and going in my mouth. His shaft must be steel he was that hard and had very outstanding veins. And he had shaved.

I have an insatiable desire for sucking cock and I was devouring Mikes cock while franticly fingering my soaked pussy. I took more and more of his cock down my throat sucks and licking, my orgasms was starting as he pumped his cock in my mouth and I was fingering my pussy with 3 fingers. Mike removed my fingers and started fucking my pussy with his fingers grabbing my hair pumping his cock all the ways down my throat.

Mike exploded the biggest load of cum I have had in years down my throat as I had a massive multiple orgasm. I heard my husband cumming as Lisa sucked his cock and just kept on sucking Mikes cock. Men can have multiple orgasms and I did not stop taking Mikes cock down my throat till he was shooting another load into my tummy.

We all slept in our bed and I got to suck Mikes beautiful cock again this morning.

Now we are setting up for our Hurricane Ike party and I hope to suck more cock!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane Ike party this weekend need help!

I'm Ready to party!

Hurricane Ike party.

Hey y’all
We are planning a Hurricane Ike party at our place this weekend and we need some sexy party game ideas.

Here are the rules for or party. But we need sex game ideas.

1) No clothing.
2) We need 5 sex games that players get points for winning.
3) No penis vagina penetration in the 5 sex games.
4) Male and female with most points win 30 minutes play time in our sex swing with everyone watching.

So we need some help making up games. Please post your ideas or send me your ideas.

Here are all the people coming to our Hurricane Ike party.

The Group
Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.

Mike is Lisa husband and our part time Ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. In High school I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 120 lbs 34 B 26 34 nice butt with very long blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor.

Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.

Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

Please help use with your sex game Ideas.
TXLassy & Laster

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Make-up sex

Make up sex
Make up sex is great. My husband and I had an argument on Wednesday and my husband was still pissed at me but I had a plan for when he came home. I meet him outside in the front yard naked and proceeded to give him one of my famous BJ’s. I sucked his cock while fingering my soaked pussy till we both had wild orgasms. I saw something by the corner of the house and it was Mike our ranch hand stroking his big hard cock while watching us!

The next day I drove into the city wearing just a light nearly see through sun dress, no panties or bra. I had the dress pulled up exposing and fingering myself as truckers drove by. I drove down to hubbies work went in and Julia who works for my husband and happens to be one of my best friends was just leaving for lunch. I told her my plan and she said she would take a long lunch. Before she even left I stripped right there in the front office waiting room and walked in his office naked. Julia watched me as I walked in naked then walked out leaving the door open.

My husband dropped the phone when he looked up seeing me all dolled up and naked. I got on my knees and unzipped him and sucked his nice big cock right there in front of the big office window. We had sex on the desk, sex in his chair, sex on the floor and sex in front of the window. My husband took the rest of the day off and we went down to our boat for more sex.

When we got to the boat Tom are dock neighbor was there moored next to us cleaning and workin on his boat. I left the curtains open and we soon were fucking wildly. My husband teased me that Tom was watching us so I rolled hubbie over and got on top to ride his cock. I could see him watching and I got so excited I turned around so I was reverse cowgirl and slide down on hubbies cock. Tom was trying to move to get a better look and not get caught watching us.

I wanted him to see me spread wide riding my husband cock with my tits bouncing as we fucked. When I knew he had a good view I took hubbies cock and slipped it out of my wet pussy and gilded it in to my hot ass. I spread wide and with my hand spreading my soaking hot pussy open taking my husbands cock deep in my ass. Tom watched as my husband fucked me good and hard as I looked right at him as he watched us. My god I came like crazy as he watched me get ass fucked real good I screamed as my orgasm hit me hard not caring if he heard me, my husband pulled out and came all over me.

I turned so my ass was facing Tom and grabbed my husbands cock and deep throated him letting Tom get a good view of my well fucked ass and pussy. We talked for a long time and then I fell asleep.

When I awoke my husband was taking some of our things to the truck in the parking lot. I was still naked and very horny and Tom was still on the dock workin on his boat and watching me. I squeezed my breast together licking and sucking my nipples as I spread my legs as wide as I could exposing my hot pussy to Tom. I moved both hands down spreading my pussy lips open while mashing my tits together with my arms.

It was starting to get dark so I turned on the light that was right above me so Tom would have a good view. Tom moved in close as I started moaning and rubbing my clit sliding my finger in my soaked pussy. I wanted Tom to see me cum as I spread my pussy with my fingers and rubbed my hard clit. I was getting loud as I finger fucked my pussy and my orgasm was building very fast.

I was looking right at Tom as I buried three fingers deep in my soaked pussy and screamed bucking and trashing around as Tom watched me have a mind blowing orgasm. It took me a long time to calm down and when I raised my head up looking between my legs I saw Tom and my husband talking. Tom was looking busy trying to put all his tools away.

My husband came onboard as I was getting dressed telling me he watch Tom watching me and unzipped his pants so I could suck his cock again and I was more than happy to take his sweet load again. My husband is going fishing with our sons this weekend so we cleaned the boat up and got ready to leave. As we were leaving we waved to Tom as he watched us walk off and we headed home with big smiles on our faces.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Texas justice prevails.


The best Cocksucker in Texas. These are true adventures!

Texas justice prevails.

I have been working my ass off riding this stupid bike to get ready for our ride tomorrow. Julia crashed today because some asshole in a car swerved right at her and she went flying off the road. She has a pulled calf, strained knee and lots of road rash. A truck going the other way had seen what happened and called 911 then chased after them.
The two Mexican guys in the car got the “SHIT” knocked out of them. They were able to talk by the time the Sheriffs got there. And that is Texas Justice! Now there are being charge with numerous charges and that’s the government’s justice.
Julia is ok but pissed she can’t go and blames herself for what happened.
Now my husband won’t let me ride unless there is a group. I called one of the guys we meet last weekend and he is going to pick me up tomorrow for the group 40 mile ride. He is a very nice young man and by the looks of his bike shorts he is packing a nice size cock! He has short dark hair , brown eyes 6’ tall and a body like a god! And a nice cock.
My husband also wants me to invite this young man to soak in our hot tub after the ride. Hubbie wants to hide and watch me give the guy a Blowjob.
Did I say this young hunk has a real nice cock!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Guys in bike shorts.

Do you like my new Cycling Jersey?

Guys in bike shorts.

Julia got me into bike riding after New Years and our wild party. We started off in the gym working out and taking spin classes (riding a stationary bike). So when hubbie is off at the gym Julia, Lisa and I go to our gym. I enjoy the attraction the guys give us and of course my nipples are always hard. We always end up back at the ranch in our hot tub "Naked" talking about some of the hot guys at the gym. My husband gets home when we are in the tub and get to join us for a bit.

Last week we went on a long bike ride with a bunch of people and met with others on the way. Before we left Julia gave me a new jersey to wear it was a loose fitting kind and she told me not to wear my sports bra. When we started the ride she reached over unzipped the jersey almost halfway and did the same with her top.

The guys loved it and we could see there cocks growing in there bike shorts. I know some of them got real good looks at my tits and my pussy was horny as hell rubbing on the seat. At a rest stop we were talking with some guys and I was bent over so my tits were fully exposed to a few of them. I love teasing and there cocks were hard as iron by the time we finished and headed back.

We were invited to go on a ride with a few of them this weekend. I showed my husband the jersey and he fucked me right there in the living room as soon as Julia left then my husband said I should go and to wear the jersey. That earned him a Blowjob and y'all now how much I love sucking his cock.

I called them and told them we were going and would meet them at the trail head on Sat.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hi Y'all
I need to start posting more often and let you know about my sex life (hubbie wants me to give bday lap dances)or post stories about when I was a stripper.

Y'all can post comments here to you don't have to belong to blogger! And if you leave youe email address as your name when you post a comment I will for sure email you back.

So please post comments of what you want me to post(besides naked pic of me).

I also love to chat on

This is what has been going on lately.

1 My husband wants me to give some guys bday lap dances.

2 I have been riding bikes with Julia and lots of young guy have been flirting with us on long rides. I don't know why? I wear a low cut loose top no bra and cycle shorts. Thats it.

3 I have been naked on our ranch all week. Here is who has seen me and even talked with me as I was naked. The Mailman, our ranch hand Mike and a young man who works for Mike, Mr. H my neighbor, Julia, Lisa, Bud, Fred, and these are people I flashed besides all the Truckers. A young man at the grocery store who helped me with my stuff.

So let me know.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Years Party pt. 8

New Years Party pt. 8

Lisa got up and we they all moved toward the door I was to weak to move I just felt like jello. When it opened Julia was on the floor and her body was trembling, she was soaked in sweat and other fluids and I could see cum in her hair. My husband was standing with a limp cock and a wet mustache. Between her legs was the rabbit toy, all sticky and wet and her pussy lips has turned almost a dark wine color.

I was finally able to walk and after we all talked about what happened and laughed our asses off as Julia moaned and quivered on the floor, I could see and huge load of cum in her hair! Fred went and got a wash rag and towel and helped his wife clean up and calm her down lol.

I started cleaning up the party mess with Lisa, Mike and Teresa helping me out. Bud and my husband helped Fred get his wife into there car and sent them off safely. Bud and Teresa drove home while Mike and Lisa stayed in the house on our other property.

We didn’t even make it to the bedroom we fucked on the sofa I had masturbated on. My husband told me he heard me cumming and that’s when he shot the big load in Julia’s hair. I must have cum 6 more times as we fucked all over the house and hot tub. When we did go to bed we talked for an hour before falling asleep.

The end


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Years Party pt. 7

New Years Party pt. 7

I have always had a huge craving for deep throating a stiff boner. It’s not just the skill of sucking cock, I absolutely love sucking cock! I love looking at you straight in the eye, while giving you that superb blowjob with a bit of hand job! It is just pure pleasure to me. Having 5 others watching me suck cock is even better. Even when I worked as a stripper at private parties I loved being watched giving head. They kept teasing me and looking at the clock.

Bud’s cock was pointing strait up, the nice thick shaft with its bulbous head. I took hold of his shaft and looked at everyone while spreading my legs and sliding to the floor between Buds’s outstretched legs. I wanted them to see me play with my pussy as I gave Bud a blow job he will never forget! They all watched as I looked Bud in the eyes and snaked my tongue out licking the underside of his shaft to the tip. I could feel him pulsing in my hand as I slid my finger over my clit and entering my horny pussy.

I was moaning already I was so fucking horny being watched sucking Buds cock as I fingered fucked my soaked pussy. I was sucking the head while my tongue played with the area where his head meets the shaft driving him wild. I was taking more of his nice cock in my mouth while stroking his shaft. When he put his hands on my head entwining his fingers in my thick hair I took the full length of his cock all the way down my throat. I used my throat muscles to work his cock in my throat while fucking my pussy faster. I used short head bobbing with lots of tongue and throat action. He loved pumping the back of my throat and I was so fucking horny I was on the verge of orgasm while his hot cock pumped in my throat.

I had spread my legs so they could see me playing with my pussy while sucking on Bud’s nice cock. They were all watching me and I got so turned on I was rubbing my clit at a light speed and sucking his cock. My orgasm was so strong I was shaking and devoured Buds cock as he was about to cum. Bud’s big cock exploded when I had him all the way down my throat. I went crazy on his hard cock as squirt after squirt of hot cum shot into my belly, finger fucking my pussy as they watched me. I grabbed his ass and milked his cock not stopping my great blow job. I was more turned on from them watching me play with my pussy than I was sucking Bud’s big cock. I kept pumping his cock down my throat taking all of his cum while his wife Teresa and the rest of the group watched and cheered.

The best cocksucker in Texas was getting serious about her work. I got up on my hands and knees so that I could concentrate on draining that hard cock and nothing else. I was going to make damn sure I did the job right and make this cock explode into my mouth with Bud’s legs shaking uncontrollably as it shot into my belly. Do it baby! Suck that cock! She’s draining that big cock! All there nasty talk encouraged me even more but Bud couldn’t take any more and was trying to push me away. I slowed down and milked every drop from that softening cock and I needed to cum.

I got up on the sofa next to Bud and put one leg over the arm and placed the other over Bud’s leg so I was spread wide exposing my wet horny pussy for everyone to see. I slid one finger in my horny fuck hole and went crazy on my clit with the other. They all were watching me! I looked at them as I put two fingers in me and Bud spread me wider.

I had a Massive Orgasm, my orgasm had such great intensity that it lasted for an indefinite time, I just looked at everyone as they all watched me orgasming, fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit. It was unbelievable Mike, Fred, Lisa and Teresa watched me cumin and started playing with there cocks and pussy’s.

The timer went off and we all just looked at the closet door.


Monday, March 24, 2008

New Years Party pt. 6

New Years Party pt. 6

What a rush it was when the door flew open. We were ushered out and Mike and Teresa rushed in for there 11.5 minutes. My head was spinning as I tried to calm down my husband handed me a glass of water as Bud sat down next to me. Things went by very fast my head was spinning and I had not had a drink just smoked some green bud. I heard the timer going off and the door was opening with Teresa on her knees sucking Mikes gorgeous cock. Mikes cock was huge and looked ready to explode as Teresa got up and walked out. Mike was still dazed, you could see hand prints on Teresa’s ass, tits and inner thighs, being shaved you could see her swollen pink pussy lips!

Fred and Lisa hurried inside and they by far made the most noise. I looked at Julia and I could see she was already very excited; her nipples were hard she was breathing slowly and she had a glazed look in her eyes. Dang almost sounded like they were breaking the chair in the closet. Fred’s hair was a mess when the door opened and Lisa was grinning from ear to ear, his mustache was wet and I knew what had happened. When Lisa has an orgasm from receiving oral she grabs the head of the person who is eating her pussy and cums like crazy (and I know how good Fred is at eating pussy).

Julia and my husband were ready for the final and I had a surprise for the winners. Before they entered Lisa and I stood up and told everyone that the winners got a surprise and I placed a very nicely wrapped present on the chair. They went in and started to the closet and unwrapped the gift as we set the timer and closed the door. We sat down close to the closet and Bud sat next to me on the floor with a huge hard on and asked what we had gotten for them. Lisa sat on Fred’s lap while Teresa moved to the end and sat on Mikes lap. Bud said “Hey” I want to sit in a chair. I jumped up as he sat in my chair with his cock sticking strait up. When I sat in his lap I made a big deal about it as I felt his shaft on my soaked pussy. I moaned, rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. Bud grabbed both my tits and was playing with them. Bud’s cock felt so hot as I moved my ass humping him.

We all heard my husband scream out in orgasm and we all knew Julia was sucking his cock. It was quiet then we heard the chair moving and talking. The rabbit vibe makes a very distinct sound when it is turned on and buzzing and then Julia’s moaning and groaning. We all started making funny sex noises and Teresa was rubbing Mikes cock, Fred had his fingers playing with Lisa’s pussy and Bud’s cock was sliding along my pussy lips bumping my clit. Things were heating up both in the closet and with us sitting close by outside.

Teresa saw how intent I was at trying to hear what was going on in the closet. She jumped up and said that sense Bud was the only guy who had never had a real Blowjob (not just sucking cock but one of my famous Blowjobs). Being New Years and me losing all the games Teresa said I should give Bud a BJ as the rest of the group watches. Teresa was testing me she has already talked to me about sucking Bud’s cock we have had many horny discussions on the subject. Lisa then said that there was 12 minutes left for Julia and my husband in the closet so I had 10 minutes to show everyone how good I was at sucking cock. Bud’s cock was hard as an Armadillo.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Years Party pt. 5

New Years Party pt. 5

With all points totaled Julia won with the most points so this is how it broke down for the closet game.

1st in the closet will be Bud and myself with only 10 minutes.
2nd in the closet will be Mike and Teresa 11.5 minutes.
3rd in the closet will be Fred and Lisa 19 minutes.
The winner Julia and my husband 34 minutes.

The closet was empty except for an old wooden chair. We put on some sexy music just loud enough so it made it hard to hear soft talking. We gathered some chairs around the closet door, more drinks, some food and an egg timer.

As I opened the door I turned around I saw all the guys had rock hard cocks and Bud was right behind me as we walked into the closet naked. As soon as the door shut Buds hands were all over me, squeezing my tits while his other hand was moving between my legs. I pushed back on his hard cock as he buried his middle finger deep in my soaking hot pussy his palm rubbing my clit as we humped. Bud turned me around pushing me down in the chair as I wrapped my hand around his fat cock and took him in my mouth sucking him deep as he grabbed my hair. I deep throated his nice fat cock 5 times each time taking him all the way down till I could lick his balls. He was holding back from screaming out loud slowly easing his cock out of my mouth then grabbing my ankles bending me in half exposing my horny pussy. Bud got between my legs and guided his hot cock between my soaked pussy lips running his hot cock head right up to my clit. With both my arms I reached between my legs spreading wider as my hands peeled my pussy open looking into Buds eyes. He moved his fat cock up again this time going slower and pushing stopping at my hot pussy hole. I spread my pussy and raised my ass off the chair his cock head was so hot pushing on my spread pussy.

The light went out and that meant we had 10 seconds left before they opened the door. I was spread wide open with Buds fat cock head opening my horny pussy.

Y’all have to realize my husband reads my blog and the stories I write! One of the rules of the closet game is you do not have to tell what went on in the closet. Well my husband has chosen to not tell me what happened with him and Julia in the closet for 34 minutes. So I can’t tell what happened the last 10 seconds of my closet time.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Years Party pt. 4

New Years Party pt. 4

Julia's wet pussy on the left and me on the right.

Her pussy looked wet before he even started licking his way up making her squirm as he spread her hood on her clit. Slowly he ran his tongue up her slit entering her as she shook then making his tongue hard and pointier as he pressed hard on her exposed clit. She threw her head back and screamed the muscles in her legs quivered.

My husband got between my legs and in 2 minutes he had me shaking in orgasm covering his face with my hot cum. He jumped up real quick said it’s almost New Years! The guys got between their wives legs and with a count down starting at 20 they all started fucking us stroke for stroke, fucking us harder and harder, I swear the big couch was moving.

I don’t remember what happen at 12:00 because I was Cumming and kissing my loving husband and he pounded me with his 9” hard cock. We were all well filled and laughing and having fun. The guys sat down and us girls proceeded to suck and clean there nice cocks. As if we had planned it out I got up and moved to the other end as Julia, Lisa and Teresa all moved over one guy and started sucking there cocks.

Julia was cock hungry as she devoured my husbands cock. I had never deep throated Bud and I wanted to make sure he knew I was the best cocksucker. His hot cock was so hard as it slid down my throat he grabbed a hand full of my hair and squealed. We all switched again. Mike has the largest and thickest cock of the group and everyone paused to watch as I wrapped my lips around his massive cock and looking in his eyes took all of that nice hot cock all the way down. I knew everyone was watching me as I deep throated him again and again, then I exploded in a massive orgasm as his cock pumped down my throat. He had both his hands on my head as I came pumping his cock down my throat. I was out of breath as the girls were sucking the guys in front of them.

We all move to the last cock and I watched Teresa suck my husband’s cock I took Fred’s cock in my mouth and as I did he could not hold back and shoved his cock down my throat and shot a huge load, squirt after squirt. It sounded like all the guys were Cumming. I was so dam horny I needed a cock fucking my horny pussy.

We all sat around talking and stroking, we cleaned up and had more drinks as we tallied up the scores and points for the closet game. I got up took some dishes and stuff in the kitchen. Mike helped and when I set the dishes down he came up behind me his now hard cock pressing on my ass. His left hand cupping my tit pinching and twisting my hard nipple as his right hand slipped around and slid over my hairy mound and he slid his middle finger deep into my soaked pussy and whispered in my ear “Boss Lady I want to Fuck you”.

I pushed backwards against his large throbbing cock, with both hands on the counter I bent over at the waist and spread my legs apart. He slid his finger out of my soaked pussy moving slowly as I felt his hot cock between my legs. He held his cock and was gilding it over my mound rubbing my hot clit. Mike’s cock was throbbing as he pushed harder and eased back sliding his thick cockhead over my clit spreading my hot pussy lips. Leaning on the counter I reached back with both hands and spread my ass and pussy for Mike. With one hand he peeled open my pussy lips and his other hand wrapped around his huge cock as he rubbed his cockhead on my open pussy coating it with my juices. I felt his big cockhead opening my pussy hole the more he pushed.

Whack!!!!!!!! He slapped my ass fucking hard pulled back and walked out of the kitchen. Fuck! He just left a huge hand print on my ass, with me bent over, soaked horny pussy and he’s running back to the play room laughing. When I turned around everyone was standing there laughing they had watched everything. We all went back to the play room and before I turned the light out I looked in the mirror on the counter I had been leaning on and giggled. We all had a good laugh, talked a lot about sex and then it was time for the closet game.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

News Years Party pt. 3

Julia won the closet game again with total time of 34 minutes and I could tell from the beginning she was trying her hardest to win!

We were having a blast and the guys lined up as each of us girls went down the line stroking there cocks and rubbing them on our nipples. Then I said time for round 2 the guys had to hold there hands above there heads as I started with Fred and rubbed his cock between my tits stroking him, I then moved to Mike and placed his huge hard cock between my tits and stroked him, when it was Bud’s turn I rubbed his hot cock on my nipples and titty fucked him. Kneeling in front of my husband I could not resist and I started sucking his nice long hard cock deep throating so everyone could see.

Julia was next and she did the same to all the guys but when she got to my husband she wrapped her hand around his cock and was about to take him in her mouth but stopped and kissed the head of his throbbing cock. When she got to her husband Fred it looked like he was about to cum! As soon as she took him in her mouth he exploded and she tried to take all his cum but he was so excited he just came buckets. She had his cum all over her tits and was rubbing in all over.

Lisa and Teresa took there turns and also sucked there husbands cock. Lisa was impressive she sucked Mike’s huge cock as he pulled her hair and let everyone watch her take his whole cock.

Then it was our turn! I got to choose if I want to be first in line or last, I picked last! Us girls picked spots on the couch and we all move our ass close to the edge spread our legs intertwining our legs so we were all spread open. Fred got to go first and he was licking Lisa’s ass cheeks and ran his tongue right between her pussy lips and flicked her clit. Lisa was moaning as he got up and moved to the next girl. When he got to Julia he devoured her pussy bringing her to a quick orgasm. When Fred licked me he took his time moving very very slow, my clit was throbbing as his tongue touched it and I almost grabbed his hair to make him eat me like he had just done to his wife. Bud was funny he did the same as Fred but made sure his nose pressed hard on our clits as he ran his tongue over our pussys. Mike has a long tongue and Lisa was trashing around in a multiple orgasm.

I watched and quivered as Mike ran his long hard tongue up Teresa’s pussy and she grabbed her tits and screamed! He moved between Julia’s legs as she pulled and tugged at her hard nipples she gritted her teeth as Mike’s tongue parted her lips.

Mike’s tongue was so hot on my pussy and brought back so many nasty thoughts. I was almost screaming as his tongue and lips touched my hard clit. When my husband got on his knees Lisa said sense it was our house he could use his hands as he licks. Mike then said ok but so does Lassy! I grabbed his hair and mashed his face into my hot pussy as he drove his long tongue deep in me. He’s good and Lisa and Teresa almost came as he spread there pussy’s and flicked his hard tongue on there clit. How Julia was a different story.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Naked New Years Party pt.2

We had all the food set up and drinks when everyone arrive. The hot tub was ready with drink cart close by. There were 8 of us in a 6 person hot tub and we had a blast just talking about all the experiences we had this year. We talked about the games we were going to play and how to keep score for the final closet prize. Unlike last years party where the guys could not touch us with there hands, this year we just moved around from guy to guy sitting on there laps as we talked and drank. I was the only one not drinking alcohol, but someone lit a joint and handed it to me.

“The Closet Game”

We all made this game up a long time ago and we play it every year. We also change the rules if we all agree 100%. All the games we play during the night the winner or winners each get time in the closet with the person who they chose. They go into the closet together with only a chair in the closet. We all gather around and listen to see if we can hear what is going on.

Rule #1

Anyone can open the door at any time but must forfeit 5 minutes of there time to who ever is in the closet.

Rule #2

No penis vagina penetration.

Rule #3

No one has to say what went on in the closet.

Teresa has been teaching classes at the gym and I have been doing Yoga with her and I must say this woman is a perfect female sex goddess and it’s also why Bud always has the biggest grin on his face. She was sitting on my husbands lap and we were talking about her tits and she asked me if my husband could massage them. I said hell yes he’s been dieing to play with them. That’s all it took! All the guys started playing with the tits of who ever was on there lap. I was on Bud’s lap and as soon as he cupped my left tit his cock grew rock hard, and as I looked around I knew all the guys were hard. For the next half hour we changed around letting the guys play with our tits as we wiggled on there stiff cocks.

Mikes cock was hard as steel and I started moving back and forth so I could feel his cockhead rubbing on my pussy. I was looking strait into Lisa’s eyes as I felt Mike’s cock sliding along my hot pussy as he tried to get me to shift a little forward. Teresa let us know time was up we didn’t want to get too wrinkled and its not good to stay in this long. I felt Mikes cock twitch as I got up and moved to get out. Julia was on my husbands lap and he had both his hands playing with her tits as she was moving around on his lap. I swear she was having an orgasm!

We all dried off and moved the party inside where we played games like naked twister, we had challenges for couples, we made the guys dance and wiggle the cocks around, they made us walk down the drive way naked and stand in the street. We also had contests for time in the closet. We also had an oral talent contest but the other 3 girls bitched about deep throating large bananas saying I would win easy and there was not a big enough banana. Mike volunteered his large cock and Lisa pointed out that I had already proved I could swallow him with no problem.

More tomorrow.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Naked New Years Party

Well happy New Year.

We had a great naked swinging New Years Party. All clothing was left at the front door, we had the hot tub, food, beer, booze and a lot of sex toys ready and waiting.

This is our groups fifth Naked New Years party and there are four couples. We all grew up together, went to school together, ride Harley's together and now were all naked together.
The Group
Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.
Mike is Lisa husband and our part time Ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. In High school I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 140 lbs 36 B 26 38 bubble butt with very long thick blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor. Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.
Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

It was a Multi-Orgasmic party. I'll tell more later.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Can You Tease Me

Part 4

Can You Tease Me

My husband loves to watch me suck cock so I moved around so he had a good view of the Navy guy’s thick hard cock and also had access to my pussy. I ran my hand down the Navy guy’s muscular chest while looking into his eyes till my hand reached his hard thick cock. Slowly while looking at him I lowered my open mouth close to his cock and blew on it reaching my tongue out to tease him. I started to lick from the bottom of his shaft upwards, slowly. I was getting his cock nice and wet as my left hand was massaging his balls and he started squirming with frustration.

I licked the bulbous part of his enormous head and followed the ridge around to the underside of his penis. This was the most sensitive spot on his cock and I spent lots of time licking there and was rewarded with a drop of cum oozing out. I continued my long, wet lick over the top of his cock, lingering at the hole in the center. Sticking my tongue into it and sucking the drop up. I tasted my pussy juices on his cock head and tasted his sweet cum. I close in on that cockhead like it was chocolate ice-cream and took the whole knob into my hot mouth. Holding it there as I listened to him moan. I felt my husband slid two fingers into my soaking hot pussy. I swallowed him down quickly and took as much of his cock as I could get into my mouth.

I took his cock in my mouth sliding my wet tongue over the head until my lips close around the shaft at the point just behind the rim. I slowly slid it in wrapping my hand around his shaft. I was twisting my head from side to side making sure my wet lips stayed in contact with his enormous head. I tried to get into the best position to take his cock down my throat with my body sprawled across the back of the truck. I swallowed a little more as I stroked his cock. My husband was driving his fingers deeper and faster in my pussy, his thumb rubbing my clit in just the right spot. I could feel my body shaking I was moaning and taking more of his cock down feeling my first orgasm starting, I allowed my throat to relax completely removing my hand from his cock while he started thrusting his cock deeply down my throat. I now had his cock so deeply down my throat that his pubic area was pressing against my lips mashing my nose.

I moved my position so my husband could finger me and I could keep my mouth tightly closed around his throbbing cock and stimulate his underbelly of his cock head with my tongue. I took his cock completely, sliding my hands under his cute firm butt cheeks as one of his hands squeezed my left tit and his other grabbed a handful of hair. He was in full control now. He initiated and maintained all the motion as I was starting to orgasm. I relinquished control taking his cock as deeply down my throat as he wanted to. He began an in and out movement just like fucking.

My breasts and pussy were swelling up becoming larger, my body was feeling warm and hot to my husbands touch as he easily started fucking my horny pussy with three fingers. I could tell the Navy guy was getting ready to cum and my orgasm was shaking me and flooding my husbands hand as he fucked me faster with his hand. He was getting a little carried away as I was cumming and it sounded real nasty as I gobbled his cock and he started to cum. At that spectacular moment he thrust his cock all the way down my throat as I kept the motion the same against my lips as he exploded huge loads of hot cum shooting directly into my stomach! I swallowed all of his jizz as it hit the back of my throat and continue swallowing until he's was empty.
I was experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm as my husband finger fucked me deeply. My pussy was so wet; my clit felt huge, my nipples were erect and hurting, and my breast hurt as my muscles contracted. I had a strong desire to be filled, my vagina ached as I continued to swallow and buck backwards. I felt blood rushing to my chest, tits and my swollen hot pussy. The first muscle contractions were the most intense, about 1 per second. As my orgasm continued, the contractions became less intense and occur at a more random rate. They were intense contractions about 10-15 of them. They were so intense my contractions were clamping my vagina down on my husband’s fingers. I was experiencing a total body orgasm, clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm.

The Navy guy had gotten so excited watching me cum as I continued to suck his cock he started having another more powerful orgasm screaming and blowing a huge shot of hot cum down my throat as I drained every drop of cum from his thick cock. My husband had been stroking his cock and shot a big hot load all over my naked ass.

It took like 10 minutes for me to calm down as I played and licked that nice big Navy cock. My husband said that we must have been rocking the truck pretty good cause he noticed some people on the back porch of the lounge looking our way. I slowly licked my way up his belly to his nipples and sucked his nipples as I pressed my tits on him. I was still shaking when I heard him tell my husband that that was the best “Blow Job” he had ever had. And I was for sure “The Best Cocksucker in Texas”.

The Band had quit and people were leaving getting in there cars right next to us as the Navy guy got dressed and played with my tits. A fight broke out and there were people yelling and two guys punching each other. There was a crowd in the parking lot and the Navy guy opened the door climbed out telling us he’ll email or call us and hurried off. I was still naked and I know a couple guy could see me as my husband played with my tits with the door still open. I also saw Jill the waitress watching and she had a huge smile on her face and I noticed my husband was looking right at her as he squeezed my tits for her.

I slowly pulled my dress on over my head letting them watch me. My husband had too much to drink and the cops showed up because of the fight, so I had to drive and as I got in the drivers door I pulled my dress up so the guys could see my naked ass. We only got 10 miles out of town on our way home before my husband had me pull over take my dress off and get out walk behind the truck lower the tail gate bend over and screamed to another orgasm as he fucked me right there beside the I 37 Interstate Freeway.

We fucked like rabbits and then I drove the rest of the way home with me naked and my husbands head in my lap playing with me. This time I was hoping our friendly Sheriff Billy Joe Bob would pull me over!

We had wild sex all week and I was very submissive, I was blindfolded tied up naked in my husbands shop with the big garage door wide open and I had all kinds of toys used on me as my husband asked me all the details about the Navy guy before he had showed up at the truck. My ass was soooooo red and my pussy well fucked! I know Mike our ranch hand showed up one day and saw me tied up spread wide with a huge dildo shoved deep in me! And maybe even Sheriff Billy Joe Bob.

But that’s another story.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I felt so "Nasty"

Part 3

My husband and I have been playing this out all week and fucking like rabbits. I have even been taking Yoga classes with Teresa and that helped in the cramp back seat of the truck. When we were at the river and my husband had me naked in the back seat teasing me, I showed him how flexible I was and he couldn’t take it any longer and pounded me to 3 orgasms one right after another. My husband blew a huge load filling me up with his sticky cum. Right when we finished guess who pulled up? Yep!

Sheriff Billy Joe Bob! I think he has been watching us.

But now I was spread out naked in the back of our truck in the parking lot of a lounge in the middle of the city and my husband was listening to what was going on. There was just enough light I could see his beautiful cock with its enormous head pushing at my opening stretching my horny pussy. He pulled back and slid the full length of his cock along my stretched pussy like in a thrusting motion pressing hard on my clit and feeling his hard thick cock shaft pressed on my pussy. He was so hard he pushed his cock down again and I felt my ass rising again as his cock pushed at my spread pussy humping me.

This time I was still looking at his pretty blue eyes and I spread my knees and legs back tilting with my elbows holding them so my feet were almost behind my head.

Using both my hands I spread my pussy lips wide open exposing my engorged clit never taking my eyes off his. He gazed down at my horny nasty pussy and I followed watching the enormous head of his cock stretch me as he pushed forward slipping in just past the rim of his big cock head.

I moaned and groaned so much that time trying to be quite all the air in me was expelled from my lungs and my eyes rolled back. He just held his throbbing cock there with the head inside me as I shook and tried to hump upwards.

I heard my husband saying something! Navy Guy had set the phone right between my tits. When my husband talked the phone light would come on and I would see the Navy Guys face. Cars and trucks would pull in and the lights would let me see a glimpse of his fantastic hard body hovering over my naked body.

I felt so “Nasty”

I loved it when he would talk about my body so my husband could hear him. He was kneading and pulling my tits telling him how nice they were. He even asked my husband if he could hear my squishy soaking pussy when he finger fucked me. He eased back just as I tried to hump him and I almost came as his cock head popped out. I shrieked loud there was no holding back that time!

I heard commotion on the phone and my husband was asking something as my head spun from the pleasure I was receiving from that nice cock. The Navy Guy was telling my husband that he was exploring my pussy with his fingers when he really was using his hand to push the big cock head so it was almost slipping in again. He was teasing my pussy unmercifully and it felt like little shock waves tingling the whole outside of my hot labia and vaginal opening.

We heard people talking and someone got into the car right next to our truck. I watched as he used his hand to stretch his cock skin back on his shaft making the enormous cock head look like a huge purple knob. My hands and fingers were spreading my pussy as I watched him slowly push in past that heavenly cock heads ridge, then pulling back out ever so slow as I tried in vain to thrust.

The truck beeped the inside lights came on and the doors unlocked. It startled us and the Navy guy jumped grabbed me and switched places as I grabbed his thick cock stroking him. My husband opened the door and the first thing he said was that it smelled like hot pussy in the truck as he looked at me naked on my knees stroking the Navy guys cock as he reached between my legs fingering me.

As soon as my husband got in and shut the door I was all over him telling him how much I loved him and fishing his long cock out. It seamed like a long time for the light to go out inside the truck as people walked past heading back inside with me naked stroking two very nice hard cocks. It was cramped in the back and this is one of the times I wish we still had our Van.