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Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Years Party pt. 4

New Years Party pt. 4

Julia's wet pussy on the left and me on the right.

Her pussy looked wet before he even started licking his way up making her squirm as he spread her hood on her clit. Slowly he ran his tongue up her slit entering her as she shook then making his tongue hard and pointier as he pressed hard on her exposed clit. She threw her head back and screamed the muscles in her legs quivered.

My husband got between my legs and in 2 minutes he had me shaking in orgasm covering his face with my hot cum. He jumped up real quick said it’s almost New Years! The guys got between their wives legs and with a count down starting at 20 they all started fucking us stroke for stroke, fucking us harder and harder, I swear the big couch was moving.

I don’t remember what happen at 12:00 because I was Cumming and kissing my loving husband and he pounded me with his 9” hard cock. We were all well filled and laughing and having fun. The guys sat down and us girls proceeded to suck and clean there nice cocks. As if we had planned it out I got up and moved to the other end as Julia, Lisa and Teresa all moved over one guy and started sucking there cocks.

Julia was cock hungry as she devoured my husbands cock. I had never deep throated Bud and I wanted to make sure he knew I was the best cocksucker. His hot cock was so hard as it slid down my throat he grabbed a hand full of my hair and squealed. We all switched again. Mike has the largest and thickest cock of the group and everyone paused to watch as I wrapped my lips around his massive cock and looking in his eyes took all of that nice hot cock all the way down. I knew everyone was watching me as I deep throated him again and again, then I exploded in a massive orgasm as his cock pumped down my throat. He had both his hands on my head as I came pumping his cock down my throat. I was out of breath as the girls were sucking the guys in front of them.

We all move to the last cock and I watched Teresa suck my husband’s cock I took Fred’s cock in my mouth and as I did he could not hold back and shoved his cock down my throat and shot a huge load, squirt after squirt. It sounded like all the guys were Cumming. I was so dam horny I needed a cock fucking my horny pussy.

We all sat around talking and stroking, we cleaned up and had more drinks as we tallied up the scores and points for the closet game. I got up took some dishes and stuff in the kitchen. Mike helped and when I set the dishes down he came up behind me his now hard cock pressing on my ass. His left hand cupping my tit pinching and twisting my hard nipple as his right hand slipped around and slid over my hairy mound and he slid his middle finger deep into my soaked pussy and whispered in my ear “Boss Lady I want to Fuck you”.

I pushed backwards against his large throbbing cock, with both hands on the counter I bent over at the waist and spread my legs apart. He slid his finger out of my soaked pussy moving slowly as I felt his hot cock between my legs. He held his cock and was gilding it over my mound rubbing my hot clit. Mike’s cock was throbbing as he pushed harder and eased back sliding his thick cockhead over my clit spreading my hot pussy lips. Leaning on the counter I reached back with both hands and spread my ass and pussy for Mike. With one hand he peeled open my pussy lips and his other hand wrapped around his huge cock as he rubbed his cockhead on my open pussy coating it with my juices. I felt his big cockhead opening my pussy hole the more he pushed.

Whack!!!!!!!! He slapped my ass fucking hard pulled back and walked out of the kitchen. Fuck! He just left a huge hand print on my ass, with me bent over, soaked horny pussy and he’s running back to the play room laughing. When I turned around everyone was standing there laughing they had watched everything. We all went back to the play room and before I turned the light out I looked in the mirror on the counter I had been leaning on and giggled. We all had a good laugh, talked a lot about sex and then it was time for the closet game.



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yummy pussy!!!!!!!kiss

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yummy is right