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Monday, March 24, 2008

New Years Party pt. 6

New Years Party pt. 6

What a rush it was when the door flew open. We were ushered out and Mike and Teresa rushed in for there 11.5 minutes. My head was spinning as I tried to calm down my husband handed me a glass of water as Bud sat down next to me. Things went by very fast my head was spinning and I had not had a drink just smoked some green bud. I heard the timer going off and the door was opening with Teresa on her knees sucking Mikes gorgeous cock. Mikes cock was huge and looked ready to explode as Teresa got up and walked out. Mike was still dazed, you could see hand prints on Teresa’s ass, tits and inner thighs, being shaved you could see her swollen pink pussy lips!

Fred and Lisa hurried inside and they by far made the most noise. I looked at Julia and I could see she was already very excited; her nipples were hard she was breathing slowly and she had a glazed look in her eyes. Dang almost sounded like they were breaking the chair in the closet. Fred’s hair was a mess when the door opened and Lisa was grinning from ear to ear, his mustache was wet and I knew what had happened. When Lisa has an orgasm from receiving oral she grabs the head of the person who is eating her pussy and cums like crazy (and I know how good Fred is at eating pussy).

Julia and my husband were ready for the final and I had a surprise for the winners. Before they entered Lisa and I stood up and told everyone that the winners got a surprise and I placed a very nicely wrapped present on the chair. They went in and started to the closet and unwrapped the gift as we set the timer and closed the door. We sat down close to the closet and Bud sat next to me on the floor with a huge hard on and asked what we had gotten for them. Lisa sat on Fred’s lap while Teresa moved to the end and sat on Mikes lap. Bud said “Hey” I want to sit in a chair. I jumped up as he sat in my chair with his cock sticking strait up. When I sat in his lap I made a big deal about it as I felt his shaft on my soaked pussy. I moaned, rocked back and forth and bounced up and down. Bud grabbed both my tits and was playing with them. Bud’s cock felt so hot as I moved my ass humping him.

We all heard my husband scream out in orgasm and we all knew Julia was sucking his cock. It was quiet then we heard the chair moving and talking. The rabbit vibe makes a very distinct sound when it is turned on and buzzing and then Julia’s moaning and groaning. We all started making funny sex noises and Teresa was rubbing Mikes cock, Fred had his fingers playing with Lisa’s pussy and Bud’s cock was sliding along my pussy lips bumping my clit. Things were heating up both in the closet and with us sitting close by outside.

Teresa saw how intent I was at trying to hear what was going on in the closet. She jumped up and said that sense Bud was the only guy who had never had a real Blowjob (not just sucking cock but one of my famous Blowjobs). Being New Years and me losing all the games Teresa said I should give Bud a BJ as the rest of the group watches. Teresa was testing me she has already talked to me about sucking Bud’s cock we have had many horny discussions on the subject. Lisa then said that there was 12 minutes left for Julia and my husband in the closet so I had 10 minutes to show everyone how good I was at sucking cock. Bud’s cock was hard as an Armadillo.

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