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Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Years Party pt. 8

New Years Party pt. 8

Lisa got up and we they all moved toward the door I was to weak to move I just felt like jello. When it opened Julia was on the floor and her body was trembling, she was soaked in sweat and other fluids and I could see cum in her hair. My husband was standing with a limp cock and a wet mustache. Between her legs was the rabbit toy, all sticky and wet and her pussy lips has turned almost a dark wine color.

I was finally able to walk and after we all talked about what happened and laughed our asses off as Julia moaned and quivered on the floor, I could see and huge load of cum in her hair! Fred went and got a wash rag and towel and helped his wife clean up and calm her down lol.

I started cleaning up the party mess with Lisa, Mike and Teresa helping me out. Bud and my husband helped Fred get his wife into there car and sent them off safely. Bud and Teresa drove home while Mike and Lisa stayed in the house on our other property.

We didn’t even make it to the bedroom we fucked on the sofa I had masturbated on. My husband told me he heard me cumming and that’s when he shot the big load in Julia’s hair. I must have cum 6 more times as we fucked all over the house and hot tub. When we did go to bed we talked for an hour before falling asleep.

The end



Anonymous said...

Wish I was at this new years party...Sounds like I could have had a good time there... ;)

Taff said...

hot body!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey lassy u like em young I hope