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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hi Y'all
I need to start posting more often and let you know about my sex life (hubbie wants me to give bday lap dances)or post stories about when I was a stripper.

Y'all can post comments here to you don't have to belong to blogger! And if you leave youe email address as your name when you post a comment I will for sure email you back.

So please post comments of what you want me to post(besides naked pic of me).

I also love to chat on

This is what has been going on lately.

1 My husband wants me to give some guys bday lap dances.

2 I have been riding bikes with Julia and lots of young guy have been flirting with us on long rides. I don't know why? I wear a low cut loose top no bra and cycle shorts. Thats it.

3 I have been naked on our ranch all week. Here is who has seen me and even talked with me as I was naked. The Mailman, our ranch hand Mike and a young man who works for Mike, Mr. H my neighbor, Julia, Lisa, Bud, Fred, and these are people I flashed besides all the Truckers. A young man at the grocery store who helped me with my stuff.

So let me know.


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Taff said...

i want u!!!