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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Years Party pt. 7

New Years Party pt. 7

I have always had a huge craving for deep throating a stiff boner. It’s not just the skill of sucking cock, I absolutely love sucking cock! I love looking at you straight in the eye, while giving you that superb blowjob with a bit of hand job! It is just pure pleasure to me. Having 5 others watching me suck cock is even better. Even when I worked as a stripper at private parties I loved being watched giving head. They kept teasing me and looking at the clock.

Bud’s cock was pointing strait up, the nice thick shaft with its bulbous head. I took hold of his shaft and looked at everyone while spreading my legs and sliding to the floor between Buds’s outstretched legs. I wanted them to see me play with my pussy as I gave Bud a blow job he will never forget! They all watched as I looked Bud in the eyes and snaked my tongue out licking the underside of his shaft to the tip. I could feel him pulsing in my hand as I slid my finger over my clit and entering my horny pussy.

I was moaning already I was so fucking horny being watched sucking Buds cock as I fingered fucked my soaked pussy. I was sucking the head while my tongue played with the area where his head meets the shaft driving him wild. I was taking more of his nice cock in my mouth while stroking his shaft. When he put his hands on my head entwining his fingers in my thick hair I took the full length of his cock all the way down my throat. I used my throat muscles to work his cock in my throat while fucking my pussy faster. I used short head bobbing with lots of tongue and throat action. He loved pumping the back of my throat and I was so fucking horny I was on the verge of orgasm while his hot cock pumped in my throat.

I had spread my legs so they could see me playing with my pussy while sucking on Bud’s nice cock. They were all watching me and I got so turned on I was rubbing my clit at a light speed and sucking his cock. My orgasm was so strong I was shaking and devoured Buds cock as he was about to cum. Bud’s big cock exploded when I had him all the way down my throat. I went crazy on his hard cock as squirt after squirt of hot cum shot into my belly, finger fucking my pussy as they watched me. I grabbed his ass and milked his cock not stopping my great blow job. I was more turned on from them watching me play with my pussy than I was sucking Bud’s big cock. I kept pumping his cock down my throat taking all of his cum while his wife Teresa and the rest of the group watched and cheered.

The best cocksucker in Texas was getting serious about her work. I got up on my hands and knees so that I could concentrate on draining that hard cock and nothing else. I was going to make damn sure I did the job right and make this cock explode into my mouth with Bud’s legs shaking uncontrollably as it shot into my belly. Do it baby! Suck that cock! She’s draining that big cock! All there nasty talk encouraged me even more but Bud couldn’t take any more and was trying to push me away. I slowed down and milked every drop from that softening cock and I needed to cum.

I got up on the sofa next to Bud and put one leg over the arm and placed the other over Bud’s leg so I was spread wide exposing my wet horny pussy for everyone to see. I slid one finger in my horny fuck hole and went crazy on my clit with the other. They all were watching me! I looked at them as I put two fingers in me and Bud spread me wider.

I had a Massive Orgasm, my orgasm had such great intensity that it lasted for an indefinite time, I just looked at everyone as they all watched me orgasming, fucking my pussy and rubbing my clit. It was unbelievable Mike, Fred, Lisa and Teresa watched me cumin and started playing with there cocks and pussy’s.

The timer went off and we all just looked at the closet door.


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