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Sunday, March 23, 2008

New Years Party pt. 5

New Years Party pt. 5

With all points totaled Julia won with the most points so this is how it broke down for the closet game.

1st in the closet will be Bud and myself with only 10 minutes.
2nd in the closet will be Mike and Teresa 11.5 minutes.
3rd in the closet will be Fred and Lisa 19 minutes.
The winner Julia and my husband 34 minutes.

The closet was empty except for an old wooden chair. We put on some sexy music just loud enough so it made it hard to hear soft talking. We gathered some chairs around the closet door, more drinks, some food and an egg timer.

As I opened the door I turned around I saw all the guys had rock hard cocks and Bud was right behind me as we walked into the closet naked. As soon as the door shut Buds hands were all over me, squeezing my tits while his other hand was moving between my legs. I pushed back on his hard cock as he buried his middle finger deep in my soaking hot pussy his palm rubbing my clit as we humped. Bud turned me around pushing me down in the chair as I wrapped my hand around his fat cock and took him in my mouth sucking him deep as he grabbed my hair. I deep throated his nice fat cock 5 times each time taking him all the way down till I could lick his balls. He was holding back from screaming out loud slowly easing his cock out of my mouth then grabbing my ankles bending me in half exposing my horny pussy. Bud got between my legs and guided his hot cock between my soaked pussy lips running his hot cock head right up to my clit. With both my arms I reached between my legs spreading wider as my hands peeled my pussy open looking into Buds eyes. He moved his fat cock up again this time going slower and pushing stopping at my hot pussy hole. I spread my pussy and raised my ass off the chair his cock head was so hot pushing on my spread pussy.

The light went out and that meant we had 10 seconds left before they opened the door. I was spread wide open with Buds fat cock head opening my horny pussy.

Y’all have to realize my husband reads my blog and the stories I write! One of the rules of the closet game is you do not have to tell what went on in the closet. Well my husband has chosen to not tell me what happened with him and Julia in the closet for 34 minutes. So I can’t tell what happened the last 10 seconds of my closet time.


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