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Saturday, February 09, 2008

News Years Party pt. 3

Julia won the closet game again with total time of 34 minutes and I could tell from the beginning she was trying her hardest to win!

We were having a blast and the guys lined up as each of us girls went down the line stroking there cocks and rubbing them on our nipples. Then I said time for round 2 the guys had to hold there hands above there heads as I started with Fred and rubbed his cock between my tits stroking him, I then moved to Mike and placed his huge hard cock between my tits and stroked him, when it was Bud’s turn I rubbed his hot cock on my nipples and titty fucked him. Kneeling in front of my husband I could not resist and I started sucking his nice long hard cock deep throating so everyone could see.

Julia was next and she did the same to all the guys but when she got to my husband she wrapped her hand around his cock and was about to take him in her mouth but stopped and kissed the head of his throbbing cock. When she got to her husband Fred it looked like he was about to cum! As soon as she took him in her mouth he exploded and she tried to take all his cum but he was so excited he just came buckets. She had his cum all over her tits and was rubbing in all over.

Lisa and Teresa took there turns and also sucked there husbands cock. Lisa was impressive she sucked Mike’s huge cock as he pulled her hair and let everyone watch her take his whole cock.

Then it was our turn! I got to choose if I want to be first in line or last, I picked last! Us girls picked spots on the couch and we all move our ass close to the edge spread our legs intertwining our legs so we were all spread open. Fred got to go first and he was licking Lisa’s ass cheeks and ran his tongue right between her pussy lips and flicked her clit. Lisa was moaning as he got up and moved to the next girl. When he got to Julia he devoured her pussy bringing her to a quick orgasm. When Fred licked me he took his time moving very very slow, my clit was throbbing as his tongue touched it and I almost grabbed his hair to make him eat me like he had just done to his wife. Bud was funny he did the same as Fred but made sure his nose pressed hard on our clits as he ran his tongue over our pussys. Mike has a long tongue and Lisa was trashing around in a multiple orgasm.

I watched and quivered as Mike ran his long hard tongue up Teresa’s pussy and she grabbed her tits and screamed! He moved between Julia’s legs as she pulled and tugged at her hard nipples she gritted her teeth as Mike’s tongue parted her lips.

Mike’s tongue was so hot on my pussy and brought back so many nasty thoughts. I was almost screaming as his tongue and lips touched my hard clit. When my husband got on his knees Lisa said sense it was our house he could use his hands as he licks. Mike then said ok but so does Lassy! I grabbed his hair and mashed his face into my hot pussy as he drove his long tongue deep in me. He’s good and Lisa and Teresa almost came as he spread there pussy’s and flicked his hard tongue on there clit. How Julia was a different story.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Naked New Years Party pt.2

We had all the food set up and drinks when everyone arrive. The hot tub was ready with drink cart close by. There were 8 of us in a 6 person hot tub and we had a blast just talking about all the experiences we had this year. We talked about the games we were going to play and how to keep score for the final closet prize. Unlike last years party where the guys could not touch us with there hands, this year we just moved around from guy to guy sitting on there laps as we talked and drank. I was the only one not drinking alcohol, but someone lit a joint and handed it to me.

“The Closet Game”

We all made this game up a long time ago and we play it every year. We also change the rules if we all agree 100%. All the games we play during the night the winner or winners each get time in the closet with the person who they chose. They go into the closet together with only a chair in the closet. We all gather around and listen to see if we can hear what is going on.

Rule #1

Anyone can open the door at any time but must forfeit 5 minutes of there time to who ever is in the closet.

Rule #2

No penis vagina penetration.

Rule #3

No one has to say what went on in the closet.

Teresa has been teaching classes at the gym and I have been doing Yoga with her and I must say this woman is a perfect female sex goddess and it’s also why Bud always has the biggest grin on his face. She was sitting on my husbands lap and we were talking about her tits and she asked me if my husband could massage them. I said hell yes he’s been dieing to play with them. That’s all it took! All the guys started playing with the tits of who ever was on there lap. I was on Bud’s lap and as soon as he cupped my left tit his cock grew rock hard, and as I looked around I knew all the guys were hard. For the next half hour we changed around letting the guys play with our tits as we wiggled on there stiff cocks.

Mikes cock was hard as steel and I started moving back and forth so I could feel his cockhead rubbing on my pussy. I was looking strait into Lisa’s eyes as I felt Mike’s cock sliding along my hot pussy as he tried to get me to shift a little forward. Teresa let us know time was up we didn’t want to get too wrinkled and its not good to stay in this long. I felt Mikes cock twitch as I got up and moved to get out. Julia was on my husbands lap and he had both his hands playing with her tits as she was moving around on his lap. I swear she was having an orgasm!

We all dried off and moved the party inside where we played games like naked twister, we had challenges for couples, we made the guys dance and wiggle the cocks around, they made us walk down the drive way naked and stand in the street. We also had contests for time in the closet. We also had an oral talent contest but the other 3 girls bitched about deep throating large bananas saying I would win easy and there was not a big enough banana. Mike volunteered his large cock and Lisa pointed out that I had already proved I could swallow him with no problem.

More tomorrow.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Naked New Years Party

Well happy New Year.

We had a great naked swinging New Years Party. All clothing was left at the front door, we had the hot tub, food, beer, booze and a lot of sex toys ready and waiting.

This is our groups fifth Naked New Years party and there are four couples. We all grew up together, went to school together, ride Harley's together and now were all naked together.
The Group
Lisa & Mike
Lisa is my best friend she is very beautiful 5’3 115 lbs 34” C 22” 34” Latin with gorgeous skin and long dark hair and we have been friends sense we were 6 years old. We have had some wild times and there are some times I can’t remember anything lol.
Mike is Lisa husband and our part time Ranch hand/Gardner. Mike is 6’ 190 lbs very well built Cowboy type with dark hair and a thick mustache. He also owns a landscaping company. In High school I broke Mike’s virginity and also gave him his first BJ. Mike has a truly amassing cock it has a very large head and thick shaft and sticks strait out hard as steel.

Julia and Fred
Julia works for my husband and is very sexy 5’6 140 lbs 36 B 26 38 bubble butt with very long thick blonde hair. Get her drunk and she’ll strip naked in a heart beat and tell nasty jokes that would embarrass a sailor. Fred is the kindest and most gentle man you will ever meet! He is 5’11 195 lbs dark long hair. I have known Fred all my life and also broke his virginity and gave him his first BJ.

Teresa and Bud
Teresa is a fiery redhead with fucking perfect tits and ass (the bitch). If I gave my husband a free sex pass he would fuck her steady for a week. 36 Firm D 24 36 and a smoking hard body and doesn’t look a day over 25 years old.
Bud married Teresa after her husband left her for a woman he met on the internet. He is very handsome 5’11 well build and a cute butt and his cock curves to the right.

It was a Multi-Orgasmic party. I'll tell more later.