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Monday, January 30, 2006

Exposed BJ

Part 4

I told my husband I loved him and I aint gonna do nothin' t without him being there. Earl had already seen my naked pussy and I wanted my husband to be with me when we play. My husband told me to trust him and then told me to open the door and slowly expose myself and hand the phone to Earl. My husband tried to reassure me that everything would be alright, to trust him! I was so nervous and wanted to please my husband. This is what I fantasized about all day and I drove for over 3 hours to get here and I do trust my husband and I do want to expose myself to Earl. I wanted to see if my husband was telling the truth about the size of Earls cock. With a big lump in my throat I took a breath told my husband I loved him! Looking at the mirror I saw Earl start to open the door.

As he opened the door I slowly turned in the seat letting my left leg move over as far as I could, wanting to be fully exposed. I watched Earls face steering at me as I was exposing myself, his mouth wide open. I was so aroused my heart was beating faster my breathing quickened I felt blood rushing to my pussy and my whole spine and brain was tingling. I almost climaxed from exposing myself my breast swelled and my nipples hurt. I looked at Earl who had that big surprised look on his face and I handed him the phone and I told him that my husband wanted to talk to him. He had a dazed look on his face as he was looking up my skirt. He put the phone to his ear and I spread a little wider knowing he was getting a great view. He looked up at me as my husband talked to him. Earl got a big smile on his face and said your husband told me to tell you to slide your skirt up so I can see your pussy better. He had this shocked look on his face and I think he was shaking. This poor young man was in shock as I did exactly what my husband said! I moved my ass closer to the edge of the seat and pulled my skirt up over my hips exposing my nakedness to him. I was exposing myself to him, he was looking at my exposed hot pussy and I was shaking with desire and pure lust I felt so nasty. He had a great view of me now with my legs wide open and my hot wet pussy. He kept looking around to see if anyone was coming and he explained to my husband what I was doing and what he could see. I wanted Earl to see me fully exposed so I pulled my shirt down exposing my tits and squeezed them as he told my husband how nice my tits were. Earl stepped closer and said for me to spread my pussy lips and let me see your clit. He was telling my husband everything describing my pussy and telling him how wet it looked and that I was completely exposed. I felt so nasty and it was so thrilling watching and listening to Earl tell my husband what I was doing.

I was spread wide and I watched his face as I slowly let my hands glide up my legs and my fingers slide up to my wet pussy lips and spread them open exposing my now pulsing pussy to him. Earl was looking at my pussy as he described to my husband how hot my pussy was and that I had spread it to show him. I was looking at the big lump in his pants as my mouth watered and I became faint as I felt an orgasm building just from exposing my pussy. I wanted Earl to see me masturbate. He looked around again as I started playing with my pussy and moaning working my way to an orgasm. I wanted to watch his face as I masturbated and showed him my naked pussy. Earl moved his free hand and touched the inside of my thigh and I jumped at his touch and held on to his hand not letting him move it. He was relaying to my husband what was happening, talking real nasty as he watched me. Earl told me my husband said for me to let go of his hand! My heart was pounding and my pussy felt like it was dripping my juices as I let go of his hand. Earl moved his hand and started playing with my hot pussy just running his fingers over my lips and barely touching my clit. I watched as he spread my swollen pussy lips and he inserted two fingers in me. I was about ready to cum as his thumb touched my clit then he pulled them out and then licked them telling my husband how good I tasted and how wet I was. He knew just how to tease me.

My husband said something to Earl and he looked around reached down unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. OH My! My! This was the thickest cock I have ever seen and it was “Incredible” Sticking strait out, it was as hard as an Armadillos shell the head was purple and so inviting, it must have been 6 ½” to 7” around and 8” long with a large bulbous flared head. The shaft had ripples around it with large defined veins. My mouth dropped open and my heart stopped it was the hottest looking cock I had ever seen. I wondered what it would feel like sliding past my lips and down my throat or if I could even deep throat that thick cock. He stepped closer so he was between my legs I reached for that huge cock and tried to wrap my hand around it and stroke the monster cock. I pulled him to me stroking and feeling that hot cock pulse in my hand I was mesmerized by his cock. I was out of my mind and I couldn’t stop his cock was so thick and beautiful and I felt so nasty exposing myself. I lifted my leg and put it up on the door sliding my ass all the way over the edge of the seat and rested my back on the steering wheel. I have massive orgasms just from a cock rubbing on my pussy and I needed to cum. I wanted to feel that big thick cock slide on the outside of my hot pussy teasing me. “NOW”

I couldn’t stop myself his cock was amazing my mind was spinning I felt drunk and real nasty spread open. His voice sent a tingle up and down her spine. The thought of being so completely exposed was a little daunting but so thrilling I was on the verge of cumming. I was spread-eagled in the seat; I guided his cock towards my pussy wrapping my hand around the massive thickness. Earl grabbed my leg lifting and spreading me wide open. I spread my pussy lips open with my free hand pulling his cock towards my wide open pussy. I wanted his huge cockhead to be touching and spreading my wet pulsing pussy. I wanted his thick cockhead opening my pussy spreading me wide open teasing me. He tried pushing forward but I had a firm grip on his hot cock and the truck was to tall he was on his tip toes. Earl was telling my husband how I had hold of his cock and I was guiding and trying to rub his massive cock between my spread lips and rub my clit. Earl told my husband how he wanted to drive it deep into my wet pussy and fill me up.

Earl listened to the phone for a second his eyes getting a wild look in them and then he looked at me and said; "Your husband said for you to take your hand off my cock"

I said loud enough for my husband to hear “I want to suck that thick cock right now”. But I couldn’t stop myself! Looking at his massive cock I was mad with lust so I did as I was told. I slid my hand along the bumpy ribbed shaft of his cock feeling every bump and vain it was so thick. I watched his face and then using both of my hands I peeled my hot soaking throbbing, engorged pussy lips wide apart. Earl was looking at my nasty pussy completely exposed to him with my clit throbbing and his gorgeous hot cockhead aimed at my wet pussy. Incredible intense waves of pleasure were shooting pulsing shock waves from my pussy to my head as I watched Earls face while my husband talked to him. I thought I was going to black out when I felt him let go of my leg and grab hold of his thick cock. That beautiful cock was touching my pussy and he was sliding the head along my pussy and up rubbing my clit! I wanted to feel more of his cock and tried rocking forward letting his massive cockhead get wet with my juices.

I heard Earl tell my husband that he needed me to suck him now before he blows a load on my pussy. Well I didn’t need anymore encouragement and push him back and slid off the seat grabbing his cock in my hand. I squeezed his cock and with my tongue I teased his shaft licking from the base upward tracing every vain and ripple circling the head and hearing him moan as he grasp a hand full of my hair. His cock was so thick I wrapped both hands around the shaft and licked the big bulbous head letting my lips flow over tasting my own pussy juices and getting it wet. The anticipation was driving Earl and me wild as my lips slipped over the massive cockhead as I stroked the thick shaft looking up at him as I took more in my mouth. I concentrated on licking the head of his cock while it was in my mouth bobbing my mouth up and down on the upper couple of inches of his cock varying this with "deep-throating" as much of his cock as I could. I was removing his cock from my mouth to use my tongue all over his head and shaft driving him wild. I stroked his shaft pumping his cock and seeing precum form on the tip I looked at him and licked it off. I felt his balls tighten and I started swallowing as much of his cock as I could. My mouth was stretched as wide as it could go as I took more of his huge cock down my throat. I felt Earls cock at the back of my throat ready to shoot hot cum as I tried to swallow all of his cock.
My hand went for my pussy as I felt his cock twitching as he held my head with a hand full of my hair. I exploded in a massive orgasm as I fingered my pussy and clit moaning and screaming around his cock. Earl blew a huge load down my throat as I gasp and swallowed never stopping pumping and sucking his cock. He shoots three big squirts in my throat before my orgasm slowed. Earl then picked me up in his huge arms and set me back on the seat. He spread me wide and rubbed his still hard cock on my wet pussy. With both of my hands I spread my pussy open as he guided his hot cockhead between my stretched pussy lips.

Right as I thought he was going to try thrusting into me everything went wrong. “It was like someone opened a Border Crossing and illegal aliens were coming from everywhere! I saw one of his coworkers come out of the back door and see us with me spread wide startling me. At the same time a truck come around the corner and drove right up in front of my truck. One of the big loading and shipping doors started opening. I was spread wide open and Earls HUGE cock was guiding its way to my horny wide open pussy. Earl jumped back turned and stuffed his gorgeous cock into his pants leaving me completely exposed for the guy coming out the door to see. He was beet red and I was gasping for air my body shaking. Earl handed me the phone panicking as he looked around. He saw the guy who came out the door look right at me spread naked and I couldn’t move I froze. Earl jumped turning around as I slid over closing the door. I was shaking the blood was rushing through my pussy and my mind was spinning. Earl saw me looking behind him and he looked around to see his coworkers looking at us. He said he had to go but he wants to see me again and told me that my husband was a very lucky man. Everything was flashing by so fast.

I started the truck and drove away as fast as I could and waved to the guy who was sitting in his truck watching me with a big smile on his face. And I saw my husband getting out of his car.

I pulled on to the I-37 freeway called my husband who was still at Home Depot talking with Earl. I proceeded to finger fuck myself before having to pull over as a huge orgasm ripped through me. There were cars and trucks driving by at 80 MPH. as I soaked my hand as a massive orgasm ripped through me. My husband told me he was going to fuck me silly when he gets home. When I got to our country road off the freeway my husband told me to strip naked and drive the last 45 minutes home totally naked. I pulled over stripped naked like he asked. My husband told me he would be home as fast as he could and that he had talked to Earl and made more plans with him. I masturbated again as we talked and had two more orgasms before getting home. I wanted to get home so I could fuck my husband silly. I love him so much my heart was pounding as I dreamed of my husband!

As I pulled into the driveway and there was Mike our Gardner/handyman and here I was naked and smelling like hot pussy juice.


Saturday, January 28, 2006


Part 3

I have become a Submissive Exhibitionist and my husband is exploiting my fantasies. “He is driving me wild with desire and lust” My husband is making me feel real nasty and daring, he is seeing how far I can be teased and I have become submissive to him. I know he has planned this whole Home Depot adventure with Earl and he knows I’ll do as he asks!

“The Empty Nest Syndrome”

I was Mrs. Goodie 2 shoes, the perfect mom till all my kids moved out! Now I am a “Submissive Exhibitionist” My husband say’s I’m his “Little Nympho”. I have had this very strong urge for a long time to expose my hot wet pussy to guys so they can see me spreading my pussy open for them. I want them to see my pussy, to see my sex. “I want to expose myself completely”. I want my husband to watch me expose myself to guys. I fantasize that I masturbate in front of strangers and my husband watches. I want my husband to spread me wide open like he is offering my pussy to strangers and watch them rub there cockheads on my hot wet engorged pussy as I am “FULLY EXPOSED”! I fantasize that they tease me to “The Limit” and then I give them the best BJ of there lives! I love sucking strange cock! I fantasize everyday about sucking strange cocks as my husband watches! Everywhere I go I find myself looking at guys cocks and dreaming of sucking there big cocks and having them shoot there cum down my throat while I expose myself and masturbate. It’s driving me battie and my husband wants me to do more. Sometimes I think I’m “LOONY TUNES”

Am I a freak because I love sucking cock and I want to be seen naked?
Am I weird because I have an orgasm when a guy’s cock explodes down my throat?
Do any other women have orgasms from sucking cock?

We have talked and fantasized about me exposing myself and masturbating for a long time now and we have even practiced me flashing and spreading. My husband talked me into going to Home Depot so he could watch when I meet Earl and expose myself and see how far he can tease me. My husband has been asking me to do some nasty things recently and I do love pleasing my husband. I got ready and was admiring myself, I was wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless low cut white shirt, no panties or bra. I was pinching my nipples to make them stick out more while looking in the mirror and I was so horny. Dam I looked hot bending over imaging someone was watching. My husband called and I teased my husband how I was fixin to flash guys on the freeway and at Home Depot. How I would spread my legs as I got in and out of the truck letting someone see my naked ass as my skirt rides up my legs. I was already so horny my clit was throbbing and I was soaking wet I wanted to masturbate but my husband teased me more and said I couldn’t. My husband said that he would call HOME DEPOT and have everything ready with Earl. All I have to do is head-on inside and pay for it then get it loaded up.

My husband told me about Earl and how they meet. Earl was at Home Depot the night my husband and I meet the Cowboy in the parking lot there. Earl watched me get out of our truck and walk naked to the Cowboys car and suck his cock Earl watched the whole thing and my husband knew he was watching me give My Cowboy a BJ! My husband has told Earl about me fantasying about masturbating and showing my naked pussy and about all of our adventures plus he also told him how much I love sucking cock! Earl is 6’ 200lb Texas/Italian God. He has the most gourgus long dark curly hair sweet looking lips and HUGE hands with olive skin, a super hard muscular body, huge arms (I love huge arms) and a tight cute butt. My husband told me he has a thick fat cock and that Earl laughed when my husband told him I love deep throating cocks. I was so worked up as I got in the truck to leave imagining what his cock looked like.

Ok this might sound weird but while I was driving to get to the freeway I would see objects along the side of the road or in a field and they all looked like cocks! I don’t know if it’s from being super horny or thinking about seeing a nice young cock but everywhere I looked I saw cocks! The mail boxes looked like cocks with big heads, oil platforms looked like huge pumping cocks getting ready to explode. Everywhere I looked I saw cocks, big ones, little ones, huge mushroom shaped cocks, black cocks, white cocks and brown cocks. I have been fantasizing so much about showing this young man at Home Depot my pussy and how I want him to see me fully exposed I was driving myself mad with desire and lust thinking of his cock and how big it is. I got onto the freeway and I imagined that all the other drivers could see my naked pussy. I dreamed they all had there cocks out and I could see them. Even the big water towers looked like huge cocks and as I passed a tanker truck I imaged it was a nice long cock.
Am I Weird should I get some mental help?

Do you think I’m weird?

Well I called my husband and put the truck in cruise control and then told him what I imagined when I was driving and how horny I was. My husband was busting up laughing! He told me he had everything set up and he had talked to Earl! He told me when I got there to go to the contractor’s desk and ask for Earl. I was feeling dangerous and nasty! I was feeling an orgasm building in me as the excitement of someone seeing me naked rushed through my mind. I felt so nasty I wanted Earl to see me exposing myself completely to him. And I was wondering what my husband had told him. I got to Home Depot and parked close to the doors, cleaned up a bit and as my heart raced as I opened the door I slowly spread my legs as I turned to get out.

As I got out of the truck my legs were week, my nipples were rock hard and my heart was racing. I walked to the contractors counter where three men were standing there steering at my hard nipples as I walked up. I felt my pussy tingling as I asked for Earl. The oldest guy about 45 said he would page him and he would be here in a second I turned and walked over to some tool displays and as I did I could feel all there eyes watching me. I could feel my pussy getting wet I was so excited as they watched me. With my legs about 6” apart I slowly bent over and acted like I was looking at some tools. There was no way I could bend over for them to see my naked ass but in my mind I was imagining I was totally naked. I was bending over more and I could feel a cool breeze on my hot pussy.

I jumped when I heard this super sexy voice say Hi Lassy I’m Earl. Oh my god this young man was a hunk and my knees almost buckled. I tried to talk but nothing was coming out of my mouth and I thought I was going to faint. With the softest touch and sexiest voice he held my arm and asked if I was ok? I almost climaxed right then! What a good looking young man he was so sexy my pussy was leaking like a river! He said he had everything ready so all I have to do is pull around back and he would load everything in the truck. His voice resonated from my ears to my pussy it was so sexy. He walked me out to the truck and I could see the guys behind the counter with big smiles on there faces so I know they got a good peek. I got a better look at Earl as he walked in front of me to open the door for me. Sometimes I hate the baggie pants young guys wear but I could see the outline of his HUGE COCK and I felt my pussy throb as I went to get in the truck.

How the time of truth came as he opened the truck door for me. I stepped up put one leg on the seat spreading my legs as I sat up on the seat with my pussy now exposed to Earl. I know he saw me by the big grin on his face and his growing cock. I had practiced this and I know my pussy was exposed to him. I slowly turned in the seat so he could get a good look before closing the door. I started the truck and drove to the back calling my husband on the cell phone. He could tell how excited I was as I told him how Earl had seen my pussy and how I almost had and orgasm. I asked hubbie where he was as I backed up and Earl dropped the tailgate. He said look strait ahead baby! He was parked by the sheds were Earl had watched me suck the Cowboys cock. I told my husband how big and hard Earl’s cock looked as I watched him loading the truck in the mirrors. I was so horny my pussy was wet and quivering and my husband talked and teased me asking me what I thought of the young hard body man. My husband worked me to a frenzy I couldn’t think and I wanted Earl to see me again.

My husband then told me that I could do “Anything I wanted too”
I could suck his cock; let him play with my pussy even fuck him if I wanted to! “ANYTHING”
I had a momentary flicker of doubt but then! This is what I wanted! I wanted him to see me naked and masturbate in front of him!
I jumped when Earl slammed the tailgate shut and started to walk up to the door. My husband told me to open the door and spread so he could see me then hand him the phone! I said “What”
My husband said just do it now open the door and spread so he can see your pussy! “DO IT NOW” My husband begged me “DO IT NOW”

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well after all the teasing I still could not just have Mike come over with me being totally naked without my husband here. I took a bath and trimmed my pussy hair. I put on a white t shirt and baggy shorts no bra or panties. You could see my nipples through the T shirt clear as day and yes the headlights were on Bright! The baggy shorts were more like a skirt but they were sown together in between the legs. I even put a mirror on the floor buy our full size wall mirror to see what it looked like and if someone could see up the leg openings. It was kind of hard to see so I got a razor and cut it where it was sew together so it was more like a skirt. “Oh My” When I looked in the mirror you could see everything now and I was getting wet and horny looking at myself and seeing my hot trimmed pussy. I practiced moving, bending, reaching and spreading seeing how much I could show off and fantasying about someone watching me and seeing my wet pink pussy. Looking in the mirror I started playing with my hard clit and running my finger between my hot lips imagining showing someone. I was ready to cum as I watched my fingers slide in my pussy and spread it open exposing my hot pinkness.

I was startled by the phone ringing and I grabbed it my heart was pounding. It was my husband and he sounded concerned he asked if everything was ok because I sounded breathless. I told him how I was dressed and that I had been looking and practicing in the mirror and how it had got me horny. He started Laughing.

My husband told me that he wanted me to go to HOME DEPOT and pick up some supplies that Mike would need when he gets here. I told him ok but I would have to change from what I was wearing. That’s when I knew he had something planned because my husband begged me not to change he said he wanted me to meet someone at the Home Depot. We had talked about this guy named Earl and my husband told me that the guy had see us the night I gave My Cowboy a BJ in the parking lot of the Home Depot. Earl had been watching us the whole time that night and my husband knew it! They have been talking to each other for awhile and my husband sent him some pictures of me. My husband also told me that Earl said he had a huge thick cock! My husband told Earl that I love sucking and deep throating cocks but Earl said I might have a problem deep throating his cock. Now my fantasies were running wilder as I dreamed of his thick cock.

I had been practicing flashing and showing off in the outfit I was wearing and I was so excited about having someone see me. I wanted to expose my Naked Pussy to him! So why not just go as I am! I was horny and felt daring. My husband talked to me for almost a half hour before I agreed to go as I was. He also told me not to masturbate before I go but that I could play with myself once I was in the truck but “I could not cum” I was very nervous I had never done this before without my husband being there and I was having second thought’s. I could tell how excited my husband was as he pleaded with me to go! And I wanted to meet Earl to check him out because hubbie said he had a young hard body with huge arms and I just love guys with big guns. I just had to see his cock.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Showing off

Again my husband was begging me to show off and masturbate so Mike could see me as I started sucking his cock. My husband knows all the right buttons to push and he knows all of my fantasies. We fucked like rabbits I was on top riding like there was no tomorrow as my husband told me how hot it would be if I sucked a strange cock as he fucked me! We both came and had great orgasms before falling asleep.

I was so horny after hubbie left for work I got my egg vibe and teased myself to a nice long orgasm. I logged on to wifelovers so I could make some plans with Cowgirl and her husband. They are a couple we meet in the wifelovers chat room and have been talking with them about meeting for some fun in Las Vegas. When I was chattin with Cowgirl I told her about everything that had been happening and how I was naked and showing off and that my husband had wanted me to show off to Mike in fact he begged me to. I told her I thought my husband was planning something and Mike was coming over today. She started teasing me just like my husband does telling me how fun it would be showing my naked body to someone. She teased me asking me if Mike was coming over to help me with taking down the Christmas lights in the tree out front or to do some other work around the house. My husband had been begging me to go naked and let Mike get a good view of me! Hell he wanted me to masturbate in front of him. Cowgirl told me that I should have some fun! It’s what my husband wanted! Right?

My husband had rigged up a dildo so that I could strap it onto the computer chair and I could chat on wifelovers and have a nice hard cock inside me with my hands free. We have also used the dildo strapped on the chair as hubbie slides his hard cock in my ass and I ride the dildo. I showed pictures of it to Cowgirl and told her all about it. “She loved it” She told me I should get it out and set it up so when Mike came over I could give him a show. I said “NO” I could only do that if my husband was here! I don’t mind if Mike does see me naked but I am not ready or willing to go that far. YET! I think Cowgirl is as nasty as I am because she told me she was masturbating as we talked and I told her I was too. LOL! If the guys who I chat with only knew that I was sitting on when I am in the chat room they would be jacking off right now. (So if you see me in the chat room ask me what I’m sitting on LOL) I told Cowgirl I had to go and she told me to have some fun teasing Mike!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Showing off

Part 2
I told my husband all about my day at the mall with Betty and I also told him how horny Betty was for him! I was teasing him pretty good telling him how I wanted to watch him fuck Betty and how I would eat his cum from her pussy! I described Betty’s hot body and how much she wanted his big cock, how she would do anything for him! I deep throated his cock as I told him it was Betty sucking his cock and he was getting very excited! I was having fun when the phone rang. It was a guy my husband had sold some parts to and he was coming over to pick up the parts. I teased him more making faces like I was sucking a big cock as he tried talking on the phone. I sucked his cock deep and then I was telling him how I watched Betty play with her self and how nice her pussy smelled.

He was having troubles consecrating on the phone and he was trying to get me to stop. I was fingering my pussy and rubbing it on his nose. Whispering how good it would feel fucking Betty. He had a hard time talking to this guy Bob on the phone. When he hung up he looked real frustrated and he pinned me to the bed and said now you did it I’m going to blindfold you and tie you up Naked. Well you know me I didn’t stop I teased him more telling him how he wouldn’t be able to last with Betty. We were so worked up I was begging him to fuck me. Now he teased me and he tied my arms spread wide to the bed posts and then spreading my legs as wide as he could tie them too. I was wide open Naked and as he put the blindfold on he whispered to me that he just might show the guy who was coming over and maybe let him finger me. I screamed out “NO” I forgot this man was coming over and I begged my husband to untie me but he just teased me more! He got my rabbit vibrator out and fucked me with it teasing me telling me he was going to show me off and this went on and on as he played with my pussy. He teased me to the brink of orgasm more than once. Then there was a knock on the door and I heard my husband snickering as he checked the blindfold and slipped a finger in my wet pussy before he walked out the door. “I begged” him to untie me and he said for me to be still and he won't tell the guy I was in here Naked.

I could faintly hear them as my heart was pounding and my pussy was getting wet. All kinds of things raced through my mind as I strained to hear. Then My Husband’s voice got louder as I heard him say! Hey Bob come here I got something to show you! “OH MY GOD” I was having an orgasm! I swear I felt my pussy pulsing and twitching like it was squeezing closed and then opening. Nothing was touching me I was tied up squirming as the orgasm rushed through me. I could not hear anything my head was pounding as spasms ran through me. I froze trying to hear what was going on and at that moment I had a feeling that someone was watching me. Then I heard the door to the shop open some weird noises then it closed. I did not know what was happening and it felt like hours before I heard Bob and my husband come back into the house. I could hear both of them talking and my head was pounding and I was breathing hard. I could not hear what they were talking about. It got real quite for what seamed like for ever and I could hear my heart pounding and I was breathing real slow. I jumped as I felt a hand touch my pussy and insert a single finger deep in me and pull out. I heard a sucking sound and then a moan. It was hard to tell who it was my mind had frozen I could not hear anything for what seamed like for ever again then I heard the front door close and Bob’s truck driving off. I thought I was going to have a heart attack!

My husband came in all quite and teased the hell out of me making me cum three more times licking and fingering my soaking throbbing pussy before he got on me and said how much he want to see me suck a nice big cock. He said he showed me to Bob all tied up and let him finger me. I screamed as my husband’s big cock slammed deep into my hot pussy. We both exploded Cumming wildly as he fucked me hard and told me Bob was watching me. I was having multiple orgasms as my husband slowed his long strokes. I came so much I was drained and limp. He then told me that he had not shown me to Bob because he knew I would have gotten mad! He untied me and we cuddled and talked for what seamed like hours.

My husband told me that Mike our Gardner had told him he saw me Naked and I started stroking my husbands cock as it grew and I could tell how turned on he got telling me about Mike watching me. Then my husband shocked me! He had told Mike that I liked being Naked and he didn’t mind him watching me and that I have been an exhibitionist for a long time. I liked showing off to him. But I was a little shocked when my husband said he told him it was alright for him to watch me but only watch nothing else. Mike had told his wife Lisa he had seen me Naked and she called me to see if it was true. He had gone home and screwed her silly after seeing me and she loved it. She is a petite Latina and is very horny and we are great friends. We have gone to lots of bike Rally’s with them and she gets pretty wild and loves showing her tits off. We have had them over and been naked in the hot tub together so it’s not like this was the first time he’s seen me. She knows I am an exhibitionist and has told me she likes it when he looks at me and comes home and fucks her all night. He promised my husband and his wife that he would only watch and never touch me. Lisa was cool with that as long as he came home and fucked her. My husband told him next time to call him when he saw me naked and Lisa said the same.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Julia Plank

Julia Plank was a girl in high school who was flat as a board, no tits at all! She made up for it by giving blowjobs to all the guys she hung out with. Betty told me before I meet my husband that she had sucked him off at a party with other guys watching. When I saw her at the party Betty said to me there is Julia Plank the guys say she is the best cocksucker in school! Well I had the hots for Laster. He is now my husband and we have been together for 25 years. Laster was there with all his baseball team mates who had just won there 9th straight game. They were all drinking and screwing around.

Well I had to prove her wrong and I was half drunk so I told that flat breasted bitch I could suck off the whole baseball team and deep throat all of them. Off we all went upstairs and Laster said he was first and they all lined up after him. When he pulled out his 9” hard cock I almost fainted. I grabbed it in my hands and made love to his gorgeous cock deep throating the whole cock. When Laster exploded his HUGE load down my throat I had the most Earth shattering orgasm that I will never for get.

When Laster finished squirting his cum down my throat The BITCH “Julia Plank” said 8 more cocks to suck! I want Lasters cock but she pushed me to the others! Laster said that was the Best BJ he had ever had even better than Julia. Well that pissed her off so she said suck them and I sucked all 8 cocks and swallowed them all. I showed Julia Plank how to suck cock!

My husband fell in love with me that night and we have been together ever sense.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Best Cocksucker

Last night my husband again told me that I was “The Best Cocksucker in Texas” he said that after hooking up a shower Massage in my bathroom and he did this after watching me masturbating using the warm water splashing on my clit and pussy with my legs spread up on the wallin the tub.
He came up with the idea so I could relax more and enjoy myself. The idea came after watching me have a huge orgasm and thought the Shower Massage would work better.
"OMFG did it ever work"
When he showed it to me and how it worked I striped and jumped in the tub to try it out! Of course hubbie wanted to help so he spreads my legs out over the tub and after getting the water at the right temp and force and pulsing action he unleashed that monster on my engorged clit and pussy. He teased me running it up and down the inside of my thighs and directed it on to my throbbing clit. I bucked and trashed around spreading my pussy lips as the pulsing water hit my clit.
I was fast approaching a big orgasm when my husband shoved two fingers deep into my pussy and finger fucked me fast and hard. Curling his fingers up and thrusting deep he hit my button and I exploded in orgasm grabbing the tub and bucking on my husband deep probing fingers. The shower massage was driving my clit wild and at that moment it was a bit too much and I grabbed it from my husbands hand as he banged me with the other one.
When I calmed down I reached up and pulled hubbie nice big cock out and put the head in my mouth and used my tongue to play with the sensitive underside. I teased him taking more of his cock in to my mouth with the head nudging my throat while stroking the shaft. I know what he wanted and I reached around grabbing both ass cheeks and shoving his cock all the way down my throat till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I started using my throat muscles and a sucking action as I felt his balls tense up. Grabbing my hair as I held on to his firm ass he fucked my throat with long deep pistioning strokes.
I felt his load building and as he blew cum down my throat I held his ass tight and fucked his cock with my mouth and throat. I didn’t stop I had tears running down my face as I took his cock deep as a big squirt of cum shot in to my belly. Whoa Grabbing my head he fucked harder shooting squirt after squirt down my throat as his balls smacked my chin.
My husband crumbled to the floor from the intense orgasm he just had. All he could say was Baby you are “The Best Cocksucker in Texas”

TXLassy's Ranch hand

Please let me know if you like my true stories.

My husband was mad at me I had done something that we both agreed not to do so now I can’t get on wifelovers chat unless he says its ok and I have to make it up to him. He has a very nasty mind! So for the next five days when ever I was at home I had to be naked and if I had to go somewhere all I could wear was a short skirt or a sun type dress no panties or bra.
So this is what has been happening at our happy home.

My husband took the day off today and we stayed in bed and just relaxed after a hot round of sex. After all these years my husband still brings me to powerful orgasms one after the other. His oral talents are amazing and he knows how to make me shake Cumming like crazy. My pussy twitches and leaks my juices as he licks it up teasing my clit till my virginal muscles pulsing. I was so horny I rolled him over sat on his nice hard cock and road him like a bull bucking to get his cock deep in me.
Hubbie was talking to me as I rode him his hot cock filling me up and thrusting deep in me telling me how our Gardner/Ranch hand would see me naked. I was on the brink of another orgasm when my husband rolled me off him and he got up grabbed my hand pulling me up saying lets go to the den. Once we got there he sat in the computer chair his cock still throbbing. He turned me around so I was facing the sliding glass door and windows and had me sit on his hard cock and ride him reverse cowgirl. He spread me wide pounding his cock in me telling me how I would have to be naked and masturbate as the Gardner watched. He told me to look outside and see if I could see him watching us. OMG I had a huge orgasm as I was riding my husband’s hard cock and he told me how the Gardner was watching me take his big cock in my wet pussy. I must have cum 3 times as I rode his cock looking out the window hoping someone could see.

The rest of the day he kept talking to me about being naked in front of the Gardner. And when I was giving him a BJ as he left for work the next morning in the drive way he told me to remember I had to stay naked all day no matter what! Then he told me as he was leaving that Mike our Gardner would be here all day today and drove away with a smile on his face. So now here I am naked wet and horny.

I couldn’t think about it I just had to get on with my day but the more I walked around naked the more I got horny. So I called hubbie to see if I could log into the wifelovers chat room to see if Cowgirl was on and he gave me permission to go to the chat room. I chatted with Hung1 awhile till I heard (the Gardner) Mikes truck pull in the driveway. I told Hung1 one I had to go because I was naked and didn’t want Mike to see me on the computer naked. Well I had told Hung1 what my husband was making me do and he talked me into waiting and started teasing me about Mike seeing me Naked. We were chattin and that’s when I saw him in the mirror as he was opening the gate to the backyard. Mike entered the backyard and started looking around checking to make sure there were no snakes or critters around. Now it was too late all he had to do was look in the window and he would see me naked I couldn’t get up now. The phone rang and it scared me I grabbed the phone and it was my husband calling to see if I was still naked. He told me he called Mike and he told him that I would be naked!
I yelled at my husband on the phone “Why did you do that” My husband told me to just do my housework like Mike wasn’t there. I told my husband I was on wifelovers chattin with Hung1 and I had told him what was going on and that I was naked and our Gardner was outside watching me. See I can tease my husband too and I know he was sitting at his desk with a hard-on.
Now I have my husband and Hung1 were both telling me to show Mike the Gardner my naked body. What should I do?

I know Mike was looking at me Naked I could see him as I sat in the chair typing to Hung1 on wifelovers chat room and talking to my husband on the phone. He was in the backyard by the fence watching me as my nipples got hard and my pussy was getting wet. I told them both that Mike could only see my back and maybe my left breast and that’s when my husband told me to get up and walk over to the bookcase and get a book. Hung1 encouraged me to do it and he told me that I had to look at the books and make sure that Mike could get a good view of me Naked. All you men think alike!

I know he got a good view as I got up walked over to the bookcase and I making sure he could see everything. I was so hot I want to cum right there so he could see me. I told my husband how excited I was and as we talked I told my husband how much I loved being naked when ever I can and it’s so exciting knowing someone can see me. They both tried to talk me into masturbating so Mike could watch me but I said no!

That’s when my husband said he was coming home and that he was going to make me suck his cock so Mike could see how good of a cocksucker I am. So as my husband drove home Hung1 chatted with me on the computer telling me how he wanted to watch us. By the time hubbie got home I was so horny I was ready to cum. I got up and stood in front of the window so Mike could see as my husband came into the den. It kinda startled Mike and he hide behind the fence but then he saw me drop to my knees pull hubbies pants down and suck and deep throat my husband. After draining my husbands cock and exploding in orgasm I turned and saw that he was gone. We were both so horny we fucked right there and then went out side and fucked some more with me riding and Cumming like crazy on my husbands cock.

Well today is the last day of my punishment and my husband told me when I was sucking his cock before he left for work that he had some plans for me today. As soon as he blew his load down my throat I had a huge Orgasm. My kids will be home for a week and so we have to hide all of our pictures and clean up the computer. So I was Naked sitting at the computer and my husband called and told me a new pool boy was on his way over to fix the pump for the pool.

I heard him pull up and as he got closer to the door I saw it was a young man that went to school with my son so there is no way I was going to open the door naked. So he knocked and I went to my bedroom and called my husband to tell him what happened. I heard him open the backyard gate so I opened the blinds so I could watch as he looked things over by the pool. I could look out and see him as I talked to my husband and told him who it was. As I told him who came to do the work he got bummed that I didn’t answer the door naked. I told my husband that I could see the outline of his cock in his pants when he walked around by the pool and he teased me asking me if I could still see his cock.
That’s when I told my husband point blank that I would never do anything if there was a chance of someone we knew could find out about our adventures our about how much I love sucking cock. We made rules and I love my husband and would do anything he asks of me and I do mean anything. But the rules are we never do anything without both of us being there, never with anyone we know and never anywhere near where we live. So there is no way I will play any game with this young hard body man because we know him. But dam it he looked good!
But my husband knows how horny I have been so he told me I had to do something else because I didn’t answer the door naked. He told me to open the blinds so I could watch him work, lie on the bed and spread my legs and masturbate as I watch the young man. I spread wide and my fingers went to work playing with my pussy as I watched the young man and my husband talked to me about sucking his cock. My husband was telling me how the young man would love to have me give him a BJ. I was so horny I was ready to cum and my husband knew it and was telling me how good the young mans cock would taste and how much cum he would shoot down my throat. He heard how close to Cumming I was and he told me to stop masturbating! My husband said I could not cum until the young man saw me naked I begged him to let me cum but he insisted that I had to let the young man see me naked. My husband told me to wait till he was facing towards the house and then I have to walk into the kitchen and I had to make sure that he could see me.
I did want him to see me so I waited till he was up by the end of the pool and he was bending down. My pussy was tingling and my nipples were rock hard and acing as I got the courage to walk out of the bedroom and in to the kitchen. There he was closer to the sliding glass door that I thought he was but I wanted to do it! I wanted him to see me naked I was on the verge of having an orgasm and I was soaking wet. My heart was pounding and I was shaking but I did it I walked in to the kitchen “NAKED” I walked to the sink and did not look towards him at all. I bent over and opened the cabinet door exposing my self completely. I now he saw everything, my ass was spread, my tits were hanging and my pussy was soaking wet. I wanted him to see my wet open pussy I was so excited showing him my hot pink pussy. I got back up closing the cabinet door and I headed back to my bedroom looking out the corner of my eye to see him watching me.
Halfway down the hall way I had a massive orgasm that knocked me to the floor shaking and moaning Cumming. My hands were all over my tits and rubbing my clit as I had multiply orgasms. I made it back to the bedroom and called my husband to tell him all the details. As I told my husband about my orgasm and that I had let the young man see me naked he told me to see what the young man was doing now and to play with my soaking pussy. My husband told me I should go give the young man a BJ or a least let him see me naked again I protested but felt my pussy throbbing as my husband tried to talk me into sucking the young mans cock. I said I would let him see me naked again but that’s it no BJ! So here I go again I walked out to the kitchen and he wasn’t there. He had left! He was gone I walked out front to see him pulling out of the driveway. I told my husband everything that happened and as I did I fingered my pussy like crazy Cumming again and again.
My husband knows how weak I am to his dares when I am having orgasms like this and he teases me telling me how much I would love sucking that young mans cock. Well he did it again! He made me agree to give a stranger a BJ again because I hide from the pool boy. It didn’t take much to talk me into doing it I had been craving strange cock and my husband knew that and he has been teasing me. So now he is setting something up for this Friday night. I will be dreaming all week about sucking a nice hard cock and having it explode down my throat!

The kids came over for the weekend and left last night and they will be back before Christmas. We had great sex last night my husband was extra hard as we talked about what we are going to do this Friday. He teased me with his hard cock rubbing it on my spread pussy and teasing my clit. His cock parting my pussy lips as the head pushed in a little bit each stroke making me quiver and shake. He was telling me how good I would look with a strange cock sliding down my throat. That’s when I got on top of him reverse cowgirl and slid on to his hard cock telling him how I want him to fuck me as I sucked the strange cock. I was so dam hot and wet I slid his cock out of my pussy and eased it into my ass. In no time at all my husband was pounding his hard cock deep in my ass as I screamed out for him to fuck me good.
I forget how many orgasms I had but OH MY GOD did my husband shoot a huge load and he came wildly. Telling me to suck and drink the strange cocks cum! When he left for work in the morning I went outside Naked and gave him another Great Blow Job and sent him off with a smile on his face and his cum in my tummy!
I had a lot to do so I grabbed my rabbit vibe got on my bed and fucked my pussy silly with the rabbit on high speed. I exploded in a huge multiple orgasms fantasying about a nice strange cock in my mouth. I got in the shower and cleaned up because I was soaked with my own pussy juices. And today I’m going shopping with my best G/F Betty so I need to look good. After I got out of the shower I walked back in the bedroom saw the rabbit lying on the bed and I was so horny I grabbed it walked over to the chair by the window pulling the drapes and blinds wide open putting the chair right in the middle of the window like I was on stage.

I spread my legs over the arms of the chair lubed the rabbit with my pussy juices and buried it deep in myself. I fucked my pussy good with that rabbit and as I fucked it fast and hard I was imaging and hoping someone was watching me! I was having so many orgasms I was soaking the chair as I screamed out for everyone to watch me fuck myself and cum! Now after I calmed down I had to take another shower and hurry before Betty gets here.

Betty picked me up and she was dressed very nice and kinda sexy. She is 5’5 102lbs 34 D 19 34 with blonde hair down to her waist. Betty is a lot of fun to be with and we both love teasing the guys. I was wearing a skirt with a pink blouse and black jacket. We talked all the way to the mall I had a lot to tell her. After we parked Betty asked me if I was wearing panties and I said no! “I was not” She said she had noticed when I got in the car and she giggled and called me a nasty slut! I told her I was still so horny from having sex with my husband that I felt like being daring. I looked right at Betty and boldly told her to take her panties off right now. I told her lets have some fun like in the old days when we flashed guys. It took some talking but she soon peeled off her panties and I could smell her sweet pussy. We giggled and my nipples were rock hard as we got out of the car. Every guy we saw walking into the mall I swear I could not help looking at there cocks and I swear they all looked hard I was going nuts and Betty could tell.
We stopped by a coffee shop and I had to tell Betty all about the last week and how I let Mike our Gardner and the pool boy see me Naked and how much it turned me on. Betty and I talk about everything and I know she wants my husband and I want to watch them. She has always wanted my husband and tells me so. We also talked about Betty’s Asshole of a husband and why she will not have sex with him (it’s been three years). I have told Betty she can have my husband anytime she wants. My husband thinks of Betty as his sister and he knows how I would like to see them together fucking like school kids.
We were shopping and it’s like I had x-ray eyes I could see all the guys cocks and my mouth was watering I was dreaming of sucking them all. I excused myself to go to the washroom and as soon as I locked the door I fingered myself to a fast orgasms cleaned up and went back to shopping. And Yes I did tell Betty what I just did. ;)
Its fun to watch guys fall all over them self’s trying to get a good look at our tits or when we sit and open our legs a little. On our way home I talked Betty into spreading her legs and fingering herself as I told her how good my husbands cock would feel inside her. I told her that my husbands cock would look so good as it entered her hot pussy and how he would fuck her real good. Betty came like crazy and I almost drove off the road watching her. We have done this a few times in the past and she always cums hard as I tell her to fuck my husbands cock. I was so horny when we got to the ranch Betty had to leave so I grabbed the big dildo striped Naked went outside by the pool and masturbated shoving the dildo deep and hard all the way in me. I fantasized about all the cocks I had seen at the mall and I dreamed of Betty playing with herself. As my orgasm hit me I shouted out for someone to watch me fuck myself. I wanted someone to see me masturbating and at this moment I didn’t care who saw me I just wanted to have someone see me. I can’t wait for hubbie to get home.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

TXLassy loses Superbowl bet

TX Lassy loses Superbowl bet.
If you have read our other stories when hubby and I started talking about me giving head to strangers I was against it. This all started with Flash Friday on the radio and my husband talking me into flashing. I got so turned on when guys saw my tits, it turned a switch on inside me and I loved flashing. Our youngest son moved out and my sex drive has gone into overdrive I just can’t stop masturbating, and I think I am wearing my husband out. I love being naked all the time now that all the kids are gone and I love showing off. My husband says bring it on! He loves it when he is working on his Hotrod car and I walk into the shop naked and suck him off or sit on him and ride him. He has always been a horn dog that’s why he is called Laster! But I love my husband and would do anything in the world for him and I do mean anything. We love playing but we do have rules and boundaries. The first bet we made was a Texas Rangers Seattle Mariners baseball game and it was a great game and we both were excited and cheering for our teams. My husband is a diehard Rangers fan and I am a Seattle Mariners fan. So when my husband said if Seattle loses he wanted me to give a stranger a Blowjob! I was shocked! I do love sucking cock and my husband has always had a fantasy of watching me suck a stranger’s cock, and we have talked about it but that is as far as it has gone. But right then Bret Boone hit a home run and Seattle was up by 2 in the 9th. I said ok but that’s it just a Blowjob nothing else. Damm it the Rangers got 2 runs and the game went it extra innings and Seattle lost. As he talked more and more about me sucking a stranger when we were having sex I would get super hot and horny and have massive orgasms. But when he talked about him watching me sucking cock we both would fuck like crazy, we were like rabbits. I would give my husband a BJ before he left for work and another when he walked back in the door from work. I would be naked waiting for him and he would come in and play like he was a stranger and I would suck him off right there in the door way or naked on the front porch as he acted like he was a stranger. So I thought if I made demands like he had to give Betty (Betty is my life long friend who has huge tits) oral sex he would give up the fantasy. Well that didn’t fucking work! So now we bet on baseball games.
So far I gave a 25 y/o cowboy who had a nice 9” cock a BJ in our van at a bar. I still get wet thinking about his hard cock and how he told me that I was the first woman to deep throat him and swallow all his cum! In Florida I sucked off a Guy I meet from wifelovers and my husband had picked him out for me and set it all up. Then I meet My Cowboy and we broke our rule about fucking when our fantasy of 20 years came true! A MFM threesome with My Cowboy and his huge Mushroom headed cock and hard muscular body and my husband “What a night that was” My Cowboy was a God it was amazing what they did to me. “I hope everyone got to read that story” I also gave My Cowboy two BJ’s before we had the threesome, one in our van as hubby watched from outside. And then at the Home Depot parking lot, with me sitting in My Cowboys car naked sucking his cock as hubby watched from our truck. He had the most amazing cock with a huge mushroom head that drove me to many orgasms. And we now know that someone did see us at the Home Depot parking lot, two guys saw me suck him off and get out of My Cowboys car and walk naked back to our truck where my husband was. So I have lost three bets “Well I think I lost but I won in the end”

Now comes the dam Super bowl! I bet my husband that The New England Patriots would win. The New England Patriots won 24-21. But I lost because of the point spread, my husband had to explain it to me and I checked the odds myself because I thought I won!
So now we are on our way to Las Vegas and I will be paying the bet off. And all I know about this one is it involves a blindfold and BJ’s. We were staying in Vegas for one night then we have to fly out on other business. So I teased my hubby on the way to the airport about joining the mile high club, showing him that I was not wearing panties or a bra and flashing all the way to the airport. The poor man had a boner the whole time we were at the Airport and on the plane LOL! And the taxi ride from the airport was lots of fun the driver got an eye full!
When we got to our room my husband wanted me to suck him off but I said he would have to wait, but I did unzip him and take him in my mouth a few times and lick him and zipped him back up. So he said he was going to make dinner plans and for me to get dressed for a hot night out. And what that means is he wants me to wear a dress and no bra or panties. I opened the suitcase to get my dress and there was a blind fold and a note. As I read the note I got super wet, my nipples got rock hard and I could feel my pussy tingling with excitement. I put on the dress and fixed my makeup and did as the note said and headed down to the bar. I was wearing a black dress low v cut on top thin straps and was showing a lot of cleavage, but if I bent over you could see down the front and see my tits. As I headed to the bar I could feel my hard nipples brushing against the dress and my pussy felt wet and sticky. When I got down to the lobby it felt like everyone was looking at me as I walked past all the game machines to the bar and I swear I had a mini orgasm right there as I entered. I went in and looked around for Laster my husband. I sat down on a stool at the bar like the note had told me to do and I felt the cold leather touch my pussy as I sat down. I put my heels on the bar stool ring and turned to face a very good looking young bartender and I ordered a drink as I saw him looking at my tits. I slowly turned with my legs spread a little and I felt a thousand eyes on me and I looked for Laster. After about 10 min. I saw my hubby walk in, he came over to me and whispered in my ear as I sat there with my pussy was exposed to anyone who knew where to look. I got up and we went to a booth and as I sat down I made sure that my dress rode up my legs and slowly as I spread my legs and slid in. My husband let me slide in to where if a guy knew where to look he could see my bush under the table. “You men need to pay attraction look around there are lots of women who do not wear panties you just have to look” The bartender brought over my drink and I could tell by the look on his face he could see up my dress and with my legs parted I know he got a great view! He set the drinks down and I leaned forward so that he could see down my top and see my tits, I felt my husbands hand on my thigh as the bartender fumbled with the empty glasses and drinks so he could watch my husbands hand slide between my legs. He said drinks are on the house as he turned and went back to the bar with a big grin on his face and a hard dick that he was trying to hide. I wanted to cum I was so hot I was dripping.
There were about twenty five people in the bar and I watched the bartender stand behind the bar and wipe down glasses as he looked at my husbands hand between my legs. I felt my husbands finger slide over my clit and between my pussy lips and I opened my legs more and moved my ass closer to the edge of the seat so his finger could enter me. The bartenders jaw almost hit the bar as my husband spread open my pussy lips. I don’t know if anyone else could see but I was so hot my nipples were rock hard and my dress was rubbing on them, sending little shock waves to my clit. I was lost in lust and my husband knew he could make me cum anytime. We played as we drank our drinks and when the bartender brought us two more drinks I didn’t cover up as he set the drinks down and he looked right down between my legs. He said drinks are on the house and I could see a nice big bulge in his pants as his eyes gazed at my open legs and pussy. I was so hot I wanted to cum right there as I tried to see if anyone else was watching. My husband was showing me off to the bartender I was totally exposed and my hubby's fingers had my lips open. As he walked away this time I thought I saw a wet spot in his pants!
My husband had gotten me very hot and now he was telling me to go back up to the room and wait for him. My heart was pounding I could not think strait my husband said go now baby I love you and I will be up soon. I got up slowly spreading my legs as I got up from the booth and as I did I saw three guys sitting across from us watching me as I got up and I walked out of the bar. As I walked my hot pussy was cooled by the breeze blowing up my dress, my nipples were sticking strait out and as I headed for the room it felt like everyone’s eyes were on me like I was naked. And men were going out of there way bumping into me so my tits would rub on them and someone grabbed my ass as I walked through the mass of people to the elevator. When the doors opened I entered and there were fives guys and woman already in there. I felt naked as they all were looking at me and my mind was spinning I could not think I felt dizzy. When I got in the room the chair was in the middle of the room and by the chair was an end table with a glass of wine, a rose, a clock and the blind fold. A note with the rose simply said “I love so much. Laster” You are the love of my life and all I ever want is to make you happy. I love you baby but now its time for you to
I looked at the clock and it was 10:15 and my heart was pounding with every second that passed. As I sat there and I thought back as to what has made me crave sucking men’s cocks and why I loved showing off.
It all started when I was ten years old and I saw my first BJ. I have 9 brothers and when I was ten years old I went to the barn to feed my new pony and my oldest brother was there with his girlfriend. I hid and watched them kiss and then I watched as she gave him a BJ. I could not believe how much of that huge cock she deep throated and my brother was telling her how to suck it, showing her how he liked it. I saw how much my brother enjoyed what she did to him and every day I would go watch my brother teach his girl how to deep throat him without gagging. That was the first, and I have been hooked on cock sucking ever sense, so over the years I have watched a ton of girls give my brothers BJ’s and I have learned how to suck big cocks from watching them and I would masturbate when watching. I had never had an orgasm till I was twelve and that when I gave a boy my first blow job, when the boy came in my mouth and that is when I had my first orgasm. I am very orgasmic now and I can have an orgasm without touching myself, when hot cum shoots down my throat I explode in multiple orgasms. Now my brothers are all well hung and it was amazing watching these girls try and suck there big cocks, and when they blew there Hugh loads in there mouths they eagerly tried to swallow all there cum. I also watched one of my brothers face fuck this girl who had huge tit. He laid her down on a hay bail in the barn and he leaned her head over it grabbed both her nipples held on tight and really fucked her face good! It was amazing to watch her take all of his cock like that. He blew such a huge load he must have cum for 5 min. as she milked his cock dry. The same girl two weeks later was being face fucked by one brother as one of my other brothers fucked her like crazy. She had one cock being shoved down her throat and a huge cock slamming in to her pussy. That was the first time I saw someone have real sex. And my brother married her and to this day they are still in love. I told my sister in-law that I watched her and my brothers suck and fuck. And she watched me give Laster a BJ in there hot tub and my husband has seen her naked.
But hubby loves it when I tell him all the stories of me watching my brothers get blow jobs and then of me giving BJ’s. His favorite is when I tell him how I sucked off the High School Baseball team. Well not the whole team! It was at a party and I got drunk and ended up giving eight of the players on our baseball team BJ’s one after the other. I deep throated all of them and had all of them shoot there hot cum in my mouth. When my husband was going to collage and I was helping him pay for it by being a stripper a guy at the strip club paid me to suck him off and hubby watched. I looked at the clock and it was 10:30!

Part 2
I sat there and put the blind fold on and waited! My pussy was tingling and it felt like my clit was on fire. I heard the door open my heart leaped into my throat and my husband said! Hi baby have you missed me I’m home. I was trying to hear other noises in the room, the door closing, somebody moving around, foot steps and that’s when I heard a voice say “Hot Damm she is sexy as hell” and then I could smell a woman’s perfume. I was trying to hear, to smell my mind was spinning was there a woman in the room? My pussy was soaking wet and it was tingling, my nipples hurt they were so hard. I squeezed my legs together my heart was beating a mile a min. I felt my husbands hand on my shoulder and he leaned down and kissed me with so much passion I almost came right there, I could feel the heat from his body and it was making me melt. I could feel every heart beat I could not see anything. He stood me up and I was shaking my knees were weak he said I have some friends here for you so that you can pay up on our bet. He moved behind me running his hands over my breasts and pressing his hard cock between my ass cheeks. I was trying to hear what was happening, how many friends he was talking about! And then I could hear the sounds of someone getting undressed pants dropping to the floor. My husband slid the straps of my dress off my shoulders and down over my breasts exposing them to the cool breeze of the room, it felt great on my hot body, he then kept sliding the dress slowly over my hips dropping the dress to the floor so that now I was naked for everyone to see as I stood there trembling. My husband reached around squeezing my tits and then pinching my nipples between his thumb and finger, he held my breasts as if he was offering them to someone. I felt that someone’s hot breath on my nipple, then a tongue touched my nipple and I had an instant orgasm. I grabbed the back of his head mashing his face to my breast as my orgasm was buckling my knees and I almost fell. I felt my pussy throb as I had an orgasm that made me want more and to crave more, like you are waiting for a big explosion but it doesn’t happen. My husband was holding me up as my head went back and I whimpered. The guy on the right of me sucked my nipple into his mouth and his tongue danced around as I arched my back to feel his lips suck on me I felt my husband pull away. Then I was startled when I felt someone else hold on to my left breast and there mouth engulf my other nipple and started sucking like crazy.
I was about to cum again, there were two mouths sucking and playing with my breasts and there hands started rubbing all over me while holding me up. I was trying to think but my mind was spinning and I was about ready to cum from all the action that my nipples were getting. I felt my husband press up to me again but this time he was naked and I could feel that hard cock of his pressing between my ass. Both the guys were sucking my breasts feeling my ass and the rest of my body, they started sliding there hands down between my legs as one played with my clit the other slid a finger into my hot pussy. I exploded in orgasm my knees buckled as these men held me as I shook and screamed as I came again and they kept sucking my tits and fingering my pussy. They slowed and moved there hands up leaving my pussy soaking wet and juices running down my legs.
My husband said Lassy this is J (I’ll call him J for short) as my husband guided my hand to his cock. “Wow” “OH MY GOD” What a fat cock! I could not wrap my hand half way around it, I have never had a cock this big around and I just had to play with it, stroke it, feel it and it took both hands. J placed both his hands on my shoulders, turned me so I was facing him and he said! Lassy I have been waiting for this to long and he pushed me down to my knees. J’s cock was not long, about seven inches but it was fat with nice balls, and the shaft was about as big around as a beer bottle. His cock did not have a big head but it had a huge shaft. He put his hand on my head and pulled me towards his crotch guiding his fat cock to my lips. I touched that hot rod and my tongue licked around the big head and I stroked him. My other hand reached up to feel his ass and to run up his back and legs, I had to feel his hard muscular body, big legs and his nice butt, and his big arms. I love guys with big arms and hubby knows this. My lips circled the head of his cock and my tongue licked under the head trailing down to his balls. I could tell he could shoot a huge load by the size of his balls and the vain running the length of his cock, it was big. J asked my husband “you think she can deep throat this fat cock as he rubbed it on my face and lips teasing me.
My husband said Lassy this is P. The other guy on my right ( I’ll call him P for short ) P said I’ll bet she can deep throat your cock but I don’t know if she can take all of mine. My husband grabbed my hand and guided it towards his cock and I reached out for it. “OH MY GOD” I shrieked out loud.
It was normal in size around but MY GOD as my hand found it and felt it I stroked the length and I was stunned I could not believe how long it was. It must have been Twelve inches long and he was shaved bare. How I had two cocks one in each hand and I was stroking them and I started rubbing them on my face and lips, one fat cock and one long shaved cock. A cock in each hand and I did not know who belonged to the cocks. I knew my husband was enjoying watching me naked with a cock in each hand. Both were very hot and hard as steel and I loved playing with both of them. My pussy was dripping and tingling and both J and P smelled and tasted great. I took turns sucking there cock heads and stroking them. The difference between the two cocks was amazing. Then I remember the smell of perfume and I could smell it again just like when they first came in. I was trying to listen or smell if there was someone else in the room!
J said to P! I get to go first and I hope she can swallow this huge load I have been saving up for her to swallow. My husband tells both the guys not to worry she can take you both all the way and swallow all your cum! J said man she has a very nice looking pussy if she can’t deep throat our cock’s then do we get to fuck her.
I waited to hear what my husband was going to say and my pussy was throbbing and my nipples were so hard they hurt, I stroked both cocks waiting thinking what those cocks would feel like fucking me. My husband said if she can’t deep throat your cocks and swallow you’re cum then you both can fuck her all night long. I started to protest when J grabbed a handful of hair as he shoved his fat cock into my mouth. My lips were stretched as I was sucking his big head and I stroked his cock with my hand as I took more into my mouth getting it nice and wet. I went after his cock hungrily as I worked him good bobbing back and forth taking more and more as he pumped his cock deeper as my head bobbed faster. I was going to take all of that fat cock and I was working it till the head was going down my throat. My hand let go of his cock and I reached both hands around held on to his nice tight ass and pulled him so that his fat cock went all the way down my throat as I exhaled, I held him there as I felt his cock throbbing in my throat. J let out a big grunt as I took him in all the way. P said “WOW man she did take his cock all the way” she looks like a great cocksucker, look at her cheeks they are all puffed out. I felt his cock twitching in my throat and I let his cock slide back out till my lips were around the head, I tongued the head and back down I went all the way till my nose was buried in his pubic hair, J put both hands on my head and started pumping his fat cock down my throat telling me to take it all. Come on Lassy Suck my cock baby take it all down that nice throat, look guys J says I’m throat fucking her! His cock was sliding back and forth in my mouth and throat, the corners of my mouth were hurting from his fat cock being stuffed in my mouth and stretching my lips. I felt his cock swelling and he was getting louder grunting and groaning. P tells my husband “Damm” man he’s going to blow she’s fucking great! Look at her suck that fat cock and swallow him. He shoved his throbbing cock in and out of my mouth, faster and deeper. His big balls bounced against my chin, my full lips wrapped around the root of his fat cock while the head quivered at the back of my throat, he pumped his fat cock all the way down and exploded and shoot a huge squirt into my belly fucking my mouth filling my mouth, I started shaking and Cumming without even touching myself, my whole body was shaking in orgasm, I grabbed his ass cheeks so he could not pull out. I choked as a big glob of cum shot into my mouth, more and more cum gushed out, I choked again and a glob of cum sprayed from my nose. He was holding my head and pumping there was soooooo much cum his cock just kept squirting more and more cum and I drank it down. I swallowed and swallowed again as I stroked and milked the fat cock squeezing every drop of cum and licking it clean. Cum was running down my chin dripping on my breasts. His knees were shaking he almost fell when he stepped back.
“Hot Fucking Dam” J boasts that was the best fucking BJ I have ever had she drained my balls Man! YeHa! Now I get to watch her take your long cock. I said my knees hurt can I sit down please. My husband and P helped me up and set me down on the sofa with one on each side of me I reached up searching for there hard cocks, my husbands cock felt small compared to the long one that I as now stroking. They both started playing with my breasts, pinching my nipples, tweeking and twisting. P moved up and kneeled next to me saying it was his turn for a face fuck. I guided his long cock to my lips sucking the head getting it nice and wet; it was so long and hard with a flared head. P asks my husband has she ever sucked a cock this long. And my husband said no it will be the longest that I’ve seen her deep throat. I had both hands wrapped around his cock and was sliding the other half down my throat. Stroking and sucking more and more. My husband was still playing with my tits and then started sliding his hand down between my legs, as soon as he touched my pussy I started Cumming trying to scream as P grabbed my hair and pulled my head down his long cock. My body jerked and my pussy was throbbing it felt like it was on fire, and then I shook and felt a flushing rush running through me. I had to clear my head and concentrate on this long cock that was trying to slide its way down my throat.
I had ¾ of that cock in my mouth and still had a hand wrapped around it. My husband knew I would try my best to take all of his long cock and it was poking my throat when I felt a pair of hands touch the inside of my thighs. I jumped they were a females hands and I could smell her! I knew there was a woman in the room and now she was opening my legs and running her hands all over the inside my legs. She leaned forward and I felt her naked body between my legs her tits rubbing on me as she rubbed all over me. I could feel that her tits were firm with hard nipples. She spread my legs open more, moving down and she started licking my tummy rubbing my tits, then trailing down to the inside of my legs . As she got closer to my quivering pussy I felt her hot breath, and “OH “ she knew right where to touch and lick sending shivers through my whole body. P was still trying to shove his cock down my throat and “I could not take it all”
I had to change positions and I had to consecrate on getting that long cock down my throat. I moved one leg up on the sofa and lay down on my back never letting go of his cock. P moved with me never taking is cock out of my mouth pumping back and forth. As soon as I laid down P’s nice long cock started pumping down my throat as the woman who was teasing me shoved her finger up my soaking throbbing pussy. I bucked and shook as another orgasm racked my body. I still had one hand wrapped around P’s cock and the other on his hip guiding him as he fucked my mouth. I heard J say she can’t take it all! Look it’s to long for her. My husband said oh she can take it, as he reached over and took my hand off the long cock that was fucking my mouth. P stopped pumping his cock in my mouth and just slowly eased his cock farther down and down. He puts both of hands on my tits and that’s when I finally felt his cock go all the way down my throat till his balls were touching my nose. I had done it! I had deep throated a twelve inch cock. My husband lets out “Ye Ha” I told you Lassy could suck your cock all the way down and I know my husband was right there watching me up close. J lets out a “Fuckin A” she is one hella of cocksucker look at her take that long prick fuck yea man! Look at her she is getting her pussy eaten and sucking cock! Man she is good, and she took all of my fat cock too HOT DAM J cheered me on. The woman shoved two fingers up my soaking, gushing pussy and buried them deep. And then she started doing a come here motion with her finger buried in me she was driving me nuts as I thrust my hips up fucking her fingers, she knew all the right places to touch and it was unbelievable.
P was groaning and pinching my nipples as he starts a fucking motion and that’s when the woman moved her mouth on to my pussy and started sucking my clit and nibbling on my pussy lips. Then I heard that familiar sound of my toy rabbit, “The buzzing of the rabbit ears” and the gyrating sound of the toy shaped penis rotating around and around. She started working it into me deeper twisting and pumping it into my soaking pussy. P said watch this and he pulled his cock out just till my lips were still wrapped around the head. He then slides it all the way back down my throat; again and again he did the same sliding it down my throat. The woman started fucking me with the rabbit matching P’s long strokes. Fucking me harder, mashing the rabbit ears onto my clit. J and my husband managed to get on each side of me and guided my hands to there hard cocks so I was stroking them. I jerked shoved my crotch up as a mind blowing orgasm racked my body shaking, trashing, bucking as P’s cock fucked my throat. He was really pumping that long cock into my throat. I was choking and gaging from the long cock and I heard my husband grunting as I was stroking his cock and I felt the woman fucking me with the rabbit faster and faster, then she moved and reach up and grab my husbands cock! Her tongue went to my pussy making me cum more and more and she nibbled on my clit. My husband shot a huge load on my face and tits as the woman pumped and stroked the cum out of his cock. My lips were wrapped around the root of P's cock and I felt his huge cum load shoot from the base of his cock and blow down my throat as he shoved his cock balls deep. I felt another of my husbands cum loads hit my face again and then I hear J yell I’m Cumming as his load lands on my tits and tummy. My orgasm was making my whole body quiver and shake my mind was spinning and could not hear anything but I know I was gagging and snorting as the woman just went crazy eating, licking and sucking my pussy making me cum and cum and cum! P was shooting a gallon of cum in my tummy. I stroked J’s fat cock and milked every drop of cum out of the fat hard cock. P’s cock was still leaking cum as he pulled it slowly out and then rubbed his cum all over my face. She was fucking me like crazy with the rabbit as my orgasm never stopped. My hips were bucking upwards wanting and taking the rabbit all the way into my hot pussy as she pounding me faster.
My god she never stopped eating my pussy and licking all the hot nasty cum that was all over me. And she still had hold of “MY HUSBANDS COCK” Now this was new to me I have never been with a woman or even had one touch me. Well except Betty she licked wiped cream off my nipples at a party we had. She stroked the rabbit long and deep working it around inside of my hot pussy. As soon as P’s cock slipped out of my mouth my husband shoved his 9” cock into my mouth and exploded again as he went crazy making me deep throat his cock pumping cum in my mouth. I was fucking the woman’s face with my hot pussy and her tongue was wiggling sideways on my clit driving me nuts as I felt my big orgasm building more as she pumped the rabbit in me faster. My husband had orgasmed twice in a matter of minutes.
My husbands cock was still leaking cum as he pulled out of my sore mouth, there was cum all over my face, hair, ears and nose and starting to leak under the blind fold. I was licking all of the cum from hubby’s cock when P moved back so his cock was rubbing my lips as he stroked that long cock. J said P’s going to blow again open your mouth. I came again right then from all the licking, sucking and fingering that the woman was still doing to my pussy and she would not stop as I trashed up and down trying to get away from her tongue and the rabbit. And P shoved his cock back in my mouth and exploded hot cum in my mouth again. I grabbed his cock and milked it for the second time as my orgasm raced through me. My clit hurt from the woman eating me and my intense orgasm, I was trying to push her away but she just kept attacking my hot wet pussy as I had orgasm after orgasm. I could tell all three guys were stroking there spent cocks above me as I felt drops of cum still landing on my face and tits. She slowed down and just rubbed and massaged me to calm me down I was shaking uncontrollably making grunting and groaning sounds with a mouth full of cum. I reached up trying to find those cocks I got P’s in one hand because he was still close by and then J guided my hand to his fat cock. J said open your mouth and show your husband P’s cum and then drink it down. I opened my mouth and moved my tongue around so they all could see. I closed my mouth and swallowed the hot cum then licked my lips. I was spent I just laid there like a rag doll. The woman massaged me rubbing my tits and then sucking them.
J says damm man I have to get back to fucking work as he hurry’s off to get dressed. P gets up and I can feel him helping the woman to her feet and he asks her did she taste good babe! I then heard her give him a big kiss so he could taste for himself; mmm he said sweet pussy juice.
I heard J say “well that was the fucking best blowjob I have ever had you are one lucky fucker Laster! Then he opened the door and left. I could hear P and the woman getting dressed as my husband reached down and was rubbing cum from all of those cocks all over my tits. P said well she paid the Superbowl bet off. If you ever need us to help again we would be more than happy to help.
I heard the door open again as they walked out and P said chat with you later TX Lassy in the Wifelovers chat room and shut the door. I sat up fast and pulled the blind fold off as I tried to get a look at who they were before the door shut but I was too late and I could not focus my eyes anyway. Was it someone who I have chatted with? Was it Froggie, Slowhand, Big Train, Tom or someone else I have chatted with who was it?
I looked at my husband and his cock was getting hard again and he had this huge grin from ear to ear as he said baby I love you so much. He moved around in front of me and spread my legs and guided his growing cock into my horny pussy and he slowly made love to me as I had three or four more orgasms before he shoot his third load in me.
We cleaned up taking a nice hot bath and then went to sleep for 3 hours before we had to leave for the Airport. My jaw and mouth hurt, I took a pill for it and started feeling real good after two drinks on the airplane. We are going to New York for two weeks. When we were on the plane I was thinking back to what had just happened and my pussy was tingling and getting wet. When I thought of the woman stroking my husbands cock I got a little jealous! I was jealous then I said to myself YOU just sucked two cocks and was fucked by a toy and my husband loved it!! Then it hit me! I know how I can get Betty to suck my husbands cock and him eat her. The blindfold I will use the blindfold on my husband like he did on me. Betty will finally get to suck my husbands cock with me watching.
What do you think! I am going to talk him into it.