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Thursday, January 05, 2006

TXLassy's Ranch hand

Please let me know if you like my true stories.

My husband was mad at me I had done something that we both agreed not to do so now I can’t get on wifelovers chat unless he says its ok and I have to make it up to him. He has a very nasty mind! So for the next five days when ever I was at home I had to be naked and if I had to go somewhere all I could wear was a short skirt or a sun type dress no panties or bra.
So this is what has been happening at our happy home.

My husband took the day off today and we stayed in bed and just relaxed after a hot round of sex. After all these years my husband still brings me to powerful orgasms one after the other. His oral talents are amazing and he knows how to make me shake Cumming like crazy. My pussy twitches and leaks my juices as he licks it up teasing my clit till my virginal muscles pulsing. I was so horny I rolled him over sat on his nice hard cock and road him like a bull bucking to get his cock deep in me.
Hubbie was talking to me as I rode him his hot cock filling me up and thrusting deep in me telling me how our Gardner/Ranch hand would see me naked. I was on the brink of another orgasm when my husband rolled me off him and he got up grabbed my hand pulling me up saying lets go to the den. Once we got there he sat in the computer chair his cock still throbbing. He turned me around so I was facing the sliding glass door and windows and had me sit on his hard cock and ride him reverse cowgirl. He spread me wide pounding his cock in me telling me how I would have to be naked and masturbate as the Gardner watched. He told me to look outside and see if I could see him watching us. OMG I had a huge orgasm as I was riding my husband’s hard cock and he told me how the Gardner was watching me take his big cock in my wet pussy. I must have cum 3 times as I rode his cock looking out the window hoping someone could see.

The rest of the day he kept talking to me about being naked in front of the Gardner. And when I was giving him a BJ as he left for work the next morning in the drive way he told me to remember I had to stay naked all day no matter what! Then he told me as he was leaving that Mike our Gardner would be here all day today and drove away with a smile on his face. So now here I am naked wet and horny.

I couldn’t think about it I just had to get on with my day but the more I walked around naked the more I got horny. So I called hubbie to see if I could log into the wifelovers chat room to see if Cowgirl was on and he gave me permission to go to the chat room. I chatted with Hung1 awhile till I heard (the Gardner) Mikes truck pull in the driveway. I told Hung1 one I had to go because I was naked and didn’t want Mike to see me on the computer naked. Well I had told Hung1 what my husband was making me do and he talked me into waiting and started teasing me about Mike seeing me Naked. We were chattin and that’s when I saw him in the mirror as he was opening the gate to the backyard. Mike entered the backyard and started looking around checking to make sure there were no snakes or critters around. Now it was too late all he had to do was look in the window and he would see me naked I couldn’t get up now. The phone rang and it scared me I grabbed the phone and it was my husband calling to see if I was still naked. He told me he called Mike and he told him that I would be naked!
I yelled at my husband on the phone “Why did you do that” My husband told me to just do my housework like Mike wasn’t there. I told my husband I was on wifelovers chattin with Hung1 and I had told him what was going on and that I was naked and our Gardner was outside watching me. See I can tease my husband too and I know he was sitting at his desk with a hard-on.
Now I have my husband and Hung1 were both telling me to show Mike the Gardner my naked body. What should I do?

I know Mike was looking at me Naked I could see him as I sat in the chair typing to Hung1 on wifelovers chat room and talking to my husband on the phone. He was in the backyard by the fence watching me as my nipples got hard and my pussy was getting wet. I told them both that Mike could only see my back and maybe my left breast and that’s when my husband told me to get up and walk over to the bookcase and get a book. Hung1 encouraged me to do it and he told me that I had to look at the books and make sure that Mike could get a good view of me Naked. All you men think alike!

I know he got a good view as I got up walked over to the bookcase and I making sure he could see everything. I was so hot I want to cum right there so he could see me. I told my husband how excited I was and as we talked I told my husband how much I loved being naked when ever I can and it’s so exciting knowing someone can see me. They both tried to talk me into masturbating so Mike could watch me but I said no!

That’s when my husband said he was coming home and that he was going to make me suck his cock so Mike could see how good of a cocksucker I am. So as my husband drove home Hung1 chatted with me on the computer telling me how he wanted to watch us. By the time hubbie got home I was so horny I was ready to cum. I got up and stood in front of the window so Mike could see as my husband came into the den. It kinda startled Mike and he hide behind the fence but then he saw me drop to my knees pull hubbies pants down and suck and deep throat my husband. After draining my husbands cock and exploding in orgasm I turned and saw that he was gone. We were both so horny we fucked right there and then went out side and fucked some more with me riding and Cumming like crazy on my husbands cock.

Well today is the last day of my punishment and my husband told me when I was sucking his cock before he left for work that he had some plans for me today. As soon as he blew his load down my throat I had a huge Orgasm. My kids will be home for a week and so we have to hide all of our pictures and clean up the computer. So I was Naked sitting at the computer and my husband called and told me a new pool boy was on his way over to fix the pump for the pool.

I heard him pull up and as he got closer to the door I saw it was a young man that went to school with my son so there is no way I was going to open the door naked. So he knocked and I went to my bedroom and called my husband to tell him what happened. I heard him open the backyard gate so I opened the blinds so I could watch as he looked things over by the pool. I could look out and see him as I talked to my husband and told him who it was. As I told him who came to do the work he got bummed that I didn’t answer the door naked. I told my husband that I could see the outline of his cock in his pants when he walked around by the pool and he teased me asking me if I could still see his cock.
That’s when I told my husband point blank that I would never do anything if there was a chance of someone we knew could find out about our adventures our about how much I love sucking cock. We made rules and I love my husband and would do anything he asks of me and I do mean anything. But the rules are we never do anything without both of us being there, never with anyone we know and never anywhere near where we live. So there is no way I will play any game with this young hard body man because we know him. But dam it he looked good!
But my husband knows how horny I have been so he told me I had to do something else because I didn’t answer the door naked. He told me to open the blinds so I could watch him work, lie on the bed and spread my legs and masturbate as I watch the young man. I spread wide and my fingers went to work playing with my pussy as I watched the young man and my husband talked to me about sucking his cock. My husband was telling me how the young man would love to have me give him a BJ. I was so horny I was ready to cum and my husband knew it and was telling me how good the young mans cock would taste and how much cum he would shoot down my throat. He heard how close to Cumming I was and he told me to stop masturbating! My husband said I could not cum until the young man saw me naked I begged him to let me cum but he insisted that I had to let the young man see me naked. My husband told me to wait till he was facing towards the house and then I have to walk into the kitchen and I had to make sure that he could see me.
I did want him to see me so I waited till he was up by the end of the pool and he was bending down. My pussy was tingling and my nipples were rock hard and acing as I got the courage to walk out of the bedroom and in to the kitchen. There he was closer to the sliding glass door that I thought he was but I wanted to do it! I wanted him to see me naked I was on the verge of having an orgasm and I was soaking wet. My heart was pounding and I was shaking but I did it I walked in to the kitchen “NAKED” I walked to the sink and did not look towards him at all. I bent over and opened the cabinet door exposing my self completely. I now he saw everything, my ass was spread, my tits were hanging and my pussy was soaking wet. I wanted him to see my wet open pussy I was so excited showing him my hot pink pussy. I got back up closing the cabinet door and I headed back to my bedroom looking out the corner of my eye to see him watching me.
Halfway down the hall way I had a massive orgasm that knocked me to the floor shaking and moaning Cumming. My hands were all over my tits and rubbing my clit as I had multiply orgasms. I made it back to the bedroom and called my husband to tell him all the details. As I told my husband about my orgasm and that I had let the young man see me naked he told me to see what the young man was doing now and to play with my soaking pussy. My husband told me I should go give the young man a BJ or a least let him see me naked again I protested but felt my pussy throbbing as my husband tried to talk me into sucking the young mans cock. I said I would let him see me naked again but that’s it no BJ! So here I go again I walked out to the kitchen and he wasn’t there. He had left! He was gone I walked out front to see him pulling out of the driveway. I told my husband everything that happened and as I did I fingered my pussy like crazy Cumming again and again.
My husband knows how weak I am to his dares when I am having orgasms like this and he teases me telling me how much I would love sucking that young mans cock. Well he did it again! He made me agree to give a stranger a BJ again because I hide from the pool boy. It didn’t take much to talk me into doing it I had been craving strange cock and my husband knew that and he has been teasing me. So now he is setting something up for this Friday night. I will be dreaming all week about sucking a nice hard cock and having it explode down my throat!

The kids came over for the weekend and left last night and they will be back before Christmas. We had great sex last night my husband was extra hard as we talked about what we are going to do this Friday. He teased me with his hard cock rubbing it on my spread pussy and teasing my clit. His cock parting my pussy lips as the head pushed in a little bit each stroke making me quiver and shake. He was telling me how good I would look with a strange cock sliding down my throat. That’s when I got on top of him reverse cowgirl and slid on to his hard cock telling him how I want him to fuck me as I sucked the strange cock. I was so dam hot and wet I slid his cock out of my pussy and eased it into my ass. In no time at all my husband was pounding his hard cock deep in my ass as I screamed out for him to fuck me good.
I forget how many orgasms I had but OH MY GOD did my husband shoot a huge load and he came wildly. Telling me to suck and drink the strange cocks cum! When he left for work in the morning I went outside Naked and gave him another Great Blow Job and sent him off with a smile on his face and his cum in my tummy!
I had a lot to do so I grabbed my rabbit vibe got on my bed and fucked my pussy silly with the rabbit on high speed. I exploded in a huge multiple orgasms fantasying about a nice strange cock in my mouth. I got in the shower and cleaned up because I was soaked with my own pussy juices. And today I’m going shopping with my best G/F Betty so I need to look good. After I got out of the shower I walked back in the bedroom saw the rabbit lying on the bed and I was so horny I grabbed it walked over to the chair by the window pulling the drapes and blinds wide open putting the chair right in the middle of the window like I was on stage.

I spread my legs over the arms of the chair lubed the rabbit with my pussy juices and buried it deep in myself. I fucked my pussy good with that rabbit and as I fucked it fast and hard I was imaging and hoping someone was watching me! I was having so many orgasms I was soaking the chair as I screamed out for everyone to watch me fuck myself and cum! Now after I calmed down I had to take another shower and hurry before Betty gets here.

Betty picked me up and she was dressed very nice and kinda sexy. She is 5’5 102lbs 34 D 19 34 with blonde hair down to her waist. Betty is a lot of fun to be with and we both love teasing the guys. I was wearing a skirt with a pink blouse and black jacket. We talked all the way to the mall I had a lot to tell her. After we parked Betty asked me if I was wearing panties and I said no! “I was not” She said she had noticed when I got in the car and she giggled and called me a nasty slut! I told her I was still so horny from having sex with my husband that I felt like being daring. I looked right at Betty and boldly told her to take her panties off right now. I told her lets have some fun like in the old days when we flashed guys. It took some talking but she soon peeled off her panties and I could smell her sweet pussy. We giggled and my nipples were rock hard as we got out of the car. Every guy we saw walking into the mall I swear I could not help looking at there cocks and I swear they all looked hard I was going nuts and Betty could tell.
We stopped by a coffee shop and I had to tell Betty all about the last week and how I let Mike our Gardner and the pool boy see me Naked and how much it turned me on. Betty and I talk about everything and I know she wants my husband and I want to watch them. She has always wanted my husband and tells me so. We also talked about Betty’s Asshole of a husband and why she will not have sex with him (it’s been three years). I have told Betty she can have my husband anytime she wants. My husband thinks of Betty as his sister and he knows how I would like to see them together fucking like school kids.
We were shopping and it’s like I had x-ray eyes I could see all the guys cocks and my mouth was watering I was dreaming of sucking them all. I excused myself to go to the washroom and as soon as I locked the door I fingered myself to a fast orgasms cleaned up and went back to shopping. And Yes I did tell Betty what I just did. ;)
Its fun to watch guys fall all over them self’s trying to get a good look at our tits or when we sit and open our legs a little. On our way home I talked Betty into spreading her legs and fingering herself as I told her how good my husbands cock would feel inside her. I told her that my husbands cock would look so good as it entered her hot pussy and how he would fuck her real good. Betty came like crazy and I almost drove off the road watching her. We have done this a few times in the past and she always cums hard as I tell her to fuck my husbands cock. I was so horny when we got to the ranch Betty had to leave so I grabbed the big dildo striped Naked went outside by the pool and masturbated shoving the dildo deep and hard all the way in me. I fantasized about all the cocks I had seen at the mall and I dreamed of Betty playing with herself. As my orgasm hit me I shouted out for someone to watch me fuck myself. I wanted someone to see me masturbating and at this moment I didn’t care who saw me I just wanted to have someone see me. I can’t wait for hubbie to get home.

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