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Monday, January 30, 2006

Exposed BJ

Part 4

I told my husband I loved him and I aint gonna do nothin' t without him being there. Earl had already seen my naked pussy and I wanted my husband to be with me when we play. My husband told me to trust him and then told me to open the door and slowly expose myself and hand the phone to Earl. My husband tried to reassure me that everything would be alright, to trust him! I was so nervous and wanted to please my husband. This is what I fantasized about all day and I drove for over 3 hours to get here and I do trust my husband and I do want to expose myself to Earl. I wanted to see if my husband was telling the truth about the size of Earls cock. With a big lump in my throat I took a breath told my husband I loved him! Looking at the mirror I saw Earl start to open the door.

As he opened the door I slowly turned in the seat letting my left leg move over as far as I could, wanting to be fully exposed. I watched Earls face steering at me as I was exposing myself, his mouth wide open. I was so aroused my heart was beating faster my breathing quickened I felt blood rushing to my pussy and my whole spine and brain was tingling. I almost climaxed from exposing myself my breast swelled and my nipples hurt. I looked at Earl who had that big surprised look on his face and I handed him the phone and I told him that my husband wanted to talk to him. He had a dazed look on his face as he was looking up my skirt. He put the phone to his ear and I spread a little wider knowing he was getting a great view. He looked up at me as my husband talked to him. Earl got a big smile on his face and said your husband told me to tell you to slide your skirt up so I can see your pussy better. He had this shocked look on his face and I think he was shaking. This poor young man was in shock as I did exactly what my husband said! I moved my ass closer to the edge of the seat and pulled my skirt up over my hips exposing my nakedness to him. I was exposing myself to him, he was looking at my exposed hot pussy and I was shaking with desire and pure lust I felt so nasty. He had a great view of me now with my legs wide open and my hot wet pussy. He kept looking around to see if anyone was coming and he explained to my husband what I was doing and what he could see. I wanted Earl to see me fully exposed so I pulled my shirt down exposing my tits and squeezed them as he told my husband how nice my tits were. Earl stepped closer and said for me to spread my pussy lips and let me see your clit. He was telling my husband everything describing my pussy and telling him how wet it looked and that I was completely exposed. I felt so nasty and it was so thrilling watching and listening to Earl tell my husband what I was doing.

I was spread wide and I watched his face as I slowly let my hands glide up my legs and my fingers slide up to my wet pussy lips and spread them open exposing my now pulsing pussy to him. Earl was looking at my pussy as he described to my husband how hot my pussy was and that I had spread it to show him. I was looking at the big lump in his pants as my mouth watered and I became faint as I felt an orgasm building just from exposing my pussy. I wanted Earl to see me masturbate. He looked around again as I started playing with my pussy and moaning working my way to an orgasm. I wanted to watch his face as I masturbated and showed him my naked pussy. Earl moved his free hand and touched the inside of my thigh and I jumped at his touch and held on to his hand not letting him move it. He was relaying to my husband what was happening, talking real nasty as he watched me. Earl told me my husband said for me to let go of his hand! My heart was pounding and my pussy felt like it was dripping my juices as I let go of his hand. Earl moved his hand and started playing with my hot pussy just running his fingers over my lips and barely touching my clit. I watched as he spread my swollen pussy lips and he inserted two fingers in me. I was about ready to cum as his thumb touched my clit then he pulled them out and then licked them telling my husband how good I tasted and how wet I was. He knew just how to tease me.

My husband said something to Earl and he looked around reached down unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. OH My! My! This was the thickest cock I have ever seen and it was “Incredible” Sticking strait out, it was as hard as an Armadillos shell the head was purple and so inviting, it must have been 6 ½” to 7” around and 8” long with a large bulbous flared head. The shaft had ripples around it with large defined veins. My mouth dropped open and my heart stopped it was the hottest looking cock I had ever seen. I wondered what it would feel like sliding past my lips and down my throat or if I could even deep throat that thick cock. He stepped closer so he was between my legs I reached for that huge cock and tried to wrap my hand around it and stroke the monster cock. I pulled him to me stroking and feeling that hot cock pulse in my hand I was mesmerized by his cock. I was out of my mind and I couldn’t stop his cock was so thick and beautiful and I felt so nasty exposing myself. I lifted my leg and put it up on the door sliding my ass all the way over the edge of the seat and rested my back on the steering wheel. I have massive orgasms just from a cock rubbing on my pussy and I needed to cum. I wanted to feel that big thick cock slide on the outside of my hot pussy teasing me. “NOW”

I couldn’t stop myself his cock was amazing my mind was spinning I felt drunk and real nasty spread open. His voice sent a tingle up and down her spine. The thought of being so completely exposed was a little daunting but so thrilling I was on the verge of cumming. I was spread-eagled in the seat; I guided his cock towards my pussy wrapping my hand around the massive thickness. Earl grabbed my leg lifting and spreading me wide open. I spread my pussy lips open with my free hand pulling his cock towards my wide open pussy. I wanted his huge cockhead to be touching and spreading my wet pulsing pussy. I wanted his thick cockhead opening my pussy spreading me wide open teasing me. He tried pushing forward but I had a firm grip on his hot cock and the truck was to tall he was on his tip toes. Earl was telling my husband how I had hold of his cock and I was guiding and trying to rub his massive cock between my spread lips and rub my clit. Earl told my husband how he wanted to drive it deep into my wet pussy and fill me up.

Earl listened to the phone for a second his eyes getting a wild look in them and then he looked at me and said; "Your husband said for you to take your hand off my cock"

I said loud enough for my husband to hear “I want to suck that thick cock right now”. But I couldn’t stop myself! Looking at his massive cock I was mad with lust so I did as I was told. I slid my hand along the bumpy ribbed shaft of his cock feeling every bump and vain it was so thick. I watched his face and then using both of my hands I peeled my hot soaking throbbing, engorged pussy lips wide apart. Earl was looking at my nasty pussy completely exposed to him with my clit throbbing and his gorgeous hot cockhead aimed at my wet pussy. Incredible intense waves of pleasure were shooting pulsing shock waves from my pussy to my head as I watched Earls face while my husband talked to him. I thought I was going to black out when I felt him let go of my leg and grab hold of his thick cock. That beautiful cock was touching my pussy and he was sliding the head along my pussy and up rubbing my clit! I wanted to feel more of his cock and tried rocking forward letting his massive cockhead get wet with my juices.

I heard Earl tell my husband that he needed me to suck him now before he blows a load on my pussy. Well I didn’t need anymore encouragement and push him back and slid off the seat grabbing his cock in my hand. I squeezed his cock and with my tongue I teased his shaft licking from the base upward tracing every vain and ripple circling the head and hearing him moan as he grasp a hand full of my hair. His cock was so thick I wrapped both hands around the shaft and licked the big bulbous head letting my lips flow over tasting my own pussy juices and getting it wet. The anticipation was driving Earl and me wild as my lips slipped over the massive cockhead as I stroked the thick shaft looking up at him as I took more in my mouth. I concentrated on licking the head of his cock while it was in my mouth bobbing my mouth up and down on the upper couple of inches of his cock varying this with "deep-throating" as much of his cock as I could. I was removing his cock from my mouth to use my tongue all over his head and shaft driving him wild. I stroked his shaft pumping his cock and seeing precum form on the tip I looked at him and licked it off. I felt his balls tighten and I started swallowing as much of his cock as I could. My mouth was stretched as wide as it could go as I took more of his huge cock down my throat. I felt Earls cock at the back of my throat ready to shoot hot cum as I tried to swallow all of his cock.
My hand went for my pussy as I felt his cock twitching as he held my head with a hand full of my hair. I exploded in a massive orgasm as I fingered my pussy and clit moaning and screaming around his cock. Earl blew a huge load down my throat as I gasp and swallowed never stopping pumping and sucking his cock. He shoots three big squirts in my throat before my orgasm slowed. Earl then picked me up in his huge arms and set me back on the seat. He spread me wide and rubbed his still hard cock on my wet pussy. With both of my hands I spread my pussy open as he guided his hot cockhead between my stretched pussy lips.

Right as I thought he was going to try thrusting into me everything went wrong. “It was like someone opened a Border Crossing and illegal aliens were coming from everywhere! I saw one of his coworkers come out of the back door and see us with me spread wide startling me. At the same time a truck come around the corner and drove right up in front of my truck. One of the big loading and shipping doors started opening. I was spread wide open and Earls HUGE cock was guiding its way to my horny wide open pussy. Earl jumped back turned and stuffed his gorgeous cock into his pants leaving me completely exposed for the guy coming out the door to see. He was beet red and I was gasping for air my body shaking. Earl handed me the phone panicking as he looked around. He saw the guy who came out the door look right at me spread naked and I couldn’t move I froze. Earl jumped turning around as I slid over closing the door. I was shaking the blood was rushing through my pussy and my mind was spinning. Earl saw me looking behind him and he looked around to see his coworkers looking at us. He said he had to go but he wants to see me again and told me that my husband was a very lucky man. Everything was flashing by so fast.

I started the truck and drove away as fast as I could and waved to the guy who was sitting in his truck watching me with a big smile on his face. And I saw my husband getting out of his car.

I pulled on to the I-37 freeway called my husband who was still at Home Depot talking with Earl. I proceeded to finger fuck myself before having to pull over as a huge orgasm ripped through me. There were cars and trucks driving by at 80 MPH. as I soaked my hand as a massive orgasm ripped through me. My husband told me he was going to fuck me silly when he gets home. When I got to our country road off the freeway my husband told me to strip naked and drive the last 45 minutes home totally naked. I pulled over stripped naked like he asked. My husband told me he would be home as fast as he could and that he had talked to Earl and made more plans with him. I masturbated again as we talked and had two more orgasms before getting home. I wanted to get home so I could fuck my husband silly. I love him so much my heart was pounding as I dreamed of my husband!

As I pulled into the driveway and there was Mike our Gardner/handyman and here I was naked and smelling like hot pussy juice.


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