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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Best Cocksucker

Last night my husband again told me that I was “The Best Cocksucker in Texas” he said that after hooking up a shower Massage in my bathroom and he did this after watching me masturbating using the warm water splashing on my clit and pussy with my legs spread up on the wallin the tub.
He came up with the idea so I could relax more and enjoy myself. The idea came after watching me have a huge orgasm and thought the Shower Massage would work better.
"OMFG did it ever work"
When he showed it to me and how it worked I striped and jumped in the tub to try it out! Of course hubbie wanted to help so he spreads my legs out over the tub and after getting the water at the right temp and force and pulsing action he unleashed that monster on my engorged clit and pussy. He teased me running it up and down the inside of my thighs and directed it on to my throbbing clit. I bucked and trashed around spreading my pussy lips as the pulsing water hit my clit.
I was fast approaching a big orgasm when my husband shoved two fingers deep into my pussy and finger fucked me fast and hard. Curling his fingers up and thrusting deep he hit my button and I exploded in orgasm grabbing the tub and bucking on my husband deep probing fingers. The shower massage was driving my clit wild and at that moment it was a bit too much and I grabbed it from my husbands hand as he banged me with the other one.
When I calmed down I reached up and pulled hubbie nice big cock out and put the head in my mouth and used my tongue to play with the sensitive underside. I teased him taking more of his cock in to my mouth with the head nudging my throat while stroking the shaft. I know what he wanted and I reached around grabbing both ass cheeks and shoving his cock all the way down my throat till my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I started using my throat muscles and a sucking action as I felt his balls tense up. Grabbing my hair as I held on to his firm ass he fucked my throat with long deep pistioning strokes.
I felt his load building and as he blew cum down my throat I held his ass tight and fucked his cock with my mouth and throat. I didn’t stop I had tears running down my face as I took his cock deep as a big squirt of cum shot in to my belly. Whoa Grabbing my head he fucked harder shooting squirt after squirt down my throat as his balls smacked my chin.
My husband crumbled to the floor from the intense orgasm he just had. All he could say was Baby you are “The Best Cocksucker in Texas”

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