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Friday, January 20, 2006

Showing off

Again my husband was begging me to show off and masturbate so Mike could see me as I started sucking his cock. My husband knows all the right buttons to push and he knows all of my fantasies. We fucked like rabbits I was on top riding like there was no tomorrow as my husband told me how hot it would be if I sucked a strange cock as he fucked me! We both came and had great orgasms before falling asleep.

I was so horny after hubbie left for work I got my egg vibe and teased myself to a nice long orgasm. I logged on to wifelovers so I could make some plans with Cowgirl and her husband. They are a couple we meet in the wifelovers chat room and have been talking with them about meeting for some fun in Las Vegas. When I was chattin with Cowgirl I told her about everything that had been happening and how I was naked and showing off and that my husband had wanted me to show off to Mike in fact he begged me to. I told her I thought my husband was planning something and Mike was coming over today. She started teasing me just like my husband does telling me how fun it would be showing my naked body to someone. She teased me asking me if Mike was coming over to help me with taking down the Christmas lights in the tree out front or to do some other work around the house. My husband had been begging me to go naked and let Mike get a good view of me! Hell he wanted me to masturbate in front of him. Cowgirl told me that I should have some fun! It’s what my husband wanted! Right?

My husband had rigged up a dildo so that I could strap it onto the computer chair and I could chat on wifelovers and have a nice hard cock inside me with my hands free. We have also used the dildo strapped on the chair as hubbie slides his hard cock in my ass and I ride the dildo. I showed pictures of it to Cowgirl and told her all about it. “She loved it” She told me I should get it out and set it up so when Mike came over I could give him a show. I said “NO” I could only do that if my husband was here! I don’t mind if Mike does see me naked but I am not ready or willing to go that far. YET! I think Cowgirl is as nasty as I am because she told me she was masturbating as we talked and I told her I was too. LOL! If the guys who I chat with only knew that I was sitting on when I am in the chat room they would be jacking off right now. (So if you see me in the chat room ask me what I’m sitting on LOL) I told Cowgirl I had to go and she told me to have some fun teasing Mike!

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