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Saturday, January 28, 2006


Part 3

I have become a Submissive Exhibitionist and my husband is exploiting my fantasies. “He is driving me wild with desire and lust” My husband is making me feel real nasty and daring, he is seeing how far I can be teased and I have become submissive to him. I know he has planned this whole Home Depot adventure with Earl and he knows I’ll do as he asks!

“The Empty Nest Syndrome”

I was Mrs. Goodie 2 shoes, the perfect mom till all my kids moved out! Now I am a “Submissive Exhibitionist” My husband say’s I’m his “Little Nympho”. I have had this very strong urge for a long time to expose my hot wet pussy to guys so they can see me spreading my pussy open for them. I want them to see my pussy, to see my sex. “I want to expose myself completely”. I want my husband to watch me expose myself to guys. I fantasize that I masturbate in front of strangers and my husband watches. I want my husband to spread me wide open like he is offering my pussy to strangers and watch them rub there cockheads on my hot wet engorged pussy as I am “FULLY EXPOSED”! I fantasize that they tease me to “The Limit” and then I give them the best BJ of there lives! I love sucking strange cock! I fantasize everyday about sucking strange cocks as my husband watches! Everywhere I go I find myself looking at guys cocks and dreaming of sucking there big cocks and having them shoot there cum down my throat while I expose myself and masturbate. It’s driving me battie and my husband wants me to do more. Sometimes I think I’m “LOONY TUNES”

Am I a freak because I love sucking cock and I want to be seen naked?
Am I weird because I have an orgasm when a guy’s cock explodes down my throat?
Do any other women have orgasms from sucking cock?

We have talked and fantasized about me exposing myself and masturbating for a long time now and we have even practiced me flashing and spreading. My husband talked me into going to Home Depot so he could watch when I meet Earl and expose myself and see how far he can tease me. My husband has been asking me to do some nasty things recently and I do love pleasing my husband. I got ready and was admiring myself, I was wearing a short skirt and a sleeveless low cut white shirt, no panties or bra. I was pinching my nipples to make them stick out more while looking in the mirror and I was so horny. Dam I looked hot bending over imaging someone was watching. My husband called and I teased my husband how I was fixin to flash guys on the freeway and at Home Depot. How I would spread my legs as I got in and out of the truck letting someone see my naked ass as my skirt rides up my legs. I was already so horny my clit was throbbing and I was soaking wet I wanted to masturbate but my husband teased me more and said I couldn’t. My husband said that he would call HOME DEPOT and have everything ready with Earl. All I have to do is head-on inside and pay for it then get it loaded up.

My husband told me about Earl and how they meet. Earl was at Home Depot the night my husband and I meet the Cowboy in the parking lot there. Earl watched me get out of our truck and walk naked to the Cowboys car and suck his cock Earl watched the whole thing and my husband knew he was watching me give My Cowboy a BJ! My husband has told Earl about me fantasying about masturbating and showing my naked pussy and about all of our adventures plus he also told him how much I love sucking cock! Earl is 6’ 200lb Texas/Italian God. He has the most gourgus long dark curly hair sweet looking lips and HUGE hands with olive skin, a super hard muscular body, huge arms (I love huge arms) and a tight cute butt. My husband told me he has a thick fat cock and that Earl laughed when my husband told him I love deep throating cocks. I was so worked up as I got in the truck to leave imagining what his cock looked like.

Ok this might sound weird but while I was driving to get to the freeway I would see objects along the side of the road or in a field and they all looked like cocks! I don’t know if it’s from being super horny or thinking about seeing a nice young cock but everywhere I looked I saw cocks! The mail boxes looked like cocks with big heads, oil platforms looked like huge pumping cocks getting ready to explode. Everywhere I looked I saw cocks, big ones, little ones, huge mushroom shaped cocks, black cocks, white cocks and brown cocks. I have been fantasizing so much about showing this young man at Home Depot my pussy and how I want him to see me fully exposed I was driving myself mad with desire and lust thinking of his cock and how big it is. I got onto the freeway and I imagined that all the other drivers could see my naked pussy. I dreamed they all had there cocks out and I could see them. Even the big water towers looked like huge cocks and as I passed a tanker truck I imaged it was a nice long cock.
Am I Weird should I get some mental help?

Do you think I’m weird?

Well I called my husband and put the truck in cruise control and then told him what I imagined when I was driving and how horny I was. My husband was busting up laughing! He told me he had everything set up and he had talked to Earl! He told me when I got there to go to the contractor’s desk and ask for Earl. I was feeling dangerous and nasty! I was feeling an orgasm building in me as the excitement of someone seeing me naked rushed through my mind. I felt so nasty I wanted Earl to see me exposing myself completely to him. And I was wondering what my husband had told him. I got to Home Depot and parked close to the doors, cleaned up a bit and as my heart raced as I opened the door I slowly spread my legs as I turned to get out.

As I got out of the truck my legs were week, my nipples were rock hard and my heart was racing. I walked to the contractors counter where three men were standing there steering at my hard nipples as I walked up. I felt my pussy tingling as I asked for Earl. The oldest guy about 45 said he would page him and he would be here in a second I turned and walked over to some tool displays and as I did I could feel all there eyes watching me. I could feel my pussy getting wet I was so excited as they watched me. With my legs about 6” apart I slowly bent over and acted like I was looking at some tools. There was no way I could bend over for them to see my naked ass but in my mind I was imagining I was totally naked. I was bending over more and I could feel a cool breeze on my hot pussy.

I jumped when I heard this super sexy voice say Hi Lassy I’m Earl. Oh my god this young man was a hunk and my knees almost buckled. I tried to talk but nothing was coming out of my mouth and I thought I was going to faint. With the softest touch and sexiest voice he held my arm and asked if I was ok? I almost climaxed right then! What a good looking young man he was so sexy my pussy was leaking like a river! He said he had everything ready so all I have to do is pull around back and he would load everything in the truck. His voice resonated from my ears to my pussy it was so sexy. He walked me out to the truck and I could see the guys behind the counter with big smiles on there faces so I know they got a good peek. I got a better look at Earl as he walked in front of me to open the door for me. Sometimes I hate the baggie pants young guys wear but I could see the outline of his HUGE COCK and I felt my pussy throb as I went to get in the truck.

How the time of truth came as he opened the truck door for me. I stepped up put one leg on the seat spreading my legs as I sat up on the seat with my pussy now exposed to Earl. I know he saw me by the big grin on his face and his growing cock. I had practiced this and I know my pussy was exposed to him. I slowly turned in the seat so he could get a good look before closing the door. I started the truck and drove to the back calling my husband on the cell phone. He could tell how excited I was as I told him how Earl had seen my pussy and how I almost had and orgasm. I asked hubbie where he was as I backed up and Earl dropped the tailgate. He said look strait ahead baby! He was parked by the sheds were Earl had watched me suck the Cowboys cock. I told my husband how big and hard Earl’s cock looked as I watched him loading the truck in the mirrors. I was so horny my pussy was wet and quivering and my husband talked and teased me asking me what I thought of the young hard body man. My husband worked me to a frenzy I couldn’t think and I wanted Earl to see me again.

My husband then told me that I could do “Anything I wanted too”
I could suck his cock; let him play with my pussy even fuck him if I wanted to! “ANYTHING”
I had a momentary flicker of doubt but then! This is what I wanted! I wanted him to see me naked and masturbate in front of him!
I jumped when Earl slammed the tailgate shut and started to walk up to the door. My husband told me to open the door and spread so he could see me then hand him the phone! I said “What”
My husband said just do it now open the door and spread so he can see your pussy! “DO IT NOW” My husband begged me “DO IT NOW”

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