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Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well after all the teasing I still could not just have Mike come over with me being totally naked without my husband here. I took a bath and trimmed my pussy hair. I put on a white t shirt and baggy shorts no bra or panties. You could see my nipples through the T shirt clear as day and yes the headlights were on Bright! The baggy shorts were more like a skirt but they were sown together in between the legs. I even put a mirror on the floor buy our full size wall mirror to see what it looked like and if someone could see up the leg openings. It was kind of hard to see so I got a razor and cut it where it was sew together so it was more like a skirt. “Oh My” When I looked in the mirror you could see everything now and I was getting wet and horny looking at myself and seeing my hot trimmed pussy. I practiced moving, bending, reaching and spreading seeing how much I could show off and fantasying about someone watching me and seeing my wet pink pussy. Looking in the mirror I started playing with my hard clit and running my finger between my hot lips imagining showing someone. I was ready to cum as I watched my fingers slide in my pussy and spread it open exposing my hot pinkness.

I was startled by the phone ringing and I grabbed it my heart was pounding. It was my husband and he sounded concerned he asked if everything was ok because I sounded breathless. I told him how I was dressed and that I had been looking and practicing in the mirror and how it had got me horny. He started Laughing.

My husband told me that he wanted me to go to HOME DEPOT and pick up some supplies that Mike would need when he gets here. I told him ok but I would have to change from what I was wearing. That’s when I knew he had something planned because my husband begged me not to change he said he wanted me to meet someone at the Home Depot. We had talked about this guy named Earl and my husband told me that the guy had see us the night I gave My Cowboy a BJ in the parking lot of the Home Depot. Earl had been watching us the whole time that night and my husband knew it! They have been talking to each other for awhile and my husband sent him some pictures of me. My husband also told me that Earl said he had a huge thick cock! My husband told Earl that I love sucking and deep throating cocks but Earl said I might have a problem deep throating his cock. Now my fantasies were running wilder as I dreamed of his thick cock.

I had been practicing flashing and showing off in the outfit I was wearing and I was so excited about having someone see me. I wanted to expose my Naked Pussy to him! So why not just go as I am! I was horny and felt daring. My husband talked to me for almost a half hour before I agreed to go as I was. He also told me not to masturbate before I go but that I could play with myself once I was in the truck but “I could not cum” I was very nervous I had never done this before without my husband being there and I was having second thought’s. I could tell how excited my husband was as he pleaded with me to go! And I wanted to meet Earl to check him out because hubbie said he had a young hard body with huge arms and I just love guys with big guns. I just had to see his cock.

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