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Friday, January 13, 2006

Julia Plank

Julia Plank was a girl in high school who was flat as a board, no tits at all! She made up for it by giving blowjobs to all the guys she hung out with. Betty told me before I meet my husband that she had sucked him off at a party with other guys watching. When I saw her at the party Betty said to me there is Julia Plank the guys say she is the best cocksucker in school! Well I had the hots for Laster. He is now my husband and we have been together for 25 years. Laster was there with all his baseball team mates who had just won there 9th straight game. They were all drinking and screwing around.

Well I had to prove her wrong and I was half drunk so I told that flat breasted bitch I could suck off the whole baseball team and deep throat all of them. Off we all went upstairs and Laster said he was first and they all lined up after him. When he pulled out his 9” hard cock I almost fainted. I grabbed it in my hands and made love to his gorgeous cock deep throating the whole cock. When Laster exploded his HUGE load down my throat I had the most Earth shattering orgasm that I will never for get.

When Laster finished squirting his cum down my throat The BITCH “Julia Plank” said 8 more cocks to suck! I want Lasters cock but she pushed me to the others! Laster said that was the Best BJ he had ever had even better than Julia. Well that pissed her off so she said suck them and I sucked all 8 cocks and swallowed them all. I showed Julia Plank how to suck cock!

My husband fell in love with me that night and we have been together ever sense.

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