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Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 cocks sucked in 22 minutes.

4 cocks sucked in 22 minutes.
Dogging Texas style. We have been meeting with guys and gals at a park near Three Rivers Texas. The last time we were there at the park we noticed the local Sheriff was coming around about every 20 minutes or so at dusk checking the east end of the park where we had been meeting.

We have been betting on the baseball games and I lost so my husband bet me that I could not suck off 4 cocks in 20 minutes at the park without getting caught by the Sheriff.

My husband emailed some guys we have met before and told them about our bet and all 4 were ready willing and able for our bet.

We arrived as the Sheriff was driving around the park and seen our 4 guys parked by the picnic tables and we parked as we watched the Sheriff leaving the park.

We got out of the van all 4 guys were by the park table 10 feet away from the van. My husband wasted no time, he pulled my sundress up and off me and I walked over knelled down as they pulled there cocks out. All 4 cocks were in the 8" club and I wasted no time taking the Surfer Dudes cock all the way down my throat.

I was naked deep throating his cock as I stroked 2 other cocks. The Surfer Dude blew a huge load as I deep throated his cock. The next 2 didn't last very long and both pumped there loads down my throat.
Jeff my husbands sailing friend was last and I love swallowing his large cock as the others watched and encouraged him to make me take all of his huge cock.

Jeff had a huge orgasm and I swallowed every drop as they all watched me sucking and masturbating to a strong orgasm.

Jeff wiped his cock on my lips. I walked naked back to the van as the Sheriff was pulling in to the park.
I could not find my dress as my husband smiled and said it took me 22 minutes to suck off 4 cocks we drove home with me naked masturbating and showing off to truckers.

4 blow jobs in 22 minutes.