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Thursday, December 22, 2011

4 cocks sucked in 22 minutes.

4 cocks sucked in 22 minutes.
Dogging Texas style. We have been meeting with guys and gals at a park near Three Rivers Texas. The last time we were there at the park we noticed the local Sheriff was coming around about every 20 minutes or so at dusk checking the east end of the park where we had been meeting.

We have been betting on the baseball games and I lost so my husband bet me that I could not suck off 4 cocks in 20 minutes at the park without getting caught by the Sheriff.

My husband emailed some guys we have met before and told them about our bet and all 4 were ready willing and able for our bet.

We arrived as the Sheriff was driving around the park and seen our 4 guys parked by the picnic tables and we parked as we watched the Sheriff leaving the park.

We got out of the van all 4 guys were by the park table 10 feet away from the van. My husband wasted no time, he pulled my sundress up and off me and I walked over knelled down as they pulled there cocks out. All 4 cocks were in the 8" club and I wasted no time taking the Surfer Dudes cock all the way down my throat.

I was naked deep throating his cock as I stroked 2 other cocks. The Surfer Dude blew a huge load as I deep throated his cock. The next 2 didn't last very long and both pumped there loads down my throat.
Jeff my husbands sailing friend was last and I love swallowing his large cock as the others watched and encouraged him to make me take all of his huge cock.

Jeff had a huge orgasm and I swallowed every drop as they all watched me sucking and masturbating to a strong orgasm.

Jeff wiped his cock on my lips. I walked naked back to the van as the Sheriff was pulling in to the park.
I could not find my dress as my husband smiled and said it took me 22 minutes to suck off 4 cocks we drove home with me naked masturbating and showing off to truckers.

4 blow jobs in 22 minutes.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is a new game teens and young adults are playing and its called Planking. Planking is the action of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, in unusual public spaces and photographing it.

Well we have changed some of the rules, well just one rule.

Planking while naked.

I used to have a friend in high school called Julia Plank, I wonder if she would play this game.

The first time we played the game Lisa and I drove down by the waterfront in Corpus Christi. I was already naked in the car when we pulled up to the entrance of the Marina and when she stopped I jumped out of the car ran up front laid down in the Plank position and she took pictures. I got back in the car and we drove off. I was so excited that at the next intersection we did it again.

The ride home was quite exciting as I did not put any clothes on as we drove home I flashed truckers and even masturbated while driving alongside a truck. After we turned off the freeway Lisa pulled over at the truck stop I got out laid down on my back this time face up in the parking lot in front of the restaurant. I waited for Lisa to take the picture and when I looked up I could see everyone in the restaurant looking at me. Lisa never got out of the car and took a picture

It was like we were teenagers again I grabbed both of my tits and started shaking them so everyone in the restaurant could see, then slowly walked back to the car so they could all get a good view of my ass. The next day one of my husband's friends called him and told him what I had done. He had been in the restaurant and watched the whole thing.

My husband got the idea of combining planking and dogging two games that we both love. So our plan was to contact some willing participants on Yahoo or Flickr. Drive somewhere to meet, when everyone showed up I got out of the car naked walked to the front of the car kneeled down and sucked the cock of a nice young man while my husband took a picture. He did not last very long when I started deep throating him and ejaculated in my mouth. I got back in the car we drove to the Marina where we met another guy from the chat room.

My husband had picked this guy out and I know why he did the guys cock was huge with shaved balls. My pussy was soaking wet when I kneeled down and tried to wrap my hand around his hard cock. I got most of it in my mouth when we saw some cars coming and I did not stop sucking his cock as they slowed down and watched. I had my first orgasm while stroking and sucking his cock with three young men in one car watching and a older couple in the other car watched as they turned on their headlights so they were shining on us.

Naked I walked back to the car and my husband knew that I wanted more of the large cock. We drove into the parking lot of the Marina and he pulled up next to us and I finished sucking his cock while he played with my tits and pussy as my husband watched. He must've been nervous when we are on the street but now that we were in the parking lot but still in public he had no problem shoving his cock down my throat and coming. I was so horny my husband fucked me right there in the Corpus Christi Marina parking lot.

So I hope to put a new twist on the game called Planking.
Lisa wants to contact some people on Yahoo and Flickr let them know where we are going to be Planking and Dogging and have others take photos and post them. My husband remembers my friend Julia Plank and said he would love to take pictures of her Planking.

Any volunteers?

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dogging game as husband watches.

Dogging game as husband watches.

First I want to thank Dan, Fred, Norm and Mike for playing our Dogging game..

We met just outside of Three Rivers on Highway 70, W. Thornton St. just past the trees on the left it was a great place to park. I could see the road and they parked their cars and trucks blocking the view of oncoming cars. Not one of the guys that showed up had known that my husband was one of them. My husband did not want them to know that he was my husband.

I met all the guys in a Yahoo group called Texas Cock Suckers and chatted with them on Yahoo Instant Messenger. My husband was the one who set up the meeting spot and the idea of him watching me sucking cocks and them not knowing he is my husband. My husband was also the one who picked the guys for me to suck.

When I pulled up in the Van I had a light blue sundress on with nothing else. I climbed in back of the Van and opened the sliding door. As they walked up to the Van I got a good look them. The first guy had dark hair with a dark mustache and long sideburns wearing Wrangler jeans cowboy boots and a t shirt. He was about 5 foot 10, 195 pounds and he had a thick 7 1/2 inch cock. The second guy was my husband the third guy to come up was taller about 6 foot wearing shorts blond hair past his ears kind of the surfer type, his cock was very impressive and 9 inches, the fourth guy was about 5 foot nine slender build construction type guy and he had a very thick 7 inch cock.

After greeting everybody I made sure they understood the rules of our Dogging game that we all had agreed upon and I told them I would leave my cell phone open so my husband could hear what was going on. I lifted my sundress over my head and started caressing my breasts and pussy as they watched. I sat on the edge of the Van spreading my legs showing them my pussy. Exposing my pussy to 4 guys had me on the verge of orgasm. I leaned back spreading my legs so they could see me playing with my pussy. Watching there faces as I exposed and played with my clit and rock hard nipples. It did not take them very long watching me masturbating for them to pull their cocks out and start stroking. My first orgasm had me shaking pulling and twisting my nipples while watching their cocks.

I was naked when I took a few steps away from the Van got on my knees took 2 cocks in my hands and started sucking the construction workers cock as others gathered around. I was sucking his cock letting them play with my pussy and tits. The construction worker grabbed a handful of hair as he started pumping his cock down my throat and blowing his load as I deep throated his fat cock while grabbing his ass so he could not pull away as I swallowed his exploding cock. He had tried to last but my deep throating skills had him draining his cum in my belly.

My orgasm was really strong as his cum shot down my throat and two fingers were fucking my pussy and two other hands pulling and twisting on my nipples. I could see and hear cars and trucks driving by we were out in the open and I was going to suck and swallowed all four cocks until they all had shot their loads down my throat. I made sure the first BJ was really hot so the others would know how much I love sucking cocks. They egged the construction worker on holding my hair back so they could see his cock cumming in my mouth. After they all watched me sucking the construction workers cock and swallowing his load they were ready to explode.

I took hold of my husbands 9” cock and he grabbed my head and made me deep throat his cock right away. I made sure they watched me devour his cock as surfer man shoved 2 fingers into my pussy and the dark haired guy was playing with my tits. Oh my god did I orgasm as hubby pumped his cock down my throat. My husband held my head as his cock exploded and pumped his cum down my throat.

Surfer dude didn’t waste any time he sat down in the Van pulling my head and feeding his 9 inch cock into my mouth. The dark-haired guy with the mustache knelt down and started licking my pussy. I loved sucking his big cock and did my best taking it all the way down and looking into his eyes. He did the most talking telling everyone to watch me take his big cock all the way down as he held my head. I absolutely loved sucking his cock and I must have had the longest orgasm when he exploded his thick cum down my throat.

The dark-haired guy turned me around shoved his cock into my mouth I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and pumped as I swallowed his cock. This surfer dude grabbed hold of my tit and a handful of hair and pumped my head up and down on the fat cock. The dark-haired guy started coming the surfer dude held my head as shot after shot of Cum shot down into my belly.

I was in heaven I had a belly full of Cum and had four orgasms. Just before the dark-haired guy pulled his pants up I cleaned up his cock. The dark-haired guy and the construction worker had to leave I stood up letting them see my naked body. The construction worker slid his hand up my thigh feeling my wet pussy sliding two fingers deep into me then pulling him out and licking them clean. The dark-haired guy grabbed my ass and said that I am the best cock sucker in Texas. The two of them walked over to their vehicles to leave.

That left me, the young surfer man with a really fat 9” cock and my husband next to the Van. I open the vans door all the way my husband climbed in I sat down on the edge and leaned back taking his cock in my mouth as he grabbed my legs spread me open and the guy with the fat cock plunged his fingers deep into my pussy finger fucking me as the Van rocked violently. The young man still did not know that the guy who had his cock in my mouth was my husband.

My husband reached over picked up my cell phone and turned it off and set it back down on the seat. The young man leaned down devouring my pussy with his mouth and tongue.

My husband eased his cock out of my mouth leaned down and whispered in my ear. My husband told me to tell the surfer dude to FUCK me! Beg him to fuck you my husband whispered! I again heard my husband telling the young man!!! “Look she is spreading for you” she wants your cock. I looked between my legs saw his 9 inch cock. I had my husbands cock in my hand stroking and he had hold of my legs pulling them back spreading my legs wide open completely exposing my soaking wet pussy.

I looked right at him and begged him to shove his big cock into my horny pussy.
” FUCK ME” “FUCK ME” Ram that big cock into me and “FUCK ME”

Surfer dude guided his cock into my pussy grabbing my tits and telling my husband to shove his cock in my mouth because he's going to FUCK ME and make me scream.
I had a huge orgasm as both of their cocks pumped inside of me I thought for sure someone would see or hear us the Van was shaking with his powerful thrusts.

I could tell my husband was holding back, the surfer dude was lasting a lot longer this time and giving me a great flesh slapping deep penetrating FUCKING. Surfer dude slipped his cock out grabbed my hips picked me up flipping me over so that I was on my hands and knees facing my husband. He rubbed his hot cock on my pussy and eased his fat cock head in. Surfer dude told me swallow my husbands cock and he rammed his cock balls deep into my soaking pussy grabbing my hips and hammering me as I swallowed my husbands cock.

Now this is “Dogging” this surfer dude said as he FUCKED ME doggie style.

I looked into my husbands eyes as he had to fistful of my hair pumping his cock into my mouth telling surfer dude to FUCK ME. As soon as surfer dude slipped his finger in my ass as he FUCKED ME I exploded into a wild long-lasting very intense body shaking orgasm. My husband growled and exploded down my throat draining his cum into my mouth as I sucked and screamed in orgasm. I had to brace myself as surfer dude plowed into me grabbing my hips as his big cock shot load after load of hot cum deep in my pussy.

I fell to the floor of the Van shaking and quivering as both their cocks slipped out of me. It took awhile for me to calm down my pussy was throbbing and I had cum on my lips. Surfer dude moved inside the Van making sure I cleaned up both our juices off his cock. My husband reached for my leg and spread me open and said “OH SHIT” Look at all that cum leaking out of her pussy!

My husband then said, Lassy your phone has been vibrating. I think your husbands trying to call. Surfer dude pulled his shorts up said his goodbyes and said he would chat with me later as my husband was pulling up his pants.

My husband followed me home I had trouble driving I was still glowing and my pussy was throbbing with surfer dudes cum leaking. We both practically ran into the house ripping our clothes off and spent the rest the night in bed fucking like teenagers.

My husband told me that if surfer dude knew he was my husband it would not have been as good a FUCKING.

Now my husband wants to tie me up on our sailboat naked and blindfolded. Call the surfer dude telling him where to find me while he hides and watches what happens.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dogging Texas style part 5

Part 5

It took me awhile to settle down my pussy felt good and I was still so fucking horny knowing my husband just watched me getting fucked and sucking strange cock. I looked for Lisa and my husband but they where not there he was GONE. Lisa had moved to help hold my leg as they all looked at the cowboys cum oozing out of my pussy.

I don't know when my husband had left. The cowboy moved up beside me making me take his cock in my mouth sucking both are juices off of his cock the redhead told her husband he could play with my pussy. He was eager and he loved playing with my pussy as his wife told him what to do. I had to more orgasms while the cowboy and the Navy man got dressed and watch. He kept playing with my pussy when the cowboy and the Navy man left. His wife was now telling him to rub his cock on my pussy. His cock felt so good my clit was still throbbing and juices flowing.

I looked around for my husband the door of the Van was wide open I watched Lisa walk over to the truck parked next to us and saw my husband in the shadow leaning up against the truck watching me. The redhead woman got out of the van and walked over to Lisa and my husband talking to them. Her husband was rubbing his cock on my spread open pussy fingering my pussy with 2 fingers and his thumb rubbing my clit. I watched as the red head walked back the van with a huge smile on her face. She asked her husband if he wanted to fuck me. He said hell yes and she told me get ready for a good fucking

His cock looked huge his balls were tight and I know how much my husband enjoys watching me get fucked by large cocks. The redhead told me that I was the first woman to ever deep throat her husbands cock and now she wanted to see him fuck me. I looked at Lisa and my husband as they watched I spread my legs so they both could see his large cock entering my horny wet pussy. I was still trembling from my last orgasm my breasts were swollen and my nipples were aching and wanted to cum again.

The redhead reached down and guided her husband thick cock into my pussy. He reached under my legs grabbing hold of my tits and drove his thick cock deep into my pussy taking my breath away. I started screaming in orgasm “fuck me” “fuck me” while looking at Lisa and my husband. His wife was telling him to drive it deep and he did you could hear our flesh slapping together as he fucked me. For what seemed like a half-an-hour he continued to fucking me with her telling me to take all of his thick cock. Spread your legs and let him fuck you she told me. I started having another orgasm and was bucking wildly you could hear my pussy juices as his cock slammed into me. She started telling us to switch places.

He lay down on his back in the middle of the doorway I turned facing Lisa and my husband reverse cowgirl style putting a foot on each side of the door to brace myself as I lowered myself on to huge missile. His wife reached down spreading my pussy as he buried his cock all the way in me. My whole body was exposed as I orgasm riding him like a bucking bronco wildy fucking I didn't care who heard me or who was watching me as I orgasmed screaming and begging for him to shoot his hot cum deep in my pussy. I was cumming so much my juices were flowing down his cock as he plowed into me fucking me so hard you could hear our flesh slapping together. Jingle loudly and slamming deep into me he blew a huge load deep in my horny pussy both of us thrashing around and screaming. I had been fucked well and I could feel his cock spewing his hot come deep in me as I grabbed his ass and held him.

I could barely roll off him after resting for a bit he started easing his cock out of my pussy while his wife squeezed his cum out milking his cock into my pussy. Oh my God I could feel his sperm just flowing out of my pussy as I looked at my Lisa and my husband still shaking as my pussy throbbed.

They cleaned up and I was lying bare naked with cum leaking out of my well fucked pussy looking at my husband. The redhead kissed me and thanked me and said goodbye hoping to meet us again. My body was still shaking from the orgasms I had I felt so nasty having my husband watch me suck cock and have my pussy filled with thick cock. Lisa started walking up smiling as she looked at me lying naked in the Van my legs still spread open with come leaking out of my pussy. My husband walked towards the front of the Van and when the light hit them I was shocked.

It wasn't my husband that was standing there watching with Lisa it was the young man at the door of the roadhouse. It was the hot young bouncer that had let me in for free earlier in the evening. He had just watched me sucking cock and getting fucked. I was totally confused I don't know when my husband left or if he was even there!

Lisa stood in the door of the Van with a shit eating grin on her face as she slid the door shut. Lisa drove me home naked and I never found my dress. When we got to the ranch Lisa told me to go get in the shower clean up and ready for bed.

When I got out of the shower I walked towards the bedroom looking in and seeing Lisa riding on top of my husband reverse cowgirl his cock buried deep in her ass. I sat on the bed Lisa spreading her legs reaching out putting her hand on the back of my head pulling me towards her pussy. As my husband plowed his cock deep in her ass she made me eat her pussy.

Well that’s another story I’ll write later.

Lisa and my husband said they have another dogging adventure planned for next weekend.



Friday, March 11, 2011

Dogging Texas style part 4 of 5

Part 4

I looked over my shoulder and saw Lisa sucking my husbands cock. The couple was busy playing, she was stroking his thick cock helping him get his pants off while he was watching me suck the young Navy mans cock. The Navy guys cock slid down my throat as I felt the Cowboy fingering my pussy and coating his cock with my pussy juices.

I looked into my husbands eyes the Cowboy grabbing my tits holding onto them firm the Navy guy was feeding me his cock, he moved off to the side so everyone could see his cock spreading my pussy lips open as he pressed harder teasing my pussy. The Navy guys cock slipped out of my mouth and I looked at Lisa and my husband.

Lisa took my husbands cock out of her mouth stood up and was whispering in his ear as I watched a big smile come over my husbands face. Holding onto my husbands cock Lisa told him to help hold my legs apart. I was devouring the Navy cock as they moved me around I was being spread wide open the red headed woman got really excited and held on to my other foot her husbands cock was hard as steel as she help hold my legs apart. The Navy guy was pumping his cock in my mouth I could tell he was going to cum he was holding his cock as he let it slip out of my mouth. I heard a red headed woman tell her husband to make me suck his cock.

I got a good look at his cock as the navy cock slid out of my mouth. Oh my god he was THICK the head was smaller than the main shaft it looked like a Titian Missile and had to be at least 9 inches with thick veins. He had a real nice cock and I got so fucking horny and felt so nasty hearing her telling me how to suck her husbands cock and how she was going to make me deep throat him.

Lisa stopped sucking my husbands cock told my husband and the redhead to spread my legs as I took turns sucking the redheads husbands cock and the Navy mans cock each one of them pinching and twisting my nipples. The cowboy used his hand to spread my pussy open holding onto his cock pressing his cock head in my soaking pussy opening exposing my clit swelling and throbbing. The redhead wanted her husband to cum down my throat she was telling him to fuck my throat. My legs were being held down by my husband and the wife of a stranger’s cock I was sucking. They held my legs close to my head almost bent in half. I was completely exposed with the Cowboys large cock spreading my pussy open. My whole body was trembling and shaking when the redheaded husband slid his whole cock balls deep in my mouth.

My best friend Lisa leaned down and whispered in my ear. Then she continued sucking my husbands cock. I looked into my husbands eyes and he smiled.

I looked right at the cowboy a cock in each hand and told him to “FUCK ME “FUCK ME” Give me that fucking hot cock.

The cowboy plunged his mushroom headed cock deep into my pussy my husband and the redhead spreading my legs so he could FUCK ME. I took the red headed women's husbands cock into my mouth as the cowboy pounded his cock into me. He would pull his cock all the way out of my pussy then shove it deep into me fucking as deep as he could as the red headed women's husband started exploding down my throat pumping his cock into me as she told me to swallow him cum. The cowboy had hold of my hips and was making me take all of his cock telling me to suck all of his cum down. I exploded in orgasm shaking and trashing around as I swallowed all of his hot cum as he slipped out rubbing his cock on my face.

I heard the woman and her husband telling the cowboy to fuck me and encouraging the Navy man to make me swallow his cock down my throat. That's when my orgasms started again and it was like one after the other making my whole body quiver shaking while I was being held down and fucked hard. The Navy mans cock started spewing cum down my throat the cowboy grabbed both of my tits and really started hammering me he started grunting and I felt his cock explode deep in my pussy spraying my insides with blast after blast of hot come as my orgasms continued.

There cocks were both throbbing inside of me going very deep in my pussy the other one in my mouth. The cowboy eased his cum covered cock out of my pussy grabbing hold of my legs while he turned me around my legs were being held apart and he told everyone to look at his cum leaking out of my pussy. My orgasms made me so wet and my body was shaking and quivering.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Part 3 of 5

Dogging Texas style Part 3

Here I am in the back of the van on my knees my head in my strong Cowboys lap with my dress in my hand breasts and pussy were completely exposed and still throbbing from my orgasm. I am licking his hard cock as drops of cum leak out. I was so dam horny having strangers watching me, this mans cock was still one hot rod and I do think it did get just a little thicker as I licked it.

This big cowboy pulled me up like he was going to kiss me and in a flash his arms went under my knees and picked me up and set me on my back on the floor of the van my head close to the door where the good looking Navy guy was standing stroking his very nice cock. It was my lucky night another 7 ½ in thick cock that had a slight bend to the left. I felt the cowboys cock right between my legs he had me pinned and he moved his cock up so the head was rubbing my pussy lips. My lips parted a little as his cockhead moved up and pressed on my clit and his shaft was pressed against my pussy lips. My clit was sending shock waves through my body it was on fire throbbing and wet. His huge arms were wrapped under my knees and both of his hands are griping my breasts pinching my hard nipples. I tensed up his cock head teased the opening of my pussy as he slowly moved it across my lips and touched my clit again. My mind was saying close your legs but my body was betraying me my legs spreading wide open pussy juices flowing.

Lisa was just watching and smiling! I am freaking out now. This Cowboy was about to fuck me! “The Rules” were on my mind my pussy was soaking wet and throbbing and his cock felt like a red hot poker as it was pressed against my pussy as I spread wider feeling his shaft on my pussy. Mr. Navy man was moving his hot cock closer towards my waiting mouth.

I have this insatiable desire for sucking cock and my husband calls me his “Cock Sucking Nympho”. But like I said NO fucking!!!! I love my husband and I love sucking cock and I have just been so dam horny lately I just can’t suck enough cock. Like I said the kids are gone and my sex drive went in full gear I just can’t do without swallowing cum and having hubby give me a nice long pussy pounding till I have multiple orgasms. I love the feel of a hard cock throbbing in my throat and hot cum shooting down my throat.

I could see Lisa and the others watching me, he said whispering to me, there watching us and they want to see me fuck you. I know you want me to and you do want me to fuck you don’t you? Don’t you? His cock was rubbing my pussy lips and the big mushroom head pressed on my clit. Both his hand were grabbing and squeezing my tits hard pinching and twisting my nipples. I looked to see the Navy guy stroking his cock the young couple watching as she had his cock out giving him a hand job while watching me. I felt his cock parting my hot pussy lips I looked into the Navy man eyes saying please let me suck your cock now! I want your cock in my mouth please let me suck your cock! My body lied to me again my legs spread wide my hips moving up and down opening my pussy wide for cowboy cock, my pussy juices were flowing coating his cock. I was completely open to his big cockhead. In my mind I was begging him to shove his big cock all the way in me and fuck my brains out. I was completely open with his cock at the opening of my soaking pussy all he had to do was move back and push and his cock would be in me with Lisa and the others watching.

My phone rang and he released my arm, Lisa answered my phone and handed it to me. I said Hi Dear where are you. My husband said that he was right here watching with Lisa. I turned my head and looked into my husbands eyes he started giving me instructions telling me that Lisa was now in charge and I was to do what ever she tells me and not to tell anyone that he was my husband. My husband told me to say a few more things out loud so they could hear, then I hung up. I looked up and saw him standing next to Lisa her hand stroking my husbands cock.

The Cowboys mood changed when he knew my husband was not going to be there. He asked me, so your husbands going to be late?

His hot cock felt so hot humping my pussy, he told me to tell Lisa and the other to come closer. I did as he asked and Lisa and my husband moved close as the couple climbed in the van the young Navy man his nice cock in his hand guiding it into my mouth. The Cowboy let my legs go but was still manhandling my tits telling the Navy guy to make me suck his cock.

Leaning down he whispered in my ear, your husbands not going to be here, you want everyone to watch you get fucked! Don’t you?

“BEG ME TO FUCK YOU” he whispered in my ear.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Dogging” Texas style.

This is part 2 of a 5 part true story.

“Dogging” Texas style.

While we walked I got a real good look at this nice hard body Cowboy. He was just over 6’2 with boots on, dark hair, clean shaven with arms as big as a cactus, his chest was hard with a nice wide back that tapered down to a slim waist with a nice hard butt that made my knees weak and thighs as big as tree trunks. I keep telling my self to be careful or this could get out of hand my juices were flowing. We walked towards the parking lot and he put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and I let my hand rub across the bulge in his pants and he was rock hard. In a sexy voice he said; your husband told me you’re the best cocksucker in Texas. Apparently Lisa and my husband had both chatted with him on Yahoo IM. I said we all know oral sex is not sex according to President Clinton right? He snickered and said that I had better swallow or I might get some on my dress. And I said no problem I love to swallow.

I saw the van and knew Lisa was ready because she put the sun visors down as a signal. I opened the side door and started to climb in the back and his hand move up my leg and he felt my bare ass. I pulled him in and sat him down in the back seat leaving the door open. I kneeled down in front of him and started removing my dress doing a slow strip tease playing with my tits and showing him my wet pussy. He started undoing his pants and sliding them down. I grabbed his underwear and pulled out his very nice cock with a huge mushroom shaped head and thick shaft with hairless balls. It was about 7.25” but the mushroom head was huge. I have never seen a cock head that big the crown was as big as a beer can but the shaft was slimmer. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and my fingers didn’t touch as I stroked his hard as steel cock.

My husband’s first rule for our Dogging game is I have to be naked when I suck cock.
Actually my husband has three rules I must follow.

1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock.
2) No FUCKING unless my husband is there to watch and approves or he gives instructions for his approval.
3) Only my husband gets to FUCK my ASS.
I absolutely love Anal sex and have massive explosive orgasms that make me trash around and cum and cum. We are talking mind blowing orgasms … But only my husband gets to fuck my ass…His rule.

I could see Lisa and the others a young Navy man about 25 y/o 5’11 very handsome looking, brown hair and cute butt. A younger couple she was a redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute, her husband was in his late 30’s 5’10 very fit blond and short mustache

The Cowboy was making sure they got a show as they moved closer. I wanted them to see me naked playing with his cock. I bent down and let my lips touch the head of his cock and it was warm then ran my tongue around the head. I then started to wrap my lips around the head when he reached down for my hard nipples. With both my tits in his hands pinching my nipples my pussy started to throb. That’s when I started sliding his cock down my throat. I gagged a little and came back up letting my lips grip the mushroom head. He pulled me up and kissed me as his hand went between my legs and was rubbing my wet pussy. His finger slid in my very wet pussy and his thumb was rubbing my clit. I was pressing my breasts against him as my hands wandered over his hard muscles. He used his hands to spread my legs so that others could see my wet horny pussy as I swallowed his cock again and almost had an orgasm from the finger job I was receiving. I saw that Lisa was close and watching with the others. I looked in my Cowboys eyes and Lisa told me to suck his cock and make him blow his cum down my throat, she was talking nasty making me show off my cock sucking skills telling him to get ready for the best Blow job you have ever had. Lisa and everyone were watching the cowboy spread my pussy as I was sucking his cock with the light from the pole shining right in the van so they could see everything.

The Cowboy made sure he pulled my hair back and exposing my tits and pussy so everyone could have a good view. I took hold of his cock and slid down as his finger slid out of my pussy and my breasts rubbed him sliding down his cock and back up my lips playing with his large mushroom head. My lips wrapped around it and my tongue circled around and played with his pee hole while my hand stroked harder on his shaft. On the down stroke I would take more of his throbbing cock into my mouth till the head was at the back of my throat and the shaft was nice and wet. I came back up so my lips were at the base of the head and stroked upward I looked in his eyes took his cock out and squeezed till a nice drop of pre cum oozed out and I licked it and spread it around my lips. His hand found my hand and I gilded it to the top of my head and that’s when I took ALL OF THAT NICE COCK till my lips were touching his pelvis and balls. He moaned and grabbed my hair and was pulling my head up as his hips came off the seat. I started sucking and taking his cock all the way back down grabbing his ass cheeks pulling his cock deeper and bobbing faster up and down taking as much as I could.

Lisa told everyone to watch me as I deep throated the Cowboy. I took his mushroom headed cock all the way down my throat, back up and down licking his balls cradling them in my left hand and rubbing with my right hand touching his balls. With his cock all the way down my throat I was looking into his eyes as I looked over at Lisa and the others as they watched me sucking the Cowboys cock. I circled my lips around his cock head and continued jacking him off getting him ready to come, stroking him. He was moaning loud getting ready to cum and I took his cock all the way down my throat, devouring his cock down my throat as I felt that fantastic cock Explode.

Feeling him throbbing in my throat I reached down and touched my clitty as soon as I did I exploded in orgasm as my big cowboy held my head down and pumped his cock in my throat. Lisa telling me to swallow as the others watched me cumming. His cum shot down my throat as he squirted 3 big shots holding my hair back so everyone could watch. I had another orgasm that was shaking my whole body. I tried my best to keep sucking as my orgasm clamed down I took him deep and squeezed his balls and he shot a 4th load that I caught in my mouth and it tasted so good.

I looked in his eyes and swallowed as I stroked up on his cock to get all of his cumm. I could still feel his cock throbbing as I held and licked it. It tasted so sweet I rubbed the head on my lips and he twitched and a couple more drops of cum eased out and I lapped it up. Then moving up his body I let his cock rub on my breast and rubbing his cock head on my hard nipples. I could look over to see Lisa and the others watching me suck cock. I eased back down as he told me how it was the best blow job he has ever had and I caressed and licked his still hard as steel cock.

Now this is when my husband calls my cell phone so nothing else would happen. We have this all planed out so things can’t get out of my control and so I’m safe. But the phone was not ringing!

I keep stroking and licking his cock waiting for my cell phone to ring. Waiting for hubby I was getting nervous because this Cowboys cock was still hard as steel and looking very fucking horny and so was I. I started to reach for my dress.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

“Dogging” Texas style

This is a 5 part true story.

“Dogging” Texas style.

Part 1

We learned this game called “Dogging” from some English friends when we had visited England last year. I am an exhibitionist who loves to suck cock and fuck outside where there is a chance to be seen by others. Our friends took us to some well known dogging spots in England to fuck each others brains out as other people watched. They had online forums and chat rooms and told people where we were going to be so they could come and watch. We had strangers walk up and watch us while I sucked my husbands cock and our English friend fucked me. I got so hot I was blowing complete strangers that had been watching our friend fuck me as my husband fucked our English friend’s wife. The first time we did it with them I sucked and deep throated 3 stranger’s cocks swallowing all of them.

When I told my best friend Lisa about the Dogging game she got so excited her and my husband started planning all kinds of dogging meet-ups here in Texas. My husband and I have had sex with people watching many times now playing the Dogging game Texas style! Lisa even got involved and had guys we met online in forums or chat rooms meeting us along the sides of roads, parking lots, parks, hiking or even beside highways. I would get out of the car “Naked” walk up between the two cars so Lisa could watch as I sucked young men, Navy men or even a couple people I can’t say who they are, I would kneel and suck there cocks as Lisa watches or Lisa and her husband or my husband.

On a Wednesday night Lisa and I went to the Firwood Roadhouse, Lisa drove our van parking the van in the far back corner were it was away from the main parking lot. I was wearing a very low cut black dress no bra and no panties. This wasn’t the first time we have played this game so all the details have been worked out. My husband was supposed to be on his way to meet us. Lisa had been on the internet in chat rooms and had contacted some people that were going to meet us.

I walked in alone after Lisa and the bouncer is a very hot young man 6’ 195lbs hard body with a big bulge in his Levi’s, dreamy Big Blue eyes that were looking at my hard nipples; he smiled and let me in for free. I know I have seen him somewhere before and was wracking my brain trying to figure out where? I just smiled and walked by brushing my hand against his cock real slow. I picked a table in an area so Lisa would have a view of me. The waitress gave me a drink and said that drinks were on the house and I looked over at the bouncer and he smiled at me. I asked if there was alcohol in there and she told me that he knew I didn’t drink and he had ordered special drinks for me. Now it was really bugging me where I knew him from! I was not alone for long and this nice guy started trying to get me dance. He was not one of the guys Lisa had arranged from the internet. After dancing for awhile with him staring at my tits the whole time we went back to the table and sat down. I told him my hubby was on his way to meet me and the guy lit out like a rabbit running from a coyote.

I watched this 6’2 Cowboy with a gorgeous body, HUGE arms, and jeans tighter than bark on a tree that showed off a nice big cock bulge. My pussy got wet when he said hi Lassy in his sexy voice; I’m Carl and asked me to dance. I got up my knees were shaking, this hard body hunk was so gentle and had the softest touch I almost came right there as we headed for the dance floor. This mans body was hard as a rock and I could feel my pussy getting wet as I held his arm. He asked me if I remembered him from yahoo IM chat and the pictures he sent me. He had talked to Lisa and was here for the dogging game and I remembered all the nasty chat on yahoo IM with him. As he pulled me close to his hot body he said he was ready for our Dogging game pressing his large cock against me. I think I had a mini orgasm I was all warm and wet. I remembered the photos he had sent me and my pussy was throbbing and nipples were so hard they hurt. We danced to a few songs and talked nasty making me even wetter, he started to press up to me and I could feel his cock growing up against my tummy.

After the dance was over I had to go to the restroom so I excused myself, I was wet and my pussy was tingling. When I got to the restroom I called hubby on his cell to find out where he was. He didn’t sound happy when he answered and he said he was busy and would not be able to show up. I told my husband I was there at the Roadhouse with Lisa and the phone went silent. After a brief pause he said he forgot we had planned the dogging game tonight. “You love dancing don’t you” Sorry I can’t be there but “You and Lisa have fun “. I told him I danced with a Cowboy with huge arms, my husband knows guys with big arms make me wet. He asked if the guy had a big cock, I said when we danced he felt huge and my pussy was soaked. He asked if I was wearing panties. I said no and he told me when I got back to the table to flash the guy so he would know I was not wearing panties. My husband told me that he would call Lisa and talk to her and make sure she has all the instructions.

When I was walking back to the table I could feel my hot wetness as I saw Lisa talking on the phone and smiling at me. When I got back to the table he stood up looking at my hard nipples and I sat down letting my dress slide up as I spread my legs to move to the back of the bench seat. I know he saw my pussy because his eyes and cock got big. He sat down and was looking down my blouse as we talked watching my nipples get hard as a rock. He rested his hand on my leg just below the hem of my dress. I did not move except to open my legs to let him know I wanted him to touch me, my pussy was dripping. He told me he was there to find out if what my husband said is true that I am the best cock sucker in Texas. I opened my legs a little and his hand went up my dress when I did not resist he went up higher and he was now touching my pussy as I spread a little more.

I saw a young couple and another hot looking young man sitting with Lisa all watching me. The Cowboy looked over at Lisa and the others as they watched he started slipping a finger over my throbbing clit feeling my wetness as his finger slid inside me, my ass was coming off the seat to meet his finger. I almost exploded right there and had to move back as I saw the bar maid coming and pulled his hand down. After she left he asked me to go out to the parking lot for fresh air. He put his hand on my leg again and as I looked at Lisa I spread my legs and let him finger fuck my soaking wet pussy. As he fingered me I told him I was married and that my husband was at work and was going to meet me here when he got off. He did not stop finger fucking my horny pussy, he just leaned in shoved his finger in my pussy and I thrust my hips forward as his thumb found my clit and I came bucking as he thrust deeper soaking his hand as he kissed me to muffle my orgasm. The Cowboy said that he has talked to my husband a few times and when my husband got here he could watch me suck his cock.

I looked at Lisa and I was shaking in bliss. This cowboy knew what he was doing and I could tell Lisa had seen my powerful orgasm.
I asked my big Cowboy if Lisa had explained the rules to him. I looked him strait in the eyes and said that I loved sucking big cocks and his felt big. We can have oral sex that’s it no fucking but I wanted to swallow his beautiful cock he slid his fingers out of my hot pussy, he told me my husband and Lisa had both told him the rules.

When we got and up to leave I was still shaking and you could see the wetness on my thighs as my legs spread when I stood up. I looked at Lisa and she was with about 4 people leaving through the back door heading for the van. We walked out the front door and the bouncer at the door had the biggest shit eating grin on his face. And I realized from where I sitting he had a great view of what was going on under the table. I looked at the bouncers hard cock then looked into his eyes trying to remember where I had seen him before as he smiled at me watching my ass as we left. We walked out to the back of the parking lot where the van was parked.