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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

“Dogging” Texas style.

This is part 2 of a 5 part true story.

“Dogging” Texas style.

While we walked I got a real good look at this nice hard body Cowboy. He was just over 6’2 with boots on, dark hair, clean shaven with arms as big as a cactus, his chest was hard with a nice wide back that tapered down to a slim waist with a nice hard butt that made my knees weak and thighs as big as tree trunks. I keep telling my self to be careful or this could get out of hand my juices were flowing. We walked towards the parking lot and he put his arm around me and pulled me close to him and I let my hand rub across the bulge in his pants and he was rock hard. In a sexy voice he said; your husband told me you’re the best cocksucker in Texas. Apparently Lisa and my husband had both chatted with him on Yahoo IM. I said we all know oral sex is not sex according to President Clinton right? He snickered and said that I had better swallow or I might get some on my dress. And I said no problem I love to swallow.

I saw the van and knew Lisa was ready because she put the sun visors down as a signal. I opened the side door and started to climb in the back and his hand move up my leg and he felt my bare ass. I pulled him in and sat him down in the back seat leaving the door open. I kneeled down in front of him and started removing my dress doing a slow strip tease playing with my tits and showing him my wet pussy. He started undoing his pants and sliding them down. I grabbed his underwear and pulled out his very nice cock with a huge mushroom shaped head and thick shaft with hairless balls. It was about 7.25” but the mushroom head was huge. I have never seen a cock head that big the crown was as big as a beer can but the shaft was slimmer. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and my fingers didn’t touch as I stroked his hard as steel cock.

My husband’s first rule for our Dogging game is I have to be naked when I suck cock.
Actually my husband has three rules I must follow.

1) I must be naked when ever I suck cock.
2) No FUCKING unless my husband is there to watch and approves or he gives instructions for his approval.
3) Only my husband gets to FUCK my ASS.
I absolutely love Anal sex and have massive explosive orgasms that make me trash around and cum and cum. We are talking mind blowing orgasms … But only my husband gets to fuck my ass…His rule.

I could see Lisa and the others a young Navy man about 25 y/o 5’11 very handsome looking, brown hair and cute butt. A younger couple she was a redhead 30’s slim small firm tits very cute, her husband was in his late 30’s 5’10 very fit blond and short mustache

The Cowboy was making sure they got a show as they moved closer. I wanted them to see me naked playing with his cock. I bent down and let my lips touch the head of his cock and it was warm then ran my tongue around the head. I then started to wrap my lips around the head when he reached down for my hard nipples. With both my tits in his hands pinching my nipples my pussy started to throb. That’s when I started sliding his cock down my throat. I gagged a little and came back up letting my lips grip the mushroom head. He pulled me up and kissed me as his hand went between my legs and was rubbing my wet pussy. His finger slid in my very wet pussy and his thumb was rubbing my clit. I was pressing my breasts against him as my hands wandered over his hard muscles. He used his hands to spread my legs so that others could see my wet horny pussy as I swallowed his cock again and almost had an orgasm from the finger job I was receiving. I saw that Lisa was close and watching with the others. I looked in my Cowboys eyes and Lisa told me to suck his cock and make him blow his cum down my throat, she was talking nasty making me show off my cock sucking skills telling him to get ready for the best Blow job you have ever had. Lisa and everyone were watching the cowboy spread my pussy as I was sucking his cock with the light from the pole shining right in the van so they could see everything.

The Cowboy made sure he pulled my hair back and exposing my tits and pussy so everyone could have a good view. I took hold of his cock and slid down as his finger slid out of my pussy and my breasts rubbed him sliding down his cock and back up my lips playing with his large mushroom head. My lips wrapped around it and my tongue circled around and played with his pee hole while my hand stroked harder on his shaft. On the down stroke I would take more of his throbbing cock into my mouth till the head was at the back of my throat and the shaft was nice and wet. I came back up so my lips were at the base of the head and stroked upward I looked in his eyes took his cock out and squeezed till a nice drop of pre cum oozed out and I licked it and spread it around my lips. His hand found my hand and I gilded it to the top of my head and that’s when I took ALL OF THAT NICE COCK till my lips were touching his pelvis and balls. He moaned and grabbed my hair and was pulling my head up as his hips came off the seat. I started sucking and taking his cock all the way back down grabbing his ass cheeks pulling his cock deeper and bobbing faster up and down taking as much as I could.

Lisa told everyone to watch me as I deep throated the Cowboy. I took his mushroom headed cock all the way down my throat, back up and down licking his balls cradling them in my left hand and rubbing with my right hand touching his balls. With his cock all the way down my throat I was looking into his eyes as I looked over at Lisa and the others as they watched me sucking the Cowboys cock. I circled my lips around his cock head and continued jacking him off getting him ready to come, stroking him. He was moaning loud getting ready to cum and I took his cock all the way down my throat, devouring his cock down my throat as I felt that fantastic cock Explode.

Feeling him throbbing in my throat I reached down and touched my clitty as soon as I did I exploded in orgasm as my big cowboy held my head down and pumped his cock in my throat. Lisa telling me to swallow as the others watched me cumming. His cum shot down my throat as he squirted 3 big shots holding my hair back so everyone could watch. I had another orgasm that was shaking my whole body. I tried my best to keep sucking as my orgasm clamed down I took him deep and squeezed his balls and he shot a 4th load that I caught in my mouth and it tasted so good.

I looked in his eyes and swallowed as I stroked up on his cock to get all of his cumm. I could still feel his cock throbbing as I held and licked it. It tasted so sweet I rubbed the head on my lips and he twitched and a couple more drops of cum eased out and I lapped it up. Then moving up his body I let his cock rub on my breast and rubbing his cock head on my hard nipples. I could look over to see Lisa and the others watching me suck cock. I eased back down as he told me how it was the best blow job he has ever had and I caressed and licked his still hard as steel cock.

Now this is when my husband calls my cell phone so nothing else would happen. We have this all planed out so things can’t get out of my control and so I’m safe. But the phone was not ringing!

I keep stroking and licking his cock waiting for my cell phone to ring. Waiting for hubby I was getting nervous because this Cowboys cock was still hard as steel and looking very fucking horny and so was I. I started to reach for my dress.