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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

There is a new game teens and young adults are playing and its called Planking. Planking is the action of lying face down with arms to the sides of the body, in unusual public spaces and photographing it.

Well we have changed some of the rules, well just one rule.

Planking while naked.

I used to have a friend in high school called Julia Plank, I wonder if she would play this game.

The first time we played the game Lisa and I drove down by the waterfront in Corpus Christi. I was already naked in the car when we pulled up to the entrance of the Marina and when she stopped I jumped out of the car ran up front laid down in the Plank position and she took pictures. I got back in the car and we drove off. I was so excited that at the next intersection we did it again.

The ride home was quite exciting as I did not put any clothes on as we drove home I flashed truckers and even masturbated while driving alongside a truck. After we turned off the freeway Lisa pulled over at the truck stop I got out laid down on my back this time face up in the parking lot in front of the restaurant. I waited for Lisa to take the picture and when I looked up I could see everyone in the restaurant looking at me. Lisa never got out of the car and took a picture

It was like we were teenagers again I grabbed both of my tits and started shaking them so everyone in the restaurant could see, then slowly walked back to the car so they could all get a good view of my ass. The next day one of my husband's friends called him and told him what I had done. He had been in the restaurant and watched the whole thing.

My husband got the idea of combining planking and dogging two games that we both love. So our plan was to contact some willing participants on Yahoo or Flickr. Drive somewhere to meet, when everyone showed up I got out of the car naked walked to the front of the car kneeled down and sucked the cock of a nice young man while my husband took a picture. He did not last very long when I started deep throating him and ejaculated in my mouth. I got back in the car we drove to the Marina where we met another guy from the chat room.

My husband had picked this guy out and I know why he did the guys cock was huge with shaved balls. My pussy was soaking wet when I kneeled down and tried to wrap my hand around his hard cock. I got most of it in my mouth when we saw some cars coming and I did not stop sucking his cock as they slowed down and watched. I had my first orgasm while stroking and sucking his cock with three young men in one car watching and a older couple in the other car watched as they turned on their headlights so they were shining on us.

Naked I walked back to the car and my husband knew that I wanted more of the large cock. We drove into the parking lot of the Marina and he pulled up next to us and I finished sucking his cock while he played with my tits and pussy as my husband watched. He must've been nervous when we are on the street but now that we were in the parking lot but still in public he had no problem shoving his cock down my throat and coming. I was so horny my husband fucked me right there in the Corpus Christi Marina parking lot.

So I hope to put a new twist on the game called Planking.
Lisa wants to contact some people on Yahoo and Flickr let them know where we are going to be Planking and Dogging and have others take photos and post them. My husband remembers my friend Julia Plank and said he would love to take pictures of her Planking.

Any volunteers?

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Don said...

A man has died in Australia after taking part in the internet phenomenon of planking. But what is it and where did the craze come from?

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