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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dogging game as husband watches.

Dogging game as husband watches.

First I want to thank Dan, Fred, Norm and Mike for playing our Dogging game..

We met just outside of Three Rivers on Highway 70, W. Thornton St. just past the trees on the left it was a great place to park. I could see the road and they parked their cars and trucks blocking the view of oncoming cars. Not one of the guys that showed up had known that my husband was one of them. My husband did not want them to know that he was my husband.

I met all the guys in a Yahoo group called Texas Cock Suckers and chatted with them on Yahoo Instant Messenger. My husband was the one who set up the meeting spot and the idea of him watching me sucking cocks and them not knowing he is my husband. My husband was also the one who picked the guys for me to suck.

When I pulled up in the Van I had a light blue sundress on with nothing else. I climbed in back of the Van and opened the sliding door. As they walked up to the Van I got a good look them. The first guy had dark hair with a dark mustache and long sideburns wearing Wrangler jeans cowboy boots and a t shirt. He was about 5 foot 10, 195 pounds and he had a thick 7 1/2 inch cock. The second guy was my husband the third guy to come up was taller about 6 foot wearing shorts blond hair past his ears kind of the surfer type, his cock was very impressive and 9 inches, the fourth guy was about 5 foot nine slender build construction type guy and he had a very thick 7 inch cock.

After greeting everybody I made sure they understood the rules of our Dogging game that we all had agreed upon and I told them I would leave my cell phone open so my husband could hear what was going on. I lifted my sundress over my head and started caressing my breasts and pussy as they watched. I sat on the edge of the Van spreading my legs showing them my pussy. Exposing my pussy to 4 guys had me on the verge of orgasm. I leaned back spreading my legs so they could see me playing with my pussy. Watching there faces as I exposed and played with my clit and rock hard nipples. It did not take them very long watching me masturbating for them to pull their cocks out and start stroking. My first orgasm had me shaking pulling and twisting my nipples while watching their cocks.

I was naked when I took a few steps away from the Van got on my knees took 2 cocks in my hands and started sucking the construction workers cock as others gathered around. I was sucking his cock letting them play with my pussy and tits. The construction worker grabbed a handful of hair as he started pumping his cock down my throat and blowing his load as I deep throated his fat cock while grabbing his ass so he could not pull away as I swallowed his exploding cock. He had tried to last but my deep throating skills had him draining his cum in my belly.

My orgasm was really strong as his cum shot down my throat and two fingers were fucking my pussy and two other hands pulling and twisting on my nipples. I could see and hear cars and trucks driving by we were out in the open and I was going to suck and swallowed all four cocks until they all had shot their loads down my throat. I made sure the first BJ was really hot so the others would know how much I love sucking cocks. They egged the construction worker on holding my hair back so they could see his cock cumming in my mouth. After they all watched me sucking the construction workers cock and swallowing his load they were ready to explode.

I took hold of my husbands 9” cock and he grabbed my head and made me deep throat his cock right away. I made sure they watched me devour his cock as surfer man shoved 2 fingers into my pussy and the dark haired guy was playing with my tits. Oh my god did I orgasm as hubby pumped his cock down my throat. My husband held my head as his cock exploded and pumped his cum down my throat.

Surfer dude didn’t waste any time he sat down in the Van pulling my head and feeding his 9 inch cock into my mouth. The dark-haired guy with the mustache knelt down and started licking my pussy. I loved sucking his big cock and did my best taking it all the way down and looking into his eyes. He did the most talking telling everyone to watch me take his big cock all the way down as he held my head. I absolutely loved sucking his cock and I must have had the longest orgasm when he exploded his thick cum down my throat.

The dark-haired guy turned me around shoved his cock into my mouth I wrapped my hand around his thick cock and pumped as I swallowed his cock. This surfer dude grabbed hold of my tit and a handful of hair and pumped my head up and down on the fat cock. The dark-haired guy started coming the surfer dude held my head as shot after shot of Cum shot down into my belly.

I was in heaven I had a belly full of Cum and had four orgasms. Just before the dark-haired guy pulled his pants up I cleaned up his cock. The dark-haired guy and the construction worker had to leave I stood up letting them see my naked body. The construction worker slid his hand up my thigh feeling my wet pussy sliding two fingers deep into me then pulling him out and licking them clean. The dark-haired guy grabbed my ass and said that I am the best cock sucker in Texas. The two of them walked over to their vehicles to leave.

That left me, the young surfer man with a really fat 9” cock and my husband next to the Van. I open the vans door all the way my husband climbed in I sat down on the edge and leaned back taking his cock in my mouth as he grabbed my legs spread me open and the guy with the fat cock plunged his fingers deep into my pussy finger fucking me as the Van rocked violently. The young man still did not know that the guy who had his cock in my mouth was my husband.

My husband reached over picked up my cell phone and turned it off and set it back down on the seat. The young man leaned down devouring my pussy with his mouth and tongue.

My husband eased his cock out of my mouth leaned down and whispered in my ear. My husband told me to tell the surfer dude to FUCK me! Beg him to fuck you my husband whispered! I again heard my husband telling the young man!!! “Look she is spreading for you” she wants your cock. I looked between my legs saw his 9 inch cock. I had my husbands cock in my hand stroking and he had hold of my legs pulling them back spreading my legs wide open completely exposing my soaking wet pussy.

I looked right at him and begged him to shove his big cock into my horny pussy.
” FUCK ME” “FUCK ME” Ram that big cock into me and “FUCK ME”

Surfer dude guided his cock into my pussy grabbing my tits and telling my husband to shove his cock in my mouth because he's going to FUCK ME and make me scream.
I had a huge orgasm as both of their cocks pumped inside of me I thought for sure someone would see or hear us the Van was shaking with his powerful thrusts.

I could tell my husband was holding back, the surfer dude was lasting a lot longer this time and giving me a great flesh slapping deep penetrating FUCKING. Surfer dude slipped his cock out grabbed my hips picked me up flipping me over so that I was on my hands and knees facing my husband. He rubbed his hot cock on my pussy and eased his fat cock head in. Surfer dude told me swallow my husbands cock and he rammed his cock balls deep into my soaking pussy grabbing my hips and hammering me as I swallowed my husbands cock.

Now this is “Dogging” this surfer dude said as he FUCKED ME doggie style.

I looked into my husbands eyes as he had to fistful of my hair pumping his cock into my mouth telling surfer dude to FUCK ME. As soon as surfer dude slipped his finger in my ass as he FUCKED ME I exploded into a wild long-lasting very intense body shaking orgasm. My husband growled and exploded down my throat draining his cum into my mouth as I sucked and screamed in orgasm. I had to brace myself as surfer dude plowed into me grabbing my hips as his big cock shot load after load of hot cum deep in my pussy.

I fell to the floor of the Van shaking and quivering as both their cocks slipped out of me. It took awhile for me to calm down my pussy was throbbing and I had cum on my lips. Surfer dude moved inside the Van making sure I cleaned up both our juices off his cock. My husband reached for my leg and spread me open and said “OH SHIT” Look at all that cum leaking out of her pussy!

My husband then said, Lassy your phone has been vibrating. I think your husbands trying to call. Surfer dude pulled his shorts up said his goodbyes and said he would chat with me later as my husband was pulling up his pants.

My husband followed me home I had trouble driving I was still glowing and my pussy was throbbing with surfer dudes cum leaking. We both practically ran into the house ripping our clothes off and spent the rest the night in bed fucking like teenagers.

My husband told me that if surfer dude knew he was my husband it would not have been as good a FUCKING.

Now my husband wants to tie me up on our sailboat naked and blindfolded. Call the surfer dude telling him where to find me while he hides and watches what happens.


taye said...

wish u could suck mine like that lol :-)

Anonymous said...

it's always a turnon reading about your adventures. You sure got a FUCKING this time:)

Anonymous said...

Damn Lassy, that was one hot must be the Queen of Texas Dogging now, right?

Would love to be one of the four to have been there!!!


Anonymous said...

I need to go down to texas so i can take part in this

Don said...

The world of dogging is both exciting and liberating. You can watch or take part or even keep yourself to yourself but put on a show for those watching you!

Best Business Brands, said...

WOW!!! Pretty exciting and to have your hubby set it up for you is awesome!! You two are so fucking lucky to have ended up with each other to support yourselves in you sexual desires!! Damned exciting reading!! I'd have loved being there even if just to watch!!!!!

Bill regad said...

i love when a lady wraps her lips around my dick and lick and sucks

roaddog said...

look into my eyes like that and I'll cum all over your face!

mk said...

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