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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Naked Tuesday

Today is Naked Tuesday
I am the official Naked Tuesday Girl thanks to our troops.

It’s a very simple tradition all you have to do is get naked and stay naked all day no matter what. We know most of you work so when you get off go home and Get Naked! If everyone would get naked there would be no war and everyone would have a smile on there face and we would have peace. We still support our troops over in Iraq and all over the world but we want Peace! People all over the world are joining in on Naked Tuesdays and it’s getting more exciting all the time. It’s our way of bringing peace to the world. Please join us and get Naked.
Naked Tuesday
Here's to naked times and may the Tuesday tradition continue!
Support our Troops GET NAKED

We are leaving Today for Seattle for a few days to visit my oldest son who is attending The UW. We have made lots of plans first going to my son’s, then two days of sailing on the Puget Sound and then next weekend to the Washougal Motocross Nationals where a lot of our friends will be partying. It’s a wild time and I’m sure I will be doing lots of flashing Friday and Saturday night. Last year we almost got kicked out (before I quit drinking)because I was flashing and running around naked.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Strange cock!

My husband does a great job of teasing me; he always comes up with surprises and keeps everything a mystery. My husband is a great planner and makes sure I'm safe at all times. He knows that by tieing me up naked I have surrendered control to him and this allows me to be more sexual without being responsible for my actions. I was not in control of what was happening and I had to do whatever my husband required. If I have sex with a total stranger whom I will never see again, I can be openly sexual without fear and have the nastiest sex expressing all my exotic desires and fantasies. My husband loves watching me with a stranger because he says he loves seeing me totally under someone’s control. The stranger knows he will never see me again and having my husband watching them, they get real nasty and try to perform like a porn star. They stay harder and last longer and most of the time they have no problem getting hard to go again. I just want to please my husband and would do anything for him! I trust him completely.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Hay Ya’ll
Well I have not posted for awhile because I have been so busy and I have a new computer that I am just now loading everything on. My husband still can’t get video cams to work, but chat works.
I logged into wifelovers chat last night when my husband and one of his friends decided to watch the Homerun derby. I had just gotten out of the shower and just had my short yellow robe on when Joe showed up at the door. Joe is a good looking 40 y/o married guy, about 5’11 170 lbs with dark hair and a cyclists build with no fat on him at all (he looks like Lance Armstrong). His wife is the sweetest kindest woman you will ever meet 5’1 maybe 98 lbs long red hair and has a body like a gymnast. We have known them for many years and have had some fun times flirting and teasing by our pool and at hot tub parties. We have seen each other naked and are quite comfortable with being naked with them. I opened the door and Joe’s eyes got real big and I felt my nipples getting hard.
My husband has been teasing me asking me to flash and expose myself to Joe. The more I thought about it the more excited I became and I swear I could see Joes cock growing as he excused himself and went out to my husbands shop. After about 15 minuets my husband came into the kitchen walking up behind me and caressing and kissing me slipping both hands in my robe to play with my tits. My husbands beautiful cock was poking me in the butt as he whispered in my ear what he wanted to do to me. He was horny as hell as he told me how hot Joe thought I looked and he begged me to have some fun and tease Joe. I reached for his cock rubbing it up and down and I could tell how excited he was talking about me showing my tits and pussy. He moved his hand down to my hot soaking pussy, Dam he said your hot as hell as he slipped his finger in me. Joe walked in from the shop and I think he saw my husband playing with me! I had some food and beer ready for them in the TV room and as they went in to watch the Homerun derby and I went into the den and got on the computer.
When I logged on to wifelovers chat I got a PVT message from Rock and started chatting with him telling him about my day and what was happening. Joe was sitting on the couch and was facing me as I sat in my chair and I could see him watching me. I was getting very excited and I told Rock I was being watched and he teased me just like my husband had. I told him he was just like my husband because he said I should expose myself to Joe. I was getting very turned on as we chatted; Rock was telling me to let my robe slip a little exposing a nipple so Joe could see. The more we chatted the more Rock talked me into exposing and Joe must have been getting a good view because he was fidgeting and moving to get a better look. Rock would tell me to loosen the robe and reach for something so my breast would be exposed to Joe and from where I was I could tell Joe had a big hard on. I got more daring and looked at Joe catching him staring at my exposed tit and smiled and licked my lips in a sexy way. Now he knew I was flashing him as we made eye contact and I reached up to play with my nipple and smiled at him while I typed and played. I turn to the left a little and crossed my legs and showed some thigh as the robe slipped open more.
My husband could tell what I was doing and he got up telling Joe he had to go out to the shop for a few minutes. He walked into the den looking at me and smiling as he looked at my open robe then walked out the back door. He moved quickly and stood by the sliding glass door so he had a good view. I was telling Rock in detail what was happening and that hubbie was watching me as Rock was telling me to expose more and give Joe a good view. It didn’t take Rock very long to talk me into slipping the robe off my shoulders and letting it fall to my waist as I cupped my left tit and pinched and tweaked my nipple looking at Joe as I licked my lips. I could see my husband stroking himself by the door watching me tease Joe and talk to Rock. Joe got up from the couch and I could see his cock straining in his pants as he moved and stood in the doorway of the den watching me but keeping an eye out for my husband as I spread my legs so he got a view of my trimmed pussy. I told Rock that they both were watching me as I played with my exposed tit and how wet my chair was getting from my soaking pussy. It didn’t take Rock very long to talk me into turning to face Joe and let the robe fall completely off me.
Rock had me so turned on I was almost ready to cum and with my husband watching I was shaking. Rock told me to slide my ass to the edge of the chair and turn it towards Joe so he could see my naked wet pussy. In no time at all Rock had me spread wide with my fingers sliding in and out of my hot pussy looking at Joe rubbing his hard cock as he kept watching me masturbate. Joe was seven feet away watching me as I spread wider putting my legs over the arms of the chair and spreading my pussy lips and playing with my clit. Rock told me to remove my fingers from my hot pussy look at Joe and licked my fingers clean, I saw my husband jacking off as he watched me masturbating for Joe. My husband stroked his big cock watching me and he came on the sliding glass door shooting a huge load of cum. That did it for me I finger fucked my soppy pussy as I rubbed my clit faster and faster looking right in Joes eyes. I was trashing around as I exploded Cumming like crazy bucking on my fingers.
I could see a wet spot on Joe’s pants as I had a huge orgasm wetting my chair as I shook and screamed out loud. I slowed my finger assault on my wet pussy and watch Joe stroking and rubbing his cock. I think Joe heard my husband and sat down real quick as I pulled the robe back up. Hubbie came in with the beer and Joe was so worked up he made a bunch of excuses on why he had to leave. He still had a hard on when he hugged me as he left.
We fucked for hours even replaying out what I did and then I remembered I had left Rock online. He wasn’t there anymore so I hope he reads this. We had wild sex again this morning waiting for the contractor to come give us a quote for new windows.
Today is Naked Tuesday and I had lost another bet to hubbie on a baseball game, so he has a contractor coming over and I am have to stay naked all day.