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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Naked Tuesday

Today is Naked Tuesday
I am the official Naked Tuesday Girl thanks to our troops.

It’s a very simple tradition all you have to do is get naked and stay naked all day no matter what. We know most of you work so when you get off go home and Get Naked! If everyone would get naked there would be no war and everyone would have a smile on there face and we would have peace. We still support our troops over in Iraq and all over the world but we want Peace! People all over the world are joining in on Naked Tuesdays and it’s getting more exciting all the time. It’s our way of bringing peace to the world. Please join us and get Naked.
Naked Tuesday
Here's to naked times and may the Tuesday tradition continue!
Support our Troops GET NAKED

We are leaving Today for Seattle for a few days to visit my oldest son who is attending The UW. We have made lots of plans first going to my son’s, then two days of sailing on the Puget Sound and then next weekend to the Washougal Motocross Nationals where a lot of our friends will be partying. It’s a wild time and I’m sure I will be doing lots of flashing Friday and Saturday night. Last year we almost got kicked out (before I quit drinking)because I was flashing and running around naked.

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your blog. I have only just started mine. It will include some photos as well as some very sexy true life stories.
My cock gets so hard reading your stories!