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Monday, October 02, 2006

What's he planning.

We had been planning for a long time to go fishing with our boys this holiday but it rained so hard we gave up and went home, the boys didn't even show up to the boat. We cleaned up the boat and as we headed to our truck we got dumped on, I swear it rained so hard it hurt, the rain was coming down it buckets! We were lucky we were so close to the truck or we would have got soaked from the thunder shower. We started down the road and my husband had a big smile on his face and he pulled in to a gas station to fill up. I wondered why he asked me to go in and get drinks and get some paper towels for the window that were fogged up. Now I know why he had a smile on his face as I headed inside, I was wearing a light yellow low cut top, white boating shorts and light yellow boat shoes that are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned. I was wet and I didn’t have a bra on and we all know what a yellow top looks like when it’s wet, yep that’s right it was transparent and you could see my tits clear as day with no bra on. There was a very good looking black man behind the counter and I could see my husband watching me from outside so I thought give my husband a thrill and the lucky black man. He got quite a view of my hard nipples in that yellow top as I took my time opening the cold drink doors getting my nipples real hard. He’s lucky his eyes were attached because they almost popped out! I took my time at the counter reaching up over my head to pick up something with his face about a foot away staring at my tits. When he was trying to count out my change I was watching his cock grow in his pants. When I got back to the truck my husband had finished pumping the gas and was standing there with a shit eatin grin on his face. My husband saw how excited I was and then stated that I still owed him from our last bet when the Seattle Mariners had lost to the TX Rangers and he told me today it was time to pay up!
What could I say a bet’s a bet and I had agreed to honor the bet? He told me I had to strip and ride the rest of the way home naked and do as he asked for the rest of the day! I protested to no avail as he coaxed me out of my wet top right there at the station with the black man still watching me. I could tell my husband was getting excited so as we pulled out I waved and flashed my tits and jiggled them for the black hunk.
As we drove out of the city he had me taking my shorts off and he was teasing me till I was naked and he had a hard-on. I am glad it was raining the windows were kinda foggy and having dark tinted windows helped me feel safer. I was getting very excited but I’m still scared of security cameras watching me after the Home Depot incident. When we got to the freeway I had loosened up and was having fun flashing the poor truckers who had to work on the holiday. I was playing and teasing my husband and leaned over pulling his stiff cock out. As I was knelling on the seat with my big white ass in the air sucking on his nice hard cock he pulled along side a truck and rolled down the window. Well the trucker got a great view of my ass and pussy as I sucked hubbies cock and he keep pace with the truck. It didn’t take very long and hubbie was ready to shoot a load down my throat. I was playing with my pussy as I slowed and took more of hubby’s nice big cock and teased him as the trucker watched me have my first orgasm.
My husband teased me the rest of the trip home by telling me he was going to blindfold and tie me up naked! We have roll played this many times before and I always love it when my husband teases me for hours bringing me to the brink of orgasm again and again. He said he was going to call someone to come over and watch me get teased and played with and let them tease and play with me. My husband loves roll playing and tying me up and blindfolding me, he likes to turn on the TV and the stereo making all kinds of noise and telling me someone is there watching. He likes teasing me and he was doing a great job because I was so dam horny I wanted to cumm but he wouldn’t let me. He kept telling me what he would do to me, how he would use some of our toys on me and how I wouldn’t know who was watching.
Deep Throating a nice big cock as it explodes down your throat and not stopping till the guys have a multiple orgasm is a talent I have perfected. When you can make a guys knees buckle and he withers to the floor because you just sucked every drop of cum out of him and not gag. That’s TALENT.
My husband wanted to change the rules so and told me he was planning a trip to Vegas. Our golden rule for threesomes is that it has to be a spontaneous affair with never to be seen again strangers.
Oral sex with two men is much more fulfilling than one, when two men are with a woman they give a huge amount of attention. It’s like both men become your sex slaves in a way they aren’t when alone. My husband is more aggressive when someone is there joining in or watching and I love that.
I wonder what he is planning.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I have missed your blog. This photo is fantastic. It made my cock jump the moment I saw it.....