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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The games we play!

The games we play! Well after Friday night excitement I got a call from one of my brothers and at 4:00am I was headed to Houston. I have a new niece and she is a doll. I decided to stay the night so I got a room in a Hotel by the hospital. After visiting all day I drove to the Hotel checked in and went to my room. I could here music coming from a place across the street and noticed some cowboys and cowgirls hanging outside the bar as a band played.

We I called my husband he told me that Tony had been there all day and had gotten tons of work done. He also teased me that Tony had asked a lot of questions about me. I told him about the place across from my room and that I could see plenty of young men so he better not tease me.

That’s when he told me that Lisa was there at the house with him. I asked if Mike and him were watching the game and he told me that Mike was not there that they were alone. I wanted to talk to Lisa but my husband would not let me because he knows what I would say to her. I know she is teasing him, I know what she is wearing.

Lisa is wearing this Mexican peasant dress and it was sure to turn my husband on. It was semi-sheer, lightweight white cotton, it has all the traditional folkloric details - sleeveless with off shoulder, elasticized neckline; a tiered, satin ribbon and crochet-trimmed bodice; elasticized waist and a full, tiered skirt with pin tuck accents and a handkerchief hem also trimmed with crochet work. No bra and no panties.

Ya see Lisa and I have been planning this for a long time. She is going to do everything she can to try and get my husband to fuck her! I fucked and sucked her husband Mike for years before I met my husband and we got married. We have been talking about this for years and Mike is ok with it as long as I give him a BJ. The only one who has been against this is my husband.

I have watch Lisa wrap her hand around my husbands cock, rub it on her tits, lick the head and even spread her pussy and rub it up and down her slit. But never sucked or fuck him. “YET”

And you ask “WHY” I want this to happen?

If my husband Fucks Lisa, then I gets to suck Mikes cock in front of them!

I told my husband I was going across to the bar to go dancing with some cowboy while he was there at home with Lisa. He told me to wear my light green top no bra and a short skirt with no panties. He started talking gibberish and I knew what Lisa was doing and said bye dear have fun.

I opened to door and stepped outside looking across the street at 5 well dressed young cowboys and a breeze blew up my skirt and my pussy was soaking wet and my nipples were hard as pencils. I took a deep breath at walked across the street never taking my eyes off there bulging crotches.

Friday, October 26, 2007


It was chilly this morning and it was my turn to feed the critters. But I talked hubbie into doing it for me, the early morning BJ helped. I had breakfast ready for him when he was all done and I served him in my little kitchen apron. When we were done eating we went into the TV room and sat down and watched CNN. Well he was all lovey dovey and decited to pop in a porno.

I think this is why my husband thinks I am the best cocksucker in Texas. He is laid back watching a 52” big screen porno of A blond getting DP’ed by the biggest cocks I have seen (well at least in the past two weeks). I was laying on my side head in his lap sucking his cock and every time he would get close I would pinch the base of his cock and just lick the head till he calmed down. The as he watched the blond getting nailed hard I deep throated him like it was the last cock I would ever get.

He came so much I gobbled it all down. Then he picked my fav vibe and worked me to two orgasms as he licked my swollen clit and pussy lips. Wow I was on fire my orgasms were so long he just would not quit! We were both drained and took a nice warm shower. My mom called and we talked about 2 hours before I noticed it was time for Tony to show up

Hubbie had to go out to the shop and take our sex swing down because Tony will be working around the barn and shop today. They got the pump house to work on and some one ran over part of the fence on the North side of the property. And yes he has to clean the horse stalls and barn. Me I am just going to work in my garden and mow the grass while watching the men. The vibration of the riding lawn mower and watching my hunky husband and this young stud pitching hay bales was too much. I ran in side and finger myself to 2 orgasms.

Now I’m on the dam computer and just getting worked up again. Then our mighty attack dog waddles to the sliding door whimpering and I hear a nock. Tony is at the sliding kitchen door and I’m all flustered and wet just looking at him. I open the door and the attack dog promptly roles over and plants his self on his feet all four legs in the air. His voice is so sexy but damit why do the young one have to wear baggy pants. He needed the keys to the truck so he could go get supplies. After he left I wondered why my husband sent his to get my keys when he has a spare set with him.

Then there he is walking in the door getting naked, throwing me no the kitchen table and sliding his hard cock deep into my soaking hot pussy. We went at it like wild animals. About 20 minuits later while were still fucking like crazy I look over and there is Lisa standing my the door watching my husbands cock plowing into me. I exploded and so did my husband. We jumped up and got dressed then by the time Lisa opened the door Mike walked ito the back yard. Oh darn you missed out I heard Lisa tell him.

I’ll tell more later. And I will tell you about the first time my husband asked me if I would do a strip show for some frat guys.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

My husband was supposed to be here when the new ranch help showed up. I was not about to wear what my sweet sex fiend husband wanted me to without him being here. Lisa has called three times asking if he had showed up. I put on a pair of Levi jeans and a western shirt and my brown boots and I waiting for both my husband and the new guy.
The phone rings and a truck pulls up to the front gate. I think my husband planned this he was on the phone and asked if he was here yet and that he would be home in 45 min and for me to show him around the place till he got here. So I got the mutt and walked out to meet the new ranch hand.

Well I got a surprise the new ranch hand had brung his girlfriend with him. Are attack dog promptly walked over laid on his back and wined, the damm dog is the biggest baby and will just lay there and lick your feet till you pet him. And it’s a no win situation, he licks you then you pet him and he will never leave you alone.

Tony (the new ranch help) introduced his G/F Marie and himself. Tony is a dam fine looking young man and my husband never fails at picking the type of guys I like. This young college man was 22 y/o 5”10 185lbs very athletic body with gorgeous muscular arms short brown hair, brown eyes and a tight butt. Marie is about 5’2 without shoes 20 y/o blonde, blue eyes, thin (bitch) small A cup tits and an ass that would fit in both of my husbands hands. Speaking of asses I was already dreaming of my hands being on his ass as his cock slid down my throat.

Hubbie was home now driving up the road with a huge grin on his face. Now I know he planned this and wondered what else he planed. I took Marie in the house and showed her around while my husband and Tony headed for the Barn. I got to know Marie over the next two hours (She's got tongue enough for 10 rows of teeth) she got a strong southern accent like mine so it was great fun. Everything was going great till she started preaching about the Catholic Church.

Between Mike and my husband they are going to show Tony everything he needs to know in the next couple day. Lisa and Mike showed up and they loved Marie and Tony. Tony and Marie had to leave because they both have classes very early in the morning but Tony will be back tomorrow. Lisa and Mike stayed for dinner and when Lisa and I were talking she told me that her husband told her all about him watching me masturbating and now Tony might get to see. I think there both jealous. I tell Lisa when Mike has seen me but she always know because he runs home and fucks her brains out for hours. I have tried to talked her into letting my husband come over to her house and watch her masturbate. She just smiles and says someday, someday!

When they left hubbie almost ripped my shirt off grabbing my tits and sucking on my hard nipples as my pussy got all warm and wet. Pulling my wet pants off he buried his face in my wet pussy and I was cumming like crazy. He flipped me over aimed his hard cock at my wet pussy slamming it deep and fucking me silly. He teased me about Tony and then started getting my ass wet with my juices. He rolled me over and started pushing his hot cock into my ass as his fingers worked my pussy to frenzy. I was begging him to cum in my ass. He came so hard shooting hot cum in my ass that he was spent and couldn’t move. After cleaning up we laid there talking about Tony and how far we want to play with him. My husband got another one of my famous BJ’s in the morning and I worn the batteries out in my rabbit.

If Y’all have any ideas post a comment here.

If you want me to post some stories about may days as a stripper let me know.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Friends and the hot tub

I still had the dildo in me and I was freaking out thinking he would show up with me like this. When my husband came back out I was so horny dreaming that I was rotating my hips trying to fuck the dildo. I begged him to fuck me before the young stud showed up. My husband told me he wasn’t coming and giggled. Lisa and Mike are on there way over maybe Mike will fuck you he said as he pushed the dildo in me. I hissed and said only if you fuck Lisa first! Maybe I will, maybe I will he said. He untied me and I heard Mike and Lisa coming up the road and rushed into the house to get dressed.

I was in the shower and Lisa came in to talk while I finished up. While we talked all I could think of was the young stud and hard cock. I was very excited as I stepped out of the shower and got even hotter drying off and having Lisa watching me. Lisa said instead of me getting dressed that we all could just get in the hot tub. As we walked arm and arm past the guys with the bulging eyes we said we’ll be in the hot tub bring us some drinks please.

We were having a great time talking and playing in the tub, Lisa was having a good time flirting with my husband. They were talking about the college ranch hand my husband picked for me and Lisa was getting drunk. I think she was more excited about the ranch hand that I was, and Mike seamed kinda jealous. And my husband had a hard on he could not hide.

After Lisa and Mike left I jumped my husband right there in the hallway and I was so hot and wet his hard cock slid deep inside me. I rode him to two orgasms before we headed for the bedroom where he licked me to two more orgasms. I spread my legs wide and said cum here ranch boy and give me that nice cock deep and hard.

I gave my husband a BJ this morning as he teased me about the ranch hand showing up later today. I have masturbated four times already fantasizing and he won’t be here for another couple hours. Then my husband called and told me he booked a room in Vegas so I can pay off my bet I lost to him.

Well gotta go get dress I’ll let y’all know how the ranch hand is later

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hubbie planning a new adventure.

Sense my husband started his other new business I have had to do a lot more work around the ranch and have not had much time for my self. My husband has even less time than I but I still give him a BJ in the morning. He still had time to rig up a nice comfortable sex swing in his shop.
Thursday he came home early and I had just finished my afternoon swim and I meet him in the front yard naked. He had this nasty look in his eyes grabbed my hand and lead me into his shop where the swing was. My loving husband eased me into the swing tying my hands and feet so I was spread out. Sliding two fingers into my hot pussy he teased my clit and I almost came. He got up and walked over and open the big roll up door then walked back and shoved his cock in my mouth. Well he was real excited about something because he was shooting a huge load down my throat in no time at all.

For the next hour my husband licked my pussy as he told me how I would have to pay him for losing are baseball bets. He won 76 games to my 14. So he starts telling me some of his plans as he licks my clit and finger fucks me. He opens his box of toys and pulls out a big purple dildo and some lube. As he told me some of his plans he slid the dildo in and out of my pussy and teased my clit. He is planning a trip to Las Vegas for some wild sexual fantasies he has planned for me. I came real hard as he fucked me and the wind blew in the open door and my orgasmic screams filled the shop.

He also scolded me for not keeping up on my ranch chores. Because I could not keep up with the chores when he is not here he told me that he hired a young collage kid to work part time for me. Easing the dildo slowly out of my throbbing pussy he teased me about having a young hard bodied stud here alone with me. My husband was very excited as he played with me telling me what this young stud could do to me with a young hard cock.

My husbands cock was throbbing as he slid it into my cock hungry mouth and he buried the dildo deep in my dripping pussy. He was telling me all about the young hard bodied stud as I sucked his cock like a starving insatiable cock sucker. Pulling his cock out of my mouth he fucked me deeper with the dildo as he walked around between my legs and buried the dildo all the way in me. I was dripping wet and he aimed his cock at my ass and teased me about getting fucked with two cocks. I begged him to fuck me and he did, sliding his cock into my ass and pressing the dildo deep into my hot pussy and I exploded in a multiply orgasm screaming for him to fuck me harder.

He blew a huge load in my ass fucking me like crazy with the dildo buried deep in my pussy. He kept telling me nasty things that could happen when the young stud shows up. I was still tied up and shaking from my orgasms when he told he the collage kid was on his way here to meet me and talk about his jobs. My husband laughed as he walked out of the shop with me spread wide tied up naked in the swing with cum dripping out of me and the shop door wide open.