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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The games we play!

The games we play! Well after Friday night excitement I got a call from one of my brothers and at 4:00am I was headed to Houston. I have a new niece and she is a doll. I decided to stay the night so I got a room in a Hotel by the hospital. After visiting all day I drove to the Hotel checked in and went to my room. I could here music coming from a place across the street and noticed some cowboys and cowgirls hanging outside the bar as a band played.

We I called my husband he told me that Tony had been there all day and had gotten tons of work done. He also teased me that Tony had asked a lot of questions about me. I told him about the place across from my room and that I could see plenty of young men so he better not tease me.

That’s when he told me that Lisa was there at the house with him. I asked if Mike and him were watching the game and he told me that Mike was not there that they were alone. I wanted to talk to Lisa but my husband would not let me because he knows what I would say to her. I know she is teasing him, I know what she is wearing.

Lisa is wearing this Mexican peasant dress and it was sure to turn my husband on. It was semi-sheer, lightweight white cotton, it has all the traditional folkloric details - sleeveless with off shoulder, elasticized neckline; a tiered, satin ribbon and crochet-trimmed bodice; elasticized waist and a full, tiered skirt with pin tuck accents and a handkerchief hem also trimmed with crochet work. No bra and no panties.

Ya see Lisa and I have been planning this for a long time. She is going to do everything she can to try and get my husband to fuck her! I fucked and sucked her husband Mike for years before I met my husband and we got married. We have been talking about this for years and Mike is ok with it as long as I give him a BJ. The only one who has been against this is my husband.

I have watch Lisa wrap her hand around my husbands cock, rub it on her tits, lick the head and even spread her pussy and rub it up and down her slit. But never sucked or fuck him. “YET”

And you ask “WHY” I want this to happen?

If my husband Fucks Lisa, then I gets to suck Mikes cock in front of them!

I told my husband I was going across to the bar to go dancing with some cowboy while he was there at home with Lisa. He told me to wear my light green top no bra and a short skirt with no panties. He started talking gibberish and I knew what Lisa was doing and said bye dear have fun.

I opened to door and stepped outside looking across the street at 5 well dressed young cowboys and a breeze blew up my skirt and my pussy was soaking wet and my nipples were hard as pencils. I took a deep breath at walked across the street never taking my eyes off there bulging crotches.

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