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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Can't orgasm

I’m getting old or my eye site is failing I should have looked up because they weren’t young cowboys! They were old Mexicans and it was not a bar it was a Church and a wedding was going on. Well I turned around and went in to the hotel lounge and sat at a table close to the bar. After ordering dinner I noticed more people coming in and before to long there was a more women that men and I felt out of place. These women were all gorgeous, young and models! I was not having a good night; all I could think about was my husband and Lisa!

I felt out of place and in a weird mood so when I finished eating I paid my bill and went to my room. I tried to relax but my mind was spinning so I decided to take a shower. Standing naked in front of the mirror looking at my body I started playing with my breasts, pinching the nipples and twisting them. I got my rabbit vibe and put one foot on the counter so I could watch myself. I thought about Lisa doing a strip for my husband as I slid the vibe deep in me.

I was going nuts with the rabbit and I could not cum, I tried and tried pulling my nipples turning all the vibes little doodads on. It was vibrating, rotating, pulsing and I was shoving it deep so the rabbit ears were pressed on my clit. My leg was getting weak so I walked into the room and opened the drapes all the way. I lay on the bed and started fucking myself with the rabbit hoping someone could see me and I still could not cum. I must have been sliding the vibe in me for an hour.

I stood in the window and masturbated and still could not cum. I could not sleep and masturbated many more times dreaming of sucking cocks and still I could not cum. My mind was all messed up thinking of my husband and worrying about my Mom driving up here by her self. I wanted to cum but couldn’t, I needed to cum.

I’ll be here till Saturday with my mom and when I get home my husband will be gone deer hunting. I still can’t cum.
My husband made sure The new young ranch hand will be there this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

If I was there I am sure you would have cum a dozen times.