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Sunday, November 25, 2007

There in Love

I read the instructions again and again and then walked out to the back yard looking for our young ranch hand. The ranch hand had finished and I was watching him. I could see him loading stuff in the truck on the south side of the barn. I reached down as I watched his young hard body bending over and I started fantasizing as I ran my finger over my wet swollen pussy lips slipping my middle finger inside my hot pussy. I was dreaming of his young naked hard body under an outdoor shower, the water slowly running down his nice chest and rippled abs with me naked on my knees sucking his hard as steel cock. I was fingering my hot soaking pussy and my left hand was inside my shear blouse squeezing my breast, pinching and pulling my hard nipple as I watched him fantasizing. I was so worked up wondering and looking at the photos. I watched him as I was fingering my wet pussy my thumb working my clit. He was moving closer picking up fence posts and I watched him while my fingers worked my pussy and I twisted my now exposed tit. I remembered what the instructions said as I buried two fingers deeper.

I was moaning wanting to cum as he moved closer, I wanted him to see me but right when he was about to look my way I heard a car coming down the road and he looked that way. “What the fuck” It was his girlfriend!

I was so fucking horny and this bitch shows up and fucks everything up. He went running full speed to open the gate for her. I ran crying into the house stripped and then put on a dirty pair of Levi’s a heavy shirt and vest, tied my hair back and strapped on my 45. I walked out to where they were with a big grin on my face looking at her thinking this bitch just fucked up our plans and there was no way I could stick to my instructions my husband had given me. We stood there talking till it was getting dark I said I had dinner cooking and asked her to stay. I found out how much in love these two were in as we talked. I realized they were so much in love and I didn’t want to screw that up. They made me so happy just watching all the little things people do when they are in love. Anthony then told me that he was quitting and tomorrow would be his last day. He got a job close to the college and they were getting married. We talked most of the night so she stayed the night.

I had 100’s of things running through my mind and I was having emotional problems and was on the verge of crying again. I went out to the shop where the spare room is to get it ready for them to sleep in. My husband calls the room his sex dungeon room so I was making sure he cleaned up everything. The swing was put away and all of the toys but he left out 3 DVD’s. All 3 were called “Screw My Wife” #’s 27, 32 and 38. I wondered if Anthony had seen them on the table, I hide them and ran back into the house. They said good night and when they were walking into the shop I saw Anthony grab her ass cheek.

I was so dam horny thinking about Lisa I got naked watched my self in the mirror and then decided to log on to the Lit. Chat room. It didn’t take long and I was attaching the strap on dildo on my computer chair while chatting and tried to get off. I was so dam worked up I still could not cum my mind was drifting between the photos and what Lisa and my husband had done and the ranch hand and his girlfriend out in the spare room fucking. I must have chatted for hours sitting on that dildo and I still have not had an orgasm. I was so frustrated someone online dared me into walking out side and standing by there door naked and I did. It was cold out but I stood there playing with myself. My mind was all scattered and so many thoughts running thru my mind I thought I was losing it.

My husband going to get the fucking of his life when he gets home.

I tried calling Lisa again but she didn’t answer. I masturbated and cried myself to sleep. I only got a few hours sleep before having to get up and take care of all the critters. When I was finished I gathered up the photos and I took a nice long hot bath and I studied the pictures as my mind spun with all kinds of thoughts and emotions. In one Lisa was holding his cock with her hand wrapped around the base of my husbands cock. Her mouth was open tongue out licking the length of his hard cock. But his cock looked all wet and shinny, had she already sucked his cock?

In the photo from #4 I noticed Lisa had shaved almost all her bush there was just a very tiny v. Her clit looked lots bigger with out her hairy bush; her pussy lips were wet and spread. The other photos drove me crazy and again I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. I trimmed and shaved my pussy for my husband then I had to get out of the tub I was wrinkling. I was still getting hot flashes every time I thought about what could have happened.

I looked out and saw Anthony already working hard to finish the fence job. I logged into the chat room to ask advice and talk but soon was so turned on I was wiggling in my chair. Mike showed up came in gave me a wicked look I minimized the screen so he couldn’t see what I was doing. I got up walked real close to him with my white rob on tied at the waist. Before I could say anything he said with a cockeyed grin “Don’t ask” talk to Lisa or your husband. I gritted my teeth I was getting pissed; I turned and reached up high on the cabinet to get him his coffee cup. I made sure I reached high so my robe slid way up exposing my ass. I poured his coffee set it down next to him and walked back to my computer as he watched me sipping his coffee with that dam grin on his face.

The guys on chat were asking me about what was happening and teasing me. I played along with there little games letting my robe open and showing cleavage as they told me to tease Mike. They said maybe he would tell me what happened with his wife and my husband if I teased him. They had me get up and walk into the kitchen let my robe open some and stood close to Mike as I got him more coffee letting him see my tits. I went back to my computer and continued on the chat line. Looking at Mike I could see his cock growing. The guys on the chat line were daring me to loosen up show more leg and tit. I was getting wet as I let my legs spread open a bit more and saw Mike looking my way. He knows right were to stand when I’m on the computer so he gets a good view. My nipples were aching and I could feel my clit pulsing as Mike stared between my legs. They dared me to untie the robe more and walk by him or spread my legs. I got up walked by him with a sexy swaying then bending over to pick up something on the floor. I could feel him watching me and I looked and saw his bulge growing. I stood up letting my hand pull on the rope to my robe undoing it so when I turned around my nakedness was exposed to him.

Mike grabbed my robe pulled it off and he stood there looking at me naked, tits swollen, and nips hard and wanting to be sucked, my pussy was soaking wet smelling of my sex! He reached up cupped my right breast as I steered into his eyes. Softly massaging and running his fingers over my aerola. He then turned walked out the door got in his truck and drove off!

I was crying standing there naked crying. I have been so frustrated nothing is going my way and Mike who usually tells me everything would not tell me anything. Lisa would not answer her phone and we always talk at least ten times a day. My husbands’ cell phone was turned off and Anthony quit. Well one good thing I didn’t make an ass out of myself in front of his g/f.

I must have used half my toys in the next hour with all this crap running through my mind. I was so crazy I walked out the front door naked, walked all the way down to the mail box and back hoping someone would see me. Just my dam luck my husband called when I went outside. I called 3 times and it kept cutting out.

Finley we got through to each other as soon as he started talking I was crying and he knew something was wrong. I love my husband so much and he knows me like a book with in ten minutes he had me happy as a clam. I spent the next hour telling him everything that happened. After spilling my guts and heart to him it only took him five minutes to talk me into having a mind blowing orgasm and I barley touched myself. I had four more orgasms as we talked the whole 5 hour drive home.

I was naked standing outside waiting as he drove up still on the phone. It was like when we first met! I was all over him I keeled and sucked his gorgeous cock as he peeled his shirt and pants off. We fucked in the hallway, dinning room, kitchen, backyard and then the bedroom where he made love to me for hours.

We have been like rabbits all week leading up to Thanksgiving. I was kinda of a bitch on Wednesday but hubbie got tired of that real quick. He tied me up in our sex swing got his power toy he made and fucked the bicthiness right out of me.

We went out dancing Saturday night and I knew something was up when hubbie picked out the outfit he wanted me to wear.

My husband has got into this thing of blindfolding me and tying me up naked. Asking all kinds of questions, wants to know my newest fantasies. Telling me things he wants to do to me and that he’s got a big surprise for me.

He’s planning something!


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