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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Attack dog

I got home Saturday afternoon and I still don’t understand why my husband had to go deer hunting at our cabin. Driving home I saw 6 deer on our property. Then I see our big “Attack dog” was lying in the road with two of our cows in the field across the road and our gate was wide open. I called Mike on my cell phone and took my gun out of my purse and headed toward the house with said “Attack dog” at my heels. Mike answered and I told him about the gate and so called “Attack dog”. As I listened to Mike busting up I saw our new ranch hand walking out of the shop. He dropped the bag of cement when he saw me standing there with my gun, Oh ya I forgot the “Attack dog” must have looked scary!

I was pissed I yelled at him for leaving the gate open and scaring me, he must have thought I was nuts standing there yelling at him with my gun as our Attack dog licked his hand. He was so sorry he thought he closed it. How for the next hour we had to find and account for all are critters. I just wanted to soak in the hot tub after the long drive and find out what happen here this weekend. Poor Anthony was so so sorry; he even asked if I always carry my gun. I just said I hate snakes walked back and parked my car in the garage. Any way none of the critter got out except the cows so he hurried off the finish the fence posts.

I went in the house and got another surprise! The whole house was spotless and I don’t just mean clean! It was spotless!! When I got to the bedroom there were some clothes laid out real nice on the bed with a letter on top. In the letter were complete instructions that I was suppose to abide to. There was a white blouse, one size to small and missing a button, a short blue skirt and that’s it, no bra or panties. As I read the instruction I was getting very wet. I was to cook a real nice dinner and the invite the ranch hand in for dinner. In the letter my husband told me that Anthony was staying the night and would be sleeping in the shop so he could finish his work in the morning.

I’m sure he was having second thoughts about staying here after I yelled at him. But after changing into the outfit and looking in the mirror I knew he would be staying! As I read the rest of the instructions my tits were aching and I felt hot.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow bye for now.

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