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Friday, November 23, 2007

The instructions.

I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. The instruction said to look in the top drawer and when I opened it there were six envelopes with numbers on them. The first envelope there was a photo of Lisa and my husband standing together. Lisa had on the maid outfit she had wore during our Superbowl party, the one my husband drooled over, it was small see through and her tits were almost falling out of it. The other thing I noticed in the photo was that she was not wearing panties and all my husband had on was shorts and a boner. A note was with the photo and it read. Lisa did all the house work but the outfit got in the way so after 5 minutes she took it off. The next photo in the envelope was of Lisa naked one foot on the bed and the other on a chair reaching like she is cleaning the top of the drapes, my husband standing next to her his hand on her naked ass with his boner sticking out as they both smiled for the camera.

I hurried and opened envelope #2 and there was a photo of Lisa naked on her knees pulling my husbands shorts off, his hard cock pointing strait up hard as steel. The note was in Lisa’s hand writing and read. Remember all the times you exposed your self and masturbated while my husband watched. “Now it’s my turn” Envelope #3 had a photo of Lisa naked on her knees with her hand wrapped around the base of my husbands cock. Her mouth was open tongue out licking the length of his hard cock. The note read. Remember all the times you teased my husband. “Now it’s my turn”. Envelope #4 the photo was of Lisa laying on the bed with her legs spread wide open with my husband reaching between them, his cock hard as ever. The next envelope #5 had 3 photos in it. The first was of Lisa in the middle of the bed spread wide with my husband between her legs but off to the side and you could see her spread wet pussy and my husband’s hard cock. The next photo was of Lisa holding his hard cock and pulling it toward her wet pussy. The last was a closer photo of Lisa rubbing my husbands cock along her slit and you could see all her wetness all over his cockhead. The last envelope had one of Lisa spread out wide both her hands on my husband’s ass gripping and pulling, his hands grabbing and mashing her big tits and it looked like he was thrusting. The note was in Lisa’s hand writing and read. Is he in?

I looked at all the photos and studied them very close. My mind was spinning I felt flush and my hands were shaking. Then I thought who took the photos? I tried calling Lisa but she didn’t answer. I called Mike and asked him if he took the photos and he said yes. I asked more question but he would not answer, he just said to ask Lisa or my husband and he hung up I went and read the other instructions.

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