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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Teasing me.

My husband always does a great job of teasing me. He has always come up with very erotic surprises for me and he always keeps mystery and excitement in our marriage. We role play, play sex games, experiment, and make daring sexual bets that always lead to great adventures. We always have great sex for months talking about the things we’ve done, or would like to do, to each other. He can get me so worked up that I can have orgasms just from my husband talking to me. My husband has some pretty outrageous and imaginative fantasies. And I have to admit that I have a desire for anything "kinky". Playing out scenarios from the past or maybe fantasizing about a future adventure is a form of a rehearsal, and ups the anticipation of experiencing it in reality.

My husband also knows what kind of fantasy guy I like. I love Major League Baseball players or bodybuilding, fitness guys. Y’all know the type, hard body good looking powerful and big hard cocks. That’s why I married my husband he was a Baseball player and is very fit. Well that and he’s RICH.

I told y'all about my husbands accident, some bitch driving a Chevy Tahoe and talking on a cell phone rear ended him while he was stopped. She hit him at 57 MPH no breaks or skid marks. I'm sorry to say that Darwin has claimed another person. We found out after 3 years in a coma she passed away last week. Thanks to my husband’s great physical condition and three surgeries’ later he is almost back to normal.

Sorry about rattling on!

Anyway, Last year my brother’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. So after many talks and trips to help her I set a goal last year to ride in a 200 mile cycling race for BREAST CANCER. My best friend Lisa (the fiery Latina) was going to ride and train with me because of my husbands surgery. During one of our training rides on a country road we were side swiped by a drunk driver at 9:00am and he took off leaving us both hurt in a ditch. Lisa got messed up the most and had to have surgery on her knee. I was knocked out and Lisa was bleeding she got me to the side of the road and drug herself over a mile down the road to get to a spot were she could call 911 on her cell phone. She almost made it back to where I was when our well hung friend Sheriff Billy Joe Bob came and found her. When they showed up where I was, I had woken up and was trying to fix my bike so I could find Lisa. They have not found the guy yet.

So because of all this shit happening I was about ready to just give up. My loving husband came up with a solution to my problems. He hired me a very nice young fitness man to train me in the gym and cycling.

Roger is a 27 y/o young man 6' tall, short dark hair 190lbs of pure muscle, big arms (Dam I love a man with BIG ARMS makes me so wet) pause while I fantasize and masturbate...
And a thick 9" cock...Did I say thick!

Now here is the deal and the rules my husband made with Roger and I.

Roger will train me in the gym and cycling but I have to pay him for each one of the cycling Sessions. The agreed payment is that I have to suck his cock. The rules are my husbands 3 standard rules all my playmates must observe.

1) I must be naked when I suck cock.
2) No fucking unless my husband is there and approves.
3) Only my husband gets to fuck my ass.

I wish I could train everyday.

I’ll post more latter.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Welcome all the new people to the group.

I'll tell you a little about me.

My husbands name is Laster, and for a good reason. He can last a long time, or cum quick. I am TXLassy or Lassy for short, and yes I’m a dumb blond. Sorry in advance about any grammatical errors or typos, please feel free to point them out to me.

We are swingers and have a regular group of friends we have been playing with for years. We also love 3somes and my husband loves sex and erotic games. He is always coming up with sex games to challenge me and him. I am a Multi-Orgasmic, Submissive Exhibitionist and my husband loves to show me off and I love guys watching me. I hardly ever wear panties or a bra, my nipples are always hard and my husband loves when guys are watching me. I am always naked here on our ranch in Texas.

We live way out in the boondocks and our ranch is a Recreational ranch not a working ranch. My neighbor has seen me naked many times doing my gardening, walking down the driveway to get the mail and horseback riding, our ranch hand Mike has seen me naked many times (you can read about Mike and his fanatic cock in my other stories I have posted). My husband always talks me in to being naked when we drive somewhere and flash truckers and when we go for rides on our HD I just wear a vest and chaps nothing else. I also love being naked on our boats even when we are moored at the marina.

When I was nineteen I worked at a strip club in Austin to pay for my husband college tuition and found out I could orgasm just from showing my pussy and sometimes I would have orgasms dancing, I also did bachelor, birthday and divorce parties. But I made the most money from private parties for Politicians.

I loved masturbating in front of 22 screaming cheering guys. So I have always loved “Giving a SHOW”. And what woman doesn't love the attention of guys looking and drooling over her! My husband latest games involve me being naked, blindfolded and tied up and someone playing with me and it’s never the same person.

You can read some of my other postings and add comments; there are a couple videos and photos.

Please post comments and tell me about you!

I do chat on yahoo IM txl752