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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Driving Naked

Have you ever driven around naked?

I had meet my husband in downtown Corpus Christi for dinner one night last week and when we were on our way home from eating dinner on the waterfront my husband took my sexy dress I had worn off and placed it in the very back of my van then he got in his truck drove behind me following me home watching the other drivers to see if they noticed.

I was so horny the next day at home I got in my van naked leaving all my clothes at home and drove around for 2 hours naked in the middle of the day. I got to see a few truckers who looked watching me but did not see to many who looked or noticed. I stopped by the river took a walk naked along the river to a bend in the river and started to smoke a joint and started to masturbate out in the open.  I orgasm-ed very fast and had to cover my own mouth it was a powerful orgasm my finger drench in my pussy juices.

When I walked back to my van I seen two more car's parked near the boat ramp but did not see anyone. I quickly got in my van my heart was racing but I was now so horny and soaking wet. I opened the side door a little looking around still super horny from smoking the joint and started to masturbate again. I moved closer to the doorway spreading my legs with one hand I was twisting my left nipple my other hand spreading my pussy lips exposing my clit to rub.

I had a orgasm right away and looked out the sliding door to see if anyone was around. I was so horny still that I laid on my back wiggled close to the doors edge spreading my legs as I looked out the door.
I opened the door a bit more and was now inching my ass closer to the doorway my legs spread wide exposing my pussy. I placed my feet on the door frame with the door now wide open as I stared fingering my wet pussy.

I was having Multiple orgasms and soaked my hand and the blanket I was laying on as I looked out the door completely exposed and having orgasms. I looked around and did not see anyone I closed the doors and waited for a bit still shaking by the amazing orgasms I just had. As I drove off down the road I kept looking to see if anyone had been watching me masturbating. I then drove home.